The science of fake news gets a boost

On March 9, 2018, the largest-yet study of fake news was published in Science. Accompanying it was a second article in Science, in which scientists called for:

… interdisciplinary research to reduce the spread of fake news and to address the underlying pathologies it has revealed.

The large study is titled The Spread of True and False News OnlineSoroush Vosoughi of MIT was its lead author, working with co-authors Deb Roy and Sinan Aral. All of these researchers work in MIT’s Laboratory for Social Machines; that is, they’re trained to study and ultimately understand what most of us find unfathomable, the spread of information online.

They found that: Falsehood also diffused faster than the truth. The degree of novelty and the emotional reactions of recipients may be responsible for the differences observed.

They explained their study in its abstract:

We investigated the differential diffusion of all of the verified true and false news stories distributed on Twitter from 2006 to 2017. The data comprise ~126,000 stories tweeted by ~3 million people more than 4.5 million times. We classified news as true or false using information from six independent fact-checking organizations that exhibited 95 to 98% agreement on the classifications.

Falsehood diffused significantly farther, faster, deeper, and more broadly than the truth in all categories of information, and the effects were more pronounced for false political news than for false news about terrorism, natural disasters, science, urban legends, or financial information. We found that false news was more novel than true news, which suggests that people were more likely to share novel information. Whereas false stories inspired fear, disgust, and surprise in replies, true stories inspired anticipation, sadness, joy, and trust. Contrary to conventional wisdom, robots accelerated the spread of true and false news at the same rate, implying that false news spreads more than the truth because humans, not robots, are more likely to spread it.

ALTZAR: We did not need a new scientific study to determine that fake news travels faster than truth. I remember saying the saying – “good news travels fast, but bad news travels much faster” – in my seminars, speeches and reports to executive business audiences since more than three decades ago (here’s one example from 2003).

The only “new news” here is that someone has quantified it and explained the reason readers innately thirst for bad news.

According to Psychology Today, for every seventeen negative news reports, there is only one positive report (see 


Here’s one opinion:

“The media caters to the interests of its audiences. Therefore, the reason the media is plagued with celebrity scandals, natural disasters, political corruption, and more is because of consumer pessimism, our innate desire for dramatic, negative news.

This stems from our primal desires during the hunter-gatherer era, where negative or threatening news was demanded in the case of possible danger. As animals, our top priority is to survive and if we were to subsist in the wild, any possible threat around us must be known in order to retain our existence. Neurologically, the negative part of the brain is far more sensitive than the positive. When the negative part is triggered, stress hormones are released, so you become completely absorbed in fear.”

For more on the new scientific study, check out…

ALTZAR’S comment on the fake news study:

Great work! I have been following the emergence of fake news since before that term was invented. Over 28 years ago I formed the Truth in Media, a non-profit, whose mission was to debunk such reports ( and (2013-current). That’s just a little longer than the age of the Internet. So the study’s comment that the Internet has been largely responsible for explosion of fake news stories is spot on.

But we must not lose sight of the fact that the Internet has also been responsible for delivering the truth to much larger audiences than was the case a few decades ago. As with everything in life, you get chaff with the wheat. It is up to the reader to separate the two.

Alas, because of another social trend that has been happening in parallel to the spread of fake news – the “Dumbing Down of America” (… – my Washington Times, column, Aug 1997), the masses are now more gullible and thus ill-equipped to separate the wheat from the chaff in the news. Therein lies the real harm the fake news avalanche causes.




A Book That Will Blow You Away and Your Mind Wide Open

While I was on my bike ride here in Scottsdale (July 27, 2017), thinking about the new Russia sanctions that had just been passed by the warmongers in Washington, what came to me was that I should revisit the book “The Iron Curtain Over America” by Colonel John Beaty. Col. Beaty worked in military intelligence during WW II. So he was an “insider” who was privy to the real story of what happened back then.

I remember that when I first read his account of it 20 years ago, it blew me away and my mind wide open. Because the book revealed who was really behind all these wars of the 20th century, and now also in the 21st century.

I was blown away anew when I saw during my search through the Truth in Media archives that I actually published my review of the book on this day – Aug 4, 1997. Twenty years ago on this day! Only Divine guidance could have arranged for such “coincidence” and serendipity.

So I took it as a sign that I need to share this book with all of you.

The book was written in 1951. I am enclosing below a PDF of the 1969 edition. At the time I read first the book – circa 1997 – it was practically extinct. The powers that be, who own and control most of the US lamestream media, typically Jewish, managed to have it effectively banned from the public libraries. I somehow secured this PDF copy. I don’t remember how. And I wrote several Truth in Media articles reviewing the book.

Like this one,


Since that time, thanks to the Internet, the lamestream media monopoly and censorship has been broken. I discovered recently that this old book is now widely available online, including on  Here’s an excerpt about it from


A Book Review (1951)

By Bob Djurdjevic, Aug 4, 1997

The Iron Curtain Over America

By Col. John Beaty

This 1951 book by Col. John Beaty, a distinguished scholar and a U.S. military intelligence officer in World War II, warned Americans about an impending peril: Some 46 years ago, this patriotic American foresaw the threat which a Clinton-type “Amerika” would pose for the Christians in the United States, just as the Soviet state did for the Russian Christians.`


“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”

Jesus Christ, speaking in Jerusalem

PHOENIX, Aug 4, 1997 – A book by a former high-ranking U.S. military intelligence officer and a Columbia University historian covers the Zionist/Communist infiltration and subversion of America. It begins with early history of the Jews and ends in 1952.

Here is what some prominent Americans, Beaty’s contemporaries, had said about it:

Senator William A. Langer, former Chairman, Judiciary Committee: “I think it ought to be compulsory reading in every public school in America.”

Lt. Gen., George E. Stratemeyer, USAF Ret.: “I congratulate you on your book and the service you have performed for our country. If my health would permit it I would go on a continuous lecture tour gratis and preach your book and recommendations. My ‘Iron Curtain Over America’ will be on loan continuously and I intend to recommend its reading in every letter I write.

Lt. Gen. Edward M. Almond, US Army Ret.: “It is an inspiration to me to find an author with the courage and energy to research and to secure the publication of such information as you have assembled in order that the poorly informed average American may know wherein the real threats to our Country lurk. Your book is a magnificent contribution to those who would preserve our American ideals.”

Vice Admiral T. G. W. Settle, U.S.N. Ret.: “‘The Iron Curtain Over America’ is a most pertinent and excellently presented treatise on the cancer on our national set-up. “I hope this book has had, and will have, the widest possible dissemination, particularly to our leaders-in Washington, and in industry and the press,—and that our leaders who are “uncontaminated” will have their serious attention engaged by it.”

Lt., General P. A. Del Valle, USMC Ret.: “I am impelled to write to you to express my admiration of your great service to the Nation in writing this truly magnificent book. No American who has taken the oath of allegiance can afford to miss it, and I heartily recommend it as an honest and courageous dispeller of the fog of propaganda in which most minds seem to dwell.”


So if a U.S. Senator and four generals from four different branches of the U.S. military give a book such a ringing endorsement, chances are it’s a “must read,” right?

It is. But we have to warn you – it may also be a “musty read” for those of you who do manage to get a copy. For, the book is 46 years old. We’ve tried to find out what happened to the author – without success, as the publisher, Chestnut Mountain Books, Barboursville, VA, seems to be no longer in business. Considering the author’s age at the time he wrote the book (see the photo below which depicts a man in his 60s), it seems reasonable to presume that he has since died.

UPDATE Aug 4, 2017: Well, thanks to the internet, we can update this review now. Col. Beaty died on Sep 9, 1961. You can learn more about his life here – in Metamedia.

But his work lives on. For, much of what Col. Beaty wrote back in 1951, still applies today. Like the corruption of our political system by the leftist liberals. Or that the globalist U.N.

sympathizers attempts to Or the NWO’s assault on which seems to have lessened, in the last 46 years.

