On this day in 1945, most of Europe celebrated the end of World War II. After a war that cost 60 million lives worldwide, most people on the Old Continent were filled with hope for a new Era of Peace.

Instead, what followed was 248 smaller wars and regional conflicts around the world that took another 30 million lives. The U.S. government started over 200 of those (see https://goo.gl/yo3hv4).

On this day in 2017, the forces of the New World Order, which have caused nearly all of those conflicts to feed their death merchants’ war machines, are also celebrating. Not the WW II victory. “Been there, done that,” they figure. They hailed the victory of one of their own in France.

The French president-elect, Emmanuel Macron (39), a leftist endorsed by Obama and the U.S. liberal establishment, as well as by Germany’s Angela Merkel and the EU president Jean-Claude Juncker, even snubbed the French national anthem in favor of the EU’s (Beethoven’s 9th Symphony Ode of Joy).

(see – “I’ll defend Europe!” Macron snubs French national anthem & walks onto stage to EU song after win – http://shr.gs/wY8jz5).

And so, the new French president now joins the ranks of those who believe in nothing. Except, of course, in the Almighty Euro, or Dollar, or Yen, or Yuan… as I said in my WASHINGTON TIMES’ Dec 29, 1996 column THE NOTHING PHILOSOPHY.

This writer can understand why the new French president snubbed his own country’s national anthem. Because it was conceived in blood during the French Revolution (1789) against the exact replicas of himself in the 18th century.

So here it is, “La Marseillaise”, with the French and English subtitles:

Shame on you, Macron – you Wall Street globalist poltron!  In solidarity with the French minority, who have still retained their national identity and pride, this evening, this writer also played “La Marseillaise” on his Steinway for the first time ever. And tears rolled down his cheeks as he did it.

“Vive la France! Vice la France libre!”


And so the wars will continue. And so will NATO’s “Drang Nach Osten” (Eastward Push) against Russia, following in Hitler’s footsteps. And the “perpetual war for perpetual commerce” – New World Order’s slogan – to the tune of Beethoven’s 9th.

And the “Eurotopia” called the EU, will fester on, feeding like a leech on the wallets of European people – the New World Order sheeple. Just like the NWO leeches are doing in the U.S., Australia, Canada and elsewhere around the “developed” world. (see SELLNG FEAR TO BUY SUBSERVIENCE, MAY 12, 2015 – http://wp.me/p3QU1S-VB)/

Era of Peace?

What a joke! Sounds more like “Eurotopia.” Which was a subtitle of my 22-year old article about the New World Order’s conquest and enslavement of European nations, enroute to trying the same in Russia. As you will see, many of those opinions have now come true. Unfortunately – for the once “free Europe.”

“Partnership for Peace” – Modern-day Version of “Drang Nach Osten” Strategy – April 19, 1995


Would 75 States Make the “Old Continent” Safer?





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