It’s hard to feel compassion for a man who has never showed compassion

Arizona senator John McCain, former presidential candidate, former, present and future (?) Senate’s chief warmonger and corporate brown noser, has terminal brain cancer. And it’s the aggressive kind that usually kills within 14 months (see

Looks like God is taking matters into His own hands since the Arizona electorate have failed to do so for decades. And God is crossing the party lines, something Senator McCain has been known to do all his political life. For, the same type of brain cancer also killed Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden’s son Beau.

I know, I know… we are supposed to be compassionate about anyone in this situation. And I am trying, though not succeeding very well.

How do you force yourself to feel compassionate about someone who has never showed compassion for anyone else in his entire political life? Only self-centered greed.

How do you feel compassion for a man who has committed fraud and practiced corruption and obsequiousness no matter which president or party was in power?

How do show compassion for a man who had sided with the neo-Nazis in Ukraine, with the Albanian drug dealers and other criminals in Kosovo, with the riff-raff of any kind or religion as long as they gave him money?

How do you show compassion for someone who has taken favors from Charles Keating, only to dump his generous sponsor like excess baggage once Keating got in trouble with the law? (see John McCain: The Most Reprehensible of the Keating Five – – Nov 29, 1989).

How do you show compassion for a man who has married money so he can get more money?

How do you show compassion for a man who has built his entire political career on a lie – that he was a “war hero?”

Donald Trump


I know, I know… as Christians, we must try to forgive, though we are not required to forget. And I will never forget a meeting I had with John McCain at his office in Washington, DC, in late 1989, right after the news of his role in the Keating Five broke.

I had set up the meeting before I knew that so I could ask him to help with my work in Eastern Europe, seeing a chance to bring democracy to Yugoslavia, my birth country.

Shortly before out Washington meeting, the Berlin Wall had fallen. Eastern Europe was starting to shed its communist chains.  The doors were opening up. And I was hoping to walk through them as a businessman returning to his native country for the first time after 20 years of voluntary exile.

But after I saw that Keating Five story, I merely told him, “I think that Eastern Europe can do without such examples of ‘democracy’.” And then I walked out.

Perhaps the only genuine compassion I can muster is for the Arizona voters. Our state’s power brokers have obviously had us by our you-know-what’s for all these decades.

God willing, we may be soon free of this national and global embarrassment for our state.(for more, see… ANYBODY BUT A DEMOCRAT OR A REPUBLICAN,

Let us hope that we don’t stop there, and that we keep turfing out all of those who have been keeping the likes of McCain in power for decades. Evidently, we seem to have God on our side.

Update July 22, 2017


Check out these two photos… and you can see how “fake news” used to be created back in 1973. Not much different from today, actually.

Look at the crutches that John McCain used to launch his “fraud hero” career.

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