It’s a done deal, Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israeli capital


Netanyahu thanks Trump

“I have determined that it is time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel,” the president said today during a speech in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House.

In a recorded statement released minutes after Trump finished talking, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that his people would be “forever grateful” for the “historic decision” and urged other countries to follow America’s example.

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And now, stand by for a fallout from this foolhardy decision. Will Dec 6 be another day which will live in infamy?

Ironically, tomorrow, Dec 7, the Pearl Harbor Day, is the first such a historical memento. Was Trump trying to preempt it?

We did not have to wait long. Even before the stroke of midnight in Europe, the French president was the first world among world leaders to part company with Trump.


When they first met back in July, the two new presidents – Donald Trump of the US and Emmanuel Macron of France – bonded instantly as the best of pals.


Today, in one fell swoop, with his Jerusalem announcement, Trump undid that friendship and turned Macron into a critic.

Here’s what the French president Macron tweeted this evening:

06 December 2017
23:35 GMT
French President Emmanuel Macron expressed his disapproval of Trump’s decision on Twitter.

“France does not approve the decision of the United States. France supports the two-state solution, Israel and Palestine, living in peace and security, with Jerusalem as the capital of the two states. We must privilege appeasement and dialogue,” he said.

An avalanche of criticisms followed the next day (Dec 7), along with violent clashes in occupied Palestinian territories.


In reaction to Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, condemnations continue to mount across the Middle East and internationally. Even the US “friends” are steaming about it.

Eight countries on the 15-member UN Security Council requested a meeting, including the UK, Italy and France, amid claims from Palestine and Turkey that recognition by the US president is in breach of both international law and UN resolutions.

The EU foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, said the bloc had a united position that Jerusalem must be the capital of both Israel and a future Palestinian state. France said it rejected the “unilateral” US decision while the UK prime minister, Theresa May, and the foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, both described Trump’s announcement as “unhelpful”.

The Russian foreign ministry said US recognition risked “dangerous and uncontrollable consequences”.

Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, hailed US recognition of Jerusalem as “historic” and claimed other countries were in contact about following Trump’s lead, but was alone among regional leaders in praising the move.

Saudi Arabia’s royal court called it “unjustified and irresponsible” in a rare rebuke of the US, and the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, said Trump had thrown the Middle East into a “ring of fire”.

President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas said that Trump’s declaration meant that the US “abdicates” any role in mediating the Arab-Israeli conflict. In a televised speech, Abbas said he “condemned and rejected” the US decision, which he said will “serve terrorists” and “bring never-ending wars to the region.”

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[Name withheld]: Bob, this has been promised for a long time. It is the city that Israel considers its capital…it would b like refusing to recognize Moscow or Washington Dc.

Bob Altzar Djurdjevic: Ridiculous comparisons. You should really brush up on history. Unlike Moscow or Washington, Jerusalem is also a holy city for the Muslims and the Christians. Maybe you should have said, that’s like claiming the Vatican is the capital of NATO. Which would have been actually closer to the truth.


Meanwhile, slashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli troops have taken place in cities across the occupied West Bank as anger over Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital spilled on to the streets.

The most violent confrontations occurred in Ramallah, Bethlehem and Hebron, where Israeli security forces fired teargas and plastic-coated rounds as hundreds of protesters threw stones and set alight barricades.

In the Gaza Strip, dozens of protesters gathered near the border fence with Israel and threw rocks at soldiers on the other side. Two protesters were wounded by live fire, with one reported to be in a critical condition.

A fresh round of violent protests are expected on Friday at mass demonstrations called to follow Friday prayers.

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Trump Netanyahu Bosnia

Earlier on Dec 6…


Trump’s decision to cause “irreparable harm,” 13 patriarchs of Christian churches say

Christian leaders in Jerusalem have just sent an open letter to Donald Trump asking him to reconsider his planned recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

The 13 patriarchs and church heads in Jerusalem told Trump that this decision would cause “irreparable harm.”

“We are certain that such steps will yield increased hatred, conflict, violence and suffering in Jerusalem and the Holy Land, moving us farther from the goal of unity and deeper toward destructive division,” wrote the leaders of the Greek Orthodox, Coptic, Catholic, and other branches of Christianity that are represented in the city.

For more, see…

Editorial Comment Re. Biblical Prophesies


​We live in Biblical times… and that’s not a good​ thing

What the Christian patriarchs yesterday (Dec 6) told the man who professes to be a Christian but acts as if he were an Israeli pawn, is what every child knows: “Let the sleeping dog lie.”

The “sleeping dog” – the Middle East – has been relatively quiet lately.

