The fight is on – not between the U.S. and Russia, but between our two houses – the House of Representatives and the White House

Also see, HOW TO DRAIN THE DC SWAMP – July 28 update at the end

Can you imagine what would happen in this country (and the world) if countries like, say, China or India, announced sanctions against the most successful U.S. industries. Such as information technology (computers), for example, or telecommunications, or military technology, or aerospace, or…?

And these sanctions would not be limited only to the Chinese or Indian companies. These sanctions would apply to all their trading partners around the world. Like the EU, or Japan, or Brazil, or Canada.

I’ll tell you what would happen: There would war. The lamestream media would go berserk. Wall Street would demand immediate retributions, and Washington would meekly and obligingly put our armed forces and military might at the Wall Street disposal as they have in all the wars in the last quarter century.


Now imagine the shoe were on the other foot. The latest package of sanctions, passed by the US House of Representatives on Tuesday, targets Russia’s major defense, mining, shipping and railway industries. In other words the country’s lifelines, the pride and joy of Russia’s creativity and industry, and its most advanced technologies, some more so than those in the U.S. (like aerospace, or various other military technologies).

As if that were not bad enough, the new sanctions also include penalties on European companies engaged in joint EU-Russia energy projects, with the Gazprom-run Nord Stream 2 flagship pipeline being the most probable targets.

Now, take a deep breath and put yourself in Vladimir Putin’s shoes. What would you do? This is an unprecedented attack, a virtual declaration of war, in which one GOVERNMENT uses all of its political might to help the business of its PRIVATE MULTINATIONAL companies. And in the process breaks many of the longstanding international laws and practices.

Now, here’s what Putin’s initial reaction has been…

PUTIN’S REACTION: New sanctions “extremely cynical.”

“It’s an obvious attempt [by the US] to use its geopolitical advantages in the competitive struggle with the goal of ensuring its economic interests at the expense of its other allies,” he added.

“As for the extraterritorial nature of the US legislation, I have been talking about this for a long time, starting from 2007… This practice is unacceptable, it destroys international relations and international law,” he said.

Russia’s president warned that Moscow is already running out of patience with Washington’s “impudence.”

“As you know, our behavior is very restrained, patient, but at some point we will have to come up with a response. It is impossible to endlessly endure impudence towards our country,” Putin said.

He said that Moscow “hasn’t yet seen the final version (of the US sanctions legislation), that’s why we don’t have a final opinion on the issue.”

“But we see that for a long period of time [there have been] constant attempts to provoke us,” the Russian leader added.

For more, see…


Editorial Comment


Everything is happening right on cue. The day after the first and historic meeting between the American and Russian presidents at the G20 summit in Hamburg, (see groups/ permalink/1162310413915570/)

“Trump and Putin had “positive chemistry” during their first meeting, Tillerson said, adding that there was “so much to talk about” that neither leader “wanted to stop.” The two “connected very quickly,” said (Rex) Tillerson (US Secretary of State).

That’s great. Now let’s sit back and watch how the lamestream media and other warmongers among the New World Order crowd try to derail this rapprochement between the U.S. and Russia at presidential levels.

Now it remains to be seen who is in charge here – Trump or the NWO foreign policy masters.”

So the fight is on. Not between the U.S. and Russia, but between our two houses – the House of Representatives and the White House.

The former have sold their souls and votes to the U.S. death merchants and other bankers and industrials. It remains to be seen if our President is really for peace and prosperity, as he has said, or will cave in to the dogs of war.


Meanwhile, as these Truth in Media cartoons show, originally published in 1994 and 1995 respectively, there has been an unquestionable consistency of US hatred and warmongering against Serbia and Russia during the last quarter century.

Is it a “coincidence” that both are predominantly Orthodox Christian countries? There is no such thing, of course, as a coincidence when it comes to the New World Order actions.

Any time the US, or its other New World Order minions, extended an olive branch with one hand to Russia or Serbia, they held deadly weapons behind their backs.

Like aligning themselves with all kinds of unsavory factions, characters and groups, including drug dealers and Islamic terrorists (in Kosovo and Chechnya, for example), whom they used as proxies in the fight against the Orthodox Christians.