A Short Biographical

The author of The Iron Curtain Over America has written, or collaborated on, a dozen books. His texts have been used in more than seven hundred colleges and universities, and his historical novel, Swords in the Dawn, published originally in New York, had London and Australian editions, and was adopted for state-wide use in the public schools of Texas. His education (M.A., University of Virginia; Ph.D., Columbia University; post-graduate study, University of Montpellier, France ), his travel in Europe and Asia, and his five years with the Military Intelligence Service in World War II rounded out the background for the reading and research (1946-1951) which resulted in The Iron Curtain Over America.



John Beaty (circa 1951)

Col. Beaty, a distinguished scholar and a proud American, spent most of his life, including the five years of intensive research (1946-1951), gathering the information upon which this book is based. Keep in mind, therefore, that “The Iron Curtain Over America” is the culmination of serious research by a respected expert, not propaganda, such as the half-truths or outright falsehoods which the anti-Christian NWO has been feeding us. No wonder Sen. Langer said – the book “ought to be compulsory reading in every public school in America.”

Well… it isn’t. On the contrary. The book was hard to find. Which is why some of you may find this review a shocking revelation. And see what they didn’t tell us in the supposedly “liberal” public school education in America.


The friendly relationships between the United States and Germany existed not only on the governmental level but were cemented by close racial kinship. Not only is the basic blood stream of persons of English descent very nearly identical with that of Germans; in addition, nearly a fourth of the Americans of the early twentieth century were actually of German descent (Chapter IV, below).

Thus, in the early years of the twentieth century the American people admired Germany/ It was a strong nation, closely akin; and it was a Christian land, part Protestant and part Catholic, as America had been part Catholic since the Cavaliers leave to Virginia and the Puritans to New England.

Moreover, the old land of the Teutonic Knights led the world in music, in medicine, and in scholarship. The terms Prussia and Prussian, Germany and German had a most favorable connotation. (Page 7)

The “Russ” and the “Khazars”-Historical Enmities

The book opens up with a historical perspective of the distant region of the world which we today call European Russia. It explains how the Khazars, “a belligerent tribe of half-Mongolian people, similar to the modern Turks, conquered the territory of what is now Southern Russia.”

In the eighth or ninth century, Khazars’ leader wanted a religion for his pagan people. He adopted a form of the Jewish religion. Thereupon he and about 4,000 Khazars were circumcised.

Also in the Middle Ages, Viking warriors pushed from the Baltic area into the low hills west of Moscow. These immigrants from the North and West were principally “the ‘Russ’—a Varangian tribe in ancient annals considered to be related to the Swedes, Anglos, and Northmen.”

From the local Slavic tribes, they organized (c. 862) a state, known subsequently from their name as Russia, which embraced the territory of the upper Volga and Dnieper rivers and reached down the latter river to the Black Sea and to the Crimea. Russ and Slav languages, though quite different, had common Indo-Germanic origin. They accepted Christianity as their religion.

The “Russ” were absorbed into the Slav population which they organized into statehood. The people of the new state devoted themselves energetically to consolidating their territory and extending its boundaries. The Slavs, especially those in the area now known as the Ukraine, were engaged in almost constant warfare with the Khazars. Finally, by 1016 A.D., they destroyed the Khazar government and took a large portion of Khazar territory.

Relations between Slavs and the Judaized Khazars in their midst were never happy. The reasons were not racial—for the Slavs had absorbed many minorities—but were ideological (emphasis added). The original imported rabbis were zealots for the Babylonian Talmud, completed on December 2, 499. Their successors were in complete control of the political, social, and religious thought of their people. The intransigent attitude of the rabbis was increased by their realization that their power would be lost if their people accepted controls other than Talmudic. It has been frequently stated by writers on the subject that the “ghetto” was the work not of Russians or other Slavs, but of rabbis.

Under the Romanovs of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, there was no change in attitude toward the Judaized Khazars, who scorned Russian civilization and stubbornly refused to enter the fold of Christianity (emphasis added).

When Nicholas I died, his son Alexander II [reign, 1855-1881] decided to try a new way of winning the Khazar minority to willing citizenship in Russia. He granted his people, including the Khazars, so many liberties that he was called the “Czar Liberator.” His “reward” was death. The “Czar Liberator” was assassinated in St. Petersburg in 1881 by “a bomb thrown at his carriage.” Some of the assassins were of Jewish Khazar origin.

The “Russian Revolution” Was Not Russian At All

In Russia and abroad in the late nineteenth century, many Khazar Jews had been attracted to the writings of Karl Marx (1818-1883), partly, it seems, because he was Jewish in origin.

“On both paternal and maternal sides Karl Marx was descended from rabbinical families” (Univ. Jew. Encyc., Vol.VII, p. 289) (emphasis added).

The Marxist program of drastic controls, so repugnant to the free western mind, was no obstacle to the acceptance of Marxism by many Khazar Jews, for the Babylonian Talmud, under which they lived, had taught then to accept authoritarian dictation on

everything from their immorality to their trade practices. Since the Talmud contained more than 12,000 controls, the regimentation of Marxism was acceptable— provided that the Khazar politician, like the Talmudic rabbis, exercised the power of dictatorship (emphasis added).

Various elements of this restless aggressive minority nurtured the amazing quadruple aims:

  1. International Communism
  2. Seizure of power in Russia
  3. Zionism
  4. Continued migration to America (with a fixed purpose to retain their nationalistic separatism.)

The name Bolshevik (bol|{evik) means majority (from Russian “Bolshe,” the larger). It commemorates the fact that at the Brussels-London conference of the party in late 1902 and in early 1903, the violent Marxist program of Lenin was adopted by a 25 to 23 vote. The less violent Menshevik (men|{evik) Marxists (meaning the minority of 23 who lost the vote), faded from the picture after revolution started in October, 1917. After 1918, the Bolsheviki called their organization the Communist Party.

In 1917, the Germans, realizing that he would be a troublemaker for their WW I enemy, Russia, passed Lenin and his party in a sealed train from Switzerland to the Russian border.

In Lenin’s sealed train, “out of a list of 165 names published, 23 are Russian, 3 Georgian, 4 Armenian, 1 German, and 128 Jewish” (The Surrender of an Empire, Nesta H. Webster, Boswell Printing and Publishing Co. Ltd., London, 1931). [i.e., 78% were Jewish].

“At about the same time, Trotsky (Leon Bronshtein from Brooklyn, NY) arrived from the United States, followed by over 300 Jews from the East End of New York and joined up with the Bolshevik Party.”

According to the data furnished by the Soviet press, out of 556 important functionaries of the Bolshevik State. . . in 1918-1919, 17 Russians, 2 Ukrainians, 11 Armenians, 35 Letts, 15 Germans, 1 Hungarian,10 Georgians, 3 Poles, 3 Finns, 1 Karaim, 457 Jews (i.e., 82% were Jewish].).

The triumphant Khazars, aided by other “converts” to Communism, strengthened their grasp on Russia by a succession of “purges” in which many millions of Russians lost their lives.

As the decades passed by—after the fateful year 1917—Judaized Khazars kept a firm hand on the helm of the government in the occupied land of Russia. In due time they built a bureaucracy to their hearts‘ desire. The government – controlled Communist press ―issued numerous and violent denunciations of anti-Semitic episodes, either violence or discriminations.

Also, “in 1935 a court ruled that anti-semitism in Russia was a penal offense” (Univ. Jew Encyc., Vol. I, p. 386). Among top-flight leaders prominent in the middle of the twentieth century. Stalin, Kaganovich, Beria, Molotov, and Litvinoff all have Jewish blood, or are married to Jewesses.