But no, this Judas Iscariot reincarnate has apparently decided to do what no other American president ever dared to: Poke the sleeping dog in the eye.

There could be only one motive for that and one consequence. The motive: to appease his Zionist handlers. The consequence: Strife, unrest, violence and maybe even another middle-eastern war.

That’s apparently what Israel wants. And what Israel wants, Trump apparently does.

O tempora, o mores… (“What times we live in…”, Lat.).

We actually live in biblical times. Because that’s what the Bible had predicted – see Israel and Jerusalem: The Road To Armageddon.

Are these maniacs in Washington and Tel Aviv suicidal? Or is the Bible wrong?

Either way, the world should brace itself for what is to come. Nothing good, to be sure, in the short run.

So check out this biblical prophesy, but first read this PREFACE.


This writer is aware that the Bible was written by about 40 men over the course of 1,500 years. None of them were writers. Matthew was a tax-collector, John was a fisherman, Paul was a tentmaker, Moses was a shepherd, Luke was a physician, Isaiah was a prophet, Ezra was a priest, and so on.

Notice that they were all MEN. So the Bible inevitably contains at least a sexual bias.The Bible authors also had other biases stemming from their backgrounds and the periods they lived in. 

So a truth-seeker must take the biblical prophesies with a grain of salt. Like, “then the LORD God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man” (Genesis, 2:22). 


That said, this thrice-ordained shaman also knows firsthand that it is possible for some men (and women!) to receive direct communications from the spirit realm. 

Finally, as a former war correspondent and geopolitical commentator, this writer also knows that a truth-seeker must consider a variety of sources before forming his opinions, particularly on a subject as complex as the Middle East history and politics.

So take this preface as a warning not to take everything you read in the Bible literally as gospel truth, although much of it really is. So you have to use your own JUDGMENT.

Biblical Prophecy

Israel and Jerusalem:
The Road To Armageddon

“I (God) will bless those who bless you (Israel) and will curse those who curse you” (Genesis 12:3)

The Bible warns the destiny of the World is inseparable from Israel and Jerusalem. The Bible says God would one day re-gather the children of Israel back into their land from among many nations around the world. The Bible says they would be re-gathered in unbelief … God warns He is not re-gathering the children of Israel into their Land because they deserve it, but because His Name and His Word are at stake (see Ezekiel 36:17-23) … and because He loves them. They are His chosen people.

The Bible warns God would then make Jerusalem a world trouble spot. The Bible says all nations of the world will turn against Israel. The Bible warns during this time ‘Gaza will be forsaken’ … and offers a stark warning.

The Bible warns a coming world leader (the ‘Antichrist’) will rise out of 10 nations which once formed the Roman Empire and will enforce a peace plan or treaty (‘covenant’) upon Israel (‘upon the many’ – for many in Israel will be against it) …

And then, after a 3½ year false peace, God warns He will send the children of Israel (and all the nations of the world) through a fiery trial unlike anything in the history of the world, to separate those who will turn back to God and His Word from those who have hardened their hearts against God and His Word (the ‘Apocalypse’).

The Bible warns two-thirds of the people in Israel will be ‘cut off and die’ during this time.

Then, one day when the armies of the world will gather in and around nation Israel (the coming battle of Armageddon) and when all seems lost for the children of Israel, the Bible says a believing remnant will recognize their Messiah from Scripture, and will call upon His Name. He will then return to save Israel.

The Bible also tells us ‘after these things’ the little nation of Israel and the children of Israel will rule over all the nations on Earth, in peace, under her King and Messiah Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ha’Mashiach in Hebrew). The Bible says all of the covenants, promises, curses, prophecies, and blessings God has made to the children and nation of Israel will be fulfilled …

Here’s a link to the source – a non-denominational Bible website – if you want more… Warning%201%20Israel% 20Jerusalem.html

UPDATE DEC 7, 2017


Interesting comment by a friend from the Netherlands.

“The most anti-Semitic Jew ever to walk this side of eternity! Netanyahu and those like him defile our Judaic consciousness and conscience” (Abraham A. van Kempen).

Which is why one must be very careful NOT to associate Netanyahu and his cronies, like Jared Kushner and other American Zionists, with all Jews.

Hail to the ‘Freier’ in Chief …

In Yiddish, ‘Freier’ means SUCKER, the worst insult to a Jew. It’s taken me 64 years to realise that I have been a sucker not realising I was until 2014 when I was in the Region, seeing, hearing and smelling with all of my senses the rains of Israeli terror pouring down on GAZA.