This is not new news. Here’s an excerpt from my Nov 1996 Washington Times column, “The Demo Farce and the American Century”, Columns/DEMO%20FARCE.html, also carried in Russian by Moscow’s ZAVTRA (“Tomorrow”) in Dec 1996:

“The Marxism/Communism ideology was a western invention which the West planted into Russia, and then used it as a cover for launching an all-out campaign against the Eastern Orthodox Christians,’ said Vladimir Bondarenko, a Russian writer and deputy editor of a Moscow opposition paper, ‘ZAVTRA’ (‘Tomorrow’), who spoke on Nov 3, 1996 at a meeting in Phoenix.

If Bondarenko is right, and if the Western industrials’ anti-Eastern Christian Orthodoxy policy has been one of the constants of the 20th century, then hundreds of millions of good people, the law-abiding, God-fearing Americans and other western Christians have been duped. They’ve been fooled (by one communist gang, such as NWO’s Brzezinski et. al.) into fighting ‘communism’ – a ‘bogus bogey,’ over the backs of their Eastern Orthodox Christian brothers and sisters. And on behalf of our real enemies – the Godless industrial globalists (a rival gang).”


Let us also not forget that, just like these new sanctions, the downing of the MH17 in July 2014 was supposed to shock and awe Washington’s European allied into submission. Just like now, they were starting to flaunt the US sanctions and continue the “business as usual” trading with Russia.

The mass murder of some 300 innocent civilians, mostly Dutch, aboard the MH17 did indeed shock the Europeans into falling in line behind the U.S.

“With friends like Washington,” the Europeans must have reasoned, “who needs enemies.” And caved in.

Three months earlier (in Apr 2014), this writer penned an editorial which pointed out that the US Russia policy is and has been entirely ANTI-EUROPEAN (see EUROPE: ALL PAIN, NO GAIN, Apr 26, 2014 –

A month earlier, Putin also lashed out at the US treachery (see NATO: TO RUSSIA WITH LOVE, Truth in Media, March 2014 – Little did he know back then what kinds of crimes with mass murderers are capable of.

What will Europe do now if these new sanctions are implemented? Will they cave in again? Or will it take an “MH18” disaster to bring them to heel?

Maybe not this time.

“I consider the Russia sanctions imposed by the US absolutely Kern Austrian Chancellorunacceptable,” Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern wrote on Facebook on Wednesday. “Confusing political interests with economic interests at the expense of European jobs is a no-go.”

“Energy supply of Europe is a matter for Europe!” Kern added (for more, see…

“These types of sanctions in position is economic suicide for America,” said Mx Kaiser, RT editor. :They are pushing Germany into the arms of Russia. Germany is the center piece of NATO, and NATO will disintegrate… ”

So if this were to come to pass, maybe some good come out of all this hatred and warmongering.

“This is stupid,” Kaiser continued.”It’s is the policy of morons. Why? Because the deep state in America wants to keep feathering their nests by warring all over the world, killing innocent civilians. Donald Trump hopefully will stand up to this.” (for more, see…

We will let Kaiser have the last word. After all, he is a Kaiser. 🙂




On this day in 1974, the House Judiciary Committee recommends that America’s 37th president, Richard M. Nixon, be impeached and removed from office. The impeachment proceedings resulted from a series of political scandals involving the Nixon administration that came to be collectively known as Watergate.

On August 8, Nixon announced his resignation, becoming the first president in U.S. history to voluntarily leave office.



That was 43 years ago when we had a “bad” president. Now the situation is reversed. We have a “bad” Congress (both the House and the Senate). These traitors have sold out the interests of the American people to their death merchant, bankers and industrial backers, including some foreign sponsors.

That’s treason. And yet we have no constitutional tools to deal with that kind of abuse of office. Our Founding Fathers, honorable men that they were, could conceive of such travesty.

As the Roman poet Juvenal wandered rhetorically in the first century AD, Quis custodiet ipsos custodes (“who will guard the guards?”).

So how do we impeach the impeachers?

Donald Trump talked a lot about “draining the swamp” during the campaign. Here’s his chance.


