On this month in history… July 1917


DDy0IaXWsAAsF9g100 years ago this month, 2,000 Russian women volunteered to fight for their country. 300 passed the basic training. On July 21, 1917, the 170 women under the command of Maria Bochkaryeva (right), repulsed 14 German attacks in 3 days on the territory of today’s Belarus.

30 of them were killed, 70 wounded, including the commander. That’s how they earned the nickname the “death battalion.”

Of the 300 Russian women who passed the basic training and received their military banner on July 4, 1917 in a ceremony at Saint Isaacs Cathedral in Saint Petersburg, 70 never came back. More than 100 were wounded.

That’s the Russian version of FEMINISM and equality between men and women. Fighting for their country.


Now, with that as a preamble, take a look at these pictures of some of the leading American feminists. And then answer the question: “Do you see any of these women fighting for their country?”

“That’s a joke, right?” you might think. “A trick question.”

I know. It seems that way. For, it would be indeed absurd to imagine the likes of Whoopi Goldberg or Hillary Clinton or Oprah or some these other Hollywood stars, taking up arms and fighting for America. Most of them are too busy trying to emasculate the men, and fight for the gay, lesbian and transgender rights. And for women in politics. So they could all together lord over men.

And they do it by wagging their tongues as talking heads on TV, of course, not arms.

And they are not even being original at that. Like the early feminist Gloria Steinem, for example. At least she took some chances by spying for the CIA.


Did you know, by the way, that the “women’s lib” was actually funded by the New World Order chieftains, such as the Rockefellers?

Yep. The Truth in Media wrote about that 2.5 years ago. See NEW WORLD ORDER’S WAR ON AMERICAN FAMILY,, Jan 2, 2015 -p

With so many women around the world already in high political offices, why do you think women desire (political) power?

They don’t. Women already have more power than men and always have. Because they are in charge of CREATION. And LIFE PRESERVATION. That’s the natural order of things which the New World Order elite are trying to change. They want women to be like men.


“The world we know today, the world being propagated by the powers that be of the New World Order – it is the world of constant conflict and warfare… between the nations and tribes and between the genders.”

But why would women want to be like that? Why would they want to be tougher than men? “History is littered with millions of corpses that male ambition, greed and quest for power has left behind,” I wrote in this Aug 2016 editorial, WOMEN AND POWER: ATTRACTION CONCEIVED BY THE DEVIL (i.e., NWO) –

Check it out. You will find many more fascinating facts about how and why the New World Order invented and funded feminism.


Now back to that Russian WW I story. The 2,000 Russian women who volunteered to fight the Germans did not do that because they were natural born heroins. They did it because by the summer of 1917, the Russian army was demoralized and headless.

The Tsar had been deposed. The Kerensky government was floundering. Men were deserting en masse.  So they decided to take up arms hoping this would inspire the men to do the same and keep on fighting.

It did not work, partly due to communist agitators who were trying to get the Russian soldiers to desert. So that the Bolsheviks could overthrow the government and take over. The seeds of the revolution, which was yet to come three months later, were being planted the summer of 1917.

So these Russian women-soldiers fought under most difficult circumstance, without any fanfare or parades, with the sole goal of protecting their motherland. And that is a mark of a true hero.

Slava im! (“Glory to them!”)


The story of the first Russian female battalion commander Maria Bochkaryeva is quite fascinating. It would certainly make a great movie. Alas, Hollywood is not interested in Russian heroes. The Russians are always the bogeys in La La Land productions. So let me share with the gist of her life and death…

Maria was born into a peasant family in Imperial Russia in 1889.  Her life started off miserably. She was sent to work at the age of eight, received regular beatings, was a victim of sexual assault, and was physically abused by the men in her life, including her father and husband.

When the war with Germany and Austria-Hungary broke out in 1914, she decided to leave her past behind and become a soldier.

I cut off my hair, dressed in men’s clothes, and provided myself with two loaves of bread,” Bochkareva recalls in her memoirs, written down by bilingual American journalist Isaac Don Levine in 1918.

Not surprisingly, she was denied entry into the Imperial Army because she was a woman and was advised to try herself out as a sister of mercy.

Undaunted, Maria sent a telegram appealing directly to Tsar Nicholas II. To everyone’s astonishment, she received a positive answer.

In November 1914, she joined the 25th Tomsk Reserve Battalion of the Imperial Russian Army where gradually she grew to be admired and respected by her fellow soldiers.

In 1917, after the February Revolution that toppled the monarchy, War Minister Alexander Kerensky approached Maria with the idea of forming Russia’s first female battalion.

After the Bolsheviks came to power in the October of 1917, Bochkareva fled to the United States via Vladivostok, in Russia’s Far East (like another “Dr Zhivago” script).

There she was received in the White House by the President Woodrow Wilson, who was said to have been moved by her story.

She returned to Russia in 1918 to continue her fight against the Bolsheviks. But she was arrested and sentenced to death. The execution was to be carried out on May 16, 1920.

However, when Maria was rehabilitated in 1992, no statement of the execution was found in the communist archives. Her biographer, Sergey Drokov, believes she was never shot, but was saved by journalist Isaac Don Levine, who was in Russia at that time, seeking (in vain) a meeting with Lenin.

And so the mystery of Maria’s life will live on forever (see

Here’s are links to two stories at RT.COM which describe their plight and heroism.

