Putin delivers a sobering message to the US in Russia’s version of the “state of the union” address:


Putin: “All the things you were trying to prevent through your policies have already happened. You have failed to hold Russia back”

Putin delivered a sobering message to the US and to the world in his annual address to the Federation Assembly

“To those who for the last 15 years have been trying to fan an arms race, achieve unilateral advantage against Russia, impose sanctions, which are illegal from the standpoint of international law and are aimed at holding back the development of our country, including in the military area, I have this to say: All the things you were trying to prevent through your policies have already happened. You have failed to hold Russia back,” Putin said.

“You now have to acknowledge this reality, confirm that everything I said is no bluff – which it isn’t – think for some time, send into retirement the people stuck in the past and incapable of looking into the future, [and] stop rocking the boat that we all ride in and which is called planet Earth,” he said. Russia would be responsive if talked to as an equal partner, Putin added.

Putin unveiled a number of new nuclear weapons that Russia has as added to its arsenal in the last 15 years.

One system is the new Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) called Sarmat, or RS-28. It’s already well-known, but Putin stressed that its increased range allows the missile to reach US territory from Russia via a South Pole route. The US has dozens of interceptor missiles deployed in Alaska on the presumption that Russia’s ICBMs would approach from that direction, which would not be the case with Sarmat.

In fact, the Soviet Union had a missile that could approach the US from any direction. It was not a regular ballistic missile but rather one that put the warhead into low-earth orbit. The warhead would then deorbit when close to its target, thanks to its own engines. However, the R-36orb missiles were scrapped as part of nuclear reduction process.

Putin then went on to weapons systems that were not previously known to the public. One is a yet-to-be-named cruise missile with an almost unlimited range.

The Russian president accused the US of arrogance, saying that it thought that Russia would not be able to recover anytime soon after the collapse of the Soviet Union and that its interests can simply be ignored. One particular move – the withdrawal by George W Bush from the Anti-ballistic Missile Treaty (ABM) in 2002 – resulted in Russia being increasingly surrounded by American assets, which undermined the country’s nuclear deterrence.

Russia has now countered this, according to Putin, who went on to present a number of new systems, some of which don’t yet have names, and which are all meant to counter current and future ABM systems. His speech was accompanied by a series of video clips showing those new systems, partially as footage of tests and partially as computer-generated images showing their capabilities.

For more, see… https://on.rt.com/908e


‘Speaking softly’: Russia wants negotiations, not confrontation

After his tough talk, the Russian president then offered the US an olive branch.

He stressed that Russia would not need all these new weapons if its legitimate concerns had not been ignored by the US and its allies. “Nobody wanted to talk with us on the core of the problem. Nobody listened to us. Now you listen!” he said.

He suggested that the US abandon its costly and inefficient hostile plans towards Russia and start negotiating a security arrangement which would take Moscow’s interests into account.

ALTZAR’S editorial comment


What Putin is proposing, of course, would make eminent sense to anyone who strives to achieve peace and harmony on this planet. Alas, that does not include anyone among the US power elite Washington or New York. Their perpetual motto has been and still is:


ws_Explosion_1920x1200 (1)

The US powers that be know no other way of life but the use of force and coercion. Chances are, therefore, that Putin’s words will fall on deaf ears in Washington and New York. Warmongers will be warmongers until they self-destruct. Just as Hitler’s Third Reich did over 70 years ago.

On this day in history… March 1, 1966


Meanwhile, it is an instructive coincidence that on this day in 1996 – yes, 1966 – over three years before the US Apollo mission to the Moon – Venera 3, a Soviet probe launched from Kazakhstan on November 15, 1965, crash-landed on Venus.

Venus is the second planet from the sun and the closest planet to the Earth both in size and distance. Although Venera 3 failed in its mission to measure the Venusian atmosphere, it was the first unmanned spacecraft to reach the surface of another planet. Four years earlier, the U.S. probe Mariner 2 was the first spacecraft to pass close enough to Venus to take scientific measurements of the planet, discovering surface temperatures in excess of 800 degrees Fahrenheit on its surface.

In 1967, Venera 4 succeeded where Venera 3 failed, successfully ejecting several scientific instruments, including a thermometer, a barometer, an atmospheric density gauge, and gas analyzers, into Venus’ atmosphere. Then, in 1970, Venera 7 became the first spacecraft created by humans to soft-land on Venus, successfully sending back images and data for 23 minutes before succumbing to the extremely high temperature and atmospheric pressure found on the planet’s surface.



How significant are these Russian achievements from more than half century ago?

Enormously. When the US spacecraft landed on the Moon in 1969, it had traveled an average distance of 239,000 miles.  When Venera 7 soft-landed on Venus a year later, the Russian spacecraft had traveled for 120 days covering the distance of between 25 million and 162 million miles (Venus’ orbit is elliptic, so its distance from the Earth varies greatly).

Assuming that Venera 7 took the shortest possible route, it still means that the Russian spacecraft had traveled at least 105 times (!) farther to reach Venus than the US missions to the Moon.


Bet you never learned facts like that in myopic and chauvinistic American schools? And it’s that kind of ignorance that breeds arrogance that can eventually kill us all.

So when Putin says Russia now has capabilities of nuking the US via the South Pole, the American warmongers had better take him seriously.

Thank God there is at least one sane person among the world leaders who have the power to destroy the planet. But will Putin enough? Or will the “big stick” which he revealed today become yet another excuse for more military spending in the US?

My bet is it will be the latter. Trump has already beefed up the Pentagon budget during his first year in office. And Putin has now given him another reason to accelerate the new arms race.











Except for my musical/ballet creation Chopiniada, which coincided with the Winter Olympics in Korea, I have refrained from commenting on this thoroughly corrupt event. Because these shamefully politicized and commercialized “games” are not worth even a comment. They only deserve our scorn and oblivion.

I never watched any of it on live TV.  We don’t watch any network TV and have not had it for years. I only followed them through online media headlines here and there.

But there was at least one bright light worth a comment – the 15-year old Russian figure skating Olympic champion.

https://videopress.com/v/NbI8tkO9 [VIDEO]

Inline image 2

As you can see in this interview, the 15-year old Alena sounds smarter and more mature than most 30-year olds or older anywhere in the world these days.


Here’s also a transcript of the interview:

Russian figure skating star Alina Zagitova, in an exclusive interview after her PyeongChang triumph, tells RT she hasn’t yet fully realized she’s an Olympic champion and that she plans to delight her fans for many more seasons.

RT: Alina, thank you very much for this opportunity, it is a great honor. You’re 15 and you’re an Olympic champion. Honestly, what’s on your mind?

