A Truth in Media Editorial


Facebook thinks it’s getting more sophisticated by using the AI (artificial intelligence) to manage its two billion users. But actually FB is getting more stupid. Because any man-made technology is flawed in comparison with human intelligence. Even Forrest Gump knew that (“stupid is as stupid does”).

For example, any time Facebook AI software sees a naked tit, it freaks out. It cannot distinguish between a woman’s breast published in a news story, OR in a medical journal, OR as a work of art… AND porn. Because it lacks HUMAN judgement. FB assumes all nudity is porn. And it acts accordingly and stupidly – by shooting the messenger.

The preceding is what I penned on Jan 3, 2017.  Three days ago, July 6, 2017, Facebook did the same thing. Again.

They put me in their “jail” on account of alleged nudity in a post from a YEAR AGO! (Here’s the link: Only this time, FB’s action was even more ludicrous. Because FB had sent me the supposedly “offending” post itself as an “On This Day…”-reminder.

Here’s what I wrote to them in response on Friday (July 7):


Facebook getting more prudish and more stupid every year

You blocked me last night and put me into the FB jail for 3 days for posting something you yourselves (FB) have sent me as a reminder from my “On This Day…” posts one year ago (“ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY… JULY 5, 1946 – FIRST BIKINI UNVEILED),

So if my post did violate your “community standards” one year ago, why did you not block me then? And if it did not, it implies you must have changed your standards to make them more prudish.

But that does not explain your stupidity in blocking me now after you yourselves had sent me the link to that post from 2016 – thus violating your own new standards.

Please unblock me immediately unless you want to be made into a laughing stock of the Internet.

Bob Djurdjevic

“The more the world changes, the more it is the same” Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr (1808-1890)


January 3, 2017 – here’s the link to the original FB post:

That’s what happened to me on Monday night when I posted a short news story about a topless woman I saw crossing a major street in Honolulu, right in front of the City Hall. I used a couple of stock photos of other women activists who were demonstrating topless in Washington, DC and New York (see TOPLESS HONOLULU STREET WALKER – Both photos had been previously published by major media.

Almost immediately, Facebook logged me out and banned me from being able to post anything for 24 hours. Whereupon, I asked some of my FB friends to post this comment for me:


FB just blocked me (temporarily) for posting that story about a topless Hawaiian woman in Honolulu. Yet that was a factual NEWS story!

And the pictures are used as file photos have been already published by the major media in New York and Washington, DC. In fact, they are female activists challenging such dogma.

Of course, I filed a complaint to FB about having me blocked for publishing a news story. But I am not holding my breath.

Go figure, prudish FB censorship.

Maybe I’ll quit FB permanently. Sorry – my nearly 5,000 friends if I decide to do it. But I find it problematic that a founder of the Truth in Media should condone censorship.

Since I am not able to post anything on FB for 24 hours, I would appreciate it if some of you with FB accounts will post this for me and reference my FB profile as:

Now I know this has happened to a lot of FB users.  Many of them get angry at FB and accuse it of censorship. Some get quite emotional and attack the FB founder Mark Zuckerberg for being malicious.

Not that Zuckerberg is blameless. But why waste emotions on actions of a poorly programmed robot? Which is what the AI software is. It’s just a stupid robot.

Of course, Zuckerberg and his FB geniuses designed the stupid robot. So that’s why he is not blameless. But he “just a human.” Meaning flawed, despite the billions of dollars Wall Street has given him for inventing a stupid robot.

So instead of getting angry at Facebook or Zuckerberg, maybe we should feel sorry for them and just say, “Oh, you poor, stupid thing.” And then accept their shortcomings with the same grace and compassion we regard the defects of a disabled human.

It’s just that Facebook’s disability is in its head and thus not easily visible. But now we know and see it clearly.

PS: Of course, I plan to post this editorial as soon as I get out of the FB jail. And then probably give FB a rest for awhile. I don’t care to deal with stupid people… oops, I mean stupid robots. 🙂

After all, “where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise” (Thomas Gray, 1716-1771).



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