Someone had posted on Facebook a real billboard from Hillary and Bill Clinton’s home state of Arkansas. Here it is… .


Which inspired me to agree with its general sentiment.

“Except that it’s not complete,” I added in my comment about it.

So here’s now my expanded version of the billboard which hopefully balances things out bit. Politically. 🙂

Muffler shop poster Arkansas-w

Bottom line? Vote for anybody but a Clinton or a Bush. Come to think of it, anybody but a Democrat or a Republican.

And “that ain’t no bull”… 🙂

Or as a mathematician might put it… it is a case of regression.

REGRESSION in math-politics

PS: In case you’re wondering who that turbaned man is in the right muffler billboard, here’s a Jan 2002 Truth in Media story and the cartoon – “Enronizing Pretzelitis.”




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