TiM logo July 2014This Truth in Media blog is a successor to the http://truthinmedia.org web site.

25 yr TiM jubilee copyTruth in Media reporting activities started in 1989. Truth in Media was set up as a non-profit organization 1992 by a group of Americans who were concerned about the fact that the wealth of information concerning domestic and foreign affairs never made it to the attention of the American public. 

Our goal is to ensure ACCURATE and COMPLETE news and editorial coverage of domestic and world events.Truth in Media editorials attempt to interpret complex issues in a way which is easily understandable by most readers who do not necessarily have extensive expertise in global geopolitics or economics.cropped-tim-new-logo-wp11.jpg

Truth in Media editor, Bob Altzar Djurdjevic, is a widely-published writer and columnist who has also served as war correspondent from the Balkans during the 1990s conflicts in that part of the world.

TiM logo July 2014




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  1. About conflict in Ukraine. There are some videos you may not have seen, these are the “peaceful revolutionaries”,supported by US and EU, Observe (very graphic) http://youtu.be/YJwTfUHbOd8 (Lutsk) http://youtu.be/j528zR2WFlU (Volyn’) “Peaceful” revolutionaries are attacking with Molotov cocktails http://youtu.be/tLXz0HXcfl8 more: http://youtu.be/JJ4gjAz0ypQ Here is a very “peaceful” demonstration saying: ” Bandera is a hero, he was fighting for our freedom” (Bandera was a nazist) , see what happens when this demonstration reaches Palace hotel. http://youtu.be/2QsVVkA4Ywo
    The maidan protesters also habitually sported neo-nazi symbols and flags of Bandera army.

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