Russian soldier Maria’s war against Germany & sexism –

Female death battalions: Russian Wonder Women of 1917 –


* * *





The audience clapped at the end as if it were a live show.

When was the last time you experienced that in an American movie theater that did not have to do with jingoistic American-supremacy shoot-them-up or kill-the-bastards films, like Rambo or Rocky?

I never have.

In fact, I believe I have never even been to a movie theater this year. I swore off Hollywood crap at about the same time I gave up Starbucks in late 2015. But Elizabeth saw the movie “Snowden” in Arizona last week and thought it was wonderful. So I went.

It WAS wonderful. The film was made by a master director, a three-time Oscar winner, Oliver Stone.

“If Edward Snowden didn’t exist, Oliver Stone might have invented him,” writes Roger Ebert in his not-so-flattering movie review. “One can imagine a Stone film about a former employee of the U.S. government who becomes disillusioned with his country when he learns the depth of its deceit.”

“In fact, that last sentence could describe a few Stone films, and so “Snowden” has been widely anticipated as a return to form for the director of masterpieces like “Platoon,” “JFK” and “Born on the Fourth of July.” It’s his first film in four years and his first with a true story behind it in almost a decade (“W.”).” (Roger Ebert)

Of course, the Hollywood movie critics, like the rest of the media whores, know very well which side their bread is buttered on. So one should not expect them to glorify, much less tell the truth, about a truly epic film of our time. “Our time” being the time of illegal surveillance and outright deception by the highest officials in our government.
But the American people know better. That’s why. even though it was the first matinee show of the day (2 PM), and despite the fact that the movie had been out already for 8 days, which is eternity nowadays in Hollywood flicks, THE THEATER WAS FULL!
As for Lindsay Mills, Snowden’s girlfriend whom he had allegedly “abandoned” when he left Hawaii on his way to Hong Kong, where he made the greatest whistleblowing disclosure of “our time,” guess what? She followed him to Moscow in October 2014. And the couple have lived happily there ever since. No betrayal there either way.
Try to marginalize that, Obama, Hillary, Bush’s, Bill Clinton and your rich backers in crimes against humanity and our Constitution.
Hail to Snowden and Stone! And to Lindsay Mills for standing by her man.
PS: Don’t expect this excellent film to win many Oscar nominations come December. Except if Trump wins. In which case the Hollywood brown-nosers will have to quickly change gears and start to kiss new butts.
Turncoats. Maybe that should be the title of the next Stone film? 🙂



 * * *



But Swedish foreign minister, Carl Bildt, “America’s favorite European ‘useful idiot’,” blocks award announcement at his ministry

We have just witnessed another case of the Truth in Media slogan -TRUTH TRUMPS POWER EVERY TIME – being demonstrated in real life. Edward Snowden, the former NSA employee who brought the most powerful government on this planet to its knees by exposing the Obama administration’s violations of the U.S. Constitution, freedom and democracy, has just received the “Alternative Nobel” prize for “his courage and skill in revealing the unprecedented extent of state surveillance violating basic democratic processes and constitutional rights.”

Winners of the Sweden-based Right Livelihood Award were announced today in Stockholm, one day ahead of schedule.


The 2014 Right Livelihood Laureates are: 

Edward Snowden (USA) and Alan Rusbridger (UK) receive a joint Honorary Award. Three more awards go to Asma Jahangir (Pakistan), Basil Fernando / Asian Human Rights Commission (Hong Kong, China), and Bill McKibben / (USA). Fore more. click here in a BBC report.

Yet honoring Snowden has not been without controversy. The news of Snowden’s award seems to have caused embarrassment in Sweden. The Swedish foreign ministry in Stockholm has been the usual venue for such announcements for the past 18 years. This year’s awards were supposed to be unveiled tomorrow, Sept 27.90af2989-22eb-420e-874c-748999149e67

“But when the Swedish foreign minister, Carl Bildt, received the information late last week that one of the five recipients this year is the American whistle blower Edward Snowden, he refused to allow the prize to be announced in the foreign department’s building – despite a previous agreement,” said the Swedish Public Network who broke the news a day early.

Bildt: “America’s Favorite European ‘Useful Idiot'”

This was not the first time Bildt has distinguished himself as Washington’s lapdog. In fact, this former UN-envoy in the Balkans has been called a “slavish supporter” of U.S. policies no matter what. And during his stint as the UN-envoy in the Balkans during the 1990, he tried to ingratiate himself with all warring parties. As I result, he alienated everyone.

“In the Balkans, Bildt managed to unite all parties – against him.

Croats remember him accusing their former President Franjo Tudjman of war crimes and Serbs recall his subsequent fervent support for Kosovan separatism, a concept he is now viciously opposed to in Ukraine. He was initially sympathetic to the Bosnian Serb position before he managed to ingratiate himself with US officials and suddenly changed tack. So detested was Bildt in Croatia that, in 1995, their government declared him persona non grata. It was also around this time that he became friendly with the Clintons and assumed the role of America’s favorite European ‘useful idiot.’ (from Goodbye to Carl Blidt: Out of Touch and Out of Time, Sept 16, 2014)

So with his refusal to allow the presentation of “Alternative Nobel” prizes at the traditional venue – the Swedish Foreign Ministry – Bildt was simply doing what he does best: brow-nosing Washington.