All Jews, all Israelis, all the people around the world who support Israeli terror are SUCKERS, particularly Jews and Christians who know better. They are following in the footsteps of the ilk like Netanyahu. Zionism rules and dominates the Israeli zeitgeist beguiling and chaining many Jews into believing in something they are not. These Zionists are suckered into a belief that Zionism is the answer, the Way, the Truth and the Life. Only a sucker could believe that.

And what is it about that face that disturbs me profoundly? Phony? Deceptive? Fake? Imposter? Speaking from all sides of his mouth? Hateful? Inciteful? The most anti-Semitic Jew ever to walk this side of eternity! Netanyahu and those like him defile our Judaic consciousness and conscience. He is more than fake. He is false. He is even a worse freier than all the freiers he leads.

WorldMiddle EastIs Netanyahu still a psychopath and pathological liar? Ciamak Morsadegh: “Benjamin Netanyahu and the anti-Semites need each other: they supply each other with what they need – intolerance and hatred. The fact is,…



“Jerusalem is ours” – Muslims protest around the world

Russia’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov joined an international chorus of criticism over the move by the Trump administration. “The fact is that the statement [of recognition] goes against all the previous agreements,” he said, adding that it divided global communities into two “very, very unequal parts.” Israel is the only nation openly endorsing the move, but some US allies like Canada have refrained from criticizing it too loudly.

Lavrov, who was speaking to journalists in Vienna, said the Trump administration has shot itself in the foot with the decision, undermining their own Middle East strategy. “They previously said, let’s normalize the relations between Washington and the Arab world, and once it is done, the Palestinian issue can be resolved,” he said. “By taking the decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem the Trump administration have undermined their effort to normalize the relations with the Arabs.”

Meanwhile, a wave of protests has swept the Muslim World after Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital. A man was killed and hundreds injured in clashes in the West Bank, while US flags were burned at mass rallies in Iran, Pakistan and elsewhere.

Over 200 people were injured on Friday as violent protests in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza went into a second day, according to Palestinian officials. Israeli security forces employed tear gas, rubber bullets and even live ammunition to disperse the demonstrators.

Scuffles were reported outside the Old City gates in Jerusalem as worshippers, who were leaving the Al Aqsa Mosque, chanted “Jerusalem is ours, Jerusalem is our capital,” and “We don’t need empty words, we need stones and Kalashnikovs.”

More than 3,000 Palestinians took part in protests in at least 30 locations in the region, the Israeli military said. The unrest began after Friday prayers, when Palestinians began throwing stones at IDF troops.

Elsewhere, the US troops in Afghanistan are on a special ‘Notice to Move’ alert following the US’ Jerusalem decision, according to the Military Times. Donald Trump’s announcement has been met with anger across the Middle East, stoking fears of US troops being targeted.

For more, see…


Isn’t 69 years of bloodshed proof enough?
ALTZAR: Thought you may find this correspondence of interest as it provides a historical background to the conflict in Palestine.
“Okay let me get this straight Jerusalem which in the Old Testament was the capital of Israel, long before there were Muslims of any kind, and all these people are violently disagreeing with the decision to Simply recognize a pre-existing condition, and that somehow invalidates Trump’s decision but validates their own by the use of said violence.
Okay this is just beyond stupid.”
Bob Altzar Djurdjevic: Yes, you do know your history. But selectively, it seems. At that, you are following a treacherous historical path back to about 1,000 BC.
Before that, however, Israel was not Jewish. It was a Canaanites’ land (in 2nd millennium BC). And before that who knows… maybe refugees from the Atlantis disaster?
If you use this kind of logic going back 4,000 years or more, you would have to remap the entire world. Which would lead to chaos and global warfare.

More relevant is the fact that over 700,000 Palestinians were “ethnically cleansed”, to use a modern term, after Israel declared independence in May 1948, under the protection of the US government. That’s around 80 percent of the Arab inhabitants of what became the state of Israel.

It is that kind of injustice that has fueled all subsequent wars.
So you see, there is no right or wrong in a protracted conflict such as this. Both sides have committed atrocities and acted as terrorists depending how far back you wind the clock of history.
Which is why the only sensible policy is NOT TO TAKE SIDES (i.e., the opposite of what the US has been doing in the last seven decades). Because supporting one ethnic group against another will provide fuel fo continuous conflicts. Isn’t 69 years of bloodshed proof enough?



Watch “Israeli Cavalry” in action against civilians

Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 10.35.31 AMPHOTO: Mounted Israeli police disperse Palestinian protesters in East Jerusalem, December 9, 2017

Also see the dramatic videos in this news report:

In East Jerusalem, mounted police cleared Palestinians who attempted to block traffic. Trash cans were set alight in the city and stun grenade explosions were frequently heard.

