It’s truly amazing to witness the undying power of the Internet. This morning, for example, I received an email from a lady whom I have never heard of before. Her name is Jen Miller. She edits the website http://www.jenreviews.com.  Here’s what she wrote in part about an article I published in the Truth in Media almost 7 years ago:

I was searching the web for information on Austria and saw your great post here: http://www.truthinmedia.org/Bulletins2010/Kosovo_Kangaroo.html (Kosovo): “Might Is Right” UN Court Rules, July 25, 2010

I had completely forgotten about that story. Yet Ms Miller’s comment brought it back to light illustrating the UNDYING POWER of the Internet. Which, in turn, caused me to update the information on this topic – Kosovo’s so-called “independence” – delivered to the local Albanian by combined military action of the United States and NATO.

As of February 27, 2017, a full 9 years after Kosovo’s declaration of independence with strong support of the U.S. government, only 111 out of 193 (57.5%) United Nations (UN) member states have given it a diplomatic recognition, 23 out of 28 (82%) European Union (EU) member states, 24 out of 28 (86%) NATO member states, and 36 out of 57 (63%) Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member states.

The reason is that, the U.S. pressure notwithstanding, many of the countries have their own “Kosovo’s” – regions that are striving for independence. So recognizing Kosovo could open a can of worms for them.

Take Israel, for example. For, all intents and purposes, this is the country that runs the U.S. foreign policy, especially now with Donald Trump as president.  “Israel will not recognize Kosovo’s independence at this time, in part because of the possibility of Palestinians using recognition of Kosovo to justify their own unilateral declaration of independence,” according to a Jerusalem Post Feb 19, 2008 article.

On 28 April 2009, Arthur Koll, the Israeli ambassador to Serbia, said it had been more than a year since Kosovo unilaterally declared independence, and that Israel had no intention of recognizing that independence and that “Israel is asked from time to time how solid this decision is, but the fact is that Israel’s position has not changed throughout this time. The Serbian people and government should appreciate Israel’s position, which also demonstrates the friendship between the two states.” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_recognition_of_Kosovo).

Other U.S. allies with similar problems (Turkey and Iraq, for example, with their Kurdish minorities) bit the bullet and yielded to the U.S. pressure.


Clinton Bush Obama Hillary

Either way, the tiny Kosovo is and will continue to be one of the world’s hottest potatoes. Because it is the most recent example of the egregious abuse of military force by the global superpowers to grab and occupy a sovereign territory of a small country (Serbia).  Just as other the colonial powers had been doing for centuries (Britain, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, etc.).

“The more the world changes, the more it stays the same” (Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr, 1808-1890).

Also see, WALL STREET’S FINANCIAL TERRORISM, Chronicles (1998)

Here’s now an excerpt from that Truth in Media July 2010 editorial:

UN Court at the Hague Rules NATO’s Occupation, Kosovo’s Secession from Serbia Was “Legal”

Kosovo: “Might Is Right” UN Court Rules

Kangaroo Court Judges Jumps Again on Washington Masters’ Cue, Making Mockery of International Justice

HAIKU, MAUI, July 25 – The 15 United Nations Kangaroo Court judges at the Hague have just written the “might is right”-legal principle into the UN Charter.  Last week, they upheld the unilateral secession of Kosovo from Serbia, declared by Kosovo Albanians in February 2008, and backed by Washington and its allies.  It is a nonbinding ruling, however, by a toothless UN paper tiger.

Yet, the ramifications of this decision stretch well beyond Serbia and Kosovo.  For, that’s as if Mexico, for example, were to militarily conquer Arizona, and then have this American state pull out of the Union by unilateral declaration (Aztlan: America’s Kosovo, May 2000, and “Kosovo: ‘Bosnia II’, Serbia’s Aztlan”, Mar 1998).