Swedish Connection: Like Assange, Like SnowdenJulian_Assange_August_2014

Lest we forget, Washington also tapped Sweden to generated trumped up rape charges against another leaker of Washington’s transgressions – Julian Assange – founder of WikiLeaks. Like Snowden, Assange has been forced into exile to avoid Washington’s persecution.

Assange is still holed up iat the Ecuadorian Embassy in London in his case. In 2012, facing extradition to Sweden, he was granted political asylum by Ecuador.




America at war with world


“When you play with fire, you get burned by fire.”

“All who draw the sword will die by the sword.”

On Thursday night in Dallas, Micah Johnson, a black Army veteran, did what the government trained him to do: KILL. He used his military skills to take out enemy combatants as he perceived them – five white DPD officers – before being killed himself by a robot bomb deployed by the Dallas police.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 11.35.30 AM

“Violence begets violence.”

Fifteen years ago, the morning of 9/11, this is what I wrote in part:

“To stop anti-American terrorism, Washington must stop its own state terrorism.  Both brands of terrorism are despicable and inexcusable…. May God have mercy upon the souls of all innocent people who died today as “collateral damage” of the Clinton/Bush arrogant foreign policy.  The Washington-led New World Order has now come home to roost.  For, “all who draw the sword will die by the sword.”  (“Collateral Damage Hits Home” Truth in Media editorial published on 9/11/01)

But these warnings fell on deaf ears of the people who have usurped the U.S. government and are using our military might to wage war against the world (see the 5-part series of AMERICA IS AT WAR WITH THE WORLD – Sep-Nov 2015). In Part 3, I also commented about the domestic war the ruling “elite” are waging against the American people (see WAR ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, Nov 3, 2015).

What happened in Dallas on Thursday night is another chapter of that war. A blowback. A government-trained killed turned on the government and started killing the Dallas police. Who, in turn, used a “weapon of mass destruction” (robot bomb) to kill him, a U.S. Army veteran. It was the first time in the history of U.S. policing that a bomb robot was used to kill an American citizen.

And that should give all of us a pause before we start to judge both sides in the Dallas tragedy. Here’s an excerpt from a story in Motherboard (Using a Bomb Robot to Kill a Suspect Is an Unprecedented Shift in Policing):

Peter W. Singer, an expert in military technology and robot warfare at the New America Foundation, tweeted that this is the first known incident of a domestic police force using a robot to kill a suspect. Singer tweeted that in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, soldiers have strapped claymore mines to the $8,000 MARCbot using duct tape to turn them into jury-rigged killing devices. Singer says all indications are that the Dallas Police Department did something similar in this case—it improvised toturn a surveillance robot into a killing machine.

Improvised device or not, the concerns here mirror a debate that’s been going on for a few years now: Should law enforcement have access to armed drones, or, for that matter, weaponized robots? In 2013 Kentucky Senator Rand Paul staged a 13-hour filibuster that was focused entirely on concerns about the use of armed drones on US soil. Last year, North Dakota became the first state to legalize nonlethal, weaponized drones for its police officers.

“When domestic law enforcement officers can use force from a distance, it may become too easy for them to do so, and the inevitable result will be that these weapons are over-used,” Jay Stanley, a senior policy analyst for the American Civil Liberties Union wrote in a blog post while North Dakota was considering that bill. “When officers are not physically present, their perception of a situation and their judgment about when to apply force is more likely to be flawed, non-targets are more likely to be injured, and excessive amounts of force are more likely to be applied.”

Stanley also noted that drones and other remote weapons would “increase the militarization of the police.”

The ability for police to remotely kill suspects raises due process concerns. If a shooter is holed up and alone, can they be qualified as an imminent threat to life? Are there clear protocols about when a robot can be used to engage a suspect versus when a human needs to engage him or her? When can the use of lethal force be administered remotely?”

Good questions. The kind of questions our government officials should have been asking. Instead, our pathetic president and the pretender to the throne (Hillary) are again harping for gun control. Never mind that statistics prove that there is absolutely no relationship between gun ownership and the number of murders in the U.S. (see the chart).


Their goal is evidently to disarm the nation so they could shoot us like ducks at will.  Or blow us up with a “weapon of mass destruction” as the Dallas police did on Thursday night.


Micah Johnson, a black Army veteran, who was apparently wounded in a shootout with police, wrote the letters “RB” and other markings in his own blood. The investigators are trying to decipher their meaning by looking through evidence from Johnson’s suburban Dallas home. This undated photo posted on Facebook on April 30, 2016, shows Micah Johnson, who was a suspect in the sniper slayings of five law enforcement officers in Dallas Thursday night, July 7, 2016, during a protest over two recent fatal police shootings of black men. An Army veteran, Johnson tried to take refuge in a parking garage and exchanged gunfire with police, who later killed him with a robot-delivered bomb, Dallas Police Chief David Brown said. (Facebook via AP)

Whatever they find, or think they have found, will be of little consequence. The credibility of the U.S. police is at an all-time low. The only way to start to regain it is to renounce violence, and abandon the use of the “weapons of mass destruction,” like that robot bomb.

And a global scale, the only to win the “war on terror” is for the U.S. government to stop acting as the world’s biggest terrorist, and bring our troops back home. Which is the same message I broadcast to the world the morning of 9/11.

