One year ago, in the aftermath of the downing of the Malaysian Airlines MH-17, Obama announced expanded sanctions against Russia as EU aligns (July 29, 2014). The Truth in Media commented about that with this cartoon.

And today (July 31, 2015), the US added additional sanctions, reaffirming the validity of the cartoon (see http://on.rt.com/6o6j).



This is an updated version of a cartoon the Truth in Media first published almost 20 years ago. Its caption read – “Like Serbia, Like Russia.”

Bryan McDonald, an Irish journalist, published on July 30 an OpEd piece which asked the question: “Why does the Western liberal media love Russian criminals?” (http://on.rt.com/6o3q)

If the “western liberal media” – the mere paper tigers of the New World Order – were the only ones who loved the Russian criminals. It was the western governments and bankers who benefited the most from the plunder of the Russian asses the Russian oligarchs carried out in the 1990s.

Rather than investing their stolen money in the Russian economy, the kleptocrats shipped their cash to New York and London. Naturally, Yeltsin was very popular with politicians in the West – especially in the US and Great Britain.

Naturally, birds of a feather flock together. The Russian and the Western criminals joined forces in plundering the Soviet Union state property under the guise of “privatization.” And then shipping the wealth out of the country.

When Vladimir Putin put a stop to this wanton plunder and started prosecuting the Russian oligarchs – the Western governments’ and bankers’ partners in crime – he and his country suddenly became pariahs in the western media and governments.

Putin’s cutting of the supply of stolen money to the western bloodsuckers is the real reason for the sanctions against Russia.

Ukraine was not the reason. It was and is a US-engineered pretext. The downing of flight MH70 was not the reason. It was a US-engineered pretext.

When Putin refused to play footsie with the western hyenas, the role that Yeltsin so fervently fulfilled, he became a persona-non-grata in Washington and London. Who then imposed their will on the rest of the EU countries after the downing of the MH17 jetliner (see IN MEMORIAM: TO ALL MH17 VICTIMS WHO PERISHED IN FALSE FLAG ATTACK 1 YEAR AGO, July 17, 2015).

Canada, Australia and Japan, already well practiced as New World Order patsies, meekly followed the leader.


Oligarchy in America

So the basic difference between America and Russia today is that in America the criminal oligarchy are still in charge. In Russia, on the other hand, they are either in prison or have fled the country to the West to avoid prosecution for their crimes.

The US, UK, Israel and some other countries are now also harboring the fugitives from the Russian law, refusing to extradite these Russian emigres who had orchestrated the theft of state property and transferred it to the West.

Again, birds of a feather…

Oligarchy - Russia


 rsd-stbasilWhen I was in Moscow in March 1997 to give a talk to a business rsdposadaudience which included the Kremlin’s Chief of IT, I also met with a number of Russian politicians and business leaders. One of them was Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of Russia’s Liberal Democratic Party. We met at his office in the Duma (the Russian parliament).

Zhirinovsky told me that about $400 billion had been transferred from Russia into Western banks by various individuals in or close to the Yeltsin government. The money was mostly a result of the sale of Russian property at rock bottom prices under the guise of reform and privatization (see Killing Russia Softly, Apr 1997).


The preceding was the headline of a Truth in Media editorial this writer published upon return from Russia in 1997. Russia was not only ravaged by the western hyenas financially. The country’s was literally being exterminated physically. Here’s an exce[rt

The crashing decline in the physical and mental health of the Russian male in the post Cold War era is literally sending millions to an early grave, the IPS news service reported on July 23. So bad is the situation that nearly half the 16 year-olds in Russia today will die before they reach pensionable age. According to minister of health, Tatyana Dmitriyeva, only 10 percent of teenagers can be described as healthy.”

And the death toll seems to be accelerating as Western peace time “reforms” are ravaging social services, and sending millions of citizens of a once mighty superpower to life-threatening poverty. As a result, Russia’s life expectancy figures are down to African levels.” (see Killing Russia Softly, 1997)

And now, here’s what that that Irish journalist McDonald said on the same subject in his yesterday’s OpEd piece (July 30, 2015):

“By the start of Yeltsin’s second term, Russia’s death rate had passed immediate post-war levels. Curable diseases such as measles and diphtheria had reached epidemic numbers unseen since the Romanov’s ruled from Petrograd. At the same time, rates of cancer, heart disease and tuberculosis were the highest of any industrialized country in the world.

The birthrate had collapsed. In Moscow, it was as low as 8.2 per 1,000 population. Amidst all this, the world’s largest country was being run by a small clique of amazingly wealthy oligarchs. Some of them – like Berezovsky, Khodorkovsky and Gusinsky – became household names and hate figures for ordinary Russians. Rather than investing their stolen money in the Russian economy, the kleptocrats shipped their cash to New York and London. Naturally, Yeltsin was very popular with politicians in the West – especially in the US and Great Britain.”

Naturally, birds of a feather flock together.

So basically, McDonald came to the same conclusions only 18 years later.

READ MORE…  http://on.rt.com/6o3q

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