The Truth in Media editor’s 1995 prediction is sadly coming true: The US will disintegrate – even faster than expected

With just two days before the national election 2020, the police in major cities across the US are gearing up for violence, anarchy and looting no matter who wins, reports RT.COM. It appears that the well-funded leftist groups, like ANTIFA and BLM, are bent on taking on America the State, an institution they see as oppressive.

“Shutdown DC protesters have revealed that they are rehearsing “election meltdown simulations” and have plans to indefinitely occupy public spaces,” the RT reports.

In most lexicons, such a state of affair would qualify as a ‘coup d’etat,’ or a ‘revolution’. In America 2020, that seems just business as usual. We’ve had riots and anarchists trying to destroy the very fiber of this nation ever since Donald Trump became president in 2016. And again with renewed zeal since June of this year after the police killing of a black suspect in Minneapolis.

Statues have been taken down. Age-old statutes rewritten. Just as in Orwell’s novel “1984”, the abnormal became normal, the absurd, the new reality. The new witch-hunt is not not the KKK against the blacks. It is the blacks, the feminists, and the other fascists who hide under the “anti-fascist” (ANTIFA) label, against the WHITE MALE IDOL – as epitomized by Donald Trump.

No matter what happens on November 3, this suggests to be the end of the Republic as we have known our country for the last 244 years. It is the beginning of the end of America the Beautiful.

Sadly, the Truth in Media editor’s 1995 prediction is coming true: The US will disintegrate – even faster than expected.


With election day now just two days away, business owners in major cities, including New York, Washington, DC, Los Angeles and Denver, have boarded up their stores in the hope of avoiding being targeted by looters and rioters.

Washington, DC is forecast to be the epicenter of the unrest as polling in the highly contentious contest between incumbent President Donald Trump and Democrat nominee Joe Biden draws to a close on Tuesday.

Left-wing activists are descending on the US capital for a mass demonstration on polling day and security experts have predicted that violence could erupt no matter what the result of the vote shows.

A collection of activist groups including Black Lives Matter and Shutdown DC are planning an eight-hour demonstration in the shadow of the White House. Shutdown DC protesters have revealed that they are rehearsing “election meltdown simulations” and have plans to indefinitely occupy public spaces. 


“What’s happening in Bosnia is going to happen in the United States,” this writer predicted 25 years ago” (see WHEN CULTURES COLLIDE…“, Washington Times, 1996).

Bosnia is also 50 years ahead of the U.S. because our country is certain to disintegrate along racial or ethnic lines as Bosnia did.

“Why would the U.S. break up?

Two reasons: First, demographic forces similar to those which have torn Bosnia asunder, and are threatening Serbia, are present in the United States. Second, a technological revolution is under way which will accelerate the process, changing forever change the way we think and work. Only one kind of a country which is secession-proof – a homogeneous single-ethnic state.”

And such entities – homogeneous single-ethnic states” – would be the bane of the New World Order “elites.” They want uniformity and globalism, not individualism and nationalism. So they can herd and rule the people like the sheeple you see in these Truth in Media images from long ago.

“How will the country break up?,” my 1995 piece asked rhetorically. “Peacefully, if the current trends continue. Violently, if the “establishment” decides to fight the loss of its powers with physical force. Either way, the U.S. will split along demographic fault lines.”

Evidently, a violent breakup has already started, both of the US and of the EU (European Union).

But that’s not all. That 1995 forecast also foresaw a new power emerging on the world scene – China. We said that the 21st will be the “Chinese Century.” Here’s an excerpt:

Chinese Century

Furthermore, despite the inevitable turmoil which China will also face before emerging as the world power, the Earth’s most populous nation may return to glory in the 21st century. Its main contender for this honor roll will not be the U.S., as may seem likely to those who look back before forecasting the future. It will be Russia. Between the two, these leading nations have more engineers, more scientists, more soldiers and more artists than the rest of the Western world put together.

In the new information-driven era, this will give them an insurmountable edge over the stagnant industrialized economies, such as Japan, Germany or the U.S, not to mention the declining ones. If Bill Clinton isn’t getting the significance of all this, he isn’t alone. Neither did the Austrian or Russian emperors less than 100 years ago!

“And that’s all she wrote” – 25 years ago!


As for Europe, I am afraid the future of a WHITE MALE IDOL and its precious Euro is even bleaker. Twenty five years ago, this writer also penned a piece about €UROTOPIA: UNITED STATES OF EUROPE (1995) – AN IDEA WHICH WAS DEAD ON ARIVAL. Here are some excerpts:

EU: Unworkable, Unwieldy, Unpopular…

And Outdated, Because It Is Based on Obsolete Industrial Era Principles

It was on April 19, 1995, over 25 years ago now, that I published an editorial about the merits of the “United States of Europe.” I called it “Eurotopia” (not my original term).

It was an idea advanced by two professors – C. Northcote Parkinson of Britain (1970s) and Prof A.H. Heineken of the Netherlands (early 1990s). And based on research by the Austrian sociologist Leopold Kohr from the 1950s.

Quite a European professorial trio, wouldn’t you say? Their work spread over four decades.

And no, Prof Parkinson has no connection with the infamous deadly disease, nor does Prof Heineken with the famous Dutch beer. At least not as fas as I know anyway. 

Here’s the premise of that theory.. in a nutshell:


It is always bigness, and only bigness, which is the problem of existence – social, as well as physical.” Prof Kohr concluded. So we must “cut down the substances and organisms which have outgrown their natural limits.”(Leopold Kohr, 1957).

Instead, we keep striving to make BIG things even BIGGER. Like the US and the EU. Is this madness or what?

For more, check out… EUROTOPIA

For more on New World Order…

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