(For more, see

Clinton and FDR: Birds of a Feather

The new rulers of Russia promptly and effectively penetrated the countries of Western Europe, Canada and the United States. Their first spectacular triumph was (President) Roosevelt’s recognition, less than nine months after his inauguration, of the Soviet government of Russia. A lengthy article, “Moscow’s RED LETTER DAY in American History,” by William La Varre in the American Legion Magazine (August, 1951) says the move was arranged by “Litvinoff, of deceitful smiles,” and by “Henry Morgenthau and Dean Acheson, both proteges of Felix Frankfurter.”

Acheson, sometimes referred to as the “Frankfurter’s boy,” was one of Stalin’s paid American lawyers. “Acheson was on Stalin’s payroll even before the Soviet Union was recognized by the United States,” writes Felix Wittner in the American Mercury magazine (April, 1952). Yet that did not prevent Acheson from becoming President Truman’s Secretary of State.

[TiM editor: Switching for the moment back to America of 1997, just as Acheson was a paid lobbyist for Stalin, today we have the likes of Henry Kissinger et. al. lobbying for the Communist China. Add to it a high concentration of Jewish-Americans in the Clinton administration’s foreign policy and defense teams, and one begins to appreciate why we may have greater reasons to worry today about the lives of our children, than did the Americans in the 1930s. Luckily, we have the benefit of hindsight they didn’t have. Forewarned-forearmed? Let us hope…]

Another similarity between the Clinton and FDR is a low regard for the U.S. Constitution which the two presidents had sworn to protect. FDR, for example, made an actual treaty with the Soviets, giving them the right to establish a communist embassy and consulates in the United States, granting full diplomatic immunities for Stalin’s agents, the bloody bolsheviki – all without the approval of Congress!

Sound familiar? Just as the Clinton administration signed the Dayton agreement in 1995, for example, and committed the American troops to Bosnia – without the approval of Congress! And has been cozying up to China in recent years.

It would not surprise us, therefore, if Manhattan’s West Side Highway (now known as the Henry Hudson Drive) became the Bill Clinton Drive in a couple of decades from now, completing a symbolic conquest of New York by the “reds” – from East to West. (The East River Drive, which passes by the United Nations site, was renamed FDR Drive after Roosevelt’s death.)

A more frightening thought, however, is – how many Americans may have to die before Clinton gets his name on a New York freeway? If the nation’s casualties during the FDR years are any indication, we are in for a real bloodbath. The American Christians may be 46 years closer to their Holocaust than they were when this book was written, as the anti-Christian NWO wages neo-colonial wars.]

The “Unnecessary War:” How America PROVOKED the War with Hitler

In a speech before the Dallas, Texas Alumni Club of Columbia University on Armistice Day, 1950, General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower stated that as Supreme Commander in Europe he made a habit of asking American soldiers why they were fighting the Germans and 90% of the boys said they had no idea.

The American soldier is not the only one who wondered and is still wondering about the purposes of World War II.” Winston Churchill has called it “The Unnecessary War.” In view of our legacy of deaths, debt, and danger, Churchill’s term may be considered an understatement.

In late July, 1933, an International Jewish Boycott Conference (New York Times, August 7, 1933) was held in Amsterdam to devise new means of bringing Germany to heel. Samuel Untermeyer of New York presided over the Boycott Conference and was elected President of the World Jewish Economic Federation.


Yet, the 1930s economic sanctions against Germany were a benign precursor of the NWO’s murderous economic sanctions of the 1990s, which killed millions of innocent civilians in Serbia, Bosnia, Iraq, North Korea, etc..

Back in the U.S. from Europe, Untermeyer described the planned Jewish move against Germany as a “holy war – “a war that must be waged unremittingly” (speech over WABC, as printed in New York Times of August 7, 1933).

A “holy war that must be waged unremittingly” against the “gentiles?” Keep in mind that was back in 1933, when Hitler was still a relative newcomer on the political map of the world.


By ALTZAR – commenting on “THE IRON CURTAIN OVER AMERICA” – BOOK REVIEW – August 4, 2017 –
This war was very much avoidable. As was the use of atomic bombs. FDR/Truman could have dropped the bomb on some uninhabited Japanese island which would have had the same effect on Japanese leaders. Instead,, they chose a maximum destruction of innocent civilian lives. Twice. Once in Hiroshima and on Aug 9 in Nagasaki (another 60,000-80,000 people killed).
In 1937 and again in 1938 the German government made “a sincere effort to improve relations with the United States, only to be rebuffed.” The U.S. Government‟s alleged reason was “a fear of domestic political reactions in this country unfavorable to the Administration.” (Page 31)
ALTZAR: And who was FDR afraid of?
“With the latter country (Germany we had already declared that “no quarter” economic war recommended by the President of the World Jewish Economic Federation, and now in unquestionably hostile terms our President declared a political war. In his diary, Secretary of Defense James Forrestal recorded that he was told by Joseph P. Kennedy, our Ambassador to Britain, that Prime Minister Chamberlain “stated that America and the world Jews had forced England into the war” (The Forrestal Diaries, ed. by Walter Millis, The Viking Press, New York, 1951, pp. 121-122). (Page 31).
Today (1997), it is interesting to note that the Muslims use the same hateful rallying cry for their “holy war” (the “jihad”) against the “infidels.” As did the Christian Crusaders against the Muslims a thousand years ago.
Rabbis, mullahs, imams, priests… they are all birds of the same feather who preach hate instead of love.
Religion has been at the root of most wars in the last 2,000 years. Religion has been the fuel of the world leaders quest for power and domination over others. Logic 101, therefore, would suggest that TO ACHIEVE WORLD PEACE, WE MUST DO AWAY WITH WORLD RELIGIONS.

It would appear, therefore, that one thing the “Semites” (both Jews and Muslims) have in common is a zeal to exterminate the “less worthy” humans of other persuasions – be it other Semites (respectively) or Christians. Theirs seems to be the philosophy of exclusion and separatism, not of inclusion and tolerance. Which is why they preach inclusion and tolerance in America – in the form of globalism and multiculturalism, while practicing exclusion and separatism while – by enslaving the Christians or other non-Semites.]

War seems to have suited the purposes of the powerful Judaized Khazars element, dominant in the inner circles of the Democratic Party in America, Col. Beaty says. They regarded with enthusiasm the killing of as many as possible of the native stock Americans of English, Irish, Scotch, Welsh, German, Dutch, Scandinavian, Latin, and Slavic descent.

This non-Christian power bloc therefore endorsed “Unconditional Surrender” and produced the Morgenthau Plan, both of which were certain to stiffen and prolong the German resistance at the cost of many more American lives, and many more German lives, too.

Unfortunately, President Roosevelt became obsessed with the idea of killing Germans [and Japanese? Bob Dj.] rather than defeating Hitler [or Japan]. Perhaps taking his cue from his Commander-in-Chief—a term Roosevelt loved—General Mark Clark told American soldiers of the Fifth Army that, “it is open season on the Anzio bridgehead. There is no limit to the number of Germans you can kill” (New York Times, February 13, 1944).

Such a stress on “killing” or “kill” rather than on a “cause” or on “victory” is definitely at variance with the traditions of Western Christian civilization, Col. Beaty says.. It is also costly in the life blood of America, for “killing” is a two-edged sword. An enemy who would surrender in the face of certain defeat will fight on to the end when truculently promised a “killing”—and more Americans will die with him.

[No wonder some 75 million humans perished in the 20th century alone, according to Gen. Alexander Lebed, a former Russian presidential candidate, as a result of such policies.]

“Where Did Hitler Get His Six Million Jews?”

A Reuters dispatch of March 13, 1951 from Tel Aviv (Washington Times-Herald) stated that notes delivered yesterday [March 12] in Washington, London, and Paris and to the Soviet Minister at Tel Aviv urged the occupying powers of Germany not to “hand over full powers to any German government” without express reservations for the payment of reparations to Israel in the sum of $1,500,000,000.

