So what’s he waiting for?

Meanwhile, the new “Drang Nach Osten” Continues as US pushes Georgia to join NATO

Mike Pence said Tuesday that President Donald Trump would soon sign into law a new package of sanctions against Russia.

So what’s he waiting for?

Of course, the obedient lapdog media who accompanies Pence on his drum-beating visit to Georgia, a former Soviet republic, not the US southern state, do not get jetted, wined and dined on international trips like this to ask challenging questions.

My guess?

Trump is now getting an earful from other powerful international leaders about how stupid and suicidal it would be for the US to start a trade war with the world. So maybe he’s having second thoughts? God willing… though I am not holding my breath.


Meanwhile, Pence’s visit to the former Soviet state on Russia’s southern border reaffirmed the continuation of a Russophobic trend the Truth in Media first identified in April 1995 (see “New Drang Nach Osten” (Push toward East): Taming the Russian Bear” –

The US VP used the opportunity to push for Georgia’s admittance to NATO during a visit to US troops who are stationed there (did you know we had troops there? I did not). They were participating in joint multinational military exercises “Noble Partner 2017” at an airbase outside Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital.

Back in April 1995, I wrote:

“Napoleon tried it. It didn’t work. Bismarck eventually also gave up on the idea. The German Kaiser and the Hapsburg emperor, as well as later Adolf Hitler, provoked two world wars in this century pursuing the “Drang Nach Osten” (“Eastward Push”) goal. Having caused the suffering by millions of people, including their own, they also failed.rus-ring.gif (44632 bytes)
Yet, kicking Russia out of Europe is still the objective of the current U.S. developed, and Washington-Berlin executed strategy, thinly veiled under the “Partnership for Peace” slogan.”

At the time, we also called NATO the New “Iron Curtain” over Europe and painted it back on the map. The updated map shows the new members in olive-drab and the new target acquisitions in yellow.

The geopolitical maps you see here are part of that article. I have just updated them to the current time frame to show the NATO expansion that has taken place since I wrote that 22 years ago.

With Ukraine and Georgia in bag of NATO minions, Washington’s encirclement of Russia would be complete.


Back in 1995, when I first published that “Drang Nach Osten” piece, I was working as a war correspondent and geopolitical commentator on the Balkans conflicts. During one of my earlier visits to Bosnia (in 1994), I had a chance to share this research and charts with General Ratko Mladic, the top commander of the Bosnian Serb army, and his HQ staff.

The general’s grasped the geopolitical significance of this analysis right away. Alas, his army was too weak by that stage of the war to take on an enemy as powerful as NATO by itself. And its one possible ally – Russia – was floundering.

At the time, Boris Yeltsin, Russia’s president, was on his knees (figuratively) begging the IMF for a loan. Here’s what I said about that:

“On April 12, 1995, the day the IMF finally approved his loan, Yeltsin set the price for “Mother Russia’s” sovereignty – a mere $7 billion! The amount seems like a bargain-basement price which may go down in history alongside some other major give-aways, such as the sale of Alaska by the Russians.”

When Vladimir Putin took over from Yeltsin in 2000, Russia was in shambles – robbed, plundered and pillaged of its assets by the local quislings of the New World Order and western bankers. For a few years, Putin acted in good faith, hoping that he can negotiate with the powers that be of the New World Order.

Alas, Putin eventually realized that was impossible. As Winston Churchill allegedly shouted at one of his ministers who wanted to negotiate a peace treaty with Hitler after Dunkirk, “you don’t sue for peace when your head is in the jaw of a tiger.” [paraphrasing]

And so here we are, the NATO tiger is trying to add another bite to its eastern meal – Georgia. The new Iron Curtain over Europe is spreading to the east.





On this month in history… July 1917


DDy0IaXWsAAsF9g100 years ago this month, 2,000 Russian women volunteered to fight for their country. 300 passed the basic training. On July 21, 1917, the 170 women under the command of Maria Bochkaryeva (right), repulsed 14 German attacks in 3 days on the territory of today’s Belarus.

30 of them were killed, 70 wounded, including the commander. That’s how they earned the nickname the “death battalion.”

Of the 300 Russian women who passed the basic training and received their military banner on July 4, 1917 in a ceremony at Saint Isaacs Cathedral in Saint Petersburg, 70 never came back. More than 100 were wounded.

That’s the Russian version of FEMINISM and equality between men and women. Fighting for their country.


Now, with that as a preamble, take a look at these pictures of some of the leading American feminists. And then answer the question: “Do you see any of these women fighting for their country?”

“That’s a joke, right?” you might think. “A trick question.”

I know. It seems that way. For, it would be indeed absurd to imagine the likes of Whoopi Goldberg or Hillary Clinton or Oprah or some these other Hollywood stars, taking up arms and fighting for America. Most of them are too busy trying to emasculate the men, and fight for the gay, lesbian and transgender rights. And for women in politics. So they could all together lord over men.

And they do it by wagging their tongues as talking heads on TV, of course, not arms.

And they are not even being original at that. Like the early feminist Gloria Steinem, for example. At least she took some chances by spying for the CIA.


Did you know, by the way, that the “women’s lib” was actually funded by the New World Order chieftains, such as the Rockefellers?

Yep. The Truth in Media wrote about that 2.5 years ago. See NEW WORLD ORDER’S WAR ON AMERICAN FAMILY,, Jan 2, 2015 -p

With so many women around the world already in high political offices, why do you think women desire (political) power?

They don’t. Women already have more power than men and always have. Because they are in charge of CREATION. And LIFE PRESERVATION. That’s the natural order of things which the New World Order elite are trying to change. They want women to be like men.


“The world we know today, the world being propagated by the powers that be of the New World Order – it is the world of constant conflict and warfare… between the nations and tribes and between the genders.”

But why would women want to be like that? Why would they want to be tougher than men? “History is littered with millions of corpses that male ambition, greed and quest for power has left behind,” I wrote in this Aug 2016 editorial, WOMEN AND POWER: ATTRACTION CONCEIVED BY THE DEVIL (i.e., NWO) –

Check it out. You will find many more fascinating facts about how and why the New World Order invented and funded feminism.


Now back to that Russian WW I story. The 2,000 Russian women who volunteered to fight the Germans did not do that because they were natural born heroins. They did it because by the summer of 1917, the Russian army was demoralized and headless.

The Tsar had been deposed. The Kerensky government was floundering. Men were deserting en masse.  So they decided to take up arms hoping this would inspire the men to do the same and keep on fighting.

It did not work, partly due to communist agitators who were trying to get the Russian soldiers to desert. So that the Bolsheviks could overthrow the government and take over. The seeds of the revolution, which was yet to come three months later, were being planted the summer of 1917.

So these Russian women-soldiers fought under most difficult circumstance, without any fanfare or parades, with the sole goal of protecting their motherland. And that is a mark of a true hero.

Slava im! (“Glory to them!”)


The story of the first Russian female battalion commander Maria Bochkaryeva is quite fascinating. It would certainly make a great movie. Alas, Hollywood is not interested in Russian heroes. The Russians are always the bogeys in La La Land productions. So let me share with the gist of her life and death…

Maria was born into a peasant family in Imperial Russia in 1889.  Her life started off miserably. She was sent to work at the age of eight, received regular beatings, was a victim of sexual assault, and was physically abused by the men in her life, including her father and husband.

