NOTE FROM EDITOR: Today’s RT.COM OpEd elicited my response which was also published at their website (see below). I am also republishing here my Feb 3, 2018 editorial about quitting Facebook and Twitter (in 2016).

Chilling precedent? InfoWars block exposes Big Tech as no friend of free speech (RT.COM, Aug 7)

A for ALTZAR web Excellent OpEd! Kudos to Nebojsa Malic, RT! Your piece says almost exactly the same thing I wrote in my August 1997 Washington Times editorial DANCING ‘ROUND THE GOLDEN CALF (originally titled “Dumbing Down of America”). Here’s the opening: “Our country’s traditional character is being systematically destroyed by nihilistic ‘liberals,’ the New World Order’s centurions whose only God is the Almighty Dollar. It is a multi-pronged process carried out by the Wall Street elite and their vassals in government, education, media and the entertainment industry.” 

It is for this very reason that I canceled my Facebook and Twitter accounts last year. If all of us BOYCOTTED them, their censorship would be IRRELEVANT.


Feb 3, 2018

Facebook quit 2

I quit! J’arrête! Lo dejo! Уходить в отставку!

So that’s it. I am quitting Facebook. Ironically, it’s happening a few hours after they had released me from my latest stint in the FB jail. Oh well, at least now more people will find out that I quit and why.

Nine (9) years and three (3) months has been a good ride. I learned a lot. But now it’s time to forget and move on.


One thing I learned is that a Facebook “friend” is not necessarily the same as a real life friend. Here’s why not…

As of right now, Feb 3, 2018, I supposedly have 4,630 FB “friends.”  Guess how many bother to reply to my yesterday’s “QUIT FACEBOOK?” post as of this morning?

Three (3) directly. And three (3) through various groups I had founded for a total of six (6). Six out of 4,630! That’s 0.13%. In other words, only one (1) out of 772 of my DB “friends” cares whether or not I stay or go.

And I am not even counting here the 25,656 “friends” I have in the three groups I manage who also had a chance to see my yesterday’s post.


So what does that say? To me, it says, that APATHY and INDIFFERENCE reign supreme on Facebook as they do elsewhere in America (see my Nov 2014 election column – DISGUST & APATHY: BIG WINNERS IN 2014 ELECTIONS).


Freedom, including the freedom of speech, is disappearing in America faster than a piece of cheese in a rat’s mouth. The US Constitution has become a dead letter, something that both our government and large corporations can trample at will.

Yet, most people just shrug and carry on. Hoping for miracles? Or just that “crocodile would eat them last?” as Winston Churchill put it in reference to Hitler appeasers in 1938.


As you saw from my yesterday’s post, I have been teeter-tottering on the decision to leave FB for over 4 years now. I was hoping things might get better. Instead, they’ve gotten worse. FB is abusing the trust of its customers. No wonder 60% of Facebook users are spending LESS time now “socializing” on it.

There is one absolute right every customer has: LEAVE. The right to QUIT. And the only thing businesses like FB react to is a loss of user base. Trust me on that. When I ran my own business, I used to consult for top executives of major multinational computer companies.

I am not frustrated or angry. Just pragmatic in how and where I want to spend my time. FB is not the only game in town. So why should I waste my time and emotional and intellectual capital on a platform which will eventually self-destruct and collapse?


I never did like Twitter. Maybe it was because it was meant for people who can only put one or two sentences together (140 character limit). [SNIP – I had just reached that Twitter limit]

Or maybe it was because Hollywood and the Washington politicians loved it. (Back to speaking in sound bites).

But when I really started to hate it to the point of deleting my Twitter account was when I realized that Twitter is just the tool of the New World Order “elite.” In March of 2016, they censored some of my posts (see TWITTER CENSORSHIP – https://www.facebook.com/groups/truthinmedia.org/permalink/834223520057596/).  And in July 2016, Twitter tried to suppress the Wikileaks release of the damning DNC/Hillary emails (among other LAMESTREAM MEDIA, MAJOR INTERNET COMPANIES, COLLUDE TO SUPPRESS THE NEWS OF DNC TRYING TO RIG DEMOCRATIC PRIMARIES IN HILLARY’S FAVOR – https://www.facebook.com/groups/439921809487771/).

