A Quarter Century After Euphoric Fall of Berlin Wall, NATO Moved Goal Posts 2,000 km Eastward, Ukraine Building Another Wall Against Russia

Twenty five years ago today, the world celebrated the fall of Berlin Wall. For 28 years, the Wall served as a visual reminder of a dividing line between between freedom and oppression, between democracy in the West and autocracy in the East. It was built by the Soviets in 1961 to keep the western ideas of freedom and democracy from “infecting” the communist countries of the Warsaw Bloc.


Poignantly, the unthinkable happened on Nov 7, the date the Soviet Union leaders used to celebrate as the anniversary of the “Red October,” the communist revolution in 1917, with a large military parade through the Red Square in Moscow.

When the Berlin Wall came crashing down on this cold and gray day in November 1989, the sound of freedom reverberated around the world.

This writer remembers seeing and touching four months later in Paris at a La Defense square a big concrete slab that was a part of the Wall (like the image on the right, on display in Montreal). The wall segments strewn around the world became memorials to all those who died in their flight to freedom, trying to cross it from East to West. The block symbolized the victory of freedom and democracy over oppression and autocracy.


Well, 25 years later, the world has slipped back into darkness. Only this time, it is the West that’s casting a dark shadow. The NATO puppet Ukraine is now building the wall some 2,000 km east of Berlin, along its eastern border with Russia.

“Closing the symbolic circle, Ukraine, which replaced the Cold War Germany as the main frontline state, is now building a physical wall at the border to protect itself from Russia,” a Huffington Post OpEd piece pointed out today.

The West is trying to isolate Putin’s Russia economically and diplomatically so as to make it a pariah state. [Huffington Post OpEd piece]

Ukraine new wall

As the HP OpEd points out, this is the Third Wall that is supposed to separate Russia from Europe.

  • In 1919, Italian Prime Minister Vittorio Orlando and French Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau urged the newly independent states in Eastern Europe to form a cordon sanitaire, a defensive alliance against the Bolshevik Russia in order to quarantine the spread of communism to western Europe.
  • In 1961, Moscow and its client communist regime in East Berlin resolved to erect a barrier to isolate the German Democratic Republic, and the entire Eastern Bloc, from the Western subversion.
  • In 2014, the “Third Wall” in Europe is now being built by both sides.

Three walls in one century, neither of which has, nor ever will, achieve its stated purpose. Why not?

Because “the border runs not between the peoples, but between top and bottom” – as an East Berlin sign stated when I photographed it in July 1995, and later repeated it in my March 1997 Washington Times column “Plutocrats of the New World Order“:


A crude hand-painted sign on a run-down building in East Berlin, not far from the former “Checkpoint Charlie” crossing which once divided the West and the East, read as follows (July 1995 photo):“The border runs not between the peoples, but between top and bottom.” The implication? The Berlin Wall may be down, but class differences remain. 

NATO Moved Goal Posts 2,000 km to the East

Isolating Russia has been a consistent goal of perfidious New World Order leaders even when they extended a supposedly conciliatory hand to Moscow offering it a “partnership for peace” with NATO. It was the hand of Judas.

russia-3 rings nato-map 2014

Only gullible fools or traitors would fall for it. Because New World Order and NATO have been very consistent in their Russophobic policies (see above images the Truth in Media published nearly 20 years ago). Sadly, that included Russia’s post-Soviet leaders. And now the country is facing the same enemy all over again, only 2,000 km closer to Moscow, and possessing more sophisticated weapons.

They say, people who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. We can add Gorbachov, Yeltsin, Putin and Medvedev that lot. They have served Russia’s enemies well, whether by gullibility or treachery.

* * *

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This evening, HP also chimed it with a serious of OpEd piece on the same subject as our earlier piece… (click on the image to read)

Weekend Roundup: 25 Years After the Fall of the Berlin Wall, Is the World Dividing into Blocs Again?

HP 11-07-14


Mikhail GorbachevMeanwhile, the 83-year-old former Soviet Union leader has accused the west – particularly the US – of “triumphalism” after the collapse of the communist bloc (see the London Guardian Nov 8 story). Mikhail Gorbachev warned that tensions between the US and Russia over Ukraine have put the world on the brink of a new cold war.

In a speech in the German capital to mark the 25th anniversary of the fall of Berlin Wall, he called for new trust to be built through dialogue with Moscow and suggested the west should lift sanctions imposed against Russia.

Before arriving in Berlin, Gorbachov gave pointed backing to Russian president Vladimir Putin, saying the Ukraine crisis offered an “excuse” for the US to victimize Russia.

“I am absolutely convinced that Putin protects Russia’s interests better than anyone else” [Gorbachov, 11-07-14]

Gorbachev - 25th anniversary Fall of the Berlin Wall

TRUTH IN MEDIA COMMENTARY: Well, that’s not so hard to do, considering that Gorbachov surrendered the Soviet Union to the West in the 1980s, and that Boris Yeltsin, who followed him as Russia’s leader, finished the job in the 1990s. Putin may be merely now waking up to that reality and to his own culpability as an appeaser during his first 13 years in office.

Meanwhile, NATO has moved over 2,000 km closer to Russia’s borders. So US-led western military are doing the same thing in the 21st century that Napoleon and Hitler tried in the 19th and 20th. Only over a longer period of time.

Madness caused by megalomania. The current New World Order leaders suffer from the same mental illnesses as Hitler and Napoleon.

And we all know how those attempted conquests of Russia ended up – in defeat of France and Germany and the death of their conqueror-leaders. But not before over 26 million of Russians and nearly five million of invaders’ soldiers died. And now, the US-lead West is attempting a Third “Drang Nach Osten?” (push toward east).

French_invasion_of_Russia_collage Hitlers_invasion_of_Russia_collage



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