This compensation was said to be for 6,000,000 Jews killed by Hitler. This figure has been used repeatedly. But if one consults statistics and ponders the known facts, Col. Beaty wonders how it was arrived at.

First of all, back in 1939, he says, there were only 600,000 Jews out of Germany’s 69 million population. The World Almanac for 1940 gives the world’s Jewish population as 15,319,359.

According to The World Almanac for 1949, the number of Jews in the world was 15,713,638. If the World Almanac figures are correct, the world’s Jewish population did not decrease in the war decade, but showed a small increase (emphasis added).

Such wide discrepancies prompted the author to ask the question of “where Hitler got the 6,000,000 Jews he is said to have killed?” Meanwhile, some 5,000,000 Germans were unaccounted for—4,000,000 civilians, and 1,000,000 soldiers who never returned from Soviet labor camps, he noted. [Over 20 million Russians and other Christians also perished in WW II].

But just in case you may suspect from the preceding that Col. Beaty may have been some sort of a “closet Nazi sympathizer,” Beaty also wrote that state controls “may produce a dictator. And once a dictator is in power no one (as shown in the case of Hitler) can chart his mad course.”

Appeasing Stalin

The Prime Minister of Britain, the Right Honorable Winston Churchill, was alarmed at President Roosevelt’s silly infatuation for Stalin and the accompanying mania for serving the interests of world Communism. “It would be a measureless disaster if Russian barbarism overlaid the culture and independence of the ancient states of Europe,” he wrote on Oct. 21, 1942, to the British Foreign Secretary, Anthony Eden. Churchill also wanted an invasion of the Balkans, which Roosevelt and Marshall opposed apparently to please Stalin (emphasis added).

Col. Beaty wonders why, except for appeasing Stalin, were the Allied forces devoted to strategically unimportant Italy, the winning of which left the Alps between our armies and Germany.

Why did they not land, for instance, in the Salonika area – a springboard for the historic Vardar Valley invasion route? This route leads without major geographic obstacles through Yugoslavia to the heart of Europe. It would have helped the Allies defeat Hitler without giving Stalin all of Christian Eastern Europe as a compensation. Officially, Gen. Marshall stated to a Congressional Committee that the “purpose” of the Italian campaign was to draw “German forces away from the Russian front.” (emphasis added).

At Potsdam (international conference), Truman maintaining intact Roosevelt’s iron curtain of secret diplomacy, played fast and loose with American honor and security. He agreed to an enlargement of the boundaries of a Poland already delivered by Roosevelt and Churchill to Russian control through addition of areas that had for centuries been occupied by Germans or people of German origin.


Some 14 million persons were brutally expelled from their homes with the confiscation of virtually all their property, Col. Beaty notes. Only 10 million finally reached the American, French, and British zones of Germany. Four million mysteriously disappeared. Thus Truman approved one of the greatest mass deportations in history, which for sheer cruelty is a dark page in the annals of history.

[Nowadays, we would abhor such policy as “ethnic cleansing.”]

Warning to Americans: The U.N. Charter is NOT the U.S. Constitution

Patriotic Americans should be warned against spurious attempts to draw parallels between the United States Constitution and United Nations regulations. The Constitution, with its first ten amendments, was designed specifically to curb the power of the Federal government and to safeguard the rights of states and individuals, the author writes.

On the other hand, the United Nations appears to have the goal of destroying many of the sovereign rights of the member nations and of putting individuals in jeopardy everywhere— particularly in the United States.

We must not forget the iron curtain over America, which has blacked out the truth that Russia was founded by the Russians, who were men of the West, men from Scandinavia, whence sprang the whole Nordic race, including the great majority of all Western Europeans, Col. Beaty warns.

Consequently, we should never speak in a derogatory manner of Russia or Russians. “Each time we attack ‘Russia’ or ‘the Russians’ when we mean the Bolshevik hierarchy, or speak contemptuously of ‘Asiatic hordes,’ or identify world communism as a ‘Slav menace,’ we are providing grist for the Kremlin mills,” he says.

Finally, we must not forget that leaders in Russia since 1917 have been not patriotic Russians, but are a hated coalition of renegade Russians with the remnants of Russia’s old territorial and ideological enemy, the Judaized Khazars.


[A final editorial note to the Truth in Media readers: For any of you who are Jewish- Americans, or of Jewish descent anywhere else in the world, and who may be tempted to switch to “auto-pilot” and accuse us of anti-Semitism for having done this book review – don’t!

Nothing would be further from the truth than levying such an accusation at us. This writer is a Serbian-American. During WW II, many Jews were saved from the Nazi pogroms by the Serbs, who often times risked or lost their lives doing it. They include the Jewish-Americans, like Maj. Richard Felman, USAF Ret., whose life the Serbs saved along with the lives of over 500 other American pilots’ (see TIM GW Bulletin 97-07,7/22/97).

Our sole purpose in reviewing this book review was merely to show the truth which our public school system has withheld from us. “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”]


By Bob Djurdjevic, Phoenix, Arizona Aug 4, 1997





So what’s he waiting for?

Meanwhile, the new “Drang Nach Osten” Continues as US pushes Georgia to join NATO

Mike Pence said Tuesday that President Donald Trump would soon sign into law a new package of sanctions against Russia.

So what’s he waiting for?

Of course, the obedient lapdog media who accompanies Pence on his drum-beating visit to Georgia, a former Soviet republic, not the US southern state, do not get jetted, wined and dined on international trips like this to ask challenging questions.

My guess?

Trump is now getting an earful from other powerful international leaders about how stupid and suicidal it would be for the US to start a trade war with the world. So maybe he’s having second thoughts? God willing… though I am not holding my breath.


Meanwhile, Pence’s visit to the former Soviet state on Russia’s southern border reaffirmed the continuation of a Russophobic trend the Truth in Media first identified in April 1995 (see “New Drang Nach Osten” (Push toward East): Taming the Russian Bear” –

The US VP used the opportunity to push for Georgia’s admittance to NATO during a visit to US troops who are stationed there (did you know we had troops there? I did not). They were participating in joint multinational military exercises “Noble Partner 2017” at an airbase outside Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital.

Back in April 1995, I wrote:

“Napoleon tried it. It didn’t work. Bismarck eventually also gave up on the idea. The German Kaiser and the Hapsburg emperor, as well as later Adolf Hitler, provoked two world wars in this century pursuing the “Drang Nach Osten” (“Eastward Push”) goal. Having caused the suffering by millions of people, including their own, they also failed.rus-ring.gif (44632 bytes)
Yet, kicking Russia out of Europe is still the objective of the current U.S. developed, and Washington-Berlin executed strategy, thinly veiled under the “Partnership for Peace” slogan.”

At the time, we also called NATO the New “Iron Curtain” over Europe and painted it back on the map. The updated map shows the new members in olive-drab and the new target acquisitions in yellow.

The geopolitical maps you see here are part of that article. I have just updated them to the current time frame to show the NATO expansion that has taken place since I wrote that 22 years ago.

With Ukraine and Georgia in bag of NATO minions, Washington’s encirclement of Russia would be complete.


Back in 1995, when I first published that “Drang Nach Osten” piece, I was working as a war correspondent and geopolitical commentator on the Balkans conflicts. During one of my earlier visits to Bosnia (in 1994), I had a chance to share this research and charts with General Ratko Mladic, the top commander of the Bosnian Serb army, and his HQ staff.

The general’s grasped the geopolitical significance of this analysis right away. Alas, his army was too weak by that stage of the war to take on an enemy as powerful as NATO by itself. And its one possible ally – Russia – was floundering.

At the time, Boris Yeltsin, Russia’s president, was on his knees (figuratively) begging the IMF for a loan. Here’s what I said about that:

“On April 12, 1995, the day the IMF finally approved his loan, Yeltsin set the price for “Mother Russia’s” sovereignty – a mere $7 billion! The amount seems like a bargain-basement price which may go down in history alongside some other major give-aways, such as the sale of Alaska by the Russians.”

