Hitler, wherever his soul may reside, must be chuckling today. What he failed to accomplish 75 years ago with his Stukas, Messerschitts and Panzers, the left-wing liberals have managed to achieve by sheer intimidation. They have killed political freedom in Britain and have turned this once proud bastion of free speech into a fascist country.

The once proud nation, which sacrificed 370,000 of its citizens’ lives in WW II for its freedom, has been cowed into silence and obedience, as the Soros’ funded Antifa left-wing thugs, aided by spineless Britain’s government, rule the roost.

The famous Speaker’s Corner in London’s Hyde Park, once a beacon of British freedom of speech, has become a place of shame and infamy.

Rather than take my word for it, just watch this emotional 3.5 min video-selfie by a young Canadian journalist Lauren Southern. She, along with two of her colleagues, has been barred from entering Britain because of their populist right-wing political views. [don’t forget to turn the sound on – Twitter videos are muted by default]

“To ban people from entering the UK for a speech they have not yet given is insanity,” a young man, Tom (23), said on Sunday at the Speaker’s Corner in London.

Free speech or hate speech? Right-wing activists ‘banned’ from Britain 

And now, here’s the rest of the story…


Right-wing activists have been banned from entering the UK and held in ‘detention centers’, sparking a free-speech debate on the streets of London. Members of Generation Identity (GI) and Antifa clashed on Sunday.

Border police held three high-profile members of GI just months after the group opened its UK wing. Martin Sellner, Brittany Pettibone and Lauren Southern were detained as they tried to make their way to London.

GI, seen by some as the European equivalent of America’s so-called ‘alt-right’ has been recruiting in the UK and attempting to spread its message, but a fierce left-wing opposition has seen meetings shut down and rallies interrupted. GI has an anti-Islam, nationalist message propagated through slick social media videos.

For more, see… short URL


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