Russian president is a fool if he thinks he can deal with the US in a court of law – PUTIN: ALL BLUSTER, NO MUSTER

Might is right – that’s the only response global terrorists understand


Russian president and his officials talked tough in advance of the US-UK-France missile strikes on Syria in the predawn hours today (Apr 14, 2018).

Russia’s ambassador to Lebanon, for example, said on April 11 hat any US missiles fired at Syria would be shot down and the launch sites targeted, a step which could trigger a major escalation in the Syrian war (see LIKE CUBA, LIKE SYRIA?, Apr 11).

Well, that did not happen, did it? The tripartite US-led coalition fired 103 missiles supposedly at Syrian chemical weapons facilities. And there was not a peep from the Russian air defenses in that country.

Instead, Putin lamely responded in a statement that the US and its allies violated the UN Charter and international law.

Whoopee do! Really? That’s what the Russian president expects Washington to obey Spoken like a modern-day Neville Chamberlain.

When did the international law ever stop global state terrorists, or imperialists, from pursuing their goals? How did it work for Chamberlain against Hitler?


When the push came to shove, the Russian president blinked. Just like Khrushchev did in 1962.

Just as Putin did when the US installed an anti-Russian regime in Ukraine in Feb 2014. And after the mass murder of the nearly 300 civilians on flight MH17 in July 2014. Which America (e.g., Hillary Clinton) immediately blamed on Russia (again without any proof, like the alleged chemical attack in Douma, Syria),

Proof? Only fools look for that. Statesmen act to protect their countries’ interests.


So what are we to conclude from this?

I tell you what: Putin is all bluster and no muster. A wuss. Yet seen as a hero in his country, recently reelected with a huge majority.

Which goes to show us that the American people are not the only naive fools in the world.

Words are cheap; action speaks louder than words. “Speak softly and carry a big stick” (Theodore Roosevelt).

All these truisms have been lost on the Russian president. What’s he going to do with his legal argument about the US breaking international law. Sue the Pentagon? Sue Trump? Sue Netanyahu?

Back in 2014, I wrote a Truth in Media editorial “Is Putin Naive or Coy?”  Now I can answer that question with certainty: He is a fool if he thinks he can deal with the belligerents like the US, Israel, UK or France in a court of law.

Even the former Trump supporters in the US are making minced meat of our bozo at the White House and his shameful turn-about-face on Syria pullout (see the “Conservative pundits are hammering Trump for US-led strikes in Syria”).

Like Yeltsin, Like Putin

More and more, Putin is sounding like Boris Yeltsin, who similarly sold out the Serbs in the 1990s during the US-initiated wars which dismembered Yugoslavia, and brought NATO into the Balkans.

Putin even alluded to that today:

“History will set things straight on Syria for the US, which is already responsible for a chain of “bloody carnage” in other countries, Russian President Putin said today, following the US-led attack on Syria.

And how did the history lesson work out in Yugoslavia? The country no longer exists. That’s how.

I fear the only country the “free world” may be able to count on to free us from the slavery to the Israel-controlled New World Order is China. Ironically, that’s a communist country. So I would not put much weight behind the words of the Chinese president, either.

“Birds of a feather flock together.”

Sad but true.

Basically, we are screwed. For now. Unless some other leader with cojones bigger than Netanyahu’s emerges. That’s the bottom line.



Nikki Haley reverses Trump, says US troops are to stay in Syria

She is “a tsunami of fresh air,” Israel’s PM Netanyahu lauds Haley

The US will not pull its troops out of Syria until its goals are accomplished there, US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, has said. The US currently has over 2,000 troops in Syria and a number of contractors. 

Haley added that the US wants to ensure that chemical weapons are not used in a way that is of risk to US interests, Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) is defeated, and Iran’s actions are monitored.“Be very clear, if we leave, when we leave, it will be because we know that everything is moving forward,” Haley added (click here for more).

Yet less than three weeks ago, Donald Trump, who is ostensibly Nikki’s boss, and the US president, said the opposite:

“We’re knocking the hell out of ISIS. We’ll be coming out of Syria like very soon. Let the other people take care of it now,” Trump said at an Ohio public event. “We are going to get back to our country, where we belong, where we want to be.” (Mar 29, 2018 – see LIKE CUBA, LIKE SYRIA?).

This was not the first time Nikki had contradicted Donald and successfully sabotaged the President’s overtures toward peace. Last July, Trump and Putin met for the first time on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany,. And it was love at first sight.

“I had a tremendous meeting yesterday with President Putin,” Trump said on July 8  while speaking with UK Prime Minister Theresa May.

It must have been. The meeting was scheduled to last 30-40 minutes. It went on for 2:16 hours. Even Melania could not pry her husband away from Putin (see https://wp.me/p3QU1S-2kr).

But Nikki did.

‘We cannot trust Russia & we won’t ever trust Russia’ – she squawked the same day in a CNN interview.

