Conservative leadership bidFrom left to right – TOP: Bandaranaike (Sri Lanka), Merkel (Germany), Hillary Clinton, Aung San Suu Kyi (Burma-Myanmar), Sturgeon (Scotland), May (UK), Rousseff (Brazil) – BOTTOM: Gandhi (India), Foster (N. Ireland), Grybauskaite (Lithuania), Hasina (Bangladesh), Thatcher (UK), Chinchilla (Chile), Kirchner (Argentina)


And What Does the Spirit Realm Think of That Craving…

Women have come a long way in politics since they won the right to vote on this very day 96 years ago – Aug 18, 1920 (19th Amendment). Today, 104 or 19% of our congressional representatives are female. Twenty women are currently in the Senate (20%).

Some say that’s not enough especially compared to women in power elsewhere in the world (see the map).  Others look at the likes of Hillary Clinton and say, “who’d want more of that kind of women in power?”


Women trying to take power from men? That’s a silly notion. Women already have more power than men from birth. Because they are in charge of birthing (creation).


So why are there not more women in powerful positions? Opinions vary greatly depending on the gender.  But both men and women agree that women and men would make equally good political leaders.

About three-quarters (73%) of women said it’s easier for men to get elected to high political office, while 58% of men agreed. And 38% of women said that having more women in top political or business leadership positions would improve the quality of life for all women “a lot.” Only half as many men (19%) agreed.

There were similar differences by political party on this question, with more than twice as many Democrats (39%) as Republicans (17%) saying that having more women in high political office would improve the lives of women, while independents (28%) ranked in the middle.

For the most part, Americans – including similar shares of men (74%) and women (76%) – said in a 2014 Pew Research Center survey that women and men make equally good political leaders.

When it comes to essential traits of a leader, both men and women saw women as being more compassionate and better organized than men, and saw men as being more ambitious and decisive in risk taking than women. For most leadership traits, an even higher share said that both genders possess them equally.

So there is really nothing stopping women from getting to higher positions of power other than themselves. Just like men.  One has to fight to get ahead. If that’s what leadership is about.


One question that all these gender leadership surveys did not ask is – WHY DO WOMEN DESIRE POWER?

One does not need to ask that question about men. History is littered with millions of corpses that male ambition, greed and quest for power has left behind.

But why would women want to be like that? Why would they want to be tougher than men? Those are the questions I have often asked myself and never quite been able to come up with a clear answer.

That’s because the first and the most important role of any woman is to CREATE LIFE. Not to destroy it.

“In answer to a request from a woman in our group, the female earth spirit (Santa Tierra?) said that the women don’t need a blessing because they have been given the “power of creation.”  “You are responsible for creating a new breed of man,” she added.

“But what about women who are not mothers?” another woman asked from a back row.

“All women are mothers,” the female spirit retorted without hesitation, as if anticipating the question.  “You give birth to luminous ideas,” she added, pointing out to Mother Theresa as a case in point.

“And what about us?” (men), I asked.

“You don’t need the blessing, either,” Santa Tierra replied.  “You have the intelligence from the celestial sources with which to lead mankind as decision makers.” (The feminists may take note of that answer, unless, of course, they think they are smarter than the Creator’s spirits).

To summarize the Spirit message:

  • Women are responsible for the creation of a new breed of man in the Age of Aquarius
  • All women are mothers, even those without children – because they all give birth to luminous ideas
  • Men receive the intelligence from the celestial sources to lead mankind as decision makers

To me, this is all straightforward and clear cut. But when I look around at the reality in the physical world that men and women of the New World Order are trying to create, I see nothing but contradictions and conflicts.

Women trying to take power from men? That’s a silly notion. Women already have more power than men from birth.Because they are in charge of birthing (creation). 

So you see now why I have been confused all this years? Given the natural order of things according to the spirit realm, I don’t understand why women pushing and shoving like men trying to to take the place of men in the order of Creation, instead of focusing on their own primary job – Creation itself?

One thing is for sure – the world we know today, the world being propagated by the powers that be of the New World Order – it is the world of constant conflict and warfare… between the nations and tribes and between the genders.

PERPETUAL WAR FOR PERPETUAL COMMERCE – that was the New World Order motto I coined more than 20 years ago when I first discerned this.

Only a devil or his emissary could have devised something like that. You saw from our discussions with the Spirit realm, the angels – the Apus and Santa Tierras – male and female spirits – are both opposed to it. It is not their world we are creating by our silence and acquiescence. It is the work of the devil.

And it is no accident. This is all by design (see New World Order’s War on American Family & Social Order, Jan 2015):

The New World Order social agenda is:

* Defeminize the female, emasculate the male

* Destroy the American family by sending women into the work force

* Brainwash children to become obedient dolts and shopping automats as adults 

 * … then tax and rule the world

In the 1960´s, the elite media invented second-wave feminism as part of the elite agenda to dismantle civilization and create a New World Order (see Rense and New World Order’s War on American Family & Social Order, Jan 2015, Truth in Media)

So knowing that we are deliberately being led into a disaster by the power that be with their feminist agenda, and that it runs directly opposite to the order of things seen by the Spirit realm, who do we follow – the NWO leaders or our Spirit guides?


Well, that’s a million-dollar question, isn’t it? And I don’t have a perfect answer for it, either. But I will tell you what I used to do over the decades of voting.

If I didn’t know the person on the ballot, I would go by the following criteria:

  • ANYBODY but a Democrat or a Republican (because they all work for the same bosses)
  • A NEWCOMER rather than an INCUMBENT (because long tenure in elected offices breeds corruption)
  • A WOMAN rather than a MAN (because a woman is more likely to use love and compassion in her decisions; and because women had been prejudiced against in politics; lest we forget, they only won the right to vote on Aug 18, 1920; and because I have two daughters 🙂 )

That’s the way I have been voting, or not voting, more or less for decades.