Alina Zagitova: The most important thing to me has been to just make sure that everyone, my coaches, the audience and myself are satisfied. What’s on my mind? I’m thinking about the next season, and new tournaments. I’m thinking of some things that maybe I should change.

RT: And that’s all? So, you’re thinking about figure skating and nothing else?

AZ: Right now, I just can’t think of other things.

RT: Do you feel ok when people talk about your age? Because this is something everyone is really emphatic about, but my understanding is that you get the same treatment as everyone else when training and you train just like your teammates who are older, is that right?

AZ: Yes, we all get the same treatment, the same requirements, and coaches give everyone absolutely the same amount of work and attention – to myself, to Evgenia [Medvedeva] and others.

RT: And what do you think of it? Because, as reporters, we can’t help asking this question – because you are our youngest Olympic champion, you’re only 15. Does it sound ok to you when people say “only 15?”

AZ: Yes, it’s ok. I don’t really think much of it.

I want to keep figure skating as long as I can’

RT: Cool then. Let me ask you how you were prepping for the Olympics, because, if I understand it right, there have been many cases when – again – a very young age was a factor that led to additional stress in young athletes and affected their performance.

AZ: Well, my strategy now is to just to continue skating very carefully to avoid mistakes, and I want to keep figure skating as long as I can.

RT: And what did you do to help yourself avoid making any mistakes now and win the gold?

AZ: I was very calm. I just tried not to be distracted by the attention from the media and the audience, and not to think much about the fact that this is the Olympics. I tried to think of it as a regular competition, just like any other, that’s the mood I was trying to keep up.

RT: And who taught you how to do this, to stay out of things?

AZ: I just made some conclusions based on my experience, even though it’s not that big yet.

RT: After her performance, Evgenia seemed to have had an emotional reaction – she burst into tears, but then said that she never cries. You, on the other hand, seemed very calm, and, as you said it yourself, had only one tear. What did you do to stay so calm and composed?

AZ: To be honest, I didn’t have any tears, not even one.

RT: Really? Maybe my mistake.

AZ: Well, just a little, my eyes welled up a bit. But overall, it’s probably just because of my character; I tend to keep emotions to myself. But when I come back home, I let them all out, and I share it all with my parents.

RT: And what will it be like this time? I can’t even imagine.

AZ: I don’t know yet. I’m still away from home. I’ll probably run and jump around happy. I really hope that by the time I get home it will kick in.

RT: You mean to say that it really hasn’t yet? And you haven’t been running and jumping around? Honestly.

AZ: Only on ice. I did my jumping there.

RT: Oh yeah. So there was nothing like, maybe, back in your room, you just went like “I did it!” or texted someone a happy audio or video message? The people you talk to.



‘They can’t beat us fairly’ — Lavrov on Olympic ban of Russia — so they fight dirty

Here’s also a comment the Russian foreign minister Lavrov made during the Winter Olympics (on Feb 18):


LAVROV: Americans apparently can no longer beat us in a fair fight… so they are fighting dirty

The doping scandal that keeps many Russian athletes from competing in top events, including the ongoing Winter Olympics, was just part of the West’s devious strategy against Moscow, Russia’s foreign minister has said.

The assertion came in an interview the minister gave to Rossia-1 news channel, aired on Sunday. Lavrov said in other areas he saw the same approach, “the use of unilateral, coercive, illegitimate, unlawful actions to obtain the advantage.”

Sergey Lavrov said barring dozens of Russians from the games was “part of this unfair competition, because the Americans apparently can no longer beat us in a fair fight. They believe that taking back and preserving uncontested leadership in global sports requires sidelining the competition.”

Lavrov believes that the US and other Western powers are now fighting dirty because they cannot deal with the fact that Russia resurged after a low point in the 1990s, when much of its government was influenced by various foreign advisors pushing the agendas of their native countries. Russia has since realized it was “not a newborn country but a nation with a thousand-year long history” that its citizens should be proud of.

For more, see…  https://on.rt.com/8ywp


Final word on Yugoslavia’s disintegration


In conclusion to the excerpts from my wartime diaries, I will try to answer a question some of you have been asking: Why did the Balkan wars happen in the 1990s that led to disintegration of Yugoslavia, a country cobbled together after the Treaty of Versailles in 1918, and a founding member of the United Nations.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s the answer to the above question.


During the years I worked as a war correspondent and geopolitical commentator (1989-2002), I had written literally hundreds of articles and hundreds of thousands of words on that topic.

It would be, therefore, nigh impossible for any of you to distill the truth and the answer to my title question without spending enormous amounts of time researching this topic. So let me try to answer it succinctly, paraphrasing almost word-for-word my comments about the Dayton Peace Agreement signed on Nov 25, 1995 – 22 years ago almost to the day – https://www.truthinmedia.org/Bulletins/tim95-11.html.


Here’s an excerpt from the article written on that day during my layover in Paris, enroute to Belgrade:


“The former Yugoslavia, and especially Bosnia, represents an important strategic link between NATO’s western and eastern wings (connecting Turkey and Greece with Italy and the future NATO members – Bulgaria, Macedonia, Hungary).

It so happens that the same route, the so-called “Green Interstate,” also connects the various Muslim enclaves between Bosnia and Turkey (see the map, also published with that 1995 article). The Bihac-Sarajevo-Gorazde-Pristina-Skopje-Instanbul line marks the way Islam is supposed to expand from Turkey into Europe.

That’s why the Sarajevo Muslim government fought tooth and nail to keep Gorazde and Bihac, while giving up relatively easily on the less strategic enclaves of Srebrenica and Zepa (further north).

That’s also why the American globalists – liberals or conservatives alike – have been backing the Bosnian Muslims – the truth be damned at times. One of them is Warren Zimmermann, a member of the Council for Foreign Relations (CFR), a liberal-minded Yale graduate, and the last U.S. ambassador in Belgrade.”



And now, 22 years later, let’s look at the upshot of all these wars which, for the ignorant, including the local ethnic groups, had been characterized as “ethnic wars.”

But that was just a cover story. The real reason was that following the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the territory of the former Yugoslavia represented a political vacuum. And NATO, meaning Washington, wanted to grab it before the Russians did.

That is why the Serbs, the largest ethnic group in Yugoslavia before the wars (40% – see the map) were picked as Designated Villains. It was because of their Orthodox Christian faith and the traditional friendship and alliance with Russia.

The rest was just a smoke screen – the way the forces of the New World Order sold this war to the local Yugoslav and the world.


And the proof is in the pudding, or Kosovo in this case.

In that same 1995 article (“Green Interstate”), written on the day the Bosnian war officially ended, I predicted that the next Balkan war would be over Kosovo.

