Yet China’s Rise to Power Was “Made in the USA”

In his first public address since taking office in January, CIA Director Mike Pompeo, said he sees China rather than Russia or Iran as the biggest threat to America’s dominant position in the world.

Speaking at the Washington Free Beacon conservative “think tank,” Pompeo said Beijing merited the top spot on the US spymaster’s threat list due to its stronger economy and population.

He also marked terrorism and North Korea as the biggest short-term threats to US security interests, but selected China, Russia and Iran as mid-to-long-term concerns.

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by Bob Djurdjevic

What the CIA chief admitted today can only come as a surprise to poor students of history. Back in March 1994, yes, over 23 years ago, this writer said this in part on the subject of the U.S. China policy:

“The rise of China in the world affairs is bound to cause a new global political instability, just like the rise of Germany and (later) Japan did in the late 19th and early 20th century.”  
This editorial was filed from Barcelona, Spain, where I was at the time attending a business conference (see CHINA FOLLIES – Follies).
China Follies 3-25-94

In the same piece, I also pointed out the naïveté of all those business people who were feeding the Chinese tiger hoping they could control it:

“The British textile industrialists a century ago also saw immense opportunities in China. They, too, counted Chinese heads to justify their enthusiasm.
‘If every Chinese added just one inch to his shirt tail, the mills of Lancashire could be kept busy for a generation.’
Well, one hundred years later, the Chinese can (and do) make any length of shirt tails they choose for anyone in the world, while the mills of Lancashire rust in the dustbin of history.”
(Also see, WHO LOST CHINA?, Aug 1999, Truth in Media –


A year and a half later, I penned this column – WHEN CULTURES COLLIDE…  (published by the Truth in Media in Nov 1995, and by the WASHINGTON TIMES in Aug 1996 –

‘Chinese Century’

Furthermore, despite the inevitable turmoil which China will also face before emerging as the world power, the Earth’s most populous nation may return to glory in the 21st century. Its main contender for this honor roll will not be the U.S., as may seem likely to those who look back before forecasting the future. It will be Russia. Between the two, these leading nations have more engineers, more scientists, more soldiers and more artists than the rest of the Western world put together.

In the new information-driven era, this will give them an insurmountable edge over the stagnant industrialized economies, such as Japan, Germany or the U.S, not to mention the declining ones.

If Bill Clinton isn’t getting the significance of all this, he isn’t alone. Neither did the Austrian or Russian emperors less than 100 years ago! (see​)​

Not learning from history is a terrible thing. It not only shows stupidity. It also illustrates arrogance of those who think they can control things better.



The five American presidents highlighted in red on the enclosed filmstrip, starting with Richard Nixon, are the ones who kept feeding the Chinese tiger hoping they could control it. George H. Bush shamefully looked the other way in June 1989 as the Chinese communist government slaughtered thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators at Tiananmen Square.


Worse, he and the other presidents that followed him allowed American multinational corporations to shower China with hundreds of billions of dollars in investments that have built up China into the virtual factory of the world.

Bill Clinton and Al Gore even went further in their treason against the American people and our national interests. They opened our military secrets to Chinese war planners, taking them on a tour of the U.S. military facilities and schools across the country in Aug 2000 (see

“Furthermore, a low-key White House regulation change was signed by Bill Clinton on Aug. 3, 2000 at the urging of the CEOs of IBM, Unisys, Hewlett-Packard and NCR. This presidential order will allow the Chinese military to buy some of the most powerful U.S. computers without a government license or security review, the ABC News reported today (Aug. 28, 2000).

The Clinton move, while applauded by vice president Al Gore, is drawing fire from U.S. security experts who say the computers could help foreign militaries develop nuclear weapons more quickly, and from a congressman who charges the White House is compromising national security for political profit.”

The Clinton-Gore administration even facilitated classes at Harvard to teach the Chinese military leaders how to fight the U.S.

“Twenty-five senior Chinese military officers are attending a course at Harvard to learn details about U.S. decision-making that critics say will help China fight the United States, the Washington Times reported on Aug. 28, 2000.” (see


So given all of the above, is there any wonder that China is today’s the greatest threat to the security of the United States? Our government and multinational corporations have enabled China to become that.

This foolhardy and treasonous behavior was clearly visible to the students of history, as demonstrated in my March 1994 editorial CHINA FOLLIES which warned against it.

And yet they did it anyway. Was it stupidity or treason?

To the victim – the American people – it makes no difference. It hurts no less if an assailant stabs you in the back because he was clumsy versus because he intended to. Either way you end up with a knife in your back.

And the Chinese knife in the back of American people was stuck by successive American presidents in the last 25 years – the stooges to the New World Order globalists.

So it was definitely treason. But did the CIA chief say anything about that?

Not that we can see in the media reports.

Did any of the conference attendees demand arrests and prosecution of the last four American presidents for treason?

Not that I know of.

Did Donald Trump, who promised to correct the unfair trading practices with China during his campaign, do something about that?

Definitely not.

So there we are. The Chinese knife is still in our backs and nobody is doing anything about it. Except, of course, trying to tax us more so they can spend more money on the military so as to repel China as the greatest global threat to us. Which they caused.

So it’s same old, same old, business as usual story in Washington… 23 years and counting since my China Follies editorial.

China Follies 3-25-94


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