Did I ever regret doing so? No. Not once.

But now, with the likes of Hillary running for president, I am ready for an amendment.

After seeing so many women get into politics only to acquire the ugliest of the “manly” qualities – aggression, greed, lying and cheating, subservience to money and power, egotism – and trying to outdo men in their quest for power, I say – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

The women the New World Order is fielding to lead us are leading us into a disaster as bad or worse than the generations of men who had preceded them. And this is all by design (see New World Order’s War on American Family & Social Order, Jan 2015):

The New World Order social agenda is:

* Defeminize the female, emasculate the male

* Destroy the American family by sending women into the work force

* Brainwash children to become obedient dolts and shopping automats as adults 

 * … then tax and rule the world

We don’t any more Margaret Thatcher’s, Hillary Clinton’s, Eleanor Roosevelt’s, Angela Merkel’s or Kathleen Kane’s to mention some than we need a hole in our head.

We don’t need women who are out to prove they have bigger cojones than the men. We need women who are nurturers, healers and caretakers of the world broken by the millennia of male-instigated warfare and power plays.

We also don’t need women who looked like that armored police warrior. We need women who look like that gal next to her whose power is not in the gun but in her heart.

So no more auto-feminine votes for me, unless I know and trust the woman on the ballot.


Top Law Enforcement Official in Pennsylvania Who Thought She Was Above the Law

Okay, so we know about Margaret, Eleanor, Hillary and Angela. But who the heck is Kathleen Kane?

Well, she is another one of these power-intoxicated women who thought she was above the law.  Until she got caught – today – Aug 16, 2016.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane was forced to resign hours after she was found guilty of nine criminal charges, including two felony perjury counts.

Kane, who was elected in 2012, was accused of leaking information to the media about a 2009 grand jury probe as a way to get back at Frank Fina, a political rival and former state prosecutor.

Kane, 50, faces up to seven years in prison on each of the felony perjury charges. Under state law, she was required to resign by the day of her sentencing, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“It seemed we had somebody who felt she was above the law,” Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele told reporters outside the courtroom after the verdict was delivered. “This was about the defendant going before a grand jury in Montgomery County and lying to that grand jury. The evidence was overwhelming in that regard.”

DJURDJEVIC: Can you think of another woman in government who thought she was above the law? If not, here’s a clue… That woman’s husband also lied under oath twice when he was President.
“Bill Clinton lied under oath in his civil case when he denied a sexual affair, a sexual relationship, or sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky. 2. President Clinton lied under oath to the grand jury about his sexual relationship with Ms. Lewinsky.”
And this woman is now trying to lie and cheat her way to the highest office in the land, while he is basking in limelight again trying to help her do it.
Above the law? Some people seem to be. Let us hope not for long.
Check out this excerpt from the Truth in Media Jan 2, 2015 editorial… (http://wp.me/p3QU1S-LO).

New World Order’s War on American Family & Social Order

For millennia, mothers and grandmothers were the cornerstone of our social order. They nurtured the children and held the family together while men went off to wars, or to hunt, fish or work the land. They were their children’s first teachers. They held the moral compass for the whole family.

Now, what happens to a house when you knock out the cornerstones? It starts to creak and crack, right? Eventually, the whole thins collapses.

That’s what has been happening in America during the last half a century since the “women’s lib” movement started (in the early 1960s).  Divorce rates are soaring. Families are splitting up. The percentage of singles is increasing.

Nine years ago, this writer published a Truth in Media editorial “When Genders Collide…” (Dec 26, 2005). It was a sequel to my Aug 1996 Washington Times column “When Cultures Collide…” The latter predicted a disintegration of the United States along ethnic lines in the next half a century.  The former talked about a destruction of the American family brought about by “women’s lib” during the last half.

Husban2  Husban1

Above are some charts from that Dec 2005 editorial that reinforced the conclusion that the American family is being destroyed. And not just American. Everywhere where the New World Order dollars tread, death and destruction of traditional social orders follow.

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 11.44.13 AM femcia

Nor was this some sort of a spontaneous trend. It was financed by the shadowy figures behind the New World Order. Gloria Steinem, 80, founder of MS magazine and a leading feminist in the 1960s who co-founded the Women’s Media Center aloing with Jane Fonda and Robin Morgan, was forced to admit that her magazine and the women’s lib were financed in part by the CIA (see Gloria Steinem and the CIANew York Times, Feb 21, 1967).

In the 1960´s, the elite media invented second-wave feminism as part of the elite agenda to dismantle civilization and create a New World Order (Rense)

  * * *

Why Did New World Order “Elite” Finance “Women’s Lib?”

Now, why would the New World Order chieftains, like the Rockefellers, want to fund the “women’s lib” and destroy the American family?  Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 9.41.06 AM

Quoting his friend, Nick Rockefeller, a New World Order mover and shaker, Russo provides the answer: MONEY & CONTROL! What else is new in a world ruled by Greed, right?

“We could not tax half the population before ‘women’s lib’,” Rockefeller explained.

But money was only one reason. The other was even more sinister… power to control the people’s minds and deeds.

“Now we get the kids in school at an early age. We can indoctrinate the kids how to think. Which breaks up their family. The kids start looking at the State as the family.” (Nick Rockefeller)

George Orwell lives on (see 1984). Welcome to NWO Tyranny 303! (Communism was Tyranny 101, Fascism – Tyranny 202).

And to A Nation of Morons, as I put it in this Jan 2006 Washington Times column.

So to summarize…

New World Order social agenda:

* Defeminize the female, emasculate the male

* Destroy the American family by sending women into the work force

* Brainwash children to become obedient dolts and shopping automats as adults 

 * … then tax and rule the world


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