This is another Truth in Media (mostly) pictorial-editorial… However, there are a few words, too.World

Take a look at the above world map of nuclear warheads and then answer this question: Can anyone really “win” a nuclear war?  Yet that’s the kind of a Russian roulette the New World Order’s madmen leaders and their Washington marionettes are playing.

And they are using our collective lives chips in this deadly game. Check this out…

“Just one nuclear weapon exploded in one major city could kill hundreds of thousands and destabilize society, economies and ways of life, and halting their spread and preventing nuclear terrorism should be a shared responsibility because no single nation, no matter how powerful, could do that alone,” the United States representative told the Disarmament Committee of the United Nations on Oct 6, 2009.

And yet, now Obama’s Washingtonians is doing just that… stoking the fires in Ukraine that may lead to a nuclear war.

55 vassals header

Don’t take just our word for it. Also read… “The Ukrainian Crisis’ Overlooked Nuclear Risk” by Dr. Martin E. Hellman. He is an Adjunct Senior Fellow for Nuclear Risk Analysis at Federation of American Scientists. Hellman was at IBM’s Watson Research Center from 1968-69 and an Assistant Professor of EE at MIT from 1969-71. Returning to Stanford in 1971, he served on the regular faculty until becoming Professor Emeritus in 1996. He has authored over seventy technical papers, ten U.S. patents and a number of foreign equivalents.

America road to perdition

And what are we the people doing about it? Mostly abstaining. Like the 55 vassals of the US-led New World order in a preceding image.

The opposite of Good is not Evil. The opposite of Good is Apathy. Because it fosters Evil.”

apathy-1 apathy_biggest_logo

Also see these earlier Truth in Media editorials…


Humor melts frozen hearts

And now, here are some politicians who have led us to this dark spot in human history.  Let’s lighten up the scene a bit.. (click to enlarge).

stalin-o 1237976795_disco-hitler

bill_clinton_playing_videogames-2217 1937thaf9vbregif 22_46_21_708_file Obama-dancing-up-a-storm Obama-and-Mitt-Cheering



  1. ALTZAR Avatar

    Thought you might all benefit from this exchange at the Truth in Media FB page…

    April Wright: I know the off world beings have already stopped nuclear annhilation. The blasts will tear holes in the fabric of the Universe and cause destruction of others worlds. It will not be allowed. They are assisting us as we are waking up.

    Bob Altzar Djurdjevic: True. But only if we help ourselves. We, humans, are the Spirit realm’s “boots on the ground.” They can and do assist us. But they cannot and won’t DO things for us. Such heavy lifting is up to us. The fact that humanity allowed the likes of Hitler, Stalin and Mao (among others) to rise and prosper is proof of it. Check out this channeling of the three Light Beings from another galaxy which took place on May 12, 2012:


    Bob Altzar Djurdjevic – What to expect and how to prepare for coming cosmic events -…GAIASTEWARD.ORG

    Here’s the the gist of their remarks to us: “Your planet is in one of those 25,000-year cycles. There is a huge transformation going on.

    * Your planet will be in a vastly different place 25,000 years from now – IF IT SURVIVES.

    * And the Spiritual realm is doing all it can (to save it), including asking volunteers from other dimensions, other celestial bodies, to participate in the evolution of your planet. Because there is great concern whether or not your planet can, in fact, survive for another 25,000 years.

    * Your solar system and the many, many solar systems that make up your galaxy, and the thousands of galaxies that make up the universe, are literally filled with DEAD PLANETS. As dead as Atlantis. As dead as other early civilizations on your planet.

    * What we are saying is that it is up to you and the next three to four generations to decide on the values that are most important, to decide whether or not groups of individuals living in nations can, in fact, live together in harmony.”


    Bob Altzar Djurdjevic – What to expect and how to prepare for coming cosmic events -…GAIASTEWARD.ORG [cont’d]

    LIGHT BEINGS: “The issue is, the public is so uninformed. They choose to be the proverbial ostrich and stick their head in the sand, knowing full well that ostriches really do not stick their head in the sand. Because they are actually smarter than that. But humanity, large sections of your population, do indeed stick their head in the sand, and expect to be told how to vote, how to express their opinion, etc.”

    ALTZAR: “Pardon this interruption, but what the Light Beings said above rang a few more bells in my head…”Perhaps unbeknownst to the Light Beings, this writer has used the ostrich metaphor many times in the past to describe the general level of awareness of the American public. If you search the Truth in Media web site using “ostrich” as keyword, you will find over 70 stories. Ten years ago (2012), I even coined this jingle to go with the two ostrich cartoons I had designed:

    “United we stand!”
    Our heads in sand,
    Our tails held high,
    Our brains dumbed dry,
    Our pockets picked clean,
    In the Wall Street canteen.”


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