Lo and behold, in 1999, the entire NATO threw its military might against Serbia in order to grab this strategically important Serbian province.

Now, 22 years later, the US base Bondsteel in Kosovo is the largest military installation Washington has built in Europe since WW II.


Furthermore, Washington and its vassals have even minted Kosovo into a new “country” although more than half the world (geographically – see the map) is still refusing to go along with such a land grab.

Also, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania and Albania are all now NATO countries, in addition to Turkey and Greece which had been NATO members before the Yugoslav wars.

Which means the US has now achieved its strategic objective of cutting off Russia from the Balkans, and therefore, that part of the Mediterranean Sea.


And at what cost did US/NATO achieve its strategic objective?

At least 140,000 people killed, 2.4 million refugees, and another 2 million internally displaced (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yugoslav_Wars).


And then the monsters who caused such carnage and suffering (Clinton, Blair, Chirac, Chretien, Schroeder, etc. – see the photo), had the audacity to prosecute others for war crimes?


Which is why the verdicts by the International War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague amount to MOCKERY OF JUSTICE, a fig leaf covering the bigger crimes of much bigger criminals.




When I filed that editorial “Final word on Yugoslavia’s disintegration: WHY DID THE BALKAN WARS HAPPEN?” (https://wp.me/p3QU1S-2MH) a few days ago, I thought I was done with that topic which I rarely visited in the last 15 years since I stopped working as a war correspondent. But it was not to be.

There is a story buzzing around the internet in the last couple of days which is sending the lamestream media into apoplexy.  A Serb general, who was convicted by the Hague Kangaroo Court for alleged war crimes during NATO’s bombing of Serbia, has been invited to teach at the Serbian Military Academy (https://goo.gl/8oLoV3 – US News and World Report; or https://nyti.ms/2i0ksUI – New York Times).

Do you want to know what General Vladimir Lazarevic’s and his bosses’ General Nebojsa Pavkovic’s real “crimes” were?

They made fools out of the NATO pompous asses.


Reading the above story made me chuckle ear-to-ear, as I recalled two editorials I wrote 17 and 11 years ago respectively of HOW SERB DUMMIES FOOLED NATO DUMMIES. Here are links to these two stories and the photo album of Serb decoys:

Meanwhile, the Serb general who has upset the lamestream media’s and NATO’s apple cart, went on Serbian television recently (Nov 18) and shared in a lengthy interview some additional details about how the Serbian military outwitted the mighty NATO in during the 1999.

When the Serbs rolled out their troops and equipment out of Kosovo after the peace treaty was signed in June 1999, “the NATO generals were nearly fainted,” he said. Because after 78 days of bombing, during which NATO dropped 23,000 bombs and missiles, more than 95% of the Serbian military arsenal remained intact.

“We were saving them for when and if the ground attack came,”General Lazarevic explained. “For example, they only hit 7 out of 750 tanks we had in Kosovo.”

And how did they manage that?

By building over 3,000 “dummies’ which left the same imprint on the NATO radars as the real tanks. Ditto re. the phantom MIG’s made out of wood which NATO kept hitting.

“That’s what they’ve been mostly hitting with their multi-million dollar bombs,” he said.




That, and the civilian targets, I might add. Like these in Nis, the third largest city in Serbia, where NATO used cluster bombs designed for maximum casualties among the civilians (see https://www.truthinmedia.org/Tour-de-Serbia-99/Nis/nis-photos-1.html).



Alas, the ground attack never came.  Because Bill Clinton and his “powdered prince” Wesley Clark, who commanded the NATO attack on Serbia, didn’t have the balls or the stomach for it. And it’s a good thing they did not. Because it would have been slaughter. And a lot more American and British families would have lost their loved ones.

You see, according to General Clark’s and other top NATO estimates, the war on Serbia was supposed to last 7 to 10 days (see https://www.truthinmedia.org/Kosovo/Peace/ps8.html, June 24, 1999). By middle of April 1999, however, both Clinton and Clark and other NATO co-belligerents were already getting desperate.

While I was in Belgrade during the bombing (in mid-April), for example, I was contacted over an open phone line by a Washington source who said he had just spoken to Bill Clinton at the White House.  My source said Clinton was appealing to Americans of Serbian descent to try to procure a peace negotiations with the Belgrade government. So he wanted to see what I can do while I was on the ground in Serbia.

Of course, I refused to do any such thing. Trying to bail out war criminals like Clinton and Clark was the last thing on my mind while their bombs were raining on my native city,  But I did meet with two top Serb generals in Belgrade the following day. And was impressed with their resolve to fight on no matter what.

Here’s an excerpt from my report on that day:

“Sometimes, the truth comes out in dribbles, years after an event has taken place.  Two new stories out of Belgrade about NATO’s 1999 war on Serbia make this point.  To appreciate their significance, however, we must turn our clocks back to April 16, 1999…

That Friday, Day 24 of NATO’s war on Serbia, NATO had launched its first daytime bombing raids on Belgrade.  The air raid sirens went off mid-morning, just as this writer was meeting with the Serbian Patriarch Pavle, the head of the Serbian Orthodox Church.  From then on, daytime attacks became routine.  Such an escalation of war was a clear sign that NATO leaders were getting exasperated.  The bombing was supposed to last 7-10 days and result in a surrender of Serbia, according to a pre-war estimate by General Wesley Clark, then the supreme NATO commander.  Yet here we were, already in the fourth week of the war, and there was no let up in the Serbian resolve to fight back.beog4-17.jpg (22337 bytes)

What followed was a wild and woolly Saturday night, Day 25 of NATO’s war on Serbia.  Salvos of anti-aircraft artillery fire (AAA) filled in the audio gaps between detonations of NATO bombs and missiles.  It was a horrifying symphony of death and destruction orchestrated from Brussels by one General Clark, and from Washington by one draft dodger Bill Clinton.  Ground shook as the cold spring air whipped up by explosions occasionally swirled around this writer’s head like a mini-tornado.  Belgrade was getting it, Novi Sad was being pounded (the second largest city in Serbia), Sremska Mitrovica was also taking heavy hits. But the worst off was Mount Fruska Gora, that lies between these three cities.  It was being raked over by NATO bombers as if it were a meadow (click on the image left for a detailed map of this area and of the Balkans).” (from http://truthinmedia.org/Bulletins2006/NATO_secrets.html)



A few months later, in September 1999, during my post-war Tour of Serbia (http://www.truthinmedia.org/Tour-de-Serbia-99/tim99-10-1.html), I also met and had breakfast with General Nebojsa Pavkovi in Nis, Serbia.  As commander of the Third Army, Pavkovic was General Lazarevic’s boss at the time.