When Vladimir Putin took over from Yeltsin in 2000, Russia was in shambles – robbed, plundered and pillaged of its assets by the local quislings of the New World Order and western bankers. For a few years, Putin acted in good faith, hoping that he can negotiate with the powers that be of the New World Order.

Alas, Putin eventually realized that was impossible. As Winston Churchill allegedly shouted at one of his ministers who wanted to negotiate a peace treaty with Hitler after Dunkirk, “you don’t sue for peace when your head is in the jaw of a tiger.” [paraphrasing]

And so here we are, the NATO tiger is trying to add another bite to its eastern meal – Georgia. The new Iron Curtain over Europe is spreading to the east.





The fight is on – not between the U.S. and Russia, but between our two houses – the House of Representatives and the White House

Also see, HOW TO DRAIN THE DC SWAMP – July 28 update at the end

Can you imagine what would happen in this country (and the world) if countries like, say, China or India, announced sanctions against the most successful U.S. industries. Such as information technology (computers), for example, or telecommunications, or military technology, or aerospace, or…?

And these sanctions would not be limited only to the Chinese or Indian companies. These sanctions would apply to all their trading partners around the world. Like the EU, or Japan, or Brazil, or Canada.

I’ll tell you what would happen: There would war. The lamestream media would go berserk. Wall Street would demand immediate retributions, and Washington would meekly and obligingly put our armed forces and military might at the Wall Street disposal as they have in all the wars in the last quarter century.



Now imagine the shoe were on the other foot. The latest package of sanctions, passed by the US House of Representatives on Tuesday, targets Russia’s major defense, mining, shipping and railway industries. In other words the country’s lifelines, the pride and joy of Russia’s creativity and industry, and its most advanced technologies, some more so than those in the U.S. (like aerospace, or various other military technologies).

As if that were not bad enough, the new sanctions also include penalties on European companies engaged in joint EU-Russia energy projects, with the Gazprom-run Nord Stream 2 flagship pipeline being the most probable targets.

Now, take a deep breath and put yourself in Vladimir Putin’s shoes. What would you do? This is an unprecedented attack, a virtual declaration of war, in which one GOVERNMENT uses all of its political might to help the business of its PRIVATE MULTINATIONAL companies. And in the process breaks many of the longstanding international laws and practices.

Now, here’s what Putin’s initial reaction has been…

PUTIN’S REACTION: New sanctions “extremely cynical.”

“It’s an obvious attempt [by the US] to use its geopolitical advantages in the competitive struggle with the goal of ensuring its economic interests at the expense of its other allies,” he added.

“As for the extraterritorial nature of the US legislation, I have been talking about this for a long time, starting from 2007… This practice is unacceptable, it destroys international relations and international law,” he said.

Russia’s president warned that Moscow is already running out of patience with Washington’s “impudence.”

“As you know, our behavior is very restrained, patient, but at some point we will have to come up with a response. It is impossible to endlessly endure impudence towards our country,” Putin said.

He said that Moscow “hasn’t yet seen the final version (of the US sanctions legislation), that’s why we don’t have a final opinion on the issue.”

“But we see that for a long period of time [there have been] constant attempts to provoke us,” the Russian leader added.

For more, see…


Editorial Comment



Everything is happening right on cue. The day after the first and historic meeting between the American and Russian presidents at the G20 summit in Hamburg, (see groups/ permalink/1162310413915570/)

“Trump and Putin had “positive chemistry” during their first meeting, Tillerson said, adding that there was “so much to talk about” that neither leader “wanted to stop.” The two “connected very quickly,” said (Rex) Tillerson (US Secretary of State).

That’s great. Now let’s sit back and watch how the lamestream media and other warmongers among the New World Order crowd try to derail this rapprochement between the U.S. and Russia at presidential levels.

Now it remains to be seen who is in charge here – Trump or the NWO foreign policy masters.”

So the fight is on. Not between the U.S. and Russia, but between our two houses – the House of Representatives and the White House.

The former have sold their souls and votes to the U.S. death merchants and other bankers and industrials. It remains to be seen if our President is really for peace and prosperity, as he has said, or will cave in to the dogs of war.



Meanwhile, as these Truth in Media cartoons show, originally published in 1994 and 1995 respectively, there has been an unquestionable consistency of US hatred and warmongering against Serbia and Russia during the last quarter century.


Is it a “coincidence” that both are predominantly Orthodox Christian countries? There is no such thing, of course, as a coincidence when it comes to the New World Order actions.

Any time the US, or its other New World Order minions, extended an olive branch with one hand to Russia or Serbia, they held deadly weapons behind their backs.

Like aligning themselves with all kinds of unsavory factions, characters and groups, including drug dealers and Islamic terrorists (in Kosovo and Chechnya, for example), whom they used as proxies in the fight against the Orthodox Christians.


This is not new news. Here’s an excerpt from my Nov 1996 Washington Times column, “The Demo Farce and the American Century”, Columns/DEMO%20FARCE.html, also carried in Russian by Moscow’s ZAVTRA (“Tomorrow”) in Dec 1996:

“The Marxism/Communism ideology was a western invention which the West planted into Russia, and then used it as a cover for launching an all-out campaign against the Eastern Orthodox Christians,’ said Vladimir Bondarenko, a Russian writer and deputy editor of a Moscow opposition paper, ‘ZAVTRA’ (‘Tomorrow’), who spoke on Nov 3, 1996 at a meeting in Phoenix.

If Bondarenko is right, and if the Western industrials’ anti-Eastern Christian Orthodoxy policy has been one of the constants of the 20th century, then hundreds of millions of good people, the law-abiding, God-fearing Americans and other western Christians have been duped. They’ve been fooled (by one communist gang, such as NWO’s Brzezinski et. al.) into fighting ‘communism’ – a ‘bogus bogey,’ over the backs of their Eastern Orthodox Christian brothers and sisters. And on behalf of our real enemies – the Godless industrial globalists (a rival gang).”


Let us also not forget that, just like these new sanctions, the downing of the MH17 in July 2014 was supposed to shock and awe Washington’s European allied into submission. Just like now, they were starting to flaunt the US sanctions and continue the “business as usual” trading with Russia.

The mass murder of some 300 innocent civilians, mostly Dutch, aboard the MH17 did indeed shock the Europeans into falling in line behind the U.S.

“With friends like Washington,” the Europeans must have reasoned, “who needs enemies.” And caved in.

Three months earlier (in Apr 2014), this writer penned an editorial which pointed out that the US Russia policy is and has been entirely ANTI-EUROPEAN (see EUROPE: ALL PAIN, NO GAIN, Apr 26, 2014 –

A month earlier, Putin also lashed out at the US treachery (see NATO: TO RUSSIA WITH LOVE, Truth in Media, March 2014 – Little did he know back then what kinds of crimes with mass murderers are capable of.

What will Europe do now if these new sanctions are implemented? Will they cave in again? Or will it take an “MH18” disaster to bring them to heel?

Maybe not this time.

“I consider the Russia sanctions imposed by the US absolutely Kern Austrian Chancellorunacceptable,” Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern wrote on Facebook on Wednesday. “Confusing political interests with economic interests at the expense of European jobs is a no-go.”

“Energy supply of Europe is a matter for Europe!” Kern added (for more, see…

“These types of sanctions in position is economic suicide for America,” said Mx Kaiser, RT editor. :They are pushing Germany into the arms of Russia. Germany is the center piece of NATO, and NATO will disintegrate… ”

So if this were to come to pass, maybe some good come out of all this hatred and warmongering.

“This is stupid,” Kaiser continued.”It’s is the policy of morons. Why? Because the deep state in America wants to keep feathering their nests by warring all over the world, killing innocent civilians. Donald Trump hopefully will stand up to this.” (for more, see…

We will let Kaiser have the last word. After all, he is a Kaiser. 🙂




On this day in 1974, the House Judiciary Committee recommends that America’s 37th president, Richard M. Nixon, be impeached and removed from office. The impeachment proceedings resulted from a series of political scandals involving the Nixon administration that came to be collectively known as Watergate.

