Zaid Ronaldo

Little Syrian boy kicked and tripped up by Hungarian camerawoman Petra Laszlo ends up six days later with his soccer idol, Cristiano Ronaldo, at the Real Madrid stadium

Laszlo, who also kicked another refugee girl, fired from her job, now claims she “panicked”

Finally a refugee story with a happy ending. A little boy, terrified, kicked and tripped up along with his father by a Hungarian camerawoman at the Serbia-Hungary border on September 8, wound up 11 days later with his idol, the world renowned Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo, at centerfield of the Real Madrid stadium before the start of its match against Granada.

Check out this 25-sec video clip from that happy scene as 8-year old Zaid Mohsen even tries to mimic some of Ronaldo’s moves…

Cristiano Ronaldo comes onto Real Madrid field with an 8-year-old Zaid Syrian refugees before Granada match

* * *

The story gets even better. Zaid’s father got a coaching job at the Spanish football (soccer) school Cenafe in Getafe. So that Hungarian camerawoman kicked the little Zaid and his father right into fame and a new home in Spain. 

Laszlo, who also kicked another refugee girl, fired from her job, now claims she “panicked”

petralaszlo123 Petra-Laszlo--e1441973107120 Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 9.44.53 AM copy copy

A migrant carrying a child falls after tripping on TV camerawoman (R) Petra Laszlo while trying to escape from a collection point in Roszke village, Hungary, September 8, 2015. Laszlo, a camerawoman for a private television channel in Hungary, was fired late on Tuesday after videos of her kicking and tripping up migrants fleeing police, including a man carrying a child, spread in the media and on the internet. REUTERS/Marko Djurica - RTX1RP8Z

Meanwhile, Petra Laszlo, the now infamous Hungarian camerawoman, was fired from her job as soon as that September 8 video went viral.

Here it is…

Hungarian camerawoman kicking Syrian refugees on Serbia-Hungary border

* * *

Petra Laszlo has since apologized, saying in a letter to the Hungarian rightwing daily she was not a racist, and that “she panicked” and “wanted to protect herself.”

Hungarian reporter kicking girl refugeeWell, that’s kind of hard to believe. Because in another segment of this video Laszlo can also be seen kicking a Syrian refugee girl.  Which was the post actually this writer commented about four days ago.

Here’s what I said to my FB friend who sent me the video clip:

Bob Djurdjevic: Terrible! Thanks for sharing that, Teodora, as bad as it looks. I also witnessed Hungarian border guards bestiality in July 1994 when trying to cross the border into Serbia from Hungary. Serbia was back then under UN sanctions and Hungary was an excellent New World Order guard dog. 

But I have never before witnessed a woman behaving this way, especially not a fellow-journalist. So here is that woman, Petra Laszlo, who will probably live in infamy for the rest of her life as a result of her inhumanity and playing soccer with Syrian refugee children.

p42-1024x576  base_image First left, then right foot – Lasclo was kicking Syrian refugees like a soccer player kicks a ball

Still, even she deserves forgiveness now that she has repented and apologized for her actions.

* * *


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