When the war with Germany and Austria-Hungary broke out in 1914, she decided to leave her past behind and become a soldier.

I cut off my hair, dressed in men’s clothes, and provided myself with two loaves of bread,” Bochkareva recalls in her memoirs, written down by bilingual American journalist Isaac Don Levine in 1918.

Not surprisingly, she was denied entry into the Imperial Army because she was a woman and was advised to try herself out as a sister of mercy.

Undaunted, Maria sent a telegram appealing directly to Tsar Nicholas II. To everyone’s astonishment, she received a positive answer.

In November 1914, she joined the 25th Tomsk Reserve Battalion of the Imperial Russian Army where gradually she grew to be admired and respected by her fellow soldiers.

In 1917, after the February Revolution that toppled the monarchy, War Minister Alexander Kerensky approached Maria with the idea of forming Russia’s first female battalion.

After the Bolsheviks came to power in the October of 1917, Bochkareva fled to the United States via Vladivostok, in Russia’s Far East (like another “Dr Zhivago” script).

There she was received in the White House by the President Woodrow Wilson, who was said to have been moved by her story.

She returned to Russia in 1918 to continue her fight against the Bolsheviks. But she was arrested and sentenced to death. The execution was to be carried out on May 16, 1920.

However, when Maria was rehabilitated in 1992, no statement of the execution was found in the communist archives. Her biographer, Sergey Drokov, believes she was never shot, but was saved by journalist Isaac Don Levine, who was in Russia at that time, seeking (in vain) a meeting with Lenin.

And so the mystery of Maria’s life will live on forever (see

Here’s are links to two stories at RT.COM which describe their plight and heroism.

Russian soldier Maria’s war against Germany & sexism –

Female death battalions: Russian Wonder Women of 1917 –


* * *



The fight is on – not between the U.S. and Russia, but between our two houses – the House of Representatives and the White House

Also see, HOW TO DRAIN THE DC SWAMP – July 28 update at the end

Can you imagine what would happen in this country (and the world) if countries like, say, China or India, announced sanctions against the most successful U.S. industries. Such as information technology (computers), for example, or telecommunications, or military technology, or aerospace, or…?

And these sanctions would not be limited only to the Chinese or Indian companies. These sanctions would apply to all their trading partners around the world. Like the EU, or Japan, or Brazil, or Canada.

I’ll tell you what would happen: There would war. The lamestream media would go berserk. Wall Street would demand immediate retributions, and Washington would meekly and obligingly put our armed forces and military might at the Wall Street disposal as they have in all the wars in the last quarter century.



Now imagine the shoe were on the other foot. The latest package of sanctions, passed by the US House of Representatives on Tuesday, targets Russia’s major defense, mining, shipping and railway industries. In other words the country’s lifelines, the pride and joy of Russia’s creativity and industry, and its most advanced technologies, some more so than those in the U.S. (like aerospace, or various other military technologies).

As if that were not bad enough, the new sanctions also include penalties on European companies engaged in joint EU-Russia energy projects, with the Gazprom-run Nord Stream 2 flagship pipeline being the most probable targets.

Now, take a deep breath and put yourself in Vladimir Putin’s shoes. What would you do? This is an unprecedented attack, a virtual declaration of war, in which one GOVERNMENT uses all of its political might to help the business of its PRIVATE MULTINATIONAL companies. And in the process breaks many of the longstanding international laws and practices.

Now, here’s what Putin’s initial reaction has been…

PUTIN’S REACTION: New sanctions “extremely cynical.”

“It’s an obvious attempt [by the US] to use its geopolitical advantages in the competitive struggle with the goal of ensuring its economic interests at the expense of its other allies,” he added.

“As for the extraterritorial nature of the US legislation, I have been talking about this for a long time, starting from 2007… This practice is unacceptable, it destroys international relations and international law,” he said.

Russia’s president warned that Moscow is already running out of patience with Washington’s “impudence.”

“As you know, our behavior is very restrained, patient, but at some point we will have to come up with a response. It is impossible to endlessly endure impudence towards our country,” Putin said.

He said that Moscow “hasn’t yet seen the final version (of the US sanctions legislation), that’s why we don’t have a final opinion on the issue.”

“But we see that for a long period of time [there have been] constant attempts to provoke us,” the Russian leader added.

For more, see…


Editorial Comment



Everything is happening right on cue. The day after the first and historic meeting between the American and Russian presidents at the G20 summit in Hamburg, (see groups/ permalink/1162310413915570/)

“Trump and Putin had “positive chemistry” during their first meeting, Tillerson said, adding that there was “so much to talk about” that neither leader “wanted to stop.” The two “connected very quickly,” said (Rex) Tillerson (US Secretary of State).

That’s great. Now let’s sit back and watch how the lamestream media and other warmongers among the New World Order crowd try to derail this rapprochement between the U.S. and Russia at presidential levels.

Now it remains to be seen who is in charge here – Trump or the NWO foreign policy masters.”

So the fight is on. Not between the U.S. and Russia, but between our two houses – the House of Representatives and the White House.

The former have sold their souls and votes to the U.S. death merchants and other bankers and industrials. It remains to be seen if our President is really for peace and prosperity, as he has said, or will cave in to the dogs of war.



Meanwhile, as these Truth in Media cartoons show, originally published in 1994 and 1995 respectively, there has been an unquestionable consistency of US hatred and warmongering against Serbia and Russia during the last quarter century.


Is it a “coincidence” that both are predominantly Orthodox Christian countries? There is no such thing, of course, as a coincidence when it comes to the New World Order actions.

Any time the US, or its other New World Order minions, extended an olive branch with one hand to Russia or Serbia, they held deadly weapons behind their backs.

Like aligning themselves with all kinds of unsavory factions, characters and groups, including drug dealers and Islamic terrorists (in Kosovo and Chechnya, for example), whom they used as proxies in the fight against the Orthodox Christians.


This is not new news. Here’s an excerpt from my Nov 1996 Washington Times column, “The Demo Farce and the American Century”, Columns/DEMO%20FARCE.html, also carried in Russian by Moscow’s ZAVTRA (“Tomorrow”) in Dec 1996:

“The Marxism/Communism ideology was a western invention which the West planted into Russia, and then used it as a cover for launching an all-out campaign against the Eastern Orthodox Christians,’ said Vladimir Bondarenko, a Russian writer and deputy editor of a Moscow opposition paper, ‘ZAVTRA’ (‘Tomorrow’), who spoke on Nov 3, 1996 at a meeting in Phoenix.

If Bondarenko is right, and if the Western industrials’ anti-Eastern Christian Orthodoxy policy has been one of the constants of the 20th century, then hundreds of millions of good people, the law-abiding, God-fearing Americans and other western Christians have been duped. They’ve been fooled (by one communist gang, such as NWO’s Brzezinski et. al.) into fighting ‘communism’ – a ‘bogus bogey,’ over the backs of their Eastern Orthodox Christian brothers and sisters. And on behalf of our real enemies – the Godless industrial globalists (a rival gang).”