So after the election was over, and Twitter and all the lamestream media were totally discredited, I quit Twitter and closed my account. I invite you to do the same. Because now you have yet another big reason to do it.


To those of you who care about FREEDOM and TRUTH, I say, THANK YOU for your support over the years. Let’s stay in touch. FB is not the only game in town. There are other channels available for me to broadcast the truth. Just as I had been doing for decades before FB was even around.So here are my websites to which you can subscribe.

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Hope to hear from you again at one or all of my above websites. You can submit your comments there just as you could on FB. But WITHOUT CENSORSHIP.

Bye, bye… and good luck!



FEB 2, 2018

QUIT FACEBOOK? Is it time to hang it up after almost 10 years?

Four signs I have received in last 3 days that it may be time to jump off his bad habit called Facebook: What do you think?

I have been a Facebook user since Nov 2008. But I never really used it until July 2012, when my spirit guides suggested I give it a try. Now I feel I am getting signs from them that I need to get off this bad habit that Facebook has become.

1. The first hints came from Facebook itself. Since late November, I seem to be spending more time in the FB jail for no good reason that I know. Except that someone somewhere in Facebookland doesn’t like my posts and opinions.

And willy-nilly, without any explanation, this PUBLIC (!) company decides to violate my right of free speech under the First Amendment. I find that unacceptable in the US of A.

2. Second, on Jan 31, I was guided by my spirit guides to post this commentary – about the declining business at Twitter and Facebook. Evidently, many other people are starting to feel the same way. https://www.facebook.com/bob.djurdjevic/posts/10212790825020362

3. Third, just today, Feb 2, a post came up from four years ago when I finished my month of voluntary silence. It was the second time in just over a year that I had done something like that: Turned off most of my man-made technology.


“Will you join me in this “silent revolution”? – I asked at the end of that 2014 editorial.

Alas, I did not heed my own recommendation. The US-engineered coup in Ukraine later that month in 2014 suck me back into geopolitical reporting and analysis. Just like when I worked as a war correspondent for over a decade in the 1990s.

And starting with that coup, things went from bad to worse… in this country and around the world. So I hung in there with developing news.

4. Fourth, I just saw this guest post by Mary about what happened when she quit Facebook in 2015. In word, NOTHING BAD. She can only cite GOOD experiences as a result.

FB cover freedom of speech

Check out what she said:

“Last month, I made the decision to say goodbye to my personal Facebook account. It was a decision that was in the back of my mind for a while. I took the plunge on May 6, 2015.

Since then, I’ve learned five important lessons.

1. I Don’t Have As Many Friends As I Thought

One my personal Facebook page, I had hundreds of “friends”. Once I said goodbye to my account, only a handful of them stayed in contact with me.

My birthday was less than two weeks after I made the decision to quit Facebook. In the previous years, most everyone on my friends list posted “happy birthday” to me.

Guess how many thought to call or text me? FIVE.

Most of them were family… which leads me to the next lesson.

2. I Don’t Care

Learning lesson one taught me lesson two. I don’t care about the lack of communication from my former Facebook “friends”.

The true friendships that I have are even more precious to me before. I value the few close friends I have more than I ever valued the fake ones I thought I had.

3. I Have More Free Time

I am amazed at how much time I really do have in a day. I knew I spent a good bit of time on Facebook, but I had no clue exactly how much.

I no longer feel the need to check my feed because I’m bored or out of habit. Instead, I use that time to do something productive or something I really enjoy.

4. I Am Happier

Let’s face it. Facebook is FULL of negativity… and I don’t want that in my life.

I am not the type of person who can just forget about something. So, when I would see a troubling post/picture, it would stay with me for days. I don’t want to focus on negativity in my life. I want to embrace the positive.

Since quitting Facebook, I am happier.

5. I Don’t Feel “Left Out”

I honestly thought that I would feel left out of the loop since quitting Facebook. I’ve found that I don’t. My friends and family inform me of any pertinent information I need to know.

