If three people had not died in the police siege of a chocolate shop in Sydney, Australia, the “terror” plot and the way the New World Order media presented it would be laughable. For, it looks and feels like a scene from the “Wag the Dog” (1997) movie. Only the sets vary.

Siege police 1-Canada-Parliament-Shooter-MK-ULTRA f_fh_Sydneyfreedhostages_141214.nbcnews-video-reststate-480

What happened in Sydney today looks and feels like another “false flag” attack. As was the one in Ottawa, Canada, on Oct. 22 (also see our contemporaneous story below).

The plot is the same. The heavily armed police look the same. The mainstream media message is the same: “The country is under attack.”

Can you imagine that? The whole country being attacked by a “lone” (!) ISIS-affiliated Islamic extremist (supposedly). After all, the government terrorism “experts” point to a link to ISIS.

The outcome was also the same. After flexing their muscles in a high rating TV drama with a massive display of 63999286force against the lone gunman, the SWAT team storm the place looking like the heroes. John Wayne lives on, only now donning a bulletproof vest and a police helmet.

Aftermath? Two people dead in Canada including the gunman, three in Australia. Population shocked and terrified. Job done. TV production succesful.

The purpose of this TV reality show?

Stoke the fires of war and shore up the terrified population’s support for the newly-minted “war on ISIS.” Just as the 9/11 did in the US against Al Qaeda.

But the main goal is to scare the local population in giving up what little of their rights and liberties remain. So that the New World Order would-be masters can lord over them unobstructed pretending to protect them. Just like the mobsters do when they extort payments for protection.


Meanwhile, Canada and Australia are already back in an undeclared war in Iraq. The day before the staged Ottawa “terrorist” attack, Canadian Air Force left to join the US in the bombing of the ISIS positions in Iraq.

The Canadian contribution has been codenamed Operation Impact by the Canadian Department of National Defence. Canadian aircraft left for the Middle East to join in airstrikes on October 21. In total, six CF-18 fighter jets, an Airbus CC-150 Polaris air-to-air refueling tanker and two CP-140 Aurora surveillance aircraft were sent, along with 700 military personnel. (click here for more)

So Canadian government had already committed the country to war without the approval of the Parliament. The staged attack on Oct 22 was just intended to shore up the support for it on Parliament Hill and across Canada.

And Australia was in it already. Prime Minister Tony Abbott and the Australian cabinet approved on Oct 3 for RAAF Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet fighter bombers to begin airstrikes against ISIS (see Australia and ISIS).


As for the alleged Canadian “terrorist,” Zehaf-Bibeau has the perfect modus operandi for typical directionless loser turned informant, writes this Century21 special report (Canadian Shooter Hoax: Gov’t and Media Claim – ‘It’s Terrorism, It’s ISIS’, OCTOBER 23, 2014 by  21st Century Wire). Here’s an excerpt:

“Government agencies like the FBI or intelligence services will take control of their mentally ill, repeat offender asset, hoping he can radicalize other male youths at his local mosque in order to create a new domestic terror cell that the agency can observe and report on. Amazingly, this Canadian shooter fits the bill perfectly.”

Now, back to Sydney, the lone gunman has been identified as Man Monis. The Australian media are already describing Monis as “a self-proclaimed Islamic “sheikh” who is known to Australian police because he was allegedly involved in dozens of counts of sexual assault,” according to Australia’s 9News.141215-man-haron-monis-930a_efa8d96ac559854aa4d5b9c87df1c4a7.nbcnews-ux-760-520

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said the gunman was “claiming political motivation.” Police said they were “operating according to our counter-terrorism protocols.”

An ex-FBI agent Don Borelli told TODAY that the suspect appeared to be inspired by ISIS (see NBC News report).

Just like the profile of that Canadian shooter. Also, like Zehab-Bibeau, Monis is a recent convert to Islam.