RT’s Charlotte Dubenskij was reporting from Salah ad Din street Saturday, the main thoroughfare of East Jerusalem, when several stun grenades landed meters from her, forcing the RT crew to take shelter behind a parked car.

RT’s team filmed at least one injured elderly man taken away by medics. Palestinian news agency WAFA said mounted police knocked people over in Jerusalem, including journalists. 32 people were injured in Jerusalem, according to Red Crescent. Police were knocking phones from the hands of the reporters while dispersing the crowd, a RIA Novosti journalist reported from the scene.

Women react as an Israeli mounted policeman disperses Palestinian protesters on December 9, 2017, in East Jerusalem © Ahmad Gharabli / AFP

Dozens of people were injured during riots in Bethlehem Saturday, the Palestinian Health Ministry said as cited by WAFA. Security forces fired tear gas, stun grenades and rubber bullets when the crowd approached an Israeli military base in the city. The protests occurred at around 20 other locations in the West Bank, including in Ramallah and Tulkarm, the IDF said.

A wave of anti-American and anti-Israeli protests swept through numerous countries. Thousands of people took to the streets to denounce the declaration and burn US flags and portraits of Trump in Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

For more, see… (Bethlehem) and (East Jerusalem) reports


As we approach Christmas 2017, maybe we should contemplate these images of Jesus’ birthplace.



ALTZAR: You want to know what the editor and founder of the Truth in Media finds the most disgraceful about the reactions in the US to Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israeli capital?

The lamestream media silence.

Take a look at the photo of this morning’s headlines on Bing, for example. Not one story or one picture of the protests and demonstrations against Trump’s decision.

Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 11.35.19 AM

Thank God for the internet and the foreign media. Otherwise we would be also blinded by such news censorship.


Memorial Day 2002 Truth in Media editorial – Revisited


Dump treacherous “ally” (Israel), diversify away from Arab oil

“The only way for America to win the ‘war on terrorism’ in the long run is to disengage from Israel AND from the Middle East oil – both the root causes of anti-American terrorism” (an excerpt from Truth in Media, May 26, 2002

Recent turmoil in the Middle East and elsewhere, caused by Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, reminded me of this Truth in Media editorial I wrote over 15 years ago. It provided a simple solution to the seemingly intractable Middle East problems. Yet even as I wrote that piece, I never expected the US government to implement it. Because war is much more profitable, especially to the “death merchants.”

And so the endless cycles of violence continue, from one generation to another. We cannot think of a better example than that of “PERPETUAL WAR FOR PERPETUAL COMMERCE” – the real New World Order motto which we first discerned in 1993.

An excerpt from Truth in Media, May 26, 2002:


Dump treacherous “ally” (Israel), diversify away from Arab oil

There are a couple of editorial observations we wish to share with you on this Memorial Day weekend in the U.S.

First, a very simple and PEACEFUL ending to both America’s “war on terrorism,” and to our continued involvement in the never-ending Middle Eastern wars, is staring us in the face.  If the Bush administration were really an American government acting in OUR country’s best interests, it could end the senseless fight with one-two geopolitical punches:

  • Punch One… an uppercut to Israel.  Dump this treacherous “ally;” the only “ally” that has ever attacked us, killing 34 American soldiers and injuring 172 others (USS Liberty, 1967); the only “ally” that has sapped the U.S. Treasure to the tune of nearly one hundred billion dollars, while using our money and arms to wage state terrorism against its Arab neighbors; the only “ally” that has brazenly spied on us, and then had the audacity to demand a pardon for its spy (Jonathan Pollard); the only “ally” that continues to spy on us (see Fox TV News series on Israeli “students”, Dec. 2001 – Ashcroft: Tough on American Liberties, Soft on Israeli Spies, Mar. 2002).
  • Punch Two… a plexus to Arab oil.  Reduce our dependence on Arab oil.  Which ultimately means also cease cozying up to the embarrassing totalitarian regimes that have allowed acts of terrorism against Americans to be committed on their soil (see partial list of bombings in the Middle East).  The warming up of the Russo-American relations is a welcome step in that direction, as Russia is a major global energy supplier and an OPEC competitor (see Russia vs. OPEC, Sep. 2000).

But given that at present we import 70% of our oil from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait vs. next to nothing from Russia; and that Russia accounts for 10% of the global oil output versus OPEC’s 40%; it will take a long time before such a policy change gets traction. But “a thousand mile journey begins with the first step,” as Confucius noted.


The Punch One would remove a major cause of anti-Americanism around the world, especially in Muslim countries.  The Punch Two would take the (economic) punch out of the countries that hate us.  The only way for America to win the “war on terrorism” in the long run is to disengage from Israel AND from the Middle East oil – both the root causes of anti-American terrorism.