After a cordial conversation with General Pavkovic and his top officers (General Lazarevic may have been among them, though I honestly do not remember him), General Pavkovic presented me with a book – recognition of my service to the Truth during the war (see the photo).

Like Lazarevic, Pavkovic was also charged with and convicted of war crimes by the Hague kangaroo court. Pavkovic is now serving a 22-year sentence in Finland. Lazarevi was released on December 2015 after serving 2/3 of his 14-year sentence.


So agreeing to that peace treaty in June 1999 while his army was still virtually intact was a STRATEGIC ERROR on the part of Milosevic, Serbia’s president at the time. Because it opened the door to NATO to march into Kosovo unopposed. And it ultimately cost him his life.

It was just a matter of time before the tables were turned, and Milosevic, along with the Serb generals, ended up being rounded up and charged with war crimes by the Hague War Crimes Tribunal. Milosevic died there under mysterious circumstances in March 2006 (see Who Says There Is No Death Penalty at the Hague, Mar 11, 2006 – http://truthinmedia.org/Bulletins2006/Milosevic.html).

Meanwhile, back to General Lazarevic, in recognition of his cunning military skills and tactics, he received a medal from the Russian Minister of Defense, General Igor Sergeyev, before being carted off to the Hague in 2005 to face the New World Order charges.

So not only is Gen. Lazarevic qualified to teach at the Military College in Serbia for having made such fools out of NATO, if the NATO military had an ounce of humility, he should been invited as lecturer to the West Point and/or Sandringham.


And now, with that as a preamble, check out my 2006 editorial, about NATO’s SECRET LOSSES How Serbian Air Force Outwitted World’s Greatest Military Force and Inflicted Heavy Losses on NATO Planes, Helicopters and Personnel in Bosnia, Albania – http://truthinmedia.org/Bulletins2006/NATO_secrets.html.

The “NATO Doctrine”

“A military alliance of 19 nations and 780 million people; with over half of the world’s gross economic product, possessing two-thirds of the global military power, ganged up on a tiny nation of 10 million. For 78 days, NATO terrorized the people of Serbia, dropping 23,000 bombs and missiles on them in 36,000 sorties. Yet the Serbs remained unbowed and uncowed.  This is not hearsay.  I saw their defiance with my own eyes during the six days I had spent under NATO’s bombardment.” 

(An excerpt from Bob Djurdjevic’s global speaking tour, Fall/Winter 1999)

The “Clinton Doctrine”

“Bomb the civilians and the civilian structures until that country’s military can’t stand to watch it anymore.” [(Late) Col. David Hackworth, one of America’s most decorated soldiers]

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona, Aug 29, 2006 – Sometimes, the truth comes out in dribbles, years after an event has taken place.  Two new stories out of Belgrade about NATO’s 1999 war on Serbia make this point.  To appreciate their significance, however, we must turn our clocks back to April 16, 1999…

That Friday, Day 24 of NATO’s war on Serbia, NATO had launched its first daytime bombing raids on Belgrade.  The air raid sirens went off mid-morning, just as this writer was meeting with the Serbian Patriarch Pavle, the head of the Serbian Orthodox Church.  From then on, daytime attacks became routine.  Such an escalation of war was a clear sign that NATO leaders were getting exasperated.  The bombing was supposed to last 7-10 days and result in a surrender of Serbia, according to a pre-war estimate by General Wesley Clark, then the supreme NATO commander.  Yet here we were, already in the fourth week of the war, and there was no let up in the Serbian resolve to fight back.beog4-17.jpg (22337 bytes)

What followed was a wild and woolly Saturday night, Day 25 of NATO’s war on Serbia.  Salvos of anti-aircraft artillery fire (AAA) filled in the audio gaps between detonations of NATO bombs and missiles.  It was a horrifying symphony of death and destruction orchestrated from Brussels by one General Clark, and from Washington by one draft dodger Bill Clinton.  Ground shook as the cold spring air whipped up by explosions occasionally swirled around this writer’s head like a mini-tornado.  Belgrade was getting it, Novi Sad was being pounded (the second largest city in Serbia), Sremska Mitrovica was also taking heavy hits. But the worst off was Mount Fruska Gora, that lies between these three cities.  It was being raked over by NATO bombers as if it were a meadow (click on the image left for a detailed map of this area and of the Balkans).

For more, see… http://truthinmedia.org/Bulletins2006/NATO_secrets.htm

Here’s a video story about these Serbian Air Force attacks on NATO (in Serbian),

It is a story about several daring counter-attacks by the Serbian Air Force during NATO’s war on Serbia. On April 18, 1999, they attacked and destroyed 17 NATO aircraft and 3 rescue helicopters at the Tuzla, Bosnia airport.
On April 13 and 26, 1999, they staged one of the most daring raids since in Europe since WW II. Flying low, barely just the ground level to avoid detection in a coordinated mission from two airports, one in Serbia one in Montenegro, four Serbian Air Force Seagulls G-4S hit the NATO troops and the Apache attack helicopters at the Rinas airport in Tirana, Albania. All four returned to their bases unharmed.
Don’t look for Hollywood to make a movie about it. Bill Clinton and his administration never acknowledged these losses in Tuzla and Tirana. But the fact that their planned Apache and ground attacks from Albania never took place speaks volumes about the effectiveness of the Serbian Air Force raids.




Victors’ Justice on Display Again at the Hague: Dutch Judge Ejects Defendant from Courtroom before Sentencing


A Mockery of Justice: General Mladic Sentenced to Life in Prison by UN “Kangaroo Court” at the Hague

Minutes before the Presiding Judge of the UN War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague was to pronounce the court’s sentence in Serb General Ratko Mladic’s trial, the defense asked the court for either adjournment on account of Mladic’s health (high blood pressure – 180/80 – tested twice by a courtroom nurse), or to dispense with the reading with the lengthy summary and proceed directly to sentencing (see the video below).

At that point, the presiding judge Alphonse Orie of Netherlands asked Mladic to sit down. The Serb general remained standing defiantly and shouted (in Serbian) “this is all lies… this is a NATO court.”

The court TV had cut off Mladic’s microphone but his loud voice carried through the courtroom so it can be heard on this video.

Thereupon, the judge ordered the defendant bodily removed from the courtroom. So General Mladic was forced to hear the court’s life in prison sentence in a separate room.

This macabre ending of a six-year long trial, the last of the major cases from the wars in the former Yugoslavia which the UN War Crimes Tribunal has handled, was a fitting finale of a mockery of justice which has been on display at this court in the last two decades (see “Put UN Justice on Trial,” Aug 1998, “The End Game Is Near,” May 1996, “Defiant Serb General Ejected from Courtroom,” July 2011, Witness: Chance for “Perennially Troubled Region” (Balkans) to Become Model for Conflict Resolution Elsewhere, March 2012, and  “MY WARTIME DIARIES: VICTORS’ JUSTICE ON DISPLAY AT THE HAGUE”, March 2016).