Fifteen years later, we have ample additional evidence of the futility of violence. As I said to Elizabeth on Thursday night, paraphrasing Mahatma Gandhi, “if we keep up the eye-for-an-eye policy, the whole world will go blind.”


Meanwhile, if you ignore the partisan rhetoric and let the facts speak for themselves, the first two charts tell the real story about what’s going on in our country.

Considering the widespread militarization of the police, no wonder the police killings are going through the roof as the police fatalities are declining.

That’s something this writer earned about in Dec 2014 – see OBAMA REFUSES TO REVERSE MILITARIZATION OF POLICE IN AMERICA, DEC 2, 2014 –

What happened in Dallas on Thursday night was an escalation of an already alarming trend – a pushback against the police killings across the country.

As I said to Elizabeth on Thursday night, paraphrasing Mahatma Gandhi, “if we keep up the eye-for-an-eye policy, the whole world will go blind.”

Meanwhile, police killings soar in recent years, as officer fatalities decline

Police militarization 2


 * * *

Also see, Plutocrats of the New World Order (Mar 1997); Bilking Main Street to finance Wall St.’s greed (May 1997), DANCING ‘ROUND THE GOLDEN CALF (Dumbing Down of America, Aug 1997), WIPING OUT THE MIDDLE CLASS(May 1998), Toward a Nation of Morons  (Washington Times, Jan 2006, click here for the TiM version), Dumbing Down of America (Mar 2013), etc.

 * * *

UPDATE JULY 18, 2016


Or Did He? Some Facts in Official Stories Don’t Add Up

“On Sunday morning in Baton Rouge, Gavin Long, a black U.S. Marine veteran, did what the government trained him to do: KILL. He used his military skills to take out enemy combatants as he perceived them – five white police officers – before being killed himself by Baton Rouge police – on his 29th birthday.”

The preceding was the lead to the Truth in Media editorial “DALLAS BLOWBACK: GOVERNMENT-TRAINED KILLER TURNS ON POLICE” ( I only changed the names, places and the dates. What happened in Baton Rouge on Sunday morning was a virtual replay of an assault on Dallas police on Thursday a week earlier. Blowback II.

That’s at least what one would have to conclude reading our government and lamestream media dispatches. They are all painting the alleged killer, Gavin Long, as an anti-police vigilante. And it all sounds quite plausible. The man had virtually incriminated himself by posting incendiaries messages and videos on the internet.


Except for one thing: The shooting had already started BEFORE the police arrived, according to eyewitnesses quoted by London’s Daily Mirror.

“This was not a come at police shooting,” the witness said. “There were men out here shooting at each other before police ever got here.” (see Daily Mirror UK –

Check out also this quote from a New Orleans newspaper:

“A gun battle between citizens in Baton Rouge was underway Sunday morning (July 17) before police officers arrived on the scene near Airline and Old Hammond highways, a witness told WAFB-TV. Brady Vancel, who was working in the area, told the television station that he heard multiple gunshots before police arrived on the scene.

After hearing the shots, Vancel said he saw one citizen lying on the ground and a second one carrying an assault rifle before he sought refuge in a home nearby. He then hear more gunshot, apparently after police arrived on the scene.” (seeThe Times-Picayune –

So the police were RESPONDING to a “shots fired” call. They were not necessarily the target, as in Dallas.

No mention of that important fact in any of the major media reports. Why not? Because the government-media spin doctors have decided to act as a judge and a jury and condemn the only dead alleged assailant as a culprit?

The truth is sometimes murky. Especially when deliberately obfuscated by those in government who are driving the case for gun control. So keep your eyes and ears and minds open. And don’t believe everything you see in print until your heart tells you so.


But seeing is believing, some say. And what you see in the picture below is yet another proof of tremendous militarization of police in this country.

Look at the heavily armed police carrying assault rifles and shotguns. Like the mafia. Only in uniform. Except this is not a movie. This is a scene from a Baton Rouge street on Sunday July 17, 2016.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 8.34.03 AM

 * * *

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Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves (Abraham Lincoln, Feb 1, 1865)

Our “lamestream” media greeted the new Freedom Day with deafening silence. Here are the top headline news today… RussiaBlack FridayPope FrancisPlanned ParenthoodTyson FuryDavid CameronDonald TrumpPhiladelphia 76ersJordan SpiethBoko Hara

NSA? Nada. Freedom Act/ Nada. Edward Snowden? Nada.

Even other nations have cheered Snowden on. Because…

Mankind has always been thirsting for freedom but rarely got drunk on it.

Here’s, for example, a poster from one of the pro-Snowden rallies in Germany.


Can some of my German-speaking friends help me finish the sentence?

Unterstützung? (Support) Dankbarheit? (Gratitude) Liebe? (Love)….

shutterstock-160092761And yet, whether you are aware of it or not, this is indeed the first day of newly won freedom in this country us-ostrich-head-in-sand– freedom from the NSA electronic surveillance.

It’s a small victory, but still a victory for Edward Snowden and 320 million Americans, whether our heads are buried in sand or gazing at stars.

What’s this about?

Well, this morning, the Justice Department issued a terse statement:

Final temporary reauthorization of the Section 215 bulk telephony metadata data program in the US expires.

And with that, it was all over. No more NSA spying on Americans. Isn’t that something worth cheering and celebrating?

