of the highest vaccinated countries in the world. Now Covid is raging in Serbia while vaccinations seem to have slowed. As a result, Serbia is now the worst country in terms of the anti-vaxxer index. What makes Serbia the worst country? First and foremost, recklessness and ignorance of the anti-vaxxers. But there's also a possibility that the Chinese vaccines, which are the most prevalent in Serbia, may not be as effective as the American Pfizer or Moderna ISRAEL PUZZLE: A HIGHLY VACCINATED COUNTRY WITH HIGH COVID INFECTIONS


CORONA TO PUT FINAL NAIL IN INDUSTRIAL ERA’S COFFIN WHAT CAN WE LEARN FROM HISTORY? As we speak, the coronavirus has infected less than 3.5 million people globally and killed 246,000. The deadliest pandemic in history – the Spanish Flu of 1918 – killed over 50 million people – more than the World War I (17 million victims). While it is prudent to take precautions – such as practice social distancing, wear masks and gloves – we must not surrender ourselves to fear and panic. Because the mass media and the “liberal” (pink-socialist) politicians want to use this crisis to achieve something they never could in a free society – autocracy.

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