No wonder that only 69 U.S. minions have recognized Kosovo two-and-a-half years since its declaration of independence.  That’s about a third of the nearly 200 countries that comprise the UN these days.  Among some prominent nations that did not recognize this NATO land grab are Security Council members Russia and China, each with a veto power.  Even some NATO member-nations with troops in Kosovo, such as Spain, Italy or Greece, did not recognize this breakaway Serbian territory as legally independent.

Why not?  Because there are also dozens of minorities in various countries in Europe and elsewhere around the world that can now use the Kosovo example as a legal precedent to stake their independence claims (see the map, right, and the Christian Science Monitor story Kosovo independence legal, says UN court. What will Russia do? (CSM, July 22).

Sound like a recipe for continued conflict and strife in the future?  You betcha.  Which is exactly what the New World Order bullies want… more war, more business for their sponsors – the death merchants and the bankers who finance them.  We noted more than 15 years ago that “perpetual war for perpetual commerce” was the real NWO motto (see Stitching Together New World Order Flag), not “world peace through world trade,” as they tend to preach.

In order to put the UN Court’s latest decision in a proper geopolitical context, here’s a brief historical overview…

For more, check out… http://www.truthinmedia.org/Bulletins2010/Kosovo_Kangaroo.html

* * *

UPDATE MAY 18, 2017


This morning, TIME tweeted its new cover with a comment, “it’s been a decade since @TIME did not have a cover line” – http://ti.me/2rugiU5.

So London’s Independent stepped in and provided one: “Time magazine releases striking cover showing White House transforming into Kremlin.”

The implication: Picture is worth a thousand words.

Yet, this image is also a picture of malice and ignorance.

Malice, because the lamestream media have been biting at Trump incessantly like a pack of hyenas trying to widen the rift with Russia which Obama had opened.

Ignorance, because the onion domes shown in the picture are NOT the Kremlin. They are part of Saint Basil’s Cathedral which lies across from the Kremlin on the southeast side of the Red Square.

So I tweeted back to TIME about its cover:

“Provocative? Yes. True? No. If you cared about the truth, you might have painted the Star of David over the Trump White House.”


MAY 18, 2017


Earlier this week, I published a comment about the latest TIME magazine cover which depicts the Trump White House with Moscow’s Saint Basil’s onion domes on rooftop. The apocryphal implication is that “the White House was transforming into Kremlin” (The Independent) –


TIME’s cover was both a day late and a dollar short. Make that, 24 years late and 2,200 miles (3,500 km) off the mark. Back in Jan 1993, the Truth in Media published this cartoon depicting the Bush/Clinton White House as a branch office of the Saudis. The headline read: United Emirates of America.


After the Clinton administration allowed the Iranians, among some supposed U.S. “enemies” to arm the Muslims in Bosnia, the Truth in Media published another cartoon depicting Bill Clinton as “Ayatollah Klintonmeini” (Apr 1996 – http://www.truthinmedia.org/Bulletins/tim96-04a.html).

Here’s an excerpt from that 21-year old editorial:

“Ironically, it is containing and defanging the new Russia that “Ayatollah Klintonmeini’s” infatuation with Islam is all about. As is the whole Balkan affair, a mere segment of the gigantic “Green Interstate” which the globalists are building – a Muslim sphere of influence stretching from Pakistan to Bosnia. We already “own” all the former Soviet Islamic republics, Pakistan and Afghanistan in Russia’s southern soft underbelly. And we also “own” Turkey. That’s the “Islamic Ring” around Russia’s southern neck (see the map).

In Eastern Europe, the former Soviet dominions on Russia’s western frontier are now also all American/German minions. These “would-be” new NATO members will form an “Iron Ring” around Russia’s Euro-neck – from the Baltic to the Black Sea.

But, there are three “rogue” countries which intersect the “Green Interstate” of would-be American geopolitical influence – Iran, Iraq and Serbia. Which is why they have been subjected to various reprisals.”


