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Like a slow-burning fuse snaking its way from Moscow to Donetsk, the two-mile long Russian humanitarian aid convoy could be the spark that starts the real war between Ukraine and Russia (read US/NATO and Russia). It seems that both sides are heading for the cliff of no return. Which appears to be exactly what Washington and its Kiev puppets want.3b0becb8d405bc1f5c0f6a7067003f2d

Having encircled the pro-Russian cities of Donetsk and Luhansk in East Ukraine, the Ukrainian government are now saying they will not allow the Russian humanitarian aid convoy to cross the border. Undaunted, the Russians press on anyway.  And that’s how the wars start. Same plot different actors

How do we know that? That’s exactly what happened back in 1992 in Bosnia and in 1999 in Kosovo. One provocation led to another, and with eye-for-an-eye attitude by both sides, boom! Suddenly we are in a shooting war.

Meanwhile, a column of 280 trucks had left from near Moscow two days ago. It is estimated that it would take a couple of days at least for it to make the 1,000 km (620 mile) journey to Ukraine’s eastern regions where rebel fighters seek union with Russia.14UKRAINE-master675

Rossiya 24 TV showed a 3-km (2 mile) long line of containers and trucks loaded with crates of water stretched along a road with workers in a light summer wear of shorts and shirts loading sacks of aid. A Russian orthodox priest marched across a line of trucks, spraying them with holy water before they left.

Maybe that’s what the rest of the world should also do at this moment – pray for the Russian and Ukrainian leaders to come to their senses before they allow Washington/NATO warmongers to hurtle us all into another major war.  And for the safety of those truck drivers. They are potentially driving into a metaphorical minefield.

Isn’t it bad enough that we (Americans/NATO) are killing people in Afghanistan and Iraq again? How many more wars will it take before the world realizes that the real Washington slogan is “PERPETUAL WAR FOR PERPETUAL COMMERCE?” (see Parallel Wars: From Boardroom Smiles to Battlefield Tears, Aug 1).

“Obama, stop the slaughter! Everywhere. Or else burn your Nobel Peace Prize on the White House lawn. For, it is a disgrace to stain it with so much human blood.”

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