On August 8, Nixon announced his resignation, becoming the first president in U.S. history to voluntarily leave office.




That was 43 years ago when we had a “bad” president. Now the situation is reversed. We have a “bad” Congress (both the House and the Senate). These traitors have sold out the interests of the American people to their death merchant, bankers and industrial backers, including some foreign sponsors.

That’s treason. And yet we have no constitutional tools to deal with that kind of abuse of office. Our Founding Fathers, honorable men that they were, could conceive of such travesty.

As the Roman poet Juvenal wandered rhetorically in the first century AD, Quis custodiet ipsos custodes (“who will guard the guards?”).

So how do we impeach the impeachers?

Donald Trump talked a lot about “draining the swamp” during the campaign. Here’s his chance.


Washington Swap

Flashback to Trump-Putin’s first summit on July 8, 2017 at the G20 meeting in Hamburg

July 9, 2017



But will Nikki Haley do it?

The “historic” first Trump-Putin meeting on July 7, on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, hijacked Angela Merkel’s carefully planned agenda for this summit of world leaders. Not only did the media focus only on that event, even Melania Trump could not pry her husband away from Putin.

The meeting was scheduled to last 30-40 minutes. It went on for 2:16 hours. Poor Japanese prime minister Abe, who had a meeting scheduled with Putin right after Trump’s, had to cool his heels like a valet until the two world leaders were finished bonding with each other.

Afterward, Putin apologized to Abe on behalf of both himself and Putin.

“I had a tremendous meeting yesterday with President Putin,” Trump said today (July 8) while speaking with UK Prime Minister Theresa May.

It must have been. Because even Melania could not pry her husband away from Putin.

First Lady Melania Trump was sent into the meeting at one point to see her husband and try to “get him out,” Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson said.

“Clearly, she failed,” the top US diplomat joked, adding that the meeting went on for another hour after that.


Putin’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, who has been Putin’s spokesperson since 2000,, disagreed. He said that a “certain affection” had developed between the Russian leader and Trump’s wife, Melania, who sat next to the Russian president at the official G20 dinner, revealing that the two discussed several issues on the summit agenda, including gender equality and women’s economic participation.

Trump and Putin had “positive chemistry” during their first meeting, Tillerson said, adding that there was “so much to talk about” that neither leader “wanted to stop.” The two “connected very quickly,” said Tillerson.

That’s great. Now let’s sit back and watch how the lamestream media and other warmongers among the New World Order crowd try to derail this rapprochement between the U.S. and Russia at presidential levels. Including those whom Trump had appointed to their jobs, such as the UN ambassador Nikki Haley.

‘We cannot trust Russia & we won’t ever trust Russia’ – she has already squawked today in a CNN interview.

Right on cue. Now it remains to be seen who is in charge here – Trump or the NWO foreign policy masters.

If it is the former, Trump should fire Haley immediately for insubordination. It is the President, not the UN ambassador, who makes foreign policy.

And if Trump does not, then well… we’ll also have an answer as to who is in charge, won’t we?

For more, see…

Putin Trump 7-07-17

UPDATE JULY 10, 2017 –


Biggest threat to New World Order: If Reap Peace Were to Break Out between U.S. and Russia

They are so predictable. The uproar has already started. The New World Order war dogs are already barking their heads off. On orders, of course, of their warmongering masters.

I said yesterday in my piece about the friendly meeting between the Russian and American presidents on July 7 (see EVEN MELANIA COULD NOT BREAK UP THE TRUMP-PUTIN BONDING), that the new detente will come under attack by the mad war dogs of the New World Order. Because the later could not exist without Russia as a bogey and an enemy.

So the news that Putin and Trump hit it off so well must have rung alarm bells across the New World Order boardrooms. And immediately they sent their attack dogs to try to derail the deal.


First yesterday, the UN ambassador Nikki Haley had the nerve to attack her own president who appointed her to that job (see ‘We cannot trust Russia & we won’t ever trust Russia’ – she has already squawked July 9 in a CNN interview.).

Then today, three warmongering Republican senators – Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, John McCain of Arizona and Marco Rubio of Florida – immediately criticized the Trump-Putin idea “to form an impenetrable Cyber Security unit so that election hacking, & many other negative things, will be guarded and safe”, saying Moscow could not be trusted.

Just like Nikki Haley yesterday. Reading of the same warmongering New World Order page? Birds of a feather that flock together? You betcha.

And then also today, “NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg Called On Russia To Remove ‘Thousands Of Troops’ From Ukraine”.

Excuse me? Russian troops in Ukraine, while the US military are steadily building up their presence since 2015. Clearly another distraction and diversion attempt by the NATO and US military war dogs.

Because at the same time as Stoltenberg was mouthing off this nonsensical accusation against Russia, guess what the U.S. military were doing? Conducting massive war games just off Ukrainian coast (see Sea Breeze: US sends missile warships, Navy SEALs to massive war games off Ukraine coast).

As I said, they are so predictable. Because the biggest threat to the New World Order would be if real PEACE were to break out between the U.S. and Russia. So they are calling all their war dogs into action trying to prevent that from happening.

For more, see…


UPDATE JULY 28, 2017


Gill Fisher, an FB reader from South Carolina, wrote this about my editorial on new Russia sanctions:
“The worst mistake America can make right now. In Trump we trust – so Congress ties his hands behind his back. WE did not elect Congress for president.”
Here’s my reply:
True. We did not give Congress presidential powers which include making foreign policy. So this legislation is not only invalid under international law, it is also UNCONSTITUTIONAL.
That’s why Trump needs to take on all the traitors in the House and Senate head on and veto this unprecedented legislation.
Of course, since most of the Congress has been bought by the warmongering Russophobic anti-Trump deep state, they can overturn the veto. Let them.
That’s when Trump should consider dissolving the Congress which violated our Constitution with this legislation, and then call for new congressional elections.
Trump should then take the case to the American people with a proposed new constitutional amendment or a new Constitution (the latter would be my preference).
THAT’S HOW ONE DRAINS THE DC SWAMP. So that all snakes and reptiles are gone forever.
If Trump were to do that, he would be fighting not only for the rights and freedom of the American people. He would be fighting for WORLD PEACE. So he would have the support of the entire planet in this noble endeavor.
(just like I predicted in my editorial NEW WORLD ORDER SNAKE TO BE EXPELLED FROM AMERICA – – written 2 weeks BEFORE the election last year).

UPDATE JULY 29, 2017


Be sure to check out the ALTZAR comment at the end re. “DECISION MAKERS IN NEW YORK”

“It was the last drop that made all this happen,” the Russia’s No. 2 diplomat said referring to the “completely weird and unacceptable” bill approved by US lawmakers on Tuesday.

The deputy foreign minister Sergey Ryabkov called on the US to put an end to the retaliation measures and turn over a new leaf in bilateral relations, which are currently in “a miserable state.”

“My hope is that this vicious circle of retaliation will not continue. Measures and counter measures shall stop by now,” Ryabkov said.

“Now we should start anew and my call to the counterparts in Washington and also to Ambassador Tefft is to stop now, we should start building a new house, a new construction or a very different type, otherwise everything will be in tatters.”

Elaborating on Moscow’s decision to downsize of the number of US diplomatic corps in Russia to the same number of Russian diplomats in the US, Ryabkov said Russia has waited seven months before resorting to the measure.

“We waited so long, we thought it was sufficient time for decision makers in New York to change their minds, it didn’t happen,” he said, adding that “now we are equals” in terms of diplomatic staff numbers.