This was not the first time Mladic was thrown out of the courtroom by Judge Orie. The two have been feuding throughout the trial. In July 2011, when this case opened, the Serb General sounded just as defiant as he was today at the end of his long court ordeal (see “Defiant Serb General Ejected from Courtroom,” July 2011),  Here’s a video clip from that 2011 court hearing:


The case against Mladic, 74, was the last for the UN War Crimes Tribunal to pass a verdict on. The conviction is likely to fuel even more resentment in Serbia against the West. Of the 161 individuals indicted by the ICTY, 94 were ethnic Serbs, compared to 29 Croats, nine Albanians and nine “Bosniaks” (a nationality Washington invented after splitting up former Yugoslavia).

Only a handful of Serbs, including politician Milan Milutinovic, General Momcilo Perisic and Yugoslav army captain Miroslav Radic, were acquitted by the tribunal, compared to well over a dozen defendants of other nationalities.


But the greatest miscarriage of justice is that the biggest villains, the ones who pulled the strings of their puppets who caused the Balkan wars of the 1990s, and who later on led the 78-day long bombing of Serbia by NATO in 1999, are still at large (see NATO WAR AGAINST SERBIA – 15 YEARS LATER: WHY? – https://wp.me/p3QU1S-eA, March 2014).

Here are some of them:

Victors’ justice on display at the Hague? You betcha. As Solon (a Greek philosopher – c.630 BC- c.555 BC) noted some 28 centuries ago:

“Laws are like spider webs. If some poor weak creature comes up against them – it is caught. But the bigger one can break through and get away.” (Solon)

As long as these criminals are free to roam the earth, the UN War Crimes Tribunal is nothing but a “Kangaroo Court.” Just as the Nazi and the Soviet political courts were.

For more on today’s sentencing, see… https://on.rt.com/8stp

UPDATE NOV 22, 2017
Reactions to the Mladic verdict…


“The NATO powers have had their show trial” (Bosnitch)

a good video interview to watch:

The general was declared a war criminal by the NATO powers even before the court was formed, so it is clear that he was “determined” to be found guilty in any case, journalist and political analyst John Bosnitch told RT.
RT: Is this a verdict that you anticipated?
John Bosnitch: This verdict was anticipated even before the court was formed. During the civil war in Bosnia, the European powers, which were backing the Muslim and the Croat side, were calling General Ratko Mladic a war criminal even before the court was formed to try him. He was never given a presumption of innocence even from the first day.
RT: Mladic was accused of crimes against humanity. This is a very high-profile case. Are you confident that all of those who committed such crimes during the war in Yugoslavia have been brought before the tribunal?
JB: The point is that the tribunal was a one-sided tool of the NATO powers. The purpose of the tribunal was to find one side guilty, and that was the Serbian side, because they were accused of being war criminals long before the court was formed.
There is no surprise about the way it was done. What is surprising is that anyone, anywhere expected even the slightest chance that General Mladic might be acquitted… The NATO powers have had their show trial; we have had the media reports upon it.


This verdict also creates a potentially dangerous precedent as it could be used by the US to justify future invasions launched without any internationally approved mandate, international affairs commentator Marko Gasic told RT.
“This verdict was necessary primarily for the US, to find someone guilty of genocide is to create yourself a false moral mandate to stop future supposed genocides,” he said. “On the basis of this verdict, the USA will give itself a right to attack anywhere, anytime with its acolytes to [defend] its own interests.”
Gasic also said that the Mladic trial was “a tribunal financed by the US, Saudi Arabia and George Soros.” According to Gasic, it had only one purpose: “to achieve the prosecution of a targeted nation – the Serbian nation.”


Marko Gasic [@3:30 min of the video]: “In April 1993, Bosnian Muslim president Alija Izetbegovic said he had been told by Bill Clinton he needed 5,000 dead Muslims in order to have a pretext or an excuse for a military intervention, i.e., bombing of the local Serbs.”

“And that way, America would get its first mandate to bomb abroad without a UN authorization, or indeed, without anybody’s authorization.”

https://videopress.com/v/IAgM6VfW [VIDEO]

UPDATE NOV 23, 2017


International War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague Claims Its Sixth Victim – March 11, 2006

The inhumane treatment of General Mladic at his sentencing by the chief Dutch judge Alphonse Orrie reminded this writer of a Truth in Media editorial he penned nearly 12 years ago, when Slobodan Milosevic became the 6th Serb defendant to die behind bars of the Hague War Crimes Tribunal.

Here’s the opening paragraph from that piece. You can read and see the rest if you click on the link that follows.


“SCOTTSDALE, Mar 11, 2006 – Who says there’s no death penalty at the Hague? (the International War Crimes Tribunal). This morning, the sixth prisoner of this kangaroo court was found dead in his cell – Slobodan Milosevic, the notorious former president of Serbia a.k.a. Yugoslavia a.k.a. Serbia and Montenegro. Only five days ago, Milan Babic, the former president of the Serbian Republic of Krajina (in today’s Croatia) was also found dead in his cell. Suicide was alleged. The cause of death in Milosevic’s case is not known at the present time.

A coincidence? Sure. What are the odds of six men, all Serbs (!), dying in prison? Actuaries would have a field day calculating them. Babic, for example, was only 50. Milosevic himself was only 64. Just last week, the Court refused his request for medical treatment in Russia where specialists were waiting to treat his heart ailment.

Alive, Milosevic, with his quick wit and sharp tongue representing himself in the court, was a threat to everyone in the New World Order established – from Bill Clinton on down. He simply knew too much and was ready to talk. In fact, he was awaiting the court’s ruling on his request to subpoena Clinton as witness.

Borislav Milosevic, former Yugoslav ambassador to Russia who lives in Moscow, blamed the U.N. tribunal for causing his brother’s death by refusing him medical treatment in Russia.

”All responsibility for this lies on the shoulders of the international tribunal. He asked for treatment several months ago, they knew this,” he told The Associated Press. ”They drove him to this as they didn’t want to let him out alive.”

Milosevic asked the court last December to let him go to Moscow for treatment. But the tribunal refused, despite assurances from the Russian authorities that the former Yugoslav leader would return to the Netherlands to finish his trial.”

For more, see…
http://www.truthinmedia.org/ Bulletins2006/Milosevic.html

ALTZAR: Just like General Mladic, I might add. Before his sentencing, Mladic had also asked to go Russia for medical treatment for his extremely high blood pressure. The Russian government guaranteed his return to the Hague after the treatment. The court refused. Just like they treated Milosevic.