That’s no great wisdom.  That’s just common sense.

What are the chances of common sense prevailing in Washington’s foreign policy?  The same as that of true American patriotism… slim to none.  As long as the Bush administration is acting as a proxy of both the Israeli lobby and of the multinational oil companies, the American people will be the victims of both and the designated targets for international terrorism.

For more, see…, May 26, 2002

Also see, “U.S. Prestige: Bushwhacked and DisemPowelled (by American Poodles – Bush and Powell)” – – [all above images were also part of those Truth in Media editorials]

Also see, PERPETUAL WAR FOR PERPETUAL COMMERCE, The Chronicles magazine, Aug 1998 – and



His shuttle diplomacy: Met with 3 presidents in 3 countries in 1 day

There is a good chance that Putin is cooking up something in the Middle East with his shuttle diplomacy today. He met with Assad in Syria, with Al Sisi in Egypt, and finished the day with a meeting with Erdogan in Turkey.

All three countries are Israel’s neighbors and important players in the Middle East. All three are opposed to Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. As is virtually the entire world.

Russia also has good relations with Iran, and of late, even with Saudi Arabia. If Putin manages to bridge the chasm between the Sunny and the Shia Muslims, he just might be able to assemble a formidable opposition to the US-Israeli Jerusalem declaration.

If that’s what this shuttle diplomacy was about, it will be worth watching what follows over the next days and weeks.

PS: On a lighter note, notice the same tie Putin is wearing on all three occasions? 🙂

What is Putin up to 12-11-17.jpg


UPDATE DEC 16, 2017


These Muslim leaders are no longer relevant, writes Robert Fisk, a longtime Middle East correspondent for the London Independent newspaper –

“They represent failed states with neither morality nor courage to show for their presence at the Istanbul summit,” he writes.

“It was just more claptrap from an organization (that’s already changed its name twice) which offers no hope, no initiative, no justice and no future to the people of its collective autocracies.”


If there was anything to beat in mediocrity the childish and delinquent declaration by Donald Trump that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital, it was the pathetic response from Muslim states. For there in Istanbul this week were all the tired old men to whom we have listened for so many years, none sadder or more woebegone than the ageing and useless “President” of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas.

There were supposed to be 57 heads of state of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation in the Turkish capital, but some were simply too old and senile – the comatose Bouteflika of Algeria, for example – or too busy shouting abuse at other Arabs states or bombing Yemen.

Oh yes, of course, they demanded that the “international community” accept east Jerusalem as Palestine’s “capital” – a capital for a state that doesn’t exist and, at this rate, never will.

It was just more claptrap from an organization (that’s already changed its name twice) which offers no hope, no initiative, no justice and no future to the people of its collective autocracies.

The “world” – an interesting concept in Middle East terms – and America will only become worried if these tired men have courage. Or what we used to call the courage of their convictions.

If America has hurled itself out of peace-making – which it supposedly has, although I wouldn’t count on Abbas keeping his phone off the hook if the White House calls – then these potentates should be considering a diplomatic boycott of the United States, or the breaking off of relations or even a mild but increasingly severe oil boycott. There was a time when they did this sort of thing.

But that’s not going to happen.

It might have been wise if (the Palestinian leader) Abbas had contested the Trump decision at the international court, but the Palestinian leadership is so uninspiring (and corrupt) that I doubt if it even dreamed of such a move.

And that’s the problem. If you have a delinquent American president, you need serious young people – international lawyers, negotiators, experienced diplomats – to defend the peoples of the Middle East. There are UN resolutions enough to apply to Jerusalem and the occupied territories. But no, not a word did we hear of these. It was as if apathy and hopelessness guide these figures. For more, see THE INDEPENDENT –


And so it goes… like America, like Middle East. Apathy at home, apathy overseas.

Nobody dares challenge the oligarchs. So the plutocrats are winning sowing fear, uncertainty and doubt. The slave mentality is engulfing the world.

Because those who can, are doing nothing. And those who do, are just pissing in the wind.

The world is desperately in the need of a messiah of some kind, a person who would INSPIRE and uplift the spirit of humanity.

Is Putin that guy? Time will tell.

Meanwhile, we’d better not wait that long. We must start to “trust only yourself and you own nag” (a Serbian proverb: “Uzdaj se samo u se i u svoje kljuse”).


U se kljuse


  1. ” Maybe you should have said, that’s like claiming the Vatican is the capital of NATO. Which would have been actually closer to the truth.”

    Anti-Catholic bigotry?

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