Washington Swap

Flashback to Trump-Putin’s first summit on July 8, 2017 at the G20 meeting in Hamburg

July 9, 2017


But will Nikki Haley do it?

The “historic” first Trump-Putin meeting on July 7, on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, hijacked Angela Merkel’s carefully planned agenda for this summit of world leaders. Not only did the media focus only on that event, even Melania Trump could not pry her husband away from Putin.

The meeting was scheduled to last 30-40 minutes. It went on for 2:16 hours. Poor Japanese prime minister Abe, who had a meeting scheduled with Putin right after Trump’s, had to cool his heels like a valet until the two world leaders were finished bonding with each other.

Afterward, Putin apologized to Abe on behalf of both himself and Putin.

“I had a tremendous meeting yesterday with President Putin,” Trump said today (July 8) while speaking with UK Prime Minister Theresa May.

It must have been. Because even Melania could not pry her husband away from Putin.

First Lady Melania Trump was sent into the meeting at one point to see her husband and try to “get him out,” Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson said.

“Clearly, she failed,” the top US diplomat joked, adding that the meeting went on for another hour after that.

Putin’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, who has been Putin’s spokesperson since 2000,, disagreed. He said that a “certain affection” had developed between the Russian leader and Trump’s wife, Melania, who sat next to the Russian president at the official G20 dinner, revealing that the two discussed several issues on the summit agenda, including gender equality and women’s economic participation.

Trump and Putin had “positive chemistry” during their first meeting, Tillerson said, adding that there was “so much to talk about” that neither leader “wanted to stop.” The two “connected very quickly,” said Tillerson.

That’s great. Now let’s sit back and watch how the lamestream media and other warmongers among the New World Order crowd try to derail this rapprochement between the U.S. and Russia at presidential levels. Including those whom Trump had appointed to their jobs, such as the UN ambassador Nikki Haley.

‘We cannot trust Russia & we won’t ever trust Russia’ – she has already squawked today in a CNN interview.

Right on cue. Now it remains to be seen who is in charge here – Trump or the NWO foreign policy masters.

If it is the former, Trump should fire Haley immediately for insubordination. It is the President, not the UN ambassador, who makes foreign policy.

And if Trump does not, then well… we’ll also have an answer as to who is in charge, won’t we?

For more, see…

Putin Trump 7-07-17

UPDATE JULY 10, 2017 –


Biggest threat to New World Order: If Reap Peace Were to Break Out between U.S. and Russia

They are so predictable. The uproar has already started. The New World Order war dogs are already barking their heads off. On orders, of course, of their warmongering masters.

I said yesterday in my piece about the friendly meeting between the Russian and American presidents on July 7 (see EVEN MELANIA COULD NOT BREAK UP THE TRUMP-PUTIN BONDING), that the new detente will come under attack by the mad war dogs of the New World Order. Because the later could not exist without Russia as a bogey and an enemy.

So the news that Putin and Trump hit it off so well must have rung alarm bells across the New World Order boardrooms. And immediately they sent their attack dogs to try to derail the deal.

First yesterday, the UN ambassador Nikki Haley had the nerve to attack her own president who appointed her to that job (see ‘We cannot trust Russia & we won’t ever trust Russia’ – she has already squawked July 9 in a CNN interview.).

Then today, three warmongering Republican senators – Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, John McCain of Arizona and Marco Rubio of Florida – immediately criticized the Trump-Putin idea “to form an impenetrable Cyber Security unit so that election hacking, & many other negative things, will be guarded and safe”, saying Moscow could not be trusted.

Just like Nikki Haley yesterday. Reading of the same warmongering New World Order page? Birds of a feather that flock together? You betcha.

And then also today, “NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg Called On Russia To Remove ‘Thousands Of Troops’ From Ukraine”.

Excuse me? Russian troops in Ukraine, while the US military are steadily building up their presence since 2015. Clearly another distraction and diversion attempt by the NATO and US military war dogs.

Because at the same time as Stoltenberg was mouthing off this nonsensical accusation against Russia, guess what the U.S. military were doing? Conducting massive war games just off Ukrainian coast (see Sea Breeze: US sends missile warships, Navy SEALs to massive war games off Ukraine coast).