What that means is that from this day forward – Saturday, Nov 28, 2015 – we can all breathe a collective sight of relief. Because the National Security Agency will no longer be able to directly hold information about the phone calls of millions of US citizens.

At least not legally. Which is something. From now on, they will have to use solely their stooges in other countries to do it. Still… it’s progress.

The USA Freedom Act, passed in late May, allowed the NSA a 180-day transition period to sort out arrangements. That period expired today.

It is modest change but it is at least a change, raising public awareness of the scale of government surveillance and opening the way for privacy campaigners to chip away in hopes of further reforms. And it is a victory for Edward Snowden who sacrificed his freedom so we could regain ours.

IMG_4894 IMG_4892

Thank you, Mr Snowden! These flags flying today at front and back of the Rainbow Shower are for you…

For more, see…

The NSA’s bulk metadata collection authority just expired. What now?


It is utterly poignant that the original Freedom Day in America was declared by President Abraham Lincoln 150 years ago.

national-fredomdayFebruary 1, 1865 – when Abraham Lincoln, who was the nation’s president at the time, signed a joint resolution that proposed the 13th amendment to the United States Constitution. The amendment was made to outlaw slavery and was ratified on December 18, 1865.

Since that time, through coercion, corruption and voter apathy, we had squandered this precious gift our forefathers had given us. And now, thanks to one man, Edward Snowden, who sacrificed his freedom so we could regain ours, there is a new dawn rising over America. Let us not permit it to fade away…

Edward Snowden

 * * *

Also see, Plutocrats of the New World Order (Mar 1997); Bilking Main Street to finance Wall St.’s greed (May 1997), DANCING ‘ROUND THE GOLDEN CALF (Dumbing Down of America, Aug 1997), WIPING OUT THE MIDDLE CLASS(May 1998), Toward a Nation of Morons  (Washington Times, Jan 2006, click here for the TiM version), Dumbing Down of America (Mar 2013), etc.

 * * *

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Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 9.17.23 AMFacebook has quickly come up with a French flag screen over your photo that I see some of you are falling for. Just like Facebook did back in June with a rainbow flag when the Supreme Court legalized gay and lesbian marriages.

lebguide2The day before the Paris Nov 13 attacks, there were also several deadly terrorist bombings in Beirut, the city that used to be called “Paris of the Middle East” before being ravaged by sectarian wars.

Ask yourself: Are the Lebanese lives less precious than the French?

If not, then why not drape the Lebanese flag around your face as some did with the French tricolor?

Why not mourn ALL victims of terrorism, including those killed by state terrorists?

Mourning All Terrorist Victims

* * *

12246679_976707642368115_2996336523736023837_nBy the way, this writer was among the first to share on FB a hand-drawn peace sign with the Eiffel Tower in the middle as a sign of solidarity with the French people. I have a number of dear friends in Paris. And my heart goes out to all of them.


It shows both what makes Paris Paris and what’s missing in it.”

By the way, have you noticed the cross in the above sketch? It is supporting the Eiffel Tower. Here it is, with red emphasis…

Is that perhaps the artist’s subliminal message?

UPDATE NOV 23, 2015


Belgian Capital Paralyzed by Terror Scare for Third Day in a Row

Europe is now getting a taste of what a New World Order State of Fear looks like. For a third day in a row, empty streets and an eerie silence in this normally bustling capital of the European Union, serve as an reminder to the world of the long bygone era when the Nazi’s occupied the Belgian capital.

Except that, wait a minute, Brussels looked positively vibrant under the German occupation compared to the sights in its streets now, in November 2015. Check it out for yourself…


Brussels under Nazi occupation (1940) – [VIDEO]

Brussels 1940-2

Brussels 1940-1Brussels under German occupation during World War II. Women and men ride bicycles in the streets of Brussels, Belgium. A crowded market street. A woman in an elaborate hat walks past people in the street. Trams move along the city roads. Civilians and military personnel at a street cafe. A view of the ‘Maison du Roi’ or King’s House and the Guildhalls at the Grand Place, the central square of Brussels. The Great Market at the square. Soldiers look at birds in cages. Vendors selling various foods and vegetables. A woman vendor slicing cheese. German Luftwaffe airmen taste the cheese as civilians look on. Location: Brussels Belgium.. Date: 1940.


Brussels 2015-4As universities, shopping malls, museums, food markets, the subway system and even a nursery school shut their doors, the city remained jittery after a number of false alarms involving hotels and even City Hall, which was closed on Monday.

“We feel as if we’re taken hostage by the security situation because we’ve had to change our habits, because everything’s closed,” said Deborah Mix, who manages a Bruyerre chocolate shop. “I can’t go do my shopping. I need to be careful when I leave the house. At the same time I feel like the security measures are adding to this climate of fear.”

Charlie Attar, who runs a shop specializing in winter clothes, was not so much a terror attack as a lockdown that extended into the Christmas shopping season.

“It’s going to be a catacomb. I need to pay rent. It’s going to get a lot more difficult.” He added: “We’re going to have to start getting used to the idea of living with the army.”

Read more…

New York Times – Brussels Is Paralyzed by Terror Dragnet for Third Day

George Orwell Would Be Pleased…

His “1984” novel written in 1948 is becoming a reality in 2015.