Let us also not forget that, just like these new sanctions, the downing of the MH17 in July 2014 was supposed to shock and awe Washington’s European allied into submission. Just like now, they were starting to flaunt the US sanctions and continue the “business as usual” trading with Russia.

The mass murder of some 300 innocent civilians, mostly Dutch, aboard the MH17 did indeed shock the Europeans into falling in line behind the U.S.

“With friends like Washington,” the Europeans must have reasoned, “who needs enemies.” And caved in.

Three months earlier (in Apr 2014), this writer penned an editorial which pointed out that the US Russia policy is and has been entirely ANTI-EUROPEAN (see EUROPE: ALL PAIN, NO GAIN, Apr 26, 2014 –

A month earlier, Putin also lashed out at the US treachery (see NATO: TO RUSSIA WITH LOVE, Truth in Media, March 2014 – Little did he know back then what kinds of crimes with mass murderers are capable of.

What will Europe do now if these new sanctions are implemented? Will they cave in again? Or will it take an “MH18” disaster to bring them to heel?

Maybe not this time.

“I consider the Russia sanctions imposed by the US absolutely Kern Austrian Chancellorunacceptable,” Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern wrote on Facebook on Wednesday. “Confusing political interests with economic interests at the expense of European jobs is a no-go.”

“Energy supply of Europe is a matter for Europe!” Kern added (for more, see…

“These types of sanctions in position is economic suicide for America,” said Mx Kaiser, RT editor. :They are pushing Germany into the arms of Russia. Germany is the center piece of NATO, and NATO will disintegrate… ”

So if this were to come to pass, maybe some good come out of all this hatred and warmongering.

“This is stupid,” Kaiser continued.”It’s is the policy of morons. Why? Because the deep state in America wants to keep feathering their nests by warring all over the world, killing innocent civilians. Donald Trump hopefully will stand up to this.” (for more, see…

We will let Kaiser have the last word. After all, he is a Kaiser. 🙂




On this day in 1974, the House Judiciary Committee recommends that America’s 37th president, Richard M. Nixon, be impeached and removed from office. The impeachment proceedings resulted from a series of political scandals involving the Nixon administration that came to be collectively known as Watergate.

On August 8, Nixon announced his resignation, becoming the first president in U.S. history to voluntarily leave office.




That was 43 years ago when we had a “bad” president. Now the situation is reversed. We have a “bad” Congress (both the House and the Senate). These traitors have sold out the interests of the American people to their death merchant, bankers and industrial backers, including some foreign sponsors.

That’s treason. And yet we have no constitutional tools to deal with that kind of abuse of office. Our Founding Fathers, honorable men that they were, could conceive of such travesty.

As the Roman poet Juvenal wandered rhetorically in the first century AD, Quis custodiet ipsos custodes (“who will guard the guards?”).

So how do we impeach the impeachers?

Donald Trump talked a lot about “draining the swamp” during the campaign. Here’s his chance.


Washington Swap

Flashback to Trump-Putin’s first summit on July 8, 2017 at the G20 meeting in Hamburg

July 9, 2017



But will Nikki Haley do it?

The “historic” first Trump-Putin meeting on July 7, on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, hijacked Angela Merkel’s carefully planned agenda for this summit of world leaders. Not only did the media focus only on that event, even Melania Trump could not pry her husband away from Putin.

The meeting was scheduled to last 30-40 minutes. It went on for 2:16 hours. Poor Japanese prime minister Abe, who had a meeting scheduled with Putin right after Trump’s, had to cool his heels like a valet until the two world leaders were finished bonding with each other.

Afterward, Putin apologized to Abe on behalf of both himself and Putin.

“I had a tremendous meeting yesterday with President Putin,” Trump said today (July 8) while speaking with UK Prime Minister Theresa May.

It must have been. Because even Melania could not pry her husband away from Putin.

First Lady Melania Trump was sent into the meeting at one point to see her husband and try to “get him out,” Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson said.

“Clearly, she failed,” the top US diplomat joked, adding that the meeting went on for another hour after that.


Putin’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, who has been Putin’s spokesperson since 2000,, disagreed. He said that a “certain affection” had developed between the Russian leader and Trump’s wife, Melania, who sat next to the Russian president at the official G20 dinner, revealing that the two discussed several issues on the summit agenda, including gender equality and women’s economic participation.

Trump and Putin had “positive chemistry” during their first meeting, Tillerson said, adding that there was “so much to talk about” that neither leader “wanted to stop.” The two “connected very quickly,” said Tillerson.

That’s great. Now let’s sit back and watch how the lamestream media and other warmongers among the New World Order crowd try to derail this rapprochement between the U.S. and Russia at presidential levels. Including those whom Trump had appointed to their jobs, such as the UN ambassador Nikki Haley.

‘We cannot trust Russia & we won’t ever trust Russia’ – she has already squawked today in a CNN interview.

Right on cue. Now it remains to be seen who is in charge here – Trump or the NWO foreign policy masters.

If it is the former, Trump should fire Haley immediately for insubordination. It is the President, not the UN ambassador, who makes foreign policy.

And if Trump does not, then well… we’ll also have an answer as to who is in charge, won’t we?

For more, see…

Putin Trump 7-07-17

UPDATE JULY 10, 2017 –


Biggest threat to New World Order: If Reap Peace Were to Break Out between U.S. and Russia

They are so predictable. The uproar has already started. The New World Order war dogs are already barking their heads off. On orders, of course, of their warmongering masters.

I said yesterday in my piece about the friendly meeting between the Russian and American presidents on July 7 (see EVEN MELANIA COULD NOT BREAK UP THE TRUMP-PUTIN BONDING), that the new detente will come under attack by the mad war dogs of the New World Order. Because the later could not exist without Russia as a bogey and an enemy.

So the news that Putin and Trump hit it off so well must have rung alarm bells across the New World Order boardrooms. And immediately they sent their attack dogs to try to derail the deal.


First yesterday, the UN ambassador Nikki Haley had the nerve to attack her own president who appointed her to that job (see ‘We cannot trust Russia & we won’t ever trust Russia’ – she has already squawked July 9 in a CNN interview.).

Then today, three warmongering Republican senators – Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, John McCain of Arizona and Marco Rubio of Florida – immediately criticized the Trump-Putin idea “to form an impenetrable Cyber Security unit so that election hacking, & many other negative things, will be guarded and safe”, saying Moscow could not be trusted.

Just like Nikki Haley yesterday. Reading of the same warmongering New World Order page? Birds of a feather that flock together? You betcha.

And then also today, “NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg Called On Russia To Remove ‘Thousands Of Troops’ From Ukraine”.

Excuse me? Russian troops in Ukraine, while the US military are steadily building up their presence since 2015. Clearly another distraction and diversion attempt by the NATO and US military war dogs.

Because at the same time as Stoltenberg was mouthing off this nonsensical accusation against Russia, guess what the U.S. military were doing? Conducting massive war games just off Ukrainian coast (see Sea Breeze: US sends missile warships, Navy SEALs to massive war games off Ukraine coast).

As I said, they are so predictable. Because the biggest threat to the New World Order would be if real PEACE were to break out between the U.S. and Russia. So they are calling all their war dogs into action trying to prevent that from happening.

