Depravation and starvation to follow, creating the world’s largest breeding ground for Islamic terrorists

So America is back to square one, only worse

The Cold War was more peaceful than this State Terror era

When an nuclear bomb explodes, it kills hundreds of thousands, such as in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But the fallout it much worse. Many more fall victims to radiation and cancer. The same is true of the New World Order wars.

America’s longest war is over. It ended in shameful retreat, leaving hundreds of thousands of Afghans who helped the American occupiers to the mercy of the merciless Taliban. But the real suffering of that nation is only beginning.

From a political standpoint, America is back to square one. And worse. It fought the war to avenge the 9/11 and to stop anti-American terrorism. It lost the war, supplied the Taliban with armor and equipment it left behind, and inspired Islamic terrorists world-over to attack the now wounded and weakened empire.

The economic fallout is even worse. Afghanistan was one of the poorest countries in the world even before the American retreat. Its economy depended on foreign aid, mostly American. Some 43% of Afghan’s GDP came from foreign sources. In 2018, the US taxpayers gave Afghanistan about $6 billion, twice the amount the next largest recipient got (Israel – $3 billion).

Now all that has come to a halt. The US government has frozen some $9.5 billion of the Afghan central bank assets. That’s like taking a dying patient off life support.

Mind you, Washington had good reasons for that. If the Taliban were to get their hands on that money, as they did on the US weapons and equipment left in Afghanistan, they would use it to fund anti-American terrorist activities around the world. But Biden & Co. should have thought about all that BEFORE hurriedly leaving Afghanistan and its people to the mercy of an enemy America sought to destroy 20 years ago.

Pakistan, which already holds 3.6 million Afghan refugees, has sealed its borders with Afghanistan. Iran, with 3.5 million Afghan already in the country, has set up emergency tents along its 900 km (560 mile) border with Afghanistan, but urges repatriation as soon as it is safe to do so. Other US allies have offered to take in some of the Afghans who were airlifted out of the country.

Germany, for example, a country which already hosted some 253,000 Afghans even before the latest crisis, will take in some 20,000 additional. Similarly, there had been 129,000 Afghans in Turkey. And that country will also accept a similar number of new refugees. But that’s all pittance compared to the millions who were left behind while trying to flee the brutal Taliban regime in their native country.

The consequences of all this confluence of trouble will be devastating. Mass depravation and starvation will follow. And since “desperate men do desperate things,” this area will also become the world’s largest breeding ground for new Islamic terrorist conscripts.

In the end, the very thing which president George W. Bush used to justify this “war on error” 20 years ago – eradication of Islamic terrorists – will only become worse. Which will lead to more “wars on terror” under the some other president.

The spiral of violence will continue, just as it has in the Middle East for over 70 years now. To the delight of the warmongering multinational “death merchants,” and to the detriment of mankind. But that’s the reality and the ugly face of the New World Order elites.

The Cold War was more peaceful than this State Terror era

PERPETUAL WAR FOR PERPETUAL COMMERCE – that’s the real slogan of the New World Order “elites,” not the “world peace through world trade”, as they profess. The latter is their cover story for the ignorant masses.

The sad thing is that the Truth in Media first identified this deadly hoax over a quarter century ago in reference to the then Balkan wars of the early 1990s. And nobody lifted a finger to stop it. Not Russia. Not China. Not Germany. Nor any other country with the means to stop this carnage.

It turns out that the Cold War was a lot more peaceful and better for mankind overall than this free reign of the murderous Washington empire in the last 30 years. One could justifiably name this period the State Terror era.


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