Bonus Lesson #6: My Phone Battery Lasts Longer

It’s amazing how long a phone battery lasts when you are not constantly checking for updates and messages!  – http://moneysavingmom.com/2015/06/5-lessons-i-learned-after-quitting-facebook.html


Zuckerberg 4-11-18.png

Facebook / Zuckerberg tells Senate hearing ‘we will fight election meddling’

Isn’t that also “election meddling?”

I thought the social media have duty to stay out of the political fray and defend everyone’s right to free speech.

But maybe that was in another America, in another century.

For more on FB’s own meddling, check out my “I QUIT” editorial (Feb 3, 2018)

UPDATE 2 – APR 11, 2018


As Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg testified on Capitol Hill for the first time, an unnerving sight greeted visitors outside: an “army” of 100 life-sized cutouts of the CEO.

The display was meant to protest “disinformation” ahead of the tech giant’s congressional hearing. The campaign organized by Avaaz, a global activist group, featured 100 cutouts of Zuckerberg wearing a t-shirt that said “fix Fakebook.”

For more, see… ‘Army’ of 100 Zuckerberg cutouts protests Facebook CEO on Capitol Hill https://fxn.ws/2qnQx97

UPDATE AUG 8, 2018

Further on the Truth in Media story I HAD QUIT (FB, Twitter) OVER CENSORSHIP; INFOWARS NOW BLOCKED (Aug 7)

“At a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” (George Orwell)

A 25-year veteran of the US House of Representatives and a former presidential candidate, Ron Paul, echoed today in his own words the above famous George Orwell sentiment.

‘Truth is treason in empire of lies’: Ron Paul on Big Tech censorship

Ron Paul .png

After the executive director of the Ron Paul Institute got suspended on Twitter, the former congressman from Texas told RT that social media crackdowns are part of a broader effort to silence dissent in the US.

While social media could be a “real delight” and very informative, the biggest role social networks are playing is “working with the government,” Ron Paul told RT on Tuesday. The government is indirectly regulating speech through companies like Twitter and Facebook, he added.

“You get accused of treasonous activity and treasonous speech because in an empire of lies the truth is treason,” Paul said. “Challenging the status quo is what they can’t stand and it unnerves them, so they have to silence people.”

Paul served in the House of Representatives for over 25 years before retiring in 2013 and setting up the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity. The institute’s executive director, Daniel McAdams, found himself suspended from Twitter on Monday, apparently for retweeting a comment by radio show host Scott Horton.

Horton, who is also the editorial director of Antiwar.com, was suspended for criticizing journalist Jonathan M. Katz, after Katz complained to Twitter and got former former State Department employee and author Peter Van Buren banned from the platform.

“I’m just hoping that technology can stay ahead of it all and that we can have real alternatives to the dependency on Twitter and other companies that have been working hand in glove with the government,” Paul told RT.

“And if we, some of us, tell the truth about our government, they call us treasonous and say we’re speaking out of line and they’d like to punish us, and I think that’s part of what’s happening with social media,” he added.


UPDATE AUG 13, 2018

Social media censorship blowback

The blowback from attempting to stifle ideas and speech has a long history, matched only by the history people have failed to learn from.

Infowars’ Alex Jones claims 5.6 million extra subscribers since being censored, so did he win?

“Infowars has had the highest traffic it’s ever had – 5.6 million new subscribers in the past 48 hours – and so has my radio show,”Jones told the Daily Mail, referring to his newsletter and podcast.

That claim means over 5 million extra subscribers, in just a matter of days, may have signed up to watch him and his Infowars organisation deliver their little nuggets of hate and conspiracy. Not exactly the outcome the would-be censors were looking for. The blowback from attempting to stifle ideas and speech has a long history, matched only by the history of people failing to learn from it.

Social media platforms risk creating the right-wing answer to Star Wars’ Obi Wan Kenobi: strike him down and he will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

There have been a range of high profile voices warning against censoring Jones who, while widely-watched, appears to the majority like little more than a vicious but comic figure screaming red-faced diatribes.

Jordan Peterson, the highly-popular Canadian psychology professor who is himself often the target of the political left, commented on Twitter about the Jones case saying: “never persecute someone paranoid, lest you justify his paranoia.”