For more, see…


UPDATE JULY 28, 2017


Gill Fisher, an FB reader from South Carolina, wrote this about my editorial on new Russia sanctions:
“The worst mistake America can make right now. In Trump we trust – so Congress ties his hands behind his back. WE did not elect Congress for president.”
Here’s my reply:
True. We did not give Congress presidential powers which include making foreign policy. So this legislation is not only invalid under international law, it is also UNCONSTITUTIONAL.
That’s why Trump needs to take on all the traitors in the House and Senate head on and veto this unprecedented legislation.
Of course, since most of the Congress has been bought by the warmongering Russophobic anti-Trump deep state, they can overturn the veto. Let them.
That’s when Trump should consider dissolving the Congress which violated our Constitution with this legislation, and then call for new congressional elections.
Trump should then take the case to the American people with a proposed new constitutional amendment or a new Constitution (the latter would be my preference).
THAT’S HOW ONE DRAINS THE DC SWAMP. So that all snakes and reptiles are gone forever.
If Trump were to do that, he would be fighting not only for the rights and freedom of the American people. He would be fighting for WORLD PEACE. So he would have the support of the entire planet in this noble endeavor.
(just like I predicted in my editorial NEW WORLD ORDER SNAKE TO BE EXPELLED FROM AMERICA – – written 2 weeks BEFORE the election last year).

UPDATE JULY 29, 2017


Be sure to check out the ALTZAR comment at the end re. “DECISION MAKERS IN NEW YORK”

“It was the last drop that made all this happen,” the Russia’s No. 2 diplomat said referring to the “completely weird and unacceptable” bill approved by US lawmakers on Tuesday.

The deputy foreign minister Sergey Ryabkov called on the US to put an end to the retaliation measures and turn over a new leaf in bilateral relations, which are currently in “a miserable state.”

“My hope is that this vicious circle of retaliation will not continue. Measures and counter measures shall stop by now,” Ryabkov said.

“Now we should start anew and my call to the counterparts in Washington and also to Ambassador Tefft is to stop now, we should start building a new house, a new construction or a very different type, otherwise everything will be in tatters.”

Elaborating on Moscow’s decision to downsize of the number of US diplomatic corps in Russia to the same number of Russian diplomats in the US, Ryabkov said Russia has waited seven months before resorting to the measure.

“We waited so long, we thought it was sufficient time for decision makers in New York to change their minds, it didn’t happen,” he said, adding that “now we are equals” in terms of diplomatic staff numbers.

However, if Washington turns a deaf ear to Moscow’s plea, there is “a very rich toolbox” in Russia’s disposal, according to the deputy minister. While Ryabkov refused to disclose any exact retaliation steps as it would be “unprofessional,” he assured that “different options are on the table and consideration is being given to all sorts of things both symmetrical or asymmetrical.”

“Every child in the US knows what the words ‘no trespassing on private property’ means. Meanwhile, we saw the US law enforcers just taking completely unacceptable measure on private property that belongs to a foreign state. We can’t have more evidence of a very wrong direction in which political thinking in the US has taken in recent time.”

Ryabkov was referring to the action taken by the Obama administration in the waning days of their tenure (Dec 29, 2016) in which they unlawfully seized two Russian diplomatic compounds and expelled 35 Russian diplomats.



ALTZAR: And now, what do you think was the most important thing Russia’s No. 2 diplomat said here? To give you a clue, it is in the 6th paragraph.

“We waited so long“… “for decision makers in NEW YORK to change their minds.”

It was probably a slip of the tongue, but Ryabkov did speak the truth. The DECISION MAKERS in this country are in NEW YORK, not Washington. It is in New York where the head(s) of the New York Order serpent reside.

Also see… FDR OPENED WALL STREET-WASHINGTON REVOLVING DOOR IN 1934, KENNEDY WAS THE FIRST TO WALK THROUGH IT – An Explosion of Wall Street-Washington Collusion in the last Quarter Century – July 26, 2015 –



It shows us the future. It shows us what the children of the Muslim “refugees” we admit today may evolve into tomorrow.

And it also show us that the European lax immigration policies are part of a deliberate New World Order’s demographic attack on Christian Europe

(see A BEAR IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING, my 1998 CHRONICLES magazine column – see the URL link below).

Check out this exchange of comments with Holly Jebb at the Stewards of the Earth group page:

Holly Jebb: Oh right, pay no attention to the FACT that almost ALL attacks are committed by citizens, not refugees/immigrants here in the US. Apparently, this latest attack in London, while likely inspired by ISIS, was committed by a man born in Britain, with a prior criminal record. 

YAHOO: “Khalid Masood: London attacker was known to MI5 but had no terror convictions” (see

Bob Altzar Djurdjevic: True. Born in the UK, but in a rabidly Muslim neighborhood and committed to the death, evidently, to destroying everything Britain stood for. Which just goes to show us what the children of today’s Muslim “refugees” may become if we let them in. Not to mention the demographic takeover, just like in Kosovo.

For example. the German fertility rate of 1.44 children per woman compares to a Muslim fertility that is close to twice as high. Bottom line? Destruction of Christian Europe. That’s the goal of the New World Order. The Muslim refugees are merely a means of achieving that end.

For more, see… A BEAR IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING (1998, Chronicles Magazine. Here’s an excerpt:

“The oft-used term “America’s European allies” is one of the greatest oxymorons of our time. “America’s European vassals” would be more appropriate. For, American government’s policy is virtually destroying our so-called “allies,” while aiding the multinational corporations.

This is not unlike the Soviet bear’s treatment of its Eastern European “allies,” read minions. Only more perfidious. For, the West Side bear has stuck its six big claws into the back of Madame Europe, and is dragging her into its lair, while pretending to save her and her heir.

(“Save her from what?” – has been a mystery ever since the end of the Cold War and the demise of the Soviet bear).”

 * * *

MARCH 22, 2017


How many more will have to die before Europe wakes up and starts to defend herself against the Muslim terrorist onslaught?

Back in January, the New World Order agents in Europe forced the British PM to backtrack on her support of Donald Trump’s first executive order. Which was intended to curtail the influx of Muslim refugees into the U.S. like those that have invaded Europe recently.
“Theresa May was forced to make a hasty U-turn over Donald Trump’s ban on refugees from Muslim majority countries, issuing a midnight statement saying she did not agree with the policy.
The British prime minister said she would appeal to the US if the ban affected British citizens. “We do not agree with this kind of approach and it is not one we will be taking,” she said.” (see
Well, two months later, May’s country became once again the latest target of the terrorist attacks, supposedly commemorating a similar carnage the Muslim terrorists inflicted in Brussels, Belgium, a year ago, one has to wonder:
“What say you now, Theresa May, the British PM? Do you still oppose Trump’s order?”
How many more dead and wounded innocent Britons, Europeans or Americans will it take before you admit our president Donald Trump was right to try to put an end to the rampant immigration from the middle-eastern countries?
And that the EU’s past immigration policies have contributed to the willful destruction of the Christian culture in Britain and Europe?
Naturally, Trump issued a statement saying the U.S. will do everything possible to help Theresa May and her government get to the bottom of today’s terrorist attack near the British Parliament.
104245753-GettyImages-632850584.530x298 May and Trump at the White House, Jan 27, 2017
 * * *


Steve Grant What you all miss is the fact that the NWO cannot be brought about in the west without cause and effect. The cause is to give a reason to bring in migrants from a deprived country or refugees from a war torn country. The NWO elite obliged on both counts by paying for the travel and extras to some of the most evil scum on the planet from the deprived and war torn areas of Africa and the Middle East. These professional troublemakers and killers were carefully picked and left to blend in with genuine refugees from the only place that was really in need…. Syria… Except that it was obvious who they were as they travelled down well worn paths dressed in designer clothes and shoes with smart phones.