Will Mladic become the next victim of the UN Tribunal’s inhumanity?

UPDATE 2 – NOV 23, 2017


From a Russian FB friend – Nov 23, 2017

Аля Мусина : Как жаль что в то время Россия была слабой. Наши руководители предали братьев- сербов и допустили разрушение такой прекрасной страны Югославии. Но все же мы хоть немного но сделали. Остается тайной, кто предложил перебросить российский миротворческий батальон, который в тот момент был в Боснии и приказал десантникам пройти маршем 600 километров и занять аэродром в Косово. Колонна из 200 солдат, которым предстояло остановить НАТО.

FB TRANSLATION: It’s a shame that Russia was weak at that time. Our leaders have betrayed the Serb brothers and have allowed the destruction of such a beautiful country of Yugoslavia. But still, we did a little bit. It remains a mystery who proposed to deploy a Russian peacekeeping battalion, who was in Bosnia at that time and ordered the desantnikam to March 600 kilometres and to occupy an airfield in kosovo. A convoy of 200 soldiers to be stopped by NATO.

Bob Altzar Djurdjevic You are well informed, Аля Мусина. I met the commander of that Russian battalion in Sarajevo in July 1994 when I worked in Bosnia as a war correspondent. I did not want to photograph anyone for security reasons. But here’s a shot of downtown Sarajevo I took from the Serb front lines which were close the positions of that Russian peacekeeping unit.

Bob Altzar Djurdjevic The day before, I spent nearly the entire day with General Mladic and his top officers and their HQ in Han Pijesak. This is a photo someone took of us just before we broke for lunch in the mess hall. The chef served an excellent grilled trout.

Bob Altzar Djurdjevic Here’s an excerpt from that story: “I noticed that [Serb commander, name withheld] was wearing a small Serbian flag-type pin attached to his T-shirt just above his heart. “I got the pin from a Russian officer,” he said. “Then I just turned it upside down.” Everybody laughed (the Russian flag consists of white-blue-red horizontal stripes; the Serbian flag of red-blue-white stripes – see below).

As if guessing my thoughts, the Serb commander went on to talk about the many unsung heroes who have served under him on the Trebevic front. Some of them were Muslims and Croats, he said. They had escaped from the city below and joined the Serb forces. “One of them stepped on a land mine, had a leg amputated below the ankle, and he still returned to the front to fight for us,” he said. – for more, see.. https://www.truthinmedia.org/ Vignettes/Bosnia-diary-94.html


From a Greek FB friend – Nov 23, 2017


Bob Altzar Djurdjevic Amen re. your comment about Gen Mladic. In July 1994, while I was working as a war correspondent in Bosnia, I spent nearly an entire day with General Mladic and his top officers and their HQ in Han Pijesak. This is a photo someone took of us just before we broke for lunch in the mess hall. The chef served an excellent grilled trout.

Σοφια Καρας: He is a great Hero, but Europeans are so stupid they did not realize that he was fighting for all White European Peoples, not just for Serbians, now , let them die from islam in their cities daily the islamists are killing them in France, Germany, in Barcelona in Amsterdam, Bruxelles, Nice, all these countries who bombed Serbia now their citizens are daily being killed by islam!

Bob Altzar Djurdjevic to ΣΣοφια Καρας: Yes. He and I spent a long time talking about the geopolitical significance of the war he and the Serb army were fighting. He was quite aware of what you are saying here. Alas, the Bosnian Serb political leadership thought they could negotiate with the US and NATO crocodile. Which is how and why the crocodile ate them up in the end.

Σοφια Καρας: I always said that the Islamization of Europe initiated by the establishment of this fake nationality of “bosniaks” then it continued with another fake nation that of Kossovo, but this was only the beginning in Greece they established (this communist regime that runs the country now) the Sharia Law, the plan is to create a new Islamic State by cutting pieces from all three countries Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey.

In France, 50% of the population is already islam but they don’t want to say that, in London they elected Islamic Mayor, and in Germany they are so scared to make new election because the first antislamic party AFD in Europe, will gain higher %. The jewish controlled Networks called “fascists and Nazists” those Europeans especially Eastern and Central Europeans who wish to stay Humans and away of Islam, and they allegedly claim that Democracy and Human Rights is Islam and their so called refugees islamists

Please tell me how come all so called refugees in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia are ONLY ISLAMISTS? Arent they other populations suffering in this planet?

The Kallergi Plan is very old and is to create a new shitty color race out of White Race which is to be extincted. We have nothing against Muslims but they have 80 nations on this planet why they need ours too? As far as the media that they consider Europeans and Americans who deny islamization undemocratic but islam is democratic, well, then why dont’ they send them back to this Democratic paradise of …Saudi Arabia! This is the Model Of Islam, Saudi Arabia!

Bob Altzar Djurdjevic: Indeed. Also see THEY BROUGHT JIHAD INTO EUROPE, WILL WE LET THEM BRING IT TO AMERICA? – https://wp.me/p3QU1S-1A4


From a Dutch friend Wouter Wijnaendts – Nov 24, 2017

Wouter Wijnaendts: “I do fully agree with the comments of your Greek friend and as I wrote the real criminals are still walking free out there. The left liberal parties in Europe let the Trojan Horse in or ‘feeding the crocodile’.

It is already going wrong and it will become worse, no doubt about it. Germany is trembling to make new election and the fact that the AfD could gain a higher percentage of votes. In any case, in The Netherlands, the Dutch government seems to take tougher action against Islam.

Minister Blok banned controversial Iman Fawaz Jneid from the Hague neighborhoods of Transvaal and Schilderswijk last week. He is not allowed to preach in and around the bookstore on Cilliersstraat for a period of six months.

According to Blok, the imam preaches an intolerant message that contributes to the radicalization of young people. The Hague mayor Pauline Krikke pushed for this area ban, according to the broadcaster. In their statement the Islamic organizations write that the imam has never been convicted of incitement or spreading hatred. They call the area ban a selective anti-Islam measure that restricts the rights and freedoms of the Dutch Muslim.

“Such a suppressive measure does not contribute to maintaining or promoting a harmonious society. To push dissidents into the corner through shaky legislation is counterproductive”, they write.

Fawaz Jneid was previously sent away from the As-Soennah mosque in The Hague for conducting illegal marriages, the broadcaster reports. He also caused controversy by cursing murdered film maker Theo van Gogh and politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

The imam responded to the area ban against him last week. “This is the second step in the war against Salafism in The Netherlands”, he said to NOS. He also said that he is against extremism and that he often stops young people from going to Syria.