Because, who do you suppose is responsible for all these alleged terrorists converging on Europe?BN-KM956_0928_7_G_20150928040245

The very same governments who ushered the wolf in a sheep’s clothing into Europe under the guise of “MULTICULTURALISM & IMMIGRATION.”

Now that their “liberalism” has resulted in a deadly blowback, the very same government are now turning the Old Continent’s capital cities into military camps.

They have learned well from Washington. (See my 1999 piece “WASHINGTON CRISIS FACTORY” –…/new-dawn-Washington…

* * *

Global Terrorism

And I also posted a piece on evil of global terrorism, with its origins at the end of World War II, when Jewish terrorists were committing similar crimes in Palestine and elsewhere in the hope of achieving statehood. Here was my conclusion:

“Bottom line? Terrorism breeds terrorism. There are no winners. Everybody is a loser.

Conversely, love breeds love. And everybody can be a winner. So how about we try a little bit of that for a change?”

Here’s that Nov 13 post…

* * *




harry-s-truman-colorOn this day in 1945, President Harry Truman announced the establishment of a panel of inquiry to look into the settlement of Jews in Palestine.

Truman was again inundated with requests for help from the Jewish community. The issue of the establishment of a Jewish state was debated and delayed for another two years.

ALTZAR: Little did Truman know that he was sowing the seeds of a major global conflagration point and an intractable war that is now in its seventh decade.

Meanwhile, back in 1945-1946, it was the Jewish terrorists in Palestine, then a British-governed territory, who grabbed the world headlines with their murders of British, American and Arab citizens.

And what was the outcome? More terrorism. Such as yesterday’s massacres in Lebanon and today’s in Paris.

Bottom line? Terrorism breeds terrorism. There are no winners. Everybody is a loser.

Conversely, love breeds love. And everybody can be a winner. So how about we try a little bit of that for a change?

* * *


Prepared for Dr. Ralph J. Bunche, UN Mediator for Palestine

Foreword: In view of the tragic assassination of Count Folke Bernadotte by identified Jewish terrorists on September 17 of this year, the following report has been prepared for the use of Dr. Bunche, Count Bernadotte’s immediate replacement.The report is a compilation of all identified terrorist attacks on British, American and Arab individuals and entities from the assassination of the British Resident Minister in the Middle East on November 6, 1944 by members of the terrorist Jewish Stern gang to the assassination of Count Bernadotte on September 17, 1948 by members of this same gang of fanatics.

This information is compiled from reports of the US Department of State, the British Foreign Office and various American and British press services.

New York, October 1, 1948

AT THIS TIME DAY IN 1946… [an excerpt from this report]

August 12, 1946, London. The British Government announced that it will allow no more unscheduled immigration into Palestine and that those seeking entry into that country will be sent to Cyprus and other areas under detention. Declaring that such immigration threatens a civil war with the Arab population, it charges a “minority of Zionist extremists” with attempting to force an unacceptable solution of the Palestine problem.

November 7, 1946, Palestine. Railroad traffic was suspended for 24 hours throughout Palestine following a fourth Irgun attack on railway facilities in two days.

November 9 through November 13, 1946, Palestine. Nineteen persons, eleven British soldiers and policemen and eight Arab constables, were killed in Palestine during this period as Jewish terrorists, using land mines and suitcase bombs, increased their attacks on railroad stations, trains and even streetcars.

November 14, 1946, London. The Board of Deputies of British Jews condemned Jewish terrorist groups who threatened to export their terrorism to England.

And so on…

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Nov 11, 2015

I don’t know why, but among the many Veterans Day posts which glorified the role of our military, one from a friend in Texas especially caught my attention.

FRIEND: Happy Veterans Day. To all that have fought for our country, and have died for our freedom. I thank you and my family thanks you. God bless you all😇🙏

To which I replied…

Bob Altzar Djurdjevic: What freedom, [NAME WITHHELD]? Wonder what Edward Snowden, for example, would have to say about that? He is the man he put his life on the line for a real freedom in this country: FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Yet, here he is – forced to live in exile in Moscow!

The sad truth is that our veterans were DUPED into believing they were fighting for freedom, while in fact defending the interest of private multinational corporations which have usurped the government of this country.

Bob Altzar Djurdjevic: Today, we should honor a new breed of veterans – PEACEFUL WARRIORS – fighters against government oppression and for FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

What do you think?

Italian artist Davide Dormino takes part in his installation
Italian artist Davide Dormino takes part in his installation “Anything to Say?”, a bronze sculpture representing whistleblowers Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning on the Place des Nations in front of the United Nations European headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland September 14, 2015. According to a press release the work, which weighs more than a ton, is a testimony in favour of freedom of expression and information, without any political controversy. REUTERS/Pierre Albouy

New Sculpture Geneva  Italian artist Dormino stands on an empty chair in his installation

* * *

* * *


One of my friends from Tennessee sent me this Veterans Day story last night in response to the above comment about honoring PEACEFUL WARRIORS (see below):


This Veterans Day, I just wanted to thank the troops for their service.

Thanks for blindly following the orders handed down by psychopaths.

Thanks for believing their next round of fabrications to justify invasion of another country no matter how many times history has shown our previous wars to be based entirely upon lies.

Thanks for allowing America to become one giant military installation where an intolerable government chain-of-command now controls every aspect of our lives.