Funny that, because the genuine Syrians had bugger all bar the ratty clothes and worn out shoes they stood up in. It was all smoke and mirrors by the elite and part of the unfolding plan and mainland Europe fell for it like a fish fooled by some bait. The European countries welcomed in these wretched people and of course the evil terrorists who had thrown away their passports and ID pretending to be “refugees”.

The UK refused to sign up to any agreement which allowed these refugees “chosing” the country they wished to go to without some sort of vetting but as usual in the undemocratic EU decided that they would go ahead with such an agreement that allowed any refugee or migrant to become a EU citizen in the first EU country they hit first on their March to Europe. That meant the UK and other EU countries who were not keen on allowing unabated migration were hamstrung because of the free movement clause of the EU membership. It meant the UK was lumbered with some of the very people that would never get into the country under any circumstances. Then the UK sensibly voted to leave the EU and things started to change.

The hostility to the UK is there for all to see yet our worries were well founded and you only have to see what is happening in many EU countries now. Migrants and refugees are not a bonus for population growth but a drag on perpetual.welfare paid for by the long suffering tax payers. It is quite likely the Elite will push ahead with integration and plunge mainland Europe into civil war with containers shipped into the EU filled with weapons for their unseen army,which ends in military intervention and Marshall law then….. Check mate…. The NWO…..

The only fly in the ointment will be the UK and possibly France?….. Yet again it’s the UK standing up and saying “NO”….. Whilst the stupidity in Europe continues. So the UK is now vetting heavily and rejecting 18000 applicants a month who are trying to get into a welfare rich country whilst Germany still takes them.

It’s Europe who will soon become the enemy because of immigrants and there will be an uneasy peace with the UK….who will not be taking immigrants it doesn’t want. In the UK we tend to look after our citizens once here…. But we don’t appreciate ungrateful people who want to overturn our way of life and culture. If you think we are a soft touch… Think again.


Bob Altzar DjurdjevicThank you for elaborate comment, Steve Grant. What you say here true in the current context. But British mass immigration troubles precede the current Syrian influx into Europe by more than a decade. And the opening of the floodgates to predominantly Muslim migrants had nothing to do with the EU. It was of the British own making when Tony Blair was PM (1997-2007). One can question, of course, if any man acting as an NWO puppet, like Angela Merkel, now has a nationality anyway. Here’s a story about Blair’s 2 million migrant legacy from the LONDON EXPRESS: “Shocking claims Tony Blair led a mass migration conspiracy to ensure Labour’s rule:”

“TONY Blair betrayed Britain for his own political ends by overseeing a massive conspiracy to flood the country with millions of migrants, an explosive book has claimed.

” – as soon as he had the keys to Downing Street the book reveals the new Prime Minister ordered border chiefs to open the floodgates, even telling them to reclassify unskilled asylum seekers as people moving to Britain for work so that he could drum up the economic benefits of mass migration.

He also appointed a fervently pro-immigration minister to the border control brief, who astonishingly ruled against deporting failed asylum seekers because it would be too “emotional” for them, it is claimed.

As a result Britain’s population was swelled with more than two million foreigners during the Blair years, the vast majority of whom would back the Labour party who let them in and lavished them with benefits at future elections.

According to the claims the aim of the project was to make the country “see the benefit of a multicultural society”. (see Shocking claims Tony Blair led a mass migration conspiracy to ensure Labour’s rule

Bob Altzar Djurdjevic That, of course, was only the second wave of rampant immigration which Tony Blair opened in 1997. The first wave followed the British Citizenship Act of 1981 which denied automatic citizenship to British subjects from countries like Pakistan. As a result, a large number of Pakistanis streamed into Britain before the floodgates were shot. There are now more than 1.17 million British Pakistanis, especially in the West Midlands area (Birmingham) from whence the London attacker Khalid Masood hails (see


Demographic warfare being waged on Europe by New World Order


Take a look at this chart. This is what Britain and the EU have to look forward to. They are all victims of demographic warfare, such as that which has already happened in Kosovo, once a cradle of the Serbian empire and culture. Kosovo is now 95% Albanian (Muslim). This is thanks in part to NATO’s war on Serbia in 1999 to which ALL European countries contributed. Shame on them!

As a result, by following the dictates of the American New World Order puppets – Clinton, Bush and Obama during the last quarter century – the UK and EU political stooges have already created a blueprint for the destruction of the European culture.

Now you can all better understand why Donald Trump’s refugee ban met with such ferocious opposition by the New World Order forces at home and abroad. Because it threatens upend their plan to destroy the American Christian culture as they are already doing in Europe.

For more, see…




New EU-flag

EU: Unworkable, Unwieldy, Unpopular…

And Outdated, Because It Is Based on Obsolete Industrial Era Principles

It was on April 19, 1995, over 20 years ago now, that I published an editorial about the merits of the “United States of Europe.” I called it “Eurotopia” (not my original term).

It was an idea advanced by two professors – C. Northcote Parkinson of Britain (1970s) and Prof A.H. Heineken of the Netherlands (early 1990s). And based on research by the Austrian sociologist Leopold Kohr from the 1950s.

Quite a European professorial trio, wouldn’t you say? Their work spread over four decades.

And no, Prof Parkinson has no connection with the infamous deadly disease, nor does Prof Heineken with the famous Dutch beer. At least not as fas as I know anyway. 🙂

Here’s premise of that theory.. in a nutshell:

It is always bigness, and only bigness, which is the 3344532-9319612342-Davidproblem of existence – social, as well as physical.” Prof Kohr concluded. So we must “cut down the substances and organisms which have outgrown their natural limits.”(Leopold Kohr, 1957)

Three years earlier, without being aware of the foregoing, I argued the very same point with the then chairman of EDS, Les Alberthal. I urged him to break up his company. Because EDS, then the largest IT services company in the world, started by Ross Perot in the 1960, was becoming “Unworkable, Unwieldy, Unpopular…” – to borrow the adjectives from this report’s title. Much like the EU today.

amoeba-diagram“Bigness in business has become a liability rather than an advantage,” I said. I compared a successful modern (1992) services business enterprise to an amoeba – which splits up before becoming too big (and, therefore, inefficient).

Alberthal tried to break up the company but was eventually replaced by other industrial centrists. So EDS bit the dust. The company was swallowed up eventually by HP in 2008, another industrial era dinosaur now on its way to extinction.

That – is what also lies ahead for the European Union, another industrial era top-down creation. Another dinosaur.

