Nov 11, 2015

I don’t know why, but among the many Veterans Day posts which glorified the role of our military, one from a friend in Texas especially caught my attention.

FRIEND: Happy Veterans Day. To all that have fought for our country, and have died for our freedom. I thank you and my family thanks you. God bless you all😇🙏

To which I replied…

Bob  Djurdjevic: What freedom, [NAME WITHHELD]? Wonder what Edward Snowden, for example, would have to say about that? He is the man he put his life on the line for a real freedom in this country: FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Yet, here he is – forced to live in exile in Moscow!

The sad truth is that our veterans were DUPED into believing they were fighting for freedom, while in fact defending the interest of private multinational corporations which have usurped the government of this country.

Bob Djurdjevic: Today, we should honor a new breed of veterans – PEACEFUL WARRIORS – fighters against government oppression and for FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

What do you think?

Italian artist Davide Dormino takes part in his installation
Italian artist Davide Dormino takes part in his installation “Anything to Say?”, a bronze sculpture representing whistleblowers Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning on the Place des Nations in front of the United Nations European headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland September 14, 2015. According to a press release the work, which weighs more than a ton, is a testimony in favour of freedom of expression and information, without any political controversy. REUTERS/Pierre Albouy

New Sculpture Geneva  Italian artist Dormino stands on an empty chair in his installation

* * *

* * *


One of my friends from Tennessee sent me this Veterans Day story last night in response to the above comment about honoring PEACEFUL WARRIORS (see below):



This Veterans Day, I just wanted to thank the troops for their service.

Thanks for blindly following the orders handed down by psychopaths.

Thanks for believing their next round of fabrications to justify invasion of another country no matter how many times history has shown our previous wars to be based entirely upon lies.

Thanks for allowing America to become one giant military installation where an intolerable government chain-of-command now controls every aspect of our lives.

Thanks for allowing for gun-free zones just like you have on your military bases and the carnage that follows this practice.

Thanks for flying your jets over our heads and poisoning us with their chemtrails.

Thanks for weaponizing the weather, just like you do everything else.

Thanks for incarcerating and torturing whistle-blowers that have exposed your horrific war crimes against humanity.

Thanks for allowing mandated vaccinations just like you receive in order to make us all sick and diseased.

Thanks for killing people in other countries that were never a threat to us on behalf of corporations.

Thanks for putting Israel’s foreign policy above that of your own country.

A special thanks goes out to drone operators. These brave soldiers who have no fear of retribution can continue to hone their skills primarily upon the innocent of other countries so there will be less collateral damage when it comes time to drop bombs on their own people.

Thanks for coming back and becoming police officers. This year, you are currently responsible for killing many more of your fellow Americans than American soldiers killed in the Middle East.

Thanks for bringing back the battlefield ordnance from Afghanistan and Iraq in order to use it on us.

Thanks for creating an environment where good people now fear cops more than criminals.

Thanks for being the odds-on favorite to kill me and my loved ones in our sleep or marching us to the FEMA camps.

Thanks for protecting those who create true weapons of mass destruction as well as guarding those who have the launch codes.

In other words, thanks for the memories.

 * * *

America at war with world

UPDATE OCT 16, 2015

Classified documents on US assassination program released to the Intercept welcomed by men who exposed NSA surveillance and Pentagon Papers

American whistleblowers hailed the release on Thursday of a collection of classified documents about US drone warfare as a blow on behalf of transparency and human rights, the Guardian reported this morning.

larger-14-EdwardSnowden-2Edward Snowden, the former government contractor who in 2013 leaked classified documents about surveillance programs to journalist Glenn Greenwald – then at the Guardian, now at the Intercept – hailed the new leak on Twitter.

“In an astonishing act of civil courage, one American just shattered an unspeakable lie,” Snowden wrote. “When we look back on today, we will find the most important CRYgWE7UkAAmh8Cnational security story of the year. Today, @DanielEllsberg is smiling.”

Ellsberg, who in 1971 leaked the Pentagon Papers secret history of the Vietnam war, confirmed in an interview with the Guardian that he was smiling.

“He’s right about that,” Ellsberg said.

Ellsberg said the source behind the Intercept reports was part of a chain of recent whistleblowers going back to Chelsea Manning, the US army soldier who passed classified documents to WikiLeaks and was convicted of violating the Espionage Act.

“It’s wonderful,” Ellsberg said. “I waited 40 years to see somebody, for Chelsea Manning, to put out a comprehensive, sufficiently voluminous number of long-held secrets, enough to make the case clear.

Read more…

Snowden and Ellsberg hail leak of drone documents from new whistleblower http://gu.com/p/4dbnn/stw


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