Thanks for allowing for gun-free zones just like you have on your military bases and the carnage that follows this practice.

Thanks for flying your jets over our heads and poisoning us with their chemtrails.

Thanks for weaponizing the weather, just like you do everything else.

Thanks for incarcerating and torturing whistle-blowers that have exposed your horrific war crimes against humanity.

Thanks for allowing mandated vaccinations just like you receive in order to make us all sick and diseased.

Thanks for killing people in other countries that were never a threat to us on behalf of corporations.

Thanks for putting Israel’s foreign policy above that of your own country.

A special thanks goes out to drone operators. These brave soldiers who have no fear of retribution can continue to hone their skills primarily upon the innocent of other countries so there will be less collateral damage when it comes time to drop bombs on their own people.

Thanks for coming back and becoming police officers. This year, you are currently responsible for killing many more of your fellow Americans than American soldiers killed in the Middle East.

Thanks for bringing back the battlefield ordnance from Afghanistan and Iraq in order to use it on us.

Thanks for creating an environment where good people now fear cops more than criminals.

Thanks for being the odds-on favorite to kill me and my loved ones in our sleep or marching us to the FEMA camps.

Thanks for protecting those who create true weapons of mass destruction as well as guarding those who have the launch codes.

In other words, thanks for the memories.

 * * *

America at war with world

UPDATE OCT 16, 2015

Classified documents on US assassination program released to the Intercept welcomed by men who exposed NSA surveillance and Pentagon Papers

American whistleblowers hailed the release on Thursday of a collection of classified documents about US drone warfare as a blow on behalf of transparency and human rights, the Guardian reported this morning.

larger-14-EdwardSnowden-2Edward Snowden, the former government contractor who in 2013 leaked classified documents about surveillance programs to journalist Glenn Greenwald – then at the Guardian, now at the Intercept – hailed the new leak on Twitter.

“In an astonishing act of civil courage, one American just shattered an unspeakable lie,” Snowden wrote. “When we look back on today, we will find the most important CRYgWE7UkAAmh8Cnational security story of the year. Today, @DanielEllsberg is smiling.”

Ellsberg, who in 1971 leaked the Pentagon Papers secret history of the Vietnam war, confirmed in an interview with the Guardian that he was smiling.

“He’s right about that,” Ellsberg said.

Ellsberg said the source behind the Intercept reports was part of a chain of recent whistleblowers going back to Chelsea Manning, the US army soldier who passed classified documents to WikiLeaks and was convicted of violating the Espionage Act.

“It’s wonderful,” Ellsberg said. “I waited 40 years to see somebody, for Chelsea Manning, to put out a comprehensive, sufficiently voluminous number of long-held secrets, enough to make the case clear.

Read more…

Snowden and Ellsberg hail leak of drone documents from new whistleblower



America at war with world

In this Part III of the “America is at war with the world”-series, we (re)examine another war the so-called leaders of our country have been waging for several decades on the domestic front. It is the war on the American people.

In this war, the New World Order “elite” are not using the drones or bombs or armies. At least not yet. Instead, they have opted for the most powerful weapon of mass destruction the world has ever known. It is a weapon the Catholic church, for example, had also used it for centuries to subjugate millions of its adherents and to keep them from jumping the coop.

What is this WMD? Spreading IGNORANCE.ostrich-head-in-the-ground

In Aug 1997, this writer published a column which the Washington Times (re)titled DANCING ‘ROUND THE GOLDEN CALF. My original headline was “Dumbing Down of America.” Here’s the opening paragraphs:

“America is rapidly becoming a nation of mutts. Our country’s traditional character is being systematically destroyed by nihilistic “liberals,” the New World Order’s centurions whose only God is the Almighty Dollar.

The same kinds of people invented the “dictatorship of the proletariat,” and applied it to the unsuspecting Russians. Now, they are trying to ram a ‘dictatorship of the minorities’ down the naive Americans’ throats.”

“It doesn’t take very long to dumb down a nation,” agreed a former publishing CEO, a long-time advocate of better quality education in America. “After only two or three generations, you can easily produce a nation of morons.”

Fast-forward to September 2001, only nine days after 9/11. Writing from Belgrade, Montana, a stopover on my driving trip through 10 western states (no airplanes were flying back then, remember?), this is what I said:

BELGRADE, Montana, Sep. 20, 2001 – “I am getting really worried about all this same-mindedness that I am seeing in this country.  I am afraid we are being led into totalitarianism, but of a different and more dangerous kind than that practiced by the fascists and the Communists. Because it is subtler, and thus more perfidious. For more, click on… “Clash of Greens” (Truth in Media).

That’s when I was also reminded of an article a published a year earlier which compared, what I called the “Ostrich Revolution” in Serbia (former Yugoslavia) with the 2000 election that was taking place in our country. The ostrich cartoon image was a part of that story:

“So the so-called Yugoslav “revolution” turned out to be an election ostrichbought and paid for by the same countries that bombed Serbia last year.  Yet my, now definitely FORMER friend, Vojislav Kostunica, kept denying that he and his DOS cronies took any money from anyone.  Which makes him a… (TiM readers should feel free to fill in the blanks).

The Serb “demo farce” was then followed by a “Wag the Dog”-type pre-arranged “palace coup,” in which more than half a million Belgrade citizens were duped into acting as unpaid Hollywood-style extras. 