Death of Democracy

The EU’s demise will be accelerated by the way it obliterated a democratic choice by one of its members. Over 61% of Greeks voted on July 12 to reject the proposal-ultimatum put to the by the EU and global bankers. Yet a week later, the Greek government which urged the voters to reject the deal capitulated under the EU bankers’ and politicians’ pressure and sold out their country into financial slavery.

Pensioners in Greece Betrayed

Things didn’t used to be that way in Europe. Before the EU was imposed on the continent by the multinational corporations, people’s decisions were respected. In 1972 and in 1994 Norway’s government, for example, tried to join the EU. Both times, Iceland-Norway not in EUthe Norwegians said NO to the deal. The government hasn’t brought up the issue since.

Ditto in Iceland. Its government applied for the EU membership in 2009 only to withdraw from the negotiations with the EU officials earlier this year. The Icelanders and the Norwegians saw the same warning light as the Greeks. They did not want to become financial slaves of the New World Order.

By the way, Norway ranks as the No. 1 country in the world in terms of human development and standard of living. Iceland is No. 13. Greece is No. 29 – out of 198 countries analyzed in this ranking. 

So it pays to be wise and well educated. For, “if you lie down with dogs, you get up with flees.”

Troikas then and now

Alas, the Greeks had already tied a golden noose around their collective necks when they took the EU and IMF money. Too late now to try to get out. The heavy “Troika” boot was already on their necks. And is now pressing down even harder.

“United Stated of Europe”

So what might have saved Europe from the inevitable collapse under the centrist EU government?

Over 20 years ago, I wrote this:

“So is there a way out of our current foreign policy quagmire in Europe? Is there also a solution to increased strife world over? Yes, there is:

Prof. Heineken proposed a “United States of Europe.”us of eur.jpg (29786 bytes)

According to his plan, Europe’s 350 million inhabitants would live in 75 independent states, each with a population of about five to 10 million.

I wrote that in April 1995 when the EU consisted of 11 countries. Now the EU has the population of 507 million and counts 28 countries among its members.

Prof. Heineken pointed out that the German or Italian states, for example, never existed before the second half of the 19th century. In other words, they are younger than even the U.S.!

Did you know that? Bet your teachers never mentioned that when they talked of Europe as the Old Continent and of America as the New World.

Furthermore, at the time of the French revolution (1789), the majority of the population in that country did not even speak French. And they certainly were “not able to sing the ‘Marseillaise,’ the newly-minted national anthem,” argues Prof. Heineken. It was only at the end of the 19th century that the French peasants morphed into “Frenchmen.” Before then, they were people who hailed from various provinces in the country we now call France.”

In other words, the whole notion of statehood and nationality is an industrial era invention. It is not natural! And it cannot last in its present form!

“Yet, the main reason that the Heineken proposal would not work is because it runs against another law of nature – the survival of the fittest, which Charles Darwin so eloquently explained – also in the last century.”

“Why would Europe’s most powerful countries, such as Germany, France, Britain or Italy, for example, volunteer to be split up into five or more weaker entities? Can you really see the Greeks giving up their northern territories to a new state called Macedonia, after having kicked so much fuss over the mere use of the name by the former Yugoslav republic? What are the chances of the “incorrigible Serbs” ceding Kosovo, the cradle of their civilization, to Albania, while leaving their Western Serb brethren in belligerent states called Croatia and Bosnia? Why would the Romanian leaders agree to have their country broken up into three pieces while seeing that Hungary, remains intact?”

As the Serbian general, Ratko Mladic once told me during the Bosnian war, “borders are drawn in blood,” i.e., not by some academicians’ or diplomats’ pens.

Balkans, political map
Balkans, political map

And so, thanks to NATO’s military intervention, Bosnia was split up into a separate country. Ditto re. Kosovo. Montenegro split up from Serbia under foreign political pressures on its quisling government.

So yes, the new borders were mostly written in blood (right). And yet they look amazingly similar to the Eurotopia map Prof Heineken produced (above left).

Back to my 1995 piece…

“So, Heineken’s ideas were not perfect. To his credit, even the author called them “a Eurotopia?” (i.e., a European utopia). But there is no question that such a Europe, with its borders modified in blood or otherwise to correct some of the above anomalies, would be a safer place than is the current “Old Continent.”

“It may be wiser to accept these developments (toward decentralization and independence) than to work against them,” suggested Prof. Heineken.

Alas, nobody in the EU heeded his advice. The bankers and multinationals won the day. And off to future wars Europe goes.

Here’s how I finished that 1995 piece:

“It would take an event of cataclysmic proportion, such as another world war, to force the formerly dominant species to cede some power to the weaker ones. And, as Darwin would have probably agreed, they would do it out of fear, not as a charity gesture.

“If the above analysis proves accurate, it would probably spell the end of the world as we know it. But not the end of the world.

For, did you ever observe what happens after a fire or an avalanche had wreaked havoc in a forest? What follows is – life! And it is a life richer and fuller than the one which the cataclysm had destroyed.”

Largest States Population EU- Population

* * *



United States vs. Greek Debt: Talk about a pot calling a kettle black

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 7.55.27 AM

Worse, our U.S. debt is growing much faster than incomes… (also see TWO AND A HALF CENTURIES OF TAX OPPRESSION IN AMERICA, APRIL 20, 2015).

national-debt-per-capita serve US-Government-Debt-Exceeds-Entire-Euro-Zone-and-UK-Combined-Graph

Which means, “the harder we work, the ‘behinder’ we get.”

Similarly, the national debt per capita of some other European countries that are hurling stones at the poor Greeks, like Italy for example, is also worse than Greece’s (about $49,000 vs. $34,000 per capita). World debt 7-09-15l

As for the total world debt, it is a staggering figure. Take a look…

* * *

For more, see…


11666212_10153411883998490_3990176019431851562_n Betrayed 7-13-15


No Surprise There: Brussels 2015 Like Versailles 1919?

One week ago today, the Greeks were celebrating the power of democracy. On July 5, the OXI (NO) voters sent a resounding message to the global and European bankers’ ultimatums. They won the referendum 61% to 39%.

The next day, July 6, the Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras signaled that he was already preparing the ground for betrayal of the voters who brought him to power. He dumped his finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, the man who ferociously defended the Greek sovereignty against the international banker cartel and their political stooges.

The same day, I figured the Greeks were done for. I put that in writing in the July 10 Truth in Media editorial QUO VADIS, GREECE? (Where to, Greece?).

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 7.51.49 AM Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 8.11.46 PMWell, today, July 13, that has become a fact. Tsipras and his new Oxford-educated finance minister have surrendered Greece’s fiscal sovereignty to the international bankers and their EU lackeys.  They have submitted to draconian economic reforms that the Greek people had rejected in a referendum barely a week before. 

New “Versailles Treaty?”

Echoing widespread views on social media, one financial analyst claimed the deal was worse than the 1919 Treaty of Versailles that crushed Weimar Germany with debt and paved the way for Hitler and World War II.

Marc Ostwald, of ADM Investor Services, argued that the eurozone creditor countries wanted “to completely destroy Greece”.

Except that Greece was not the enemy of the European Union. It is a full-fledged member of it. But with friends like that, the Greek people should now ask themselves, who needs enemies?

old-beggarThis writer said a month ago that USURY & TREATIES BASED ON HUMILIATION DON’T WORK.