As I said, they are so predictable. Because the biggest threat to the New World Order would be if real PEACE were to break out between the U.S. and Russia. So they are calling all their war dogs into action trying to prevent that from happening.

For more, see…


UPDATE JULY 28, 2017


Gill Fisher, an FB reader from South Carolina, wrote this about my editorial on new Russia sanctions:
“The worst mistake America can make right now. In Trump we trust – so Congress ties his hands behind his back. WE did not elect Congress for president.”
Here’s my reply:
True. We did not give Congress presidential powers which include making foreign policy. So this legislation is not only invalid under international law, it is also UNCONSTITUTIONAL.
That’s why Trump needs to take on all the traitors in the House and Senate head on and veto this unprecedented legislation.
Of course, since most of the Congress has been bought by the warmongering Russophobic anti-Trump deep state, they can overturn the veto. Let them.
That’s when Trump should consider dissolving the Congress which violated our Constitution with this legislation, and then call for new congressional elections.
Trump should then take the case to the American people with a proposed new constitutional amendment or a new Constitution (the latter would be my preference).
THAT’S HOW ONE DRAINS THE DC SWAMP. So that all snakes and reptiles are gone forever.
If Trump were to do that, he would be fighting not only for the rights and freedom of the American people. He would be fighting for WORLD PEACE. So he would have the support of the entire planet in this noble endeavor.
(just like I predicted in my editorial NEW WORLD ORDER SNAKE TO BE EXPELLED FROM AMERICA – – written 2 weeks BEFORE the election last year).

UPDATE JULY 29, 2017


Be sure to check out the DJURDJEVIC”S comment at the end re. “DECISION MAKERS IN NEW YORK”

“It was the last drop that made all this happen,” the Russia’s No. 2 diplomat said referring to the “completely weird and unacceptable” bill approved by US lawmakers on Tuesday.

The deputy foreign minister Sergey Ryabkov called on the US to put an end to the retaliation measures and turn over a new leaf in bilateral relations, which are currently in “a miserable state.”

“My hope is that this vicious circle of retaliation will not continue. Measures and counter measures shall stop by now,” Ryabkov said.

“Now we should start anew and my call to the counterparts in Washington and also to Ambassador Tefft is to stop now, we should start building a new house, a new construction or a very different type, otherwise everything will be in tatters.”

Elaborating on Moscow’s decision to downsize of the number of US diplomatic corps in Russia to the same number of Russian diplomats in the US, Ryabkov said Russia has waited seven months before resorting to the measure.

“We waited so long, we thought it was sufficient time for decision makers in New York to change their minds, it didn’t happen,” he said, adding that “now we are equals” in terms of diplomatic staff numbers.

However, if Washington turns a deaf ear to Moscow’s plea, there is “a very rich toolbox” in Russia’s disposal, according to the deputy minister. While Ryabkov refused to disclose any exact retaliation steps as it would be “unprofessional,” he assured that “different options are on the table and consideration is being given to all sorts of things both symmetrical or asymmetrical.”

“Every child in the US knows what the words ‘no trespassing on private property’ means. Meanwhile, we saw the US law enforcers just taking completely unacceptable measure on private property that belongs to a foreign state. We can’t have more evidence of a very wrong direction in which political thinking in the US has taken in recent time.”

Ryabkov was referring to the action taken by the Obama administration in the waning days of their tenure (Dec 29, 2016) in which they unlawfully seized two Russian diplomatic compounds and expelled 35 Russian diplomats.



DJURDJEVIC: And now, what do you think was the most important thing Russia’s No. 2 diplomat said here? To give you a clue, it is in the 6th paragraph.

“We waited so long“… “for decision makers in NEW YORK to change their minds.”

It was probably a slip of the tongue, but Ryabkov did speak the truth. The DECISION MAKERS in this country are in NEW YORK, not Washington. It is in New York where the head(s) of the New York Order serpent reside.

Also see… FDR OPENED WALL STREET-WASHINGTON REVOLVING DOOR IN 1934, KENNEDY WAS THE FIRST TO WALK THROUGH IT – An Explosion of Wall Street-Washington Collusion in the last Quarter Century – July 26, 2015 –

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