This was the Truth in Media comment the same day (July 8):

Right on cue. Now it remains to be seen who is in charge here – Trump or the NWO foreign policy masters.

If it is the former, Trump should fire Haley immediately for insubordination. It is the President, not the UN ambassador, who makes foreign policy.

And if Trump does not, then well… we’ll also have an answer as to who is in charge, won’t we?”

Less than three weeks later, we got our answer. Haley and her backers won. Trump backed down. And a new round of Russia sanctions was imposed (see Who’s whose flunkey? – Nikki Haley: Another Adherent of the Nothing Creed, Dec 2017).

And Nikki scored for again in December 2017, when Trump announced that the US would recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel (see ANOTHER DAY WHICH WILL LIVE IN INFAMY).

What dives Nikki such power?

It’s not what. It’s who. And in a word, it is Bibi.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, seems to be her real boss and biggest fan.

In early March, Netanyahu told Nikki that she was like a “tsunami of fresh air” at the UN.

“I wanted to tell you how much we appreciate the defense of Israel and the truth that the president and you bring into these cloistered halls that are so damp, you know, with anti-Israel venom,” Netanyahu said Thursday in his meeting with Haley at the United Nations in New York. “It’s not a breath of fresh air, it’s like a tsunami of fresh air.” (from Times of Israel, Mar 8, 2018).

So Haley might as well be recognized as Israel’s ambassador at the UN. And Bibi as America’s real boss. Because the president we currently have at the White House is cow-towing to both of them.

Nikki and Bibi.png


Russia extends overflight privileges of US carriers ahead of deadline

On Monday, the tough-talking Nikki Haley, the virtual US president and the unofficial Israel’s ambassador at the UN, announced new and tougher sanctions on Russia. They followed this weekend’s US-UK-French missile attacks on Syria which went unanswered by Russia despite Putin’s bluster and the flurry of his officials’ threats beforehand (see PUTIN: TALK IS CHEAP, ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS, 

What was Russia’s response to these new sanctions?

A cave in. An utter and complete cave-in. Here’s an RT.COM story about it:

Moscow has extended overflight privileges of US carriers flying over Russia, hours before they were due to expire, the US State Department said, noting that it continues working with Moscow to secure “benefits” for US companies.

The US State Department announced that it has been relentlessly working with Moscow to extend an agreement which allows American passenger and cargo planes to fly in Russian airspace, drastically saving time and fuel on long-distance flights. Hours before the overflight agreement was due to expire at 7:59pm (2359 GMT), the State Department confirmed that Russia granted the much-needed extension.

“The Ministry of Transport informed us today that it will extend overflight approvals for US airlines for operations on three routes through October 28, 2018,” the US State Department spokesperson told Sputnik on Tuesday. “The Ministry of Transport extended approvals for all-cargo flights from Asia to Europe through April 20.”

Putin might as well be a card-carrying member of the New World Order. His job is to be a patsy and play a bogey. Because without such “enemies,” the NWO motto – “perpetual war for perpetual commerce” would fail. With such “enemies,” the NWO flourishes.

What a bunch of fools the Russians who voted for him last month are. As are the millions of others around the world who see Putin as a hero who will free the world from the American-Israeli hegemony.

Yeah, right. Like Philippe Pétain saved France from Hitler? Or Gorbachev saved the Soviet Union from the West?

Lest we forget: Putin suggested to Bill Clinton in 2000 that Russia should join NATO.





Which Is Why Trump (US) Blinked in April Missile Attack on Syria


Six weeks ago, Putin stole a page out of Teddy Roosevelt’s playbook (Theodore Roosevelt’s  letter to Henry L. Sprague, on Jan 26, 1900).  He won the battle of a fake Syrian chemical attack without firing a shot.

Syrian President Bashar Assad said in an interview with RT.COM that Moscow deterred the US from launching a devastating country-wide air strike in April. He also believes that Damascus has nearly won the seven-year war, despite continued the US “interference.”



Russian president and his officials talked tough in advance of the US-UK-France missile strikes on Syria in the predawn hours today (Apr 14, 2018).

Russia’s ambassador to Lebanon, for example, said on April 11 hat any US missiles fired at Syria would be shot down and the launch sites targeted, a step which could trigger a major escalation in the Syrian war (see LIKE CUBA, LIKE SYRIA?, Apr 11).

Well, that did not happen, did it? The tripartite US-led coalition fired 103 missiles supposedly at Syrian chemical weapons facilities.

And here’s what actually happened, according to the VETERANS TODAY website, which quotes Russian military sources (April 14, 2018): Who is the big bad liar on the US missile attack on Syria?

The US and the British fired 103 missiles on April 14. Despite the Pentagon claims that all of them hit their targets, 71 incoming missiles were actually shot down by the Syrian air defenses. There were no Syrian military and civilian casualties.(for a detailed account of each missile target and result see below).