Earlier this month,  Monis announced via his website he used to be a Rafidi, one who rejects legitimate Islamic authority and leadership, but “now I am a Muslim” (see “Radical self-styled sheik Man Haron Monis was on bail at time of siege” (see CH9 News).

But there is at least one flaw in this “terrorism” plot. Monis was born in Iran as Manteghi Bourjerdi and migrated to Australia in 1996, according to Australia’s 9News. And Iran is now fighting AGAINST ISIS, alongside US, Britain, Canada and Australia.

So why would a non-believer Iranian be fighting for ISIS?

Furthermore, Australian terrorism analyst Evan Kohlmann, told Australia’s 9News that that the locale was frequently used by Jabhat Al-Nusra and other armed Islamist groups in the region — but not ISIS.


In short, like Markale (Feb 1994, Sarajevo), 9/11, MH-17 (July 2014, Ukraine), Ottawa (Oct 2014), etc… today’s Sydney siege looks and feels like another New World Order “false flag” incident. Same patterns, same “MO,” same propaganda, same purpose.

Its purpose was to stoke the fires of war and shore up their support for the newly-minted “war on ISIS.” Just as the 9/11 did in the US against Al Qaeda. But the main goal is to scare the local population in giving up what little of their rights and liberties remain. So that the New World Order would-be masters can lord over them unobstructed.

In short, Sydney was another chapter of the… NWO flag tim99-12

Perpetual War for Perpetual Commerce

That’s the New World Order motto. The Truth in Media first discerned it 20 years ago during the war in Bosnia.


What happened in Sydney today is merely the latest chapter in this macabre tale of global deception and conquest. The New World Order antics are becoming so transparent that they are almost predictable.

Where will the next strike hit? My top candidates are Germany, Netherlands, Spain and New Zealand… i.e., major countries that have not yet signed up for the war on ISIS.

UPDATE Nov 24, 2015: Maybe that’s not it – whether or not a country has signed up for the war on ISIS. Washington already has plenty of stooges in its stables.  Maybe it’s about new government leaders proving themselves to the New World Order masters?

* * *

UPDATE December 17, 2014

Australia ignored Tehran’s warnings about Sydney hostage-taker – Iranian official

Iran had repeatedly warned Australia about the Islamist hostage-taker in Sydney whose 16-hour siege resulted in the deaths of two captives, before a police operation resulted in his death as well, according to a high-level Iranian official, RT.COM reported today.141215-man-haron-monis-930a_efa8d96ac559854aa4d5b9c87df1c4a7.nbcnews-ux-760-520

Iranian-born Australian Man Haron Monis was a 50-year-old Iranian refugee and Islamic extremist who had a previous track record.

Iran’s deputy foreign minister for Asia and Oceania affairs, Ebrahim Rahimpour, reported later in the day that Australia had ignored warnings about the potential danger that the man posed.

“Despite several notifications to the Australian government regarding his criminal background, no attention was paid,” Rahimpour told Iranian state television. “We provided information and asked them to watch this person, but unfortunately they did not pay attention.”

Well, the Truth in Media’s piece SYDNEY: BEWARE FALSE FLAG “TERRORISM” explains why not. Just like the “terrorist” who attacked the Canadian parliament in October, or the 9/11 assailants, Monis served the warmongers’ purposes:

The main goal is to scare the local population in giving up what little of their rights and liberties remain. So that the New World Order would-be masters can lord over them unobstructed.


* * *

Here are some posts from the Truth in Media Facebook page about the Ottawa shooting.
You can draw your own conclusions.  I already have. There are way too many holes in this “terrorist” plot for the official story to hold water.
Benjamin Fulford speaks directly to us in the newly released video report below to warn that the recent ‘terrorist attack’ in his own home of Canada was another…

 Bob Fulford is not the only one who thinks the Ottawa shooting was a staged event by the Canadian powers that be that want to criminalize Canadian society and set up a “Homeland Security North”. Furthermore, there are pictures taken by an amateur photographers 15 mins before the shooting that suggest that the “false flag” attack was probably planned in advance. Check this out…

  • Bob Altzar Djurdjevic Here’s also a comment I received this morning from a Canadian friend about these photos…

    Information from Connie FogalDate: October 26, 2014 at 1:06:35 PDT

    Subject: Fw: Anonymous Photos Taken 15 Minutes Prior to Ottawa Shooting

    Having been to Parliament Hill a few times, I can see why this assistant would take those photos… it is rare indeed for a phalanx of police to be stationed directly in front of the Parliament Building, and I think I’d take a shot or two of that myself. Clearly they aren’t doing anything… so what is that, a donut break for a whole squad?

