Thanks to Hitler, the Jews have managed to make “antisemite” a dirty word. Now, it is time the world added a new item to the dirty word vocabulary – “anti-Russian.” Why?

The EU may have the legal authority to temporarily leverage an estimated €33.8 billion of Russian central bank assets to help pay for rebuilding Ukraine — a task the World Bank estimates will cost at least $350 billion. The bloc’s Council Legal Service told diplomats that such a plan is legally feasible.

Bloomberg News, Jan 26, 2023

And this, too, from the UK, a country which was once an arch-beacon of democracy and private property rights.

British authorities withhold Chelsea proceeds from Roman Abramovich:

The British government has announced that it will give the $3.2 billion proceeds from the sale of Chelsea Football Club by Roman Abramovich to a consortium led by Todd Boehly, to charities of their choice. Abramovich was forced to sell the club after the UK government issued a raft of sanctions following the beginning of Russia’s operation in Ukraine. 

Liz Truss, the UK’s short-lived prime minister, announced that the government would seize frozen Russian assets in the UK and redistribute them to victims of Russia’s military operation. She also stated that the UK would never remove the sanctions on Abramovich.

RT, Jan 31, 2023

Now, check out this excerpt from the Jewish Holocaust website:

The Nazis carried out a program of Jewish property seizures that stripped European Jews of billions of dollars worth of cash, housing, businesses and personal belongings.


Even the estate of Johann Strauss, the famous “Waltz King” of the 19th century, fell victim to Nazi confiscations.

Once upon a time, an appearance of sanctity of private property was one of the axioms of democratic societies. At least, that’s what ‘they’ told us. Except in the dictatorships like the Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, China, Vietnam, Cuba and other autocratic countries.

Those in the know knew better. There were only a handful of unbrainwashed thinkers in the world who knew the truth. That it was just the “appearance;” that the closest mankind ever came to a truly free society was in America between 1787 and 1913.

No income tax, welfare, social security, licensing, or virtually any other law which took money from some, through the political process, and gave it to others, or which regulated peaceful human behavior. Why? Not because it would result in a more prosperous society (which it did). But rather because their lives, liberty, property, and conscience belonged to God, and it was no business of Caesar how they exercised them as long as they did not inflict violence or fraud on others.

From the very beginning, they (Americans) did not permit their public officials to levy a tax on their income. When the politicians tried to do so, the people sued. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the people, and against the government, and declared the income tax in violation of the Constitution which the people had adopted in 1787.

(Eventually, in 1913) the American people fell for these evil, seductive, and false promises (by the politicians) and amended the Constitution to permit Caesar to do what their ancestors had fought so hard to prevent Caesar from doing: gaining control over their earnings.


In Europe, of course, there were no guarantees as in the US Constitution. Various Caesars have controlled the people’s lives and properties from time immemorial. Still, in some countries, such as the UK, for example, there was at least a high level of respect for private property. Even the king could not just take your land or your home and throw you out on your ear.

Clearly, that’s no longer the case. What the UK and the EU governments are doing with Russian assets in Europe is not only evil, just as what Hitler did with Jewish properties, it is a dangerous precedent. It opens the door to other governments to do the same to the British and European companies and assets.

In short, it makes a mockery of international law. And it leads to global anarchy. Is that the kind of a world we want to leave to our kids – one in which they will be at the mercy of tyrants and dictators? Against which our forefathers rose up in 1776? Must we always be doomed to repeat the history?






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