On November 2, this Iman lost a legal proceeding in court, were he tried to abolish the ban of six months of Minister Blok. In vain. Anyways he now uses Facebook to continue with his hate preaches and has more than 4000 followers.

For more see: https://nltimes.nl/2017/08/21/ islamic-organizations- criticize-justice-mins-ban- controversial-imam

I liked the remark, that Muslims have 80 nations on this planet, so why they need ours too?” [Wouter Wijnaendts, Dutch cartoons also enclosed].

Bob Altzar Djurdjevic: I liked the cartoons. “Father of a nation” may be a bit too much, but the Kangaroo Court has certainly made Mladic into a martyr in Bosnia. Ditto re. Karadzic.

As a matter of fact, at the request of that Greek lady whose comments inspired you to write this (Sophia Karas), I will be posting profiles of all major wartime leaders – Milosevic, Karadzic, Mladic, Perisic – and all major foreign ambassadors in Belgrade – all of whom I had met with a number of times during the war. So stand by for that…

Bob Altzar Djurdjevic: During our noontime hike today, I told Elizabeth about your Imam story. She was appalled though not surprised.

I also said, that “it is regrettable that now the Dutch authorities have to resort to denying one of its citizens freedom of speech. If this imam’s preaching was indeed inciting riots and violence, why didn’t just arrest him and throw him in jail, instead of putting a muzzle on him for 6 months and making him look like a martyr to his followers?”

To me, that seems pretty stupid and shortsighted.

As for the general assault by the New World Order on Europe and European cultures, you may recall that I warned about that nearly 20 years ago in this column, among others (see (A BEAR IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING, 1998 – http://www.truthinmedia.org/ Columns/chronicles-dec98.html) . And I predicted that forced immigration will be one of the most destructive weapons the globalists would use against Europe. The Euro being another one (also see… €URO WAS DOOMED FROM THE START, EVEN BEFORE ITS BIRTH, July 2015 – https://wp.me/p3QU1S-11x).




I spent over 12 years covering the Balkans wars and conflicts as an independent journalist (1989-2002). Over 140,000 people lost their lives, and over 4 million were forced to flee their homes during that time. Because the wars were largely incited by foreign powers, more specifically – the United States and Great Britain.


So they could fill the political vacuum in Yugoslavia created by the collapse of the Soviet Union (1991). And then co-opt most of the Balkans nations into NATO.  But to do that, they first had to create a problem to which the ultimate solution would be a NATO takeover.

During my work as a war correspondent, I met with many of the major players is this tragedy in which over 140,000 people lost their lives, and over 4 million were forced to flee their homes. The major protagonists included top statesmen, army chiefs, high-level diplomats of the U.S., Britain, France, Canada, Russia and Belgium, and literally hundreds of other individuals I had come across on the front lines as well as in the boardrooms. hawthorne-sophia

As always, I kept careful and copious notes about these conversations and events I witnessed. After each of those field trips to the Balkans, I would file a copy of my wartime diary with the Chief Archivist of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University in California. That’s just in case something happened to me. But my stipulation was that my diaries may not be available for public viewing for a period of at least five years after the war’s end. I did not want my conversations with principals in this war drama to affect in any way the outcome of the war or the subsequent war crimes trials at the Hague.

Well, now that it has been over 20 years since the end of the Bosnian war, and that all of the Hague trials are just about over, I have decided to make my four most important diaries public.  They can be accessed as PDFs by clicking on the following title pages.

YUGOSLAV-DIARY-5-1994 (PDF, 50 pages)



YUGOSLAV-DIARY-12-1995 (AFTERMATH) (PDF, 26 pages)

rsd-rm rsd-rk94

* * *



Final nail in free speech coffin in America as Russia’s retaliation expected

Twitter announced to day that it is banning RT and another Russian news outlet, Sputnik, from placing any advertisements. Twitter cited alleged election interference “on behalf of the Russian government” as the reason.

And who did the alleging?

The “the US intelligence community,” according to the Twitter release. “which is not something we want on Twitter.” 

RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan commented on Twitter’s decision, saying it was “highly regrettable” and could serve as a precursor to retaliatory measures towards US media.

Revealed: How Twitter pushed RT to spend big on 2016 US election

I never thought that Twitter is under the control of the US security services – it seemed like a conspiracy theory. But now Twitter appears to have admitted it,” Simonyan told RIA Novosti news agency. “This is highly regrettable. It is particularly regrettable that now US media operating in Russia will feel the tender response of the Russian authorities.”

Simonyan earlier poste Twitter social network’s own pitch for an RT advertising campaign ahead of last year’s election, in which Twitter said that the news site would provide an “unbiased point view of the US Elections with an edge.”

“Hope Jack Dorsey [Twitter CEO] won’t forget to tell Congress how Twitter pitched RT to spend big $$s on US election ad campaign,” tweeted Simonyan.

For more, see… https://on.rt.com/8qph


I never did like Twitter. Maybe it was because it was meant for people who can only put one or two sentences together (140 character limit). [SNIP – I had just reached that Twitter limit]

Or maybe it was because Hollywood and the Washington politicians loved it. (Back to speaking in sound bites).

But when I really started to hate it to the point of deleting my Twitter account was when I realized that Twitter is just the tool of the New World Order “elite.” In March of 2016, they censored some of my posts (see TWITTER CENSORSHIP – https://www.facebook.com/groups/truthinmedia.org/permalink/834223520057596/).  And in July 2016, Twitter tried to suppress the Wikileaks release of the damning DNC/Hillary emails (among other LAMESTREAM MEDIA, MAJOR INTERNET COMPANIES, COLLUDE TO SUPPRESS THE NEWS OF DNC TRYING TO RIG DEMOCRATIC PRIMARIES IN HILLARY’S FAVOR – https://www.facebook.com/groups/439921809487771/).

So after the election was over, and Twitter and all the lamestream media were totally discredited, I quit Twitter and closer my account. I invite you to do the same. Because now you have yet another big reason to do it.



MY ELECTION 2016 FORECAST: TRUMP TO WIN ON NOV 8! One year later, I can only add one word: “REGRETTABLY” 



One year later, I can only add one word: “REGRETTABLY” 

One year ago today (Oct 24, 2016), Hillary looked invincible. With two weeks to go, “most polls project Hillary Clinton will thump Donald Trump on Nov. 8….” opined both the national and local pollsters.

“The rally continues for Clinton in national polls. In the four-way presidential race, Clinton holds an average lead of about six points, according to RealClearPolitics. An ABC poll over the weekend gave Clinton a 12-point national lead” (see https://goo.gl/ACyBef).