Some “revolution!”  Prague’s 1989 uprising has been dubbed a “velvet revolution.” Belgrade’s 2000 post-election protest should be named an “ostrich revolution.”  

Which means that when Hollywood gets around to making the Yugoslavia sequel to the “Wag the Dog” movie, its title will be already set. “Ostriches,” of course.”

Fast-forward to June 2002. By this stage, the so-called “elite” had actually used weapons of mass destruction in their war against the American people. The 9/11 was their kickoff of the “perpetual war for perpetual commerce” assault on mankind worldwide.  Here’s are concluding paragraphs of my “Dirty Tricks with Dirty Bombs” story:

“Wake up, America!  Do you want history to remember us as the Land of Ostriches or the Land of the Free?ostrich-man-head-in-sand

There is still time to stop the Bush “911 brown shirts” from taking our country from us.  “Just say no!” to assaults on the Constitution by those who have sworn to protect it. And kick the NWO kow-towing congressional rascals out of office, come November.

The “dirty bomb”-story may well have been timed to divert the public’s attention from the increasing vigilance with which the public and some Washington officials are demanding answers to the Mother of All Questions:

“What did the Bush administration know, and when did it know it?”

The answer to that question may be the first step in ridding this country of the “911 brown shirts.”

The article opened with the following verses above the ostrich cartoon:

“United we stand!” us-ostrich-head-in-sand

Our heads in sand,

Our tails held high,

Our brains dumbed dry,

Our pockets picked clean,

In the Wall Street canteen.”

12187791_10156240437130083_3685345749319519320_nThat was over 13 years ago. Two things happened yesterday that reminded me of it. First, a friend posted this photo on Facebook (left).

“American voters?” I asked tongue-in-cheek in my comment.

Which lead me to create this composite header image…

American voters weltanschauung header


The second thing was the excruciating bore of the 2016 presidential election campaign. The carefully orchestrated events are being shoved down our collective throats by the “lamestream” media. I have been doing my best to ignore that charade. Which has been hard to do. Because daily headlines are filled with “Trump said this… Hillary said that… etc.” comments.

Which reminded me of the “panem et circenses” (bread and games)-period in ancient Rome. A thoroughly corrupt and soon-to-be defunct once great Roman empire offered its citizens blood and gore in the coliseums along with bread and wine. It was the Roman rulers’ way of dumbing down the nation and stupefying the masses. And thus distracting them from the perfidy and deception by their own government.

That’s what’s also happening in America today. Along with “perpetual war for perpetual commerce” (blood and gore), we are being served up presidential campaigns like some sort of perpetual sporting events.

The sheer expense of running a campaign under such circumstances raises the bar above the means of an average American no matter how smart or brave he or she may be. Which is the point of it. So that in the end, only the anointed candidates of the two parties, who work for the best interests of the same bankers and corporate chieftains, get to move into the White House.

“Demo farce” – that’s what I called in after the 1996 presidential election (see “DEMO FARCE” AND THE AMERICAN CENTURY, Nov 1996). Here’s an excerpt from that Washington Times column:

“The Presidential Election ’96 had all the excitement of a one-horse race, a big yawn!

Fielding two horses from the same stable evidently suited the U.S. Establishment just fine. Election ’96 was a “demo farce!” The U.S. democracy is turning into a New World Order plutocracy.”

It did not used to be that way. When Kennedy ran against Nixon in 1960, for example, he announced his candidacy in January of that year. So it was a 10-month campaign.

Nowadays, presidential campaigns are two-year races. U.S. presidential candidates started announcing in December of 2006, for example, for the 2008 election.

The nearly two-year campaign tires some voters.

“It just seems to be getting longer and longer every year. I think it’s exhausting for the American public,” one voter told Contacto magazine in 2008.

And that can lead to low voter turnout, says Brian Darling of the Heritage Foundation. “By the end, by election day, they [voters] just don’t really care who wins the presidency.”

Which is the point of it. The lower turnout, the better for the establishment candidates. Because only the ostriches are likely to vote.

The rest of us are likely to take a hike on election day (see DISGUST & APATHY: BIG WINNERS IN 2014 ELECTION, NOVEMBER 5, 2014).

“Perpetual election for perpetual demo farce” is not the case in other democratic countries. Stephen Harper, for example, became Canada’s prime minister in less than two weeks. In France, elections took three months. And just six days later, Jacques Chirac left the Elysee Palace in the hands of his successor, Nicholas Sarkozy. The Australians elected the Labor Party and their leader Kevin Rudd after what one blogger termed a “marathon six-week campaign.”

And so on and so forth. Only in America do we have “perpetual elections” complementing our “perpetual wars against the world.”

It’s comforting to know that there will be an end to this travesty. The fate of ancient Rome illuminates the way for the students of modern history.

US voters heads in sand

 * * *

Also see, Plutocrats of the New World Order (Mar 1997); Bilking Main Street to finance Wall St.’s greed (May 1997), DANCING ‘ROUND THE GOLDEN CALF (Dumbing Down of America, Aug 1997), WIPING OUT THE MIDDLE CLASS(May 1998), Toward a Nation of Morons  (Washington Times, Jan 2006, click here for the TiM version), Dumbing Down of America (Mar 2013), etc.

 * * *

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