So Trump’s much ballyhooed April 14 bombing of Syrian in retaliation to a fake story the US launched which, thanks to the social media, nobody bought, was an unmitigated flop. A noisy night in Syria, to be sure. The US fireworks which produced no casualties.

If anything, this incident proved not only that Trump is merely Netanyahu’s pawn (see, but that he is an impotent pawn. It was he, not Putin, who ended up sounding like “all bluster, no muster”.

(see WHO’S AMERICA’S BOSS? NIKKI OR DONALD? ACTUALLY, NEITHER. IT IS BIBI. – Nikki Haley reverses Trump, says US troops are to stay in Syria – Apr 15, 2018 – https://wp.me/p3QU1S-2Uc)


Who is the big bad liar on the US missile attack on Syria?

April 14, 2018

Russian radar and air defense systems in the bases of Hameimim and Tartus were used to detect the American and British missiles and follow their course from the moment of launch of aircraft and warships and British warplanes Tornado above the average and from US aircraft F15 , F16 and strategic bombers B1-B from above the base Altnp occupied by US forces on Syrian territory (which I demanded the bombing started immediately after the start of the aggression on us with land-to-ground missiles) and Tomahawk missiles from warships in the Red Sea Labon & Montarie.

(French aircraft did not participate in the aggression)

The strikes were directed at the military airports, the scientific center and the manufacturing sites. According to the data, there are no casualties between civilians and military personnel.

103 rockets were fired at these Tomahawk and JB 38 sites and British warplanes fired eight SCALP & JEI

The Syrian air defenses dropped 71 missiles and used the following systems to drop them: S-125, S-200, Bock, Kfadrat, Usa

Russian Federation has recently helped the Syrian Arab Republic rebuild its air defense systems, which have largely destroyed the Takfiri terror and at the urging of our Western partners, we have asked Syria to provide it with S-300 air defense systems. But today, we will reconsider this issue not only with regard to To supply Syria with this system, but to provide other countries (sleep, our strategic allies) ……..

Four rockets were fired at the international airport, all of which were dropped.
Twelve rockets were fired at Al-Dameer Airport, all of which were dropped.

18 rockets were fired at Bli airport and all were dropped.

Twelve rockets were fired at al-Shaerat airport.

9 rockets were fired at the unmanned Mezze airport, 5 of which were dropped.

16 rockets were fired at Homs, 13 of which were dropped. There were no significant losses to these two aircraft and were limited to material.

30 missiles were fired at the residential areas of Barzeh and Jirmana on facilities that the aggression states claimed had research centers and chemical weapons production plants. Seven of these rockets were dropped and the targeted places of equipment and persons were vacated for a long time.

We confirm that there are no weapons centers or factories No rockets were fired into the Russian air defenses at the Hameimim and Tartous … Our base was established in Hameim and Tartous in the state of alert and war and our warplane is flying in the Syrian airspace.


  1. Из 103 ракет Сирийские ПВО сбили 71 ракету. При том что в их руках были старое российское оружье ПВО. Наши установки ПВО небыли задействованы, так как Путин сказал, что, в случае если ракеты будут направлены в сторону дислокации Российских баз, будут уничтожены не только ракеты но и их носители. Фашиствующая коалиция избежала военных взаимодействий с Россией.


      Of the 103 missiles, the Syrian air defenses shot down 71 missiles. Despite the fact that in their hands were the old Russian air defense weapons. Our air defenses were not used, since Putin said that if the missiles were sent to the direction of deploying Russian bases, not only missiles but their carriers would be destroyed. Fascist coalition escaped military interactions with Russia.

    2. I know, Alya. I have seen those claims. But the Russian and the Syrian military have not provided any proof of those allegedly downed 71 missiles, just as the US has not provided any proof of the chemical attack in Douma which Trump used to order this attack. Meanwhile, the Pentagon insisted that no missiles were intercepted by Syrian defenses (see https://goo.gl/JrBd7e).

  2. Since at least 1898, there have been many false flags used to justify America either going off to war, or committing acts of war. So sad. It is ironic that the President that openly complains about “fake news” bases his latest decision to strike at Syria on the fake news of a chemical attack on Syrian civilians.

    You are quite correct: the Israeli Lobby pretty much controls the US government.

  3. ALYA MUSINA: Я горжусь, что наша страна вступила на защиту Сирии. А ведь в распоряжении сирийской армии были старые противоракетные комплексы. Жаль, что в 1999 году во главе России стоял пьяница, который бросил Югославию на растерзание.

    GOOGLE TRANSLATION: I am proud that our country has come to the defense of Syria. But at the disposal of the Syrian army there were old anti-missile systems. It is a pity that in 1999 a drunkard stood at the head of Russia, who threw Yugoslavia into tatters.

    MY REPLY: I know, Alya. Your heart has always been in the right place re. Yugoslavia, as it was in millions of Russians.

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