So you can imagine how shocking it was for most people, including the Truth in Media readers, to see my post the same day (Oct 24) in which I predicted that Donald Trump would win the election:


Perhaps even more stunning was the source of my forecast: “My Dreamtime Diary: A Stunning US Election Prediction in Three Dreams over Four Days (Oct 16-19, 2016)”

So can you blame those who shrugged it off and discounted my prediction?

Yet, the forecast did come true. Trump was elected president on Nov 8.

So what can I add to that a year later? Only one word: REGRETTABLY.

Regrettably, my prediction came true.

Regrettably, I ignored my own initial assessment of Trump as a “Trojan horse” published in February 2016 (see…  FEBRUARY 24, 2016 – “IS TRUMP ACTUALLY A “TROJAN HORSE?” – http://wp.me/p3QU1S-1fl).

Regrettably, I was also conned by the man whom I had later dubbed as “DON THE CON,” “LIKE RONALD, LIKE DONALD”… PUPPETS ON A STRING (Israel’s – in Trump’s case), “WHITE HOUSE EUNUCH” (when he capitulated to Congress over Russia sanctions in early August), etc. 

Sometimes, it is wrong to be right for the wrong reasons. My forecast from a year ago fits that description.


But there is a silver lining. Her name is Hillary. This would have been even worse. Because she is a real criminal, not just corrupt like Trump.

Once again, I should have stayed true to my old principles, Such as… “ANYBODY BUT A DEMOCRAT OR A REPUBLICAN” (ALTZAR – 1992, 1996). Two decades ago, I penned this in my Washington Times column DEMO FARCE AND THE AMERICAN CENTURY – Washington Times – Nov 1996 – https://www.truthinmedia.org/Columns/DEMO%20FARCE.html:

“Fielding two horses from the same stable evidently suited the U.S. Establishment just fine. Election ’96 was a “demo farce!” The U.S. democracy is turning into a New World Order plutocracy.”

So Election 2016 was no different. The same plutocratic stable just fielded two different horses. The American voters were still given the same choices: BAD or WORSE.

Anybody but Democrat Republican pig trough

 * * *

From My Dreamtime Diary: A Stunning US Election Prediction in Three Dreams over Four Days of This Month (Oct 16-19, 2016)



I had a dream on Oct 16 in which there was a sheep swimming in the pool that had a snake in its jaws. The sheep held it just behind the head. So the snake was powerless to harm the sheep.

And me, as I am also in the pool observing the scene. And feeling a bit apprehensive as I know the snake is poisonous.

Suddenly the sheep releases the snake. The snake swims away in terror with lightning speed toward the far end of the pool, slithers out and disappears out of sight.

I remember thinking in my dream, “wow, what an amazing speed. I had no idea snakes can be such fast swimmers.”




Oct 26, 2016

I received this interpretation of the dream from my Spirit guides while meditating in the spa this morning…

Like Saint Patrick in Ireland, Trump and the American people (sheep) will drive away the snakes of the New World Order into their burrows on Nov 8, 2016

  • The SNAKE represents the banking and corporate powers that be of the New World Order, and their servants – Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, the Bush family and all other vassals who think of themselves as the “elite” of the ruling class. The SNAKE symbolizes duplicity, treachery, ruthlessness, emotional coldness and lack of empathy of the slimy reptilians.


In my dream, the SHEEP overpowers the SNAKE. And yet it does not kill it.  Because SHEEP symbolizes gentleness, kindness and a sense of community. So the SHEEP releases the SNAKE from its deathly grip. Frightened to death, the SNAKE frantically swims as fast as it can to get away from the sheep and and pool (and ME, the observer, who is also in the pool).


Which is good news. For, it means that on Nov 8, the American people will start to liberate themselves from the snakes of the New World Order and drive them away from our shores. Which will inspire the rest of the world to follow suit. Let us hope, bloodlessly all around.

 * * *




In this dream, I am in London, England in medieval time. It is early morning. I am walking through a ruin of an old castle toward the ocean shore. I can feel the spray from the waves reaching my face through the openings in the castle walls.

“The tide must be coming,” I thought in my dream state. “That’s probably why the waves are so big and crashing close to the castle walls.”

When I look through the opening, I see that the beach and the land are very flat. Like the Thames river banks.

“Wonder if this is the high tide pushing up the Thames?” I was thinking.


In the next scene, I am back in town at what looks like a street market. Still in medieval London. The streets are paved with round cobblestones.

I am engaged in a happy banter with several women behind their fruit and veggie stalls. There is also a man, a customer like me, who joins the conversation. Based on his accent, I figure out that he must be from Manchester.

After telling my market friend about my through the castle to the beach this morning and seeing a high tide, I say to the man:

“You guys in Manchester probably don’t even know what a high tide is,” :-)Manchester is deep inland]

Everybody laughs. Everybody is happy.


Oct 18, 2016

At first, I thought, “guess another trip to London is in the cards. But why medieval London?,” I wondered.

Of course, I have had a number of past lifetimes in London. For example, as King Phillip II of Spain while married to Queen Mary I, Henry VIII’s Catholic daughter.  And I lived there as King James I and VI, when I inherited the crown of England and Ireland after Elizabeth I died without an heir. And in the 19th century, I was back there again as Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s Consort.

But the market scene and the happy banter with London commoners did not fit those royal lifetimes.

 * * *



I had a dream in which I was sailing, swimming and snorkeling somewhere in the tropics. The beaches are white sand. Water turquoise. The ocean warm. Maybe Tahiti? Or Northern Australia (Great Barrier Reef)? I am happy, having a great time playing in the ocean.


In the next scene, I am now sailing on a huge cruise ship through the very same area where I had been swimming and snorkeling before. I am quite high above the ocean, looking down as if from a parasail.  It’s definitely a large ship.

I am leaning on a rail close to the bow and looking down into the ocean. But I cannot actually see all the way down to where the bow’s hull slices the waves, because I am so high up above it. I can see, however, that the captain is skillfully navigating around other small boats and snorkelers way down in the ocean.

Nobody seems to be perturbed that such a giant ship is sailing right past them through shallow waters. But I feel a bit of trepidation about what my reaction would have been if I were still snorkeling and then seeing this huge ship pass me by.


This is the third dream in four days in which the element of WATER figured prominently. And it was INCREASING IN SIZE (pool –> river –> ocean), just like when I had my three “wet dreams” in August 2008 which guided me to move from Arizona to Maui.

Unlike in 2008, however, we are now at the starting gate of the Age of Aquarius. So it’s all about the Water element, it’s cleansing, suppleness, fluidity, flexibility.  And everything is beautiful, peaceful and serene.

Happy days are here again. Or will be… after Nov 8. Just as the happy days returned after the Great Depression.

 * * *