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Disgust or empathy, take your pick, were the big winners in Nov 4, 2014 US elections as Americans voted with their feet – by staying away from polls.

TSENG-2533-640x426 none-of-the-above2

Some eligible voters simply did not want to play a part in a thoroughly corrupt political systems (the Disgust group). Others just didn’t care (the Apathy group).  Either way, “None of the Above” was by fart the most popular voter The 36.6% average turnout across the country was lower than even in the 1920s, the previous low in the last century (the 1824 turnout of 26% is still the all-time low – see below).

Apathy 2014 US turnout,jpg Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 8.45.37 AM Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 9.23.41 AM

The newest state Hawaii, for example, one of our two home states, set a new all-time record for a low turnout (34.6%).  Arizona, our first home state, was even lower – 34.4%. But the more mature states, like Indiana and Texas, led the nation with 28% and 28.5% voter turnouts.

At the other end of the scale, the voters in Maine and Wisconsin showed the most faith in the current system. The turnout in those two states was 59.3% and 56.9% respectively.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 9.26.26 AM Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 9.26.33 AM

While the “lamestream” (establishment) media headlines today are treating the election as some sort of a sporting event in which the red-shirted Republicans thrashed the blue-shirted Democrats, it is now clear that a vast majority of Americans realize that what we have in this country is a DEMO-FARCE, just as this writer put it in a Nov 1996 column published by the WASHINGTON TIMES. 

Voting for either a Republican or a Democrat is meaningless. For, they both work for the same bosses – the (Wall Street) Plutocrats of the New World Order

Here’s an excerpt…

Fielding two horses from the same stable evidently suited the U.S. Establishment just fine. Election 96 was a “demo farce!” The U.S. democracy is turning into a New World Order plutocracy. [WASHINGTON TIMES, Nov 17, 1996]

UPDATE – Nov 6, 2014

“Non of the Above” Win Big

None of the above

Establishment Media Largely Mum on Disastrously Low Turnout

One day after, the national “lamestream” (mainstream) establishment media are largely mum on the biggest story of the 2014 US elections – a disastrously low turnout.

Our scan of the news headlines this morning turned up only one story, at NPR, about that (see Midterm Elections May Have Had Record Low Turnout : NPR). And event that piece sounded more apologetic than alarming, pointing out that midterm elections traditionally have lower turnouts.

True. But even so, a record low turnout (36.6% average) is still a record low turnout.

So back to Disgust and Apathy, the big winners on Nov 4.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans refused to participate in our political system. They turned down the role of Patsy in the New World Order farce into which our democratic process has morphed. [Truth in Media]

As a result, NO CANDIDATE received a true voter mandate. Not even the “unopposed” who may have won 100% of votes. Because they were cast by a mere third or so of eligible voters.  The rest, voted with their feet – by staying away from polls.

Time to weep or rejoice? Take you pick.

Low Turnout vote against NWO

Meanwhile, here are some local reports about the low turnout in various states which provide additional spot-evidence.


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