    GIMME A BREAK, HARPER….Whoever leaked those photos has put a fox in the henhouse. I am reminded of the photos taken of cops arresting cops pretending to be protesters but who were really agents provocateur from the Quebec Provincial Police, who ‘fessed up because somebody caught a shot of the undercover cop’s boot sole… it bore a distinctive mark identified as police/military issue, and son of a gun…. in the same shot, the backside of a uniformed cop’s boot… with exactly the same logo on it. Oooops.

    Here we have a highly unusual situation on the Hill. In the first place, the cars are strategically placed to provide cover…. but also, that driveway would be the access route for Zehaf-Bibeau’s vehicle… which CLEARLY could not POSSIBLY have broken through that lineup without a pass. We can’t see how many there really are, because the camera does not have a wide enough angle to include the entire front of the building.

    Nor can we see the sides or the back.And another point. I don’t care what city you’re in, it takes a bit of time to deploy that many officers to one location, and if you watched the video they showed on the news (everywhere, and repeatedly, just like they did with the WTC) you saw that there was a whole posse after the guy, going down the hallway… so where did they come from? Well, those would likely be our donut-eaters so beautifully posing for the photos in this posting.

    (Did I say thank you to the brave soul rising his or her job and future and pretty much his or her whole life by taking and sharing these? Dang! And did you read what he/she wrote? He essentially told us we were being hornswoggled into giving up our rights! YA THINK???)

    Having had my fill of cop shows on television over the past while, and noting how realistically the police ops are portrayed, I gotta say that was the most ridiculous shoot-out I’ve ever seen… and we didn’t even see it. There were dozens of shots fired in the hallway to great dramatic effect, but in all that melee, supposedly one shot from the intrepid Sergeant-at-Arms, Kevin Vickers, took out the perp.

    But what we saw in the hallway was a bunch of cops spread out down the hall, rendering the back cops useless… you cannot fire at a suspect with your fellow officers in the way, and presumably if Mr. Vickers popped out of his office to shoot the dude, they’d have stopped shooting in his direction as well… but we heard round after round going off, so what were they shooting AT???

    And how did all those shots MISS, but the old guy takes down the prey with one shot? Uh-huh.We don’t see a body being removed. We don’t see any blood. We don’t see the scene of the shooting, nor does anyone take us on a tour of the ricochet marks carved into the fine marble pillars of our national capitol building. Nothing. Do we even know if the kid is actually dead?

    Nobody has even said what sort of wound killed him, or how many times he was shot.There’s that smell of rotting fish again. Oh, God, somebody get Stephen Harper out of the House, he’s stinking up the place….


    Hopefully, this photographer will find another job far away from Parliament before anyone does some rough calculations and figures out where the shot was taken from. Already they’re going to know which party it came from.

    Oh, my…. does anyone have a floor plan of who has which office?And if I thought of that, you can bet others did…

    As I said, if I were this person I would head for the nearest employment agency as fast as my little legs would carry me.These photos do more to prove the whole thing was a FALSE FLAG than anything else I’ve seen, because it shows PRIOR ARRANGEMENT BY THE POLICE.

    Side note: If you go to the actual page and view the whole thing, you’ll see that this photographer included a shot of his/her Parliamentary pass, to prove he/she ain’t kidding. My bet is it’s a he. But whoever you are, DUCK.


    Bob Altzar Djurdjevic's photo.



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