For more, see… https://on.rt.com/9c27



A Truth in Media Editorial


Facebook thinks it’s getting more sophisticated by using the AI (artificial intelligence) to manage its two billion users. But actually FB is getting more stupid. Because any man-made technology is flawed in comparison with human intelligence. Even Forrest Gump knew that (“stupid is as stupid does”).

For example, any time Facebook AI software sees a naked tit, it freaks out. It cannot distinguish between a woman’s breast published in a news story, OR in a medical journal, OR as a work of art… AND porn. Because it lacks HUMAN judgement. FB assumes all nudity is porn. And it acts accordingly and stupidly – by shooting the messenger.

The preceding is what I penned on Jan 3, 2017.  Three days ago, July 6, 2017, Facebook did the same thing. Again.

They put me in their “jail” on account of alleged nudity in a post from a YEAR AGO! (Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/bob.djurdjevic/posts/10208032645348844). Only this time, FB’s action was even more ludicrous. Because FB had sent me the supposedly “offending” post itself as an “On This Day…”-reminder.

Here’s what I wrote to them in response on Friday (July 7):


Facebook getting more prudish and more stupid every year

You blocked me last night and put me into the FB jail for 3 days for posting something you yourselves (FB) have sent me as a reminder from my “On This Day…” posts one year ago (“ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY… JULY 5, 1946 – FIRST BIKINI UNVEILED),

So if my post did violate your “community standards” one year ago, why did you not block me then? And if it did not, it implies you must have changed your standards to make them more prudish.

But that does not explain your stupidity in blocking me now after you yourselves had sent me the link to that post from 2016 – thus violating your own new standards.

Please unblock me immediately unless you want to be made into a laughing stock of the Internet.

Bob Altzar Djurdjevic

“The more the world changes, the more it is the same” Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr (1808-1890)


January 3, 2017 – here’s the link to the original FB post: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gaiastewards/permalink/1037496029713069/

That’s what happened to me on Monday night when I posted a short news story about a topless woman I saw crossing a major street in Honolulu, right in front of the City Hall. I used a couple of stock photos of other women activists who were demonstrating topless in Washington, DC and New York (see TOPLESS HONOLULU STREET WALKER –  http://wp.me/p3R16m-3aa). Both photos had been previously published by major media.

Almost immediately, Facebook logged me out and banned me from being able to post anything for 24 hours. Whereupon, I asked some of my FB friends to post this comment for me:


FB just blocked me (temporarily) for posting that story about a topless Hawaiian woman in Honolulu. Yet that was a factual NEWS story!

And the pictures are used as file photos have been already published by the major media in New York and Washington, DC. In fact, they are female activists challenging such dogma.

Of course, I filed a complaint to FB about having me blocked for publishing a news story. But I am not holding my breath.

Go figure, prudish FB censorship.

Maybe I’ll quit FB permanently. Sorry – my nearly 5,000 friends if I decide to do it. But I find it problematic that a founder of the Truth in Media should condone censorship.

Since I am not able to post anything on FB for 24 hours, I would appreciate it if some of you with FB accounts will post this for me and reference my FB profile as:


Now I know this has happened to a lot of FB users.  Many of them get angry at FB and accuse it of censorship. Some get quite emotional and attack the FB founder Mark Zuckerberg for being malicious.

Not that Zuckerberg is blameless. But why waste emotions on actions of a poorly programmed robot? Which is what the AI software is. It’s just a stupid robot.

Of course, Zuckerberg and his FB geniuses designed the stupid robot. So that’s why he is not blameless. But he “just a human.” Meaning flawed, despite the billions of dollars Wall Street has given him for inventing a stupid robot.

So instead of getting angry at Facebook or Zuckerberg, maybe we should feel sorry for them and just say, “Oh, you poor, stupid thing.” And then accept their shortcomings with the same grace and compassion we regard the defects of a disabled human.

It’s just that Facebook’s disability is in its head and thus not easily visible. But now we know and see it clearly.

PS: Of course, I plan to post this editorial as soon as I get out of the FB jail. And then probably give FB a rest for awhile. I don’t care to deal with stupid people… oops, I mean stupid robots. 🙂

After all, “where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise” (Thomas Gray, 1716-1771).