If Moscow is allowed to win in Ukraine, the world will revert to a state of “might makes right,” Antony Blinken says

“If Russia is allowed to do what it’s doing, that means that we’re going to go back to a world in which might makes right, in which big nations can bully small nations,” the US Secretary of State said yesterday.

Now, let’s see what the world looked like when the shoe was on the other foot – Washington’s. 

Who was the bully when the US invaded Iraq? Twice. Who was the bully in Afghanistan? Who was the bully in Somalia? Who was the bully in Bosnia? Who was the bully in Serbia? Who was the bully in Syria? Who was the bully that forced the EU to do its bidding and shoot itself in the foot?

I could go on. Because the U.S military has over 200,000 active-service members deployed in at least 170 countries worldwide. In 2016, the US special forces operated in 138 countries which represent about 70% of the world, according to FORBES (see the map).

In other words, the “might makes right” principle of a world order is okay if it is OUR might and their butt (being kicked).  But if somebody resists, then that’s a bully and that country is a pariah. 

There is a word for that kind of a foreign policy. It’s DUPLICITY.  What’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander.

Blinken and his dead mentor whom he idolizes (Madeleine Albright), not to mention other famous predecessors (Hillary Clinton, John Kerry), are distinguished only for extreme disingenuity and insincerety. All diplomats lie. But these Secretaries of State lied out of both sides of their mouths and didn’t blink an eye. 

No wonder they chose BLINK-en as their successor. Who will be probably followed by another WINK-er like BLINKen.






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