“This has nothing to do with economics. It has nothing to do with putting Greece back on the rails towards recovery,” former finance minister Varoufakis told Australia’s public broadcaster, the ABC, on Monday.

Yanis Greek FM“This is a new Versailles treaty that is haunting Europe again, and the prime minister [Alexis Tsipras] knows it. He knows he’s damned if he does and he’s damned if he doesn’t.”

Varoufakis (left) also said he “jumped more than he was pushed” when he resigned from the ministry.

Prime minister Alexis Tsipras “didn’t have what it took, sentimentally, emotionally, at that moment, to carry that no vote to Europe and use it as a weapon,” said Varoufakis.

In other words, Tsipras is a wuss. Which does not bode well for his political future even as an EU doormat.


In return for a bailout plan that could be worth up to €86B ($95B), Greece has promised to pass laws introducing controversial economic reforms by Wednesday. These include reforming the VAT system, overhauling pensions and signing up to plans that ensure immediate spending cuts in the event of breaching creditor-mandated budget targets.

Tsipras and Tsakalatos have also agreed to sell off state assets worth €50B, with the proceeds earmarked for a trust fund supervised by its creditors. Half the fund will be used to recapitalize Greek banks, while the remaining €25B will pay down Greek debts.

For more, see…

Pensioners in Greece Betrayed

In another humiliating climbdown, Athens could be forced to reverse measures it passed upon assuming power that are deemed to run counter to the bailout philosophy. 

Paul Krugman, the Nobel-prize winning economist and prominent critic of austerity in Greece, said the creditors’ demands on Greece “went beyond harsh into pure vindictiveness, [leading to the] complete destruction of national sovereignty [with] no hope of relief”.

“It’s a grotesque betrayal of everything the European project was supposed to stand for,” he wrote several hours before the final deal emerged. 

ECB Germany 1370 and 2015“I can’t support a Europe that acts as a thuggy bailiff against Greece #Thisisacoup,” tweeted Suzanne Moore, a columnist for Britain’s Guardian newspaper.

“The world is watching what is being done to Greece in the name of euro stability,” she wrote in her today’s column. “It sees a nation stripped of its dignity, its sovereignty, its future.”

Not content with taking away Greece’s financial sovereignty, the three institutions – the European Commission, International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank – have also asked Athens to come up with a plan to “de-politicize” its civil service by next Monday.

Which means they are trying to strip away Greece’s political sovereignty, too.

“The euro family has been exposed as a loan-sharking conglomerate that cares nothing for democracy,” writes Moore. “This family is abusive. This ‘bailout’, which will be sold as being a cruel-to-be-kind deal is nothing of the sort. It is simply being cruel to be cruel.”

8782820When the banks are in trouble, the governments forgive the debt (e.g. US 2008 bailout). When a government (country) is in trouble, the banks bring out enforcers with baseball bats (Greece 2015 bailout).

That’s about the gist of it.

The main reason the bankers were so harsh with Greece is because they want to make it an example of what happens with a bad debtor. It’s like the Mafia or loan sharks kneecapping or cutting off fingers of a someone who owes them money but can’t pay.

That’s so no other countries in a similar or worse position than Greece would even think of walking away from their debts (Spain, Italy and yes, even the U.S., by the way – our debt per capita is 66% higher than Greece’s!).

The more things change, the more they stay the same (Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr, 1808-1890)

History Repeating Itself

It never feels good to be right when predicting someone’s betrayal. Unfortunately, I’ve been there before.

It did not feel good, either, when I predicted in July 1990 that the then widely popular Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic would eventually betray his people. It took a few years. But by 1994, in the midst of the Bosnian war, that became clear for all to see.

NATO-UNThat’s when Milosevic imposed an embargo on the Bosnian Serbs, whom he had set up in power in the first place. Milosevic was hoping to appease and earn some brownie points from the international thugs who incited the Balkan wars in the first place.1280px-DaytonAgreement

And Milosevic did it again in Dayton in November 1995. The Dayton Accords paved the way for NATO to occupy Bosnia under the guise of a peacekeeping force.

All the former Serbian president got in return was scorn and imprisonment at the Hague War Crimes Tribunal, where he eventually died in 2006 under suspicious circumstances, allegedly of a heart ailment (see “Put the UN Justice on Trial: Who Says There Is No Death Penalty at the Hague?,” March 2006).


The political, and sometimes physical, life span of an appeaser is rather short. That’s certainly one of the lessons we can learn from history.

Another is that USURY AND TREATIES BASED ON HUMILIATION DON’T WORK (JUNE 13, 2015), as this writer put it in an editorial exactly one month ago. The Versailles Treaty is a case in point.

So what can we expect will happen now in Greece?

One cannot see how the Tsipras government can survive such a colossal betrayal and turn-about-face. The only question is will they go in peace or violently? Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 11.29.19 AM

Either way, someone even more radical is likely to replace them. And if so, how will then the bankers and the European Union react? Send the troops to occupy the country as Hitler did?

Or, as is more likely, will the European Union itself split up along the North-South continental divide which the all-night negotiating session in Brussels revealed on July 12-13?

Either way, the Greek tragedy isn’t over yet. We are in for more interesting times ahead, I am afraid.

* * *

UPDATE, JULY 14, 2015


Greek civil service workers have announced a 24-hour strike in the wake of today’s bailout deal amid insider claims that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was ‘crucified’ during marathon overnight talks.

Greeks have reacted to the news of the bailout deal with fury, saying the tough reforms agreed to by their Prime Minister condemned the country to ‘misery, humiliation and slavery’.

Following lengthy overnight talks between 19 eurozone leaders, Greece caved in and accepted a range of reforms to secure a deal worth up to €86 billion – the country’s third bailout in five years.

Athens Syriza flag burning  2A7E776800000578-3157801-image-m-20_1436787666288 German tanks in Athens

 The hard left Athens leader – who was elected on an anti-austerity platform – faced an immediate backlash over the deal, with many Greeks furious at Tsipras’ reluctantly accepting even tougher reforms than those categorically rejected by citizens at last week’s bailout referendum.

Some have already taken to social media using #thisisacoup to decry the terms of the deal, with many attacking the creditors terms as unfair. Users even accused Germany of ‘destroying Europe once again’, adding they ‘could not do it with tanks so now they try it with banks’.

Haralambos Rouliskos, a 60-year-old economist who was out walking in Athens, described the deal as ‘misery, humiliation and slavery’.

Katerina Katsaba, a 52-year-old working for a pharmaceutical company, said: ‘I am not in favour of this deal. I know they [the eurozone creditors] are trying to blackmail us.’

Another woman burned the flag of Tsipras’ ruling Syria party as journalists took pictures.

Read more:

* * *

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QUO VADIS, GREECE? (Where to, Greece?)

QUO VADIS, GREECE? (Where to, Greece?)



karmic-debt-header1So what is likely to happen after Sunday (July 12), the latest deadline the EU set for Greece to accept its ultimatums or leave the eurozone?