ALTZAR: Of course, the entire pro-Islamic scheme went up in smoke on 9/11. So the New World Order hate-mongers changed their tack. Now the Muslims are suddenly the bad guys and terrorists. Ever since the U.S. has led its minions into a never ending war against terrorism, validating another Truth in Media moniker from 1993.

We said back then that the true New World Order slogan is not “world peace through world trade,” as its leader alleged. It is:


Read more… http://www.truthinmedia.org/Bulletins/tim96-04a.html


By the way, guess where Donald Trump is at the moment? In the air, on his way to Saudi Arabia, the first stop on his first foreign trip.

Guess where his second stop will be? Israel.

‘Nuff said?

“The more the world changes, the more it stays the same” (Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr, 1808-1890)

 * * *



Sometimes a simple math can apply to diplomacy and global politics.

If A = B, and B = C, therefore, A = C.

Now substitute, Israel for A, Saudi Arabia for B, and Trump’s foreign policy for C – and what you will get is the reason Trump chose to make his first foreign trip first to Saudi Arabia and then Israel.

That – in a nutshell – is what we can expect for the next four years  That’s the wheat and the meat of Trump’s foreign policy. The rest is just chaff and fluff. Distraction and diversion.

They say action speaks louder than words. Trump’s first overseas trip is the action that says it all.  And so do the Saudi and Israeli politics.


Guess where Donald Trump is at the moment? In the air, on his way to Saudi Arabia, the first stop on his first foreign trip.

Guess where his second stop will be? Israel.

‘Nuff said?

“The more the world changes, the more it stays the same” (Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr, 1808-1890)


It is well known that Iran has been a sworn enemy of both Israel and Saudi Arabia for decades. And since the U.S. government has hitched its wagon to these two middle-eastern countries, ever since 1979, Iran has been a sworn enemy of the United States as well.

So is an enemy of my enemy my friend? You betcha/

Donald Trump has been castigating Iran both during his campaign and since taking office.  It’s one of the few consistent messages he has delivered in the last 12 months.

It is also well known that Saudi Arabia, in cahoots with the U.S. government (Obama-Hillary), has been behind the so-called ISIS insurgency in Syria. And that Trump has personal business interests in Saudi.

As John Hall, an FB friend of mine from Texas put it today, “President-elect Donald Trump registered eight companies during his presidential campaign that appear to be tied to hotel interests in Saudi Arabia, according to a report in The Washington Post.”They buy apartments from me,” Trump said during the Alabama rally. “They spend $40 million, $50 million. Am I supposed to dislike them? I like them very much.”

What is less well known, however, thanks to our lamestream media coverups, is that Israel is also a part of this satanic alliance (see “The ISIS Islamic Terrorists are Supported by the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia,” Times of Israel,  https://shar.es/1RbHos, Sep 2014).

No wonder Syrian Permanent Representative to the UN, Bashar al-Jaafari, on Apr 12 of this year, accused Israel of supporting Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria and indirectly, but significantly, aiding the terrorist group (see Jerusalem Post, Apr 13, 2017 – https://goo.gl/GH68bt).

This, of course, was followed by silence by the American lamestream media.


So what do we have now brewing in this middle-eastern bloody bordello?

In word, a major conflict. Perhaps even a world war.

Israel and Saudi Arabia, who officially have no diplomatic relations, have become friends because of the common enemies. And Trump holding hands with both, facing off Iran, Russia and Syria on the other side, while Turkey is wavering in between the two camps.

It’s the incendiary stuff world wars are made of.  And here we have a mere real estate salesman in the middle of this brouhaha with his finger on the red button.

God save us all… mostly from stupidity and arrogance of such people.

Or not. Maybe we should all get what we deserve, especially the Trump supporters.

After all, I also voted for “Don the Con.” It was only the second first time in my life that a politician has been able to pull the wool over my eyes. (The first time was Pierre Trudeau in 1978).

I am not proud of either mistake and am ready to take my punishment from the Divine.







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