However, if Washington turns a deaf ear to Moscow’s plea, there is “a very rich toolbox” in Russia’s disposal, according to the deputy minister. While Ryabkov refused to disclose any exact retaliation steps as it would be “unprofessional,” he assured that “different options are on the table and consideration is being given to all sorts of things both symmetrical or asymmetrical.”

“Every child in the US knows what the words ‘no trespassing on private property’ means. Meanwhile, we saw the US law enforcers just taking completely unacceptable measure on private property that belongs to a foreign state. We can’t have more evidence of a very wrong direction in which political thinking in the US has taken in recent time.”

Ryabkov was referring to the action taken by the Obama administration in the waning days of their tenure (Dec 29, 2016) in which they unlawfully seized two Russian diplomatic compounds and expelled 35 Russian diplomats.



ALTZAR: And now, what do you think was the most important thing Russia’s No. 2 diplomat said here? To give you a clue, it is in the 6th paragraph.

“We waited so long“… “for decision makers in NEW YORK to change their minds.”

It was probably a slip of the tongue, but Ryabkov did speak the truth. The DECISION MAKERS in this country are in NEW YORK, not Washington. It is in New York where the head(s) of the New York Order serpent reside.

Also see… FDR OPENED WALL STREET-WASHINGTON REVOLVING DOOR IN 1934, KENNEDY WAS THE FIRST TO WALK THROUGH IT – An Explosion of Wall Street-Washington Collusion in the last Quarter Century – July 26, 2015 –


On this day in 1916, a bomb in San Francisco killed 10 people and wounded 40. It was a start of a legal travesty that took 45 years to unravel (see the ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY…  below).


Justice Blind 3-07-1989


Let us kill the death penalty before we kill more innocent people

It’s a disgrace that the U.S. is in the same league on capital punishment as Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, India and other bloodthirsty societies in Asia and Africa

Over the decades as a war correspondent, geopolitical commentator and a business analyst, I have warned a number of times that Justice is neither perfect nor blind.

Justice is easily corrupted by political, ideological, business, religious or racial interests. That is why I have also spoken out against the capital punishment in this country (for example, see Capital Punishment: Justice or Revenge?, Sep 28, 2000 –

As the esteemed 18th-century English jurist, judge and politician Sir William Blackstone put it, “it is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer.”

The above 1916 “Preparedness Day” murder trial is a case in point. While Justice blindly pursued its ideological and political beliefs at the time – that organized labor was behind the bombing – while the terrorist who set off that bomb and killed all those innocent people got away scott free.

Because this 1916 case is not an exception. There are thousands of wrongful convictions happening in the U.S. right now, more than 100 years after that trial.

Samuel Gross, a law professor at the University of Michigan, cataloged 340 exonerations between 1989 and 2003. These exonerations were almost all murder and rape cases, which get much more post-conviction attention, whereas the total number of felonies also includes burglary, car theft, tax fraud, and drug possession.

Some 95 percent of felony convictions are the result of plea bargains, with no formal evidence ever presented, and most never bother with an appeal.

There’s a more rigorous way to crunch the numbers, according to Gross’s new study. And that approach leads to a false conviction rate that was high enough to make one gasp — 4.1 percent.

Gross and his colleagues calculated a 4.1 percent error rate among people who are sentenced to death. This is a small subset (less than 0.1 percent) of the total number of prison sentences but, because of the stakes, these death row cases are scrutinized far more than most. (see this National Geographic report –

Stop and think about it for a moment. Four out of 100 death row convictions are FALSE! So we are killing innocent people. And even if some are exonerated before being put to death, they incarcerated for years, or even decades, like those two labor defendants from the 1916 trial.

And the U.S. calls itself a “civilized” country? Look at the company we are keeping…


Gross and his colleagues collected data on the 7,482 people who were sentenced to death between 1973 and 2004. Of these, 117 were exonerated, or 1.6 percent. But among these, 107 were exonerated while they were still on death row, whereas only 10 were exonerated after their sentence had been reduced to life in prison.

“This leads to a bizarre situation,” Virginia Hughes writes in the National Geographic . “If you’re on death row and your sentence is reduced to life in prison, you’re suddenly much less likely to be exonerated than someone who stays on death row.”

In short, Justice is not perfect and is never blind. That is why we must not put our blind trust in it. So let us kill the death penalty before we kill more innocent people.




A bomb at a Preparedness Day parade on Market Street in San Francisco kills 10 people and wounds 40. The bomb was hidden in a suitcase. The parade was organized by the city’s Chamber of Commerce in support of America’s possible entrance into World War I. San Francisco was suffering through severe labor strife at the time, and many suspected that anti-war labor radicals were responsible for the terrorist attack.

Labor leader Tom Mooney, his wife Rena, his assistant Warren K. Billings, and two others were soon charged by District Attorney Charles Fickert with the bombing. The case attracted international interest because all evidence, with the exception of a handful of questionable witness accounts, seemed to point unquestionably to their innocence.

Even after confessions of perjured testimony were made in the courtroom, the trial continued, and in 1917 Mooney and Billings were convicted of first-degree murder, with Billings sentenced to life imprisonment and Mooney sentenced to hang. The other three defendants were acquitted.

Responding to international outrage at the conviction, President Woodrow Wilson set up a “mediation commission” to investigate the case, and no clear evidence of their guilt was found. In 1918, Mooney’s sentence was commuted to life imprisonment.

During the next two decades, many groups and individuals petitioned California to grant the two men a new trial. By 1939, when evidence of perjury and false testimony at the trial had become overwhelming, newly elected Governor Culbert Olson pardoned Mooney and commuted Billing’s sentence to time served. Billings was not officially pardoned until 1961.



Jan 29, 2017

My FB friend Jenny Worman posted this comment today about the alleged “Muslim ban” by the Trump administration. She feels it’s slanderous to allege that and explains why.

“Jenny, here’s a little more grist for your mill…In 2011, Obama banned Iraqi refugees for six months. No outrage. Why not?Saudi Kuwait Qatar currently ban Muslim refugees. No outrage. Why not?Oh, I see… maybe that’s because that was before Obama and rich Arab states started funding ISIS in Syria? And nobody was paying the “outraged” protestors against Trump?

c3wndkawmaanh19Some of my friends said that those vulgar feminist demonstrators in Washington were paid thousands (by Soros) to stage that protest the day after the Trump inauguration. Look at also at some of these militant women who are now demonstrating against the Trump executive order on immigration and refugees.

“Professional anti-Trump demonstrators?”

They lost the election and can’t stand it. So they are now trying to obstruct the will of the majority being implemented by our new president.Let’s hope they run out of gas before Soros et. al. run out of money. * * *UPDATE JAN 30, 2017


I originally said so in November 1995 when I compared what had just happened in Bosnia and elsewhere in the Balkans to what WAS GOING TO HAPPEN in Europe and eventually the U.S., too – see

Responding to my yesterday’s post WHAT “MUSLIM BAN” – – Vernal Stevens – – posted the following comment at the Stewards of the Earth group page:
“If Muslims have rights granted them by their religion in their country, that’s all good, but, when they choose to live in a non muslim country, they fore fit those rights and should adapt to the rights granted by the country they chose to live in. They, Muslims, think the country THEY CHOSE, should make special allowances for them and change laws to fit them. Bullshit, you should stay home.”
And today, Vernal added:

“I made the above comments because of personal feelings and doubts I have from hearing about what Muslims have done in Germany, England, and France. It seems, to me anyway, that some Muslims that have immigrated to these countries are in fact being allowed to run amuck and scream discrimination and religious prejudice when confronted for acts of violence or crimes against individuals, such as child molestation, rape, theft, or destroying private property. In their home countries this may be allowed but when they use their religion to enable these behaviors in the host country this is where the hate for Muslims starts. It’s not like they are innocent, or are not aggressive because they are and because of political correctness, European countries are in deep doodoo, right up to their eyebrows. I would not want this B / S in Hawaii.”