Ideally, Greece should take and follow the advice Nigel Farage, the leader of the UK Independent Party, gave Alexis Tsipras on July 8 in a speech at the European Parliament,

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 10.01.40 AM Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 10.12.29 AM

[Addressing Alexis Tsipras, the Greek PM how was in attendance]

“If you’ve got the courage, you should lead the Greek people out of the eurozone with your head held high.  Yes, it will be tough for the first few months. But with devalued currency, and with friends of Greece all over the world, you will recover.” (see

How likely is that to happen?

Not very, in this writer’s opinion. At least not on Sunday, the D-day for the European Union and its bankers to make a decision about Greece’s staying or leaving.

My money is on Tsipras (the Greek PM) cavingScreenShot 2015-07-08 at 9.53.36 AM in. He signaled as much a few days ago when he delivered the head of his flamboyant and outspoken finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, to Angela Merkel and other European banking henchmen the day after the victorious (!) July 5 referendum.

“I shall wear the creditors’ loathing with pride” (Greek Former Finance Minister)

Yanis Greek FMLest we forget, it was Varoufakis (left) who captured the Greeks’ imagination and hearts when he said on the eve of the vote, that what the global and European bankers “what they’re doing with Greece has a name — terrorism. What Brussels and the ‘troika’ (ECB, IMF and EU) want today is for the yes (vote) to win so they could humiliate the Greek.” (see Financial Terrorism, July 5).

Over 61% of his countrymen agreed and voted NO on Sunday, July 5,  only to see their fiery finance minister unceremoniously dumped the next day by Tsipras, like some sort of excess baggage.


To appease the bankers “troika” he had criticized (ECB, IMF and EU).

The iconoclastic Varoufakis, who is seen here riding his motorcycle Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 8.22.41 AMwith his wife after from the government offices after being told by Tsipras his services would no longer be required, had this to say about what had transpired:

“Soon after the announcement of the referendum results, I was made aware of a certain preference by some Eurogroup participants, and assorted ‘partners’, for my… ‘absence’ from its meetings; an idea that the Prime Minister judged to be potentially helpful to him in reaching an agreement. For this reason I am leaving the Ministry of Finance today.”

“I shall wear the creditors’ loathing with pride.”

p34841_p_v7_aaStabbed in the back after delivering victory to Tsipras and his party, The Greek version of “Motorcycle Diaries” (a 2004 Che Guevara biopic).

Almost immediately, Tsipras named Euclid Tsakalotos as the new finance minister.

An Oxford-educated economist, Tsakalotos has much in common with the political elite of Westminster, having attended St Paul’s school, before going on to read politics, philosophy and economics (PPE) as an undergraduate. He later completed his PhD in economics at Oxford in 1989.

The 55-year-old, who was born in Rotterdam, has served as the chief economic spokesman and effective shadow finance minister for the Syriza-led government. One can easily see how a man like that would be preferred by the bankers and northern EU politicians. Almost like one of their own.

So Varoufakis was a sacrificial lamb.  It was the Greek PM’s message to the European lenders that he is ready to bend and genuflect to them despite the NO vote.  And give them another man they could “negotiate” with.

If Tsipras really intended to lead his country out of the eurozone, would he bending over backwards like this to appease the bankers?carpetbagger-and-scalawag

Tsipras’ comments in Brussels during the following days were also conciliatory even when he was being attacked by the northern Europeans.

In the end, if Tsipras does go against the Greek popular vote and bows to the “carpetbaggers and scalawags” of Europe at the EU meeting on Sunday, he will have squandered the enormous political capital which he and his party had accumulated during the first five months in office.

Will his countrymen accept defeat? That’s a big question. What is likely to follow in Greece is quite unpredictable. A prolonged agony, slow motion “Grecit?” A popular revolt? Coup d’etat? New elections?

Who knows… None of it will be good for Greece.

The volatile situation is not unlike that in Belgrade in March 1941. That’s when the Yugoslav government signed a neutrality pact with Hitler hoping to avert the war. It backfired.demonstracije_27-mart-19411

The deal lasted less than two days. On March 27, 1941,  the Yugoslav government was toppled after massive street demonstrations against the pact with Hitler (see ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: “BOLJE RAT NEGO PAKT” (Better war than pact), MARCH 27, 2014).

Ten days later, Hitler attacked Yugoslavia by bombing Belgrade on Easter Sunday without a declaration of war.  So the appeasers got neither the peace nor power. The government had to flee the country, including the king.

“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.” – (Winston Churchill)

If Tsipras does lead his country out of the eurozone, however, then a new dawn for Greece and perhaps mankind may follow (see GREECE SAYS “OXI” (N€IN-NO) TO EURO/GLOBAL BANKSTERS… NOW WHAT?, July 5). That, however, is a less likely outcome on Sunday, unless they get booted out of the EU and have no choice but to leave.

Either way, “we live in exciting times.” Which is a Chinese curse.

* * *

UPDATE, JULY 10, 2015


This article had been written over a two-day period July 8-9. This morning, July 10, I learned of the new proposals by the Greek government which seem to acquiesce to the creditors demands for cutbacks and austerity measures which the Greeks had previously rejected (for details of Tsipras’ surrender, click here).

This is a sad day for Greek democracy. Less five days after receiving a resounding “NO” vote in last Sunday’s referendum, the Tsipras government reversed itself and sold out the Greek people, especially the pensioners, into deeper usury and slavery.

As you can see from this editorial, sadly, this is what this writer had been expecting. This is one of those occasions when all I can say is “wish I were wrong.” For the sake of Greece. For the sake of freedom in the world.

Synchronicity: Unbridled capitalism is the ‘dung of the devil’, says Pope Francis

Pope Francis7-10-15In an unusual twist of events and synchronicity, at about the same time as Tsipras was betraying his people and caving in to the bankers’ demands, Pope Francis was urging the downtrodden to change the world economic order, denouncing a “new colonialism” by agencies that impose austerity programs and calling for the poor to have the “sacred rights” of labor, lodging and land (see Unbridled capitalism is the ‘dung of the devil’, says Pope Francis, July 10).

imagesIn one of the longest, most passionate and sweeping speeches of his pontificate delivered in the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, the Pontiff also asked forgiveness for the sins committed by the Roman Catholic church in its treatment of native Americans during what he called the “so-called conquest of America”.

What interesting times we live in, indeed! Who could have ever imagined that some day, we would see the Pope and Che Guevara on the same page of the political map of the world.

Divine synchronicity! Just beautiful…


You saw in my earlier comment an example of Divine Synchronicity between Pope Francis remarks and the Greek PM’s betrayal of his people. Also, that the Pope and Che Guevara, a famous revolutionary, are both Argentinians who now find themselves on the same political page.

p34841_p_v7_aaThere was a third example of Divine Synchronicity. Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 8.22.41 AMAt the time I was writing my “Quo Vadis, Greece” editorial, which I finished last night, I did not even know that the Pope was in South America, much less what he would be saying the next day.

Yet in the part of the editorial dealing with Tsipras’ firing of his motorcycle-riding finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, I made a reference to it being a page out of the “Greek Motorcycle Diaries” (a reference to the famous book and 2004 movie of the same title about the life of Che Guevara).

Divine synchronicity, part III.

* * *

We are all slaves to the global banker’s usury (also see USURY AND TREATIES BASED ON HUMILIATION DON’T WORK, JUNE 13, 2015 ).