To which I responded as follows:

“Amen to that, Vernal. Check out this chart to see where America’s “refugees” come from. See any countries there whose cultures and values are compatible with ours? I don’t. It is an ethnic time bomb, only smaller in proportion than that the New World Order has planted in Europe.”

See NO MULTIETHNIC COUNTRY IS SECESSION-PROOF –, which includes my November 1995 Truth in Media editorial – “When Cultures Collide…” – also published in the Washington Times in August 1996.

More importantly, it is the New World Order’s global wars that have caused such massive displacements of people. And now they want us, the American taxpayers, whose money they used to sow discord and destruction around the world, not only to pay for the refugees they created, but also to risk potential culture clashes and violence in our country?

No Siree… we won’t stand for that, like the NWO’s European patsies did. Most Americans stand with President Trump – against such an ethnic time bomb.

A much better solution is to stop acting as if we were the world’s self-appointed policemen, and pull our troops out of all those foreign countries. Stopping our foreign wars would fix the refugee problem – PERMANENTLY. And it would save us a ton of money, too.

Also see my Truth in Media Aug 3, 2016 editorial…

 * * *

UPDATE JAN 30, 2017


Ever seen any other president talking to the American people directly like this? I haven’t. Whether or not you agree with him, it is a breath of fresh air.



Let us hope and pray that this president has enough “cojones” to stand firm on this issue, and will ignore the corrupt lamestream media frenzy. The only power the media and the paid anti-Trump “professional protesters” is the power we give them – by paying attention to their shenanigans.

So far, so good. Here’s what Donald Trump tweeted in the last 24 hours:

LET NEW YORK TIMES FOLD: “Somebody with aptitude and conviction should buy the FAKE NEWS and failing @nytimes and either run it correctly or let it fold with dignity!”

SENATORS MCCAIN AND GRAHAM ARE WRONG: “The joint statement of former presidential candidates John McCain & Lindsey Graham is wrong – they are sadly weak on immigration. The two Senators should focus their energies on ISIS, illegal immigration and border security instead of always looking to start World War III.”

ALTZAR: Yes! Way to go, Mr President. Hard to think of two more egregious warmongers than McCain and Graham.

WILL DEFEND THE CHRISTIANS: “Christians in the Middle-East have been executed in large numbers. We cannot allow this horror to continue!”

“WE NEED STRONG BORDERS, HORRIBLE MESS IN EUROPE: “Our country needs strong borders and extreme vetting, NOW. Look what is happening all over Europe and, indeed, the world – a horrible mess!”

And then this…

“Where was all the outrage from Democrats and the opposition party (the media) when our jobs were fleeing our country?”

Ever seen any other president talking to the American people directly like this? I haven’t. Whether or not you agree with him, it is a breath of fresh air.

Also see my Truth in Media Aug 3, 2016 editorial…

 * * *


I was inspired to create this image while writing this afternoon the Truth in Media editorial WHAT “MUSLIM BAN?”; “REFUGEES” AN ETHNIC TIME BOMB – .
Perhaps what also contributed to it were comments of British politicians today. Most of them were racing to condemn Trump. Of course, London’s first Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan was among them.
Islam is now London’s largest minority religion. In the 2011 census, the Muslims in London accounted for 12.4% of the population (40% of all England’s Muslims).
British Prime Minister Theresa May, who met with Donald Trump at the White House on Friday only hours before he signed the executive order about the refugees, at first declined to condemn it.
But then she quickly backtracked and joined the chorus of “politically correct” Britons.
“But we do not agree with this kind of approach and it is not one we will be taking,” she said in a statement from Turkey, where she traveled after Washington.
ALTZAR: Since when do the foreign heads of state or politicians have a say about the U.S. immigration policies? What does it matter what they think? They’ve done enough damage in their own country,
Guess this gaggle of Anglo geese are still under the illusion that it’s business as usual in America, and that the New World Order crowd are calling the shots, as they had been for decades. And that Trump would ignore the mandate he received from the American people for the sake of European “politically correctness,”
Well, they have another think coming to them.
PS: The famous 40-story egg-shaped building in the London financial district is called The Gherkin. I suggest they rename it to The Burkin. 🙂

 * * *

UPDATE FEB 1, 2017


It is ironic that a party that calls itself “Democratic” would put all its energy into obstructing the result of a democratic election.

“When will the Democrats give us our Attorney General and rest of Cabinet! They should be ashamed of themselves! No wonder D.C. doesn’t work!”

ALTZAR: Shame? That presupposes presence of morality.

“The Democrats are delaying my cabinet picks for purely political reasons. They have nothing going but to obstruct.”

Donald Trump, Jan 31, 2017 –


It is ironic that a party that calls itself “Democratic” would put all its energy into obstructing the result of a democratic election.

Ironic, but also consistent. Remember how they trashed the campaign of one of their own last summer? Bernie Sanders was the only true democrat on the ticket. Yet the Democratic party leadership shredded him like minced meat and fed him to Hillary’s political dogs.

So I suggest they drop the veil and rename themselves Plutocratic Party – the party of the rich and famous.

Meanwhile, if you have one of those Plutocratic Party in Congress representing your district or state, give him a piece of your mind, will you? And do your best to make sure such politicians are voted out of office the next time around.




Thanks to the internet and social media, Americans are now learning to distinguish between real and fake news

It’s getting harder to pull the wool over American voters’ eyes

The Reuters Institute For The Study Of Journalism recently released a report showing that trust levels in news media vary hugely by country. Trust is highest in affluent Western European nations, primarily due to the presence of well-funded public service broadcasters. Some 65 percent of people in Finland, for example, agreed that “you can trust most news most of the time”.

In the United States, however, the epicenter of the fake news storm unleashed by Lying Hillary and her lamestream media supporters, trust was far lower – just 33 percent.


ALTZAR: So, it’s working, its working!

As a longtime fighter for the Truth in Media, a non-profit endeavor I founded over a quarter century ago to counter the fake news in the mainstream media during the Balkan wars in the 1990s, I find this report quite heartening.

As a nation we are maturing, getting smarter, learning to depend more on our own wits, exercise judgment and use common sense, instead of placing a blind trust in the media and government institutions as many of our parents had.

What better proof of it than Donald Trump’s election win. Without the internet and the social media, Hillary and the hoards of her lying and cheating lamestream media supporters would have dominated the news and fooled most people. Just as CNN et. al. did in the 1990s, for example, in Bosnia and Kosovo. And Trump wouldn’t have stood the chance.

So it’s working, it’s working! Free spirit is returning to America. Slowly. But the pendulum is now swinging in the other direction. And the universe is unfolding as it should and always had.



Over 22 years ago, I predicted that the PC/Internet revolutions would have a similar effect on mankind as had the invention of a handgun. They would level the playing field, I wrote in a Nov 12, 1994 article, and empower individuals and small businesses in the way we have not seen since Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance period (see PC/Internet Revolutions and Refusion of Arts and Sciences

“With a handgun in her hand, a little old lady could confront a 500-pound gorilla – and win!,” I said.

[also see my 1997 FORBES column “Move over Einstein, Signor da Vinci Is Back”, and my speech in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in May 2006 (PDF) –

And that’s what happened on Nov 8. A Little Old Lady America loaded her handgun and shot down the fake news Hillary and her lamestream media cohorts were trying to advance. At the same time, Wikileaks kept releasing the real news about the most corrupt candidate who has ever run for president.

It was a modern David vs. Goliath story, In the end, the truth won. Which I find quite heartening after trying to advance its cause for over a quarter century.


I also find the widespread use of the term “lamestream” media quite heartening. In the early 1990s, my Irish-American friend, Peter Maher, a retired professor of linguistics at a Chicago university, were using that term in reference to media lies and deceptions about the war in Bosnia. I remember that I had to put it quotes because the spellchecker would reject it.

Not anymore. Now “everybody” is using it. And the spellchecker doesn’t mind it, either. Another small victory. 🙂