Washington’s demographic war on white Americans enters the sixth decade, and the results are devastating

This morning, I perused the latest statistics from the 2020 US Census. In a nutshell, the data from the US Census Bureau show the percentage of white Americans declining sooner than demographers expected, while Asian, Hispanic, and Other categories are on the rise (see Census 2020).

Afterward, I thought I might write an update to several earlier Truth in Media’s articles on US immigration, the first one of which I published in the Washington Times 25 years ago:

(See When Cultures Collide… Aug. 1996), “Toward Nations of Obedient Mutts” (Jan 1999), A Demographic Earthquake Strikes California (July 5, 2000), Repressing White Americans, May 2002), Arizona Sues US Federal Government over Immigration, Feb 2011, SHIFTING AMERICA’S RACIAL BALANCE AWAY FROM EUROPEAN ROOTS, Nov 2016).

And then I realized that I have nothing new to say. Every word of the following editorial written nearly two decades ago is still true today. If anything, the decimation of white Americans at the hand of the Washington and New York globalists is proceeding faster than expected. Take a read…

AN ENCORE: May 29, 2002

Rampant Third World Immigration Is Nothing Short of Demographic Warfare

Repressing White Americans

Census 2000 Data Shows Whites Will Be a Minority by 2050

PHOENIX, May 29, 2002 – Forget George Bush’s “war on terrorism.”  Forget the perpetual Middle East wars.  Forget the Balkans, Afghanistan or Iraq conflicts.  These are all foreign distractions. 

There is a war going on right here in America.  And it is not Osama bin Laden’s war.  It is a demographic war being waged by the globalist Washington against the white Americans.  Mercilessly.  Systematically.  Relentlessly.  For over three-and-a-half decades now, our government has been practicing reverse racism while preaching tolerance.

As Peter Brimelow put it in his best-selling book “Alien Nation,” the process of “browning of America” is a “a demographic event of seismic proportions” (see Toward Nations of Obedient Mutts, Jan. 1999). 

The results are disastrous.  And glorious.  Disastrous for the white Americans; glorious for the ruling American plutocrats, and their cheap imported labor, especially the millions of illegal immigrants who do not even show up in the official statistics.

California has already become the first U.S. state in which the non-Hispanic whites are a minority (A Demographic Earthquake Strikes California, July 2001).  If the current trends continue, such a fate awaits the entire nation by about 2050. 

If there is a nation by then, that is.  As our longtime readers may recall from this writer’s August 1996 Washington Times column, we said that what was then happening in Bosnia could happen to America.  The country may fall apart, torn by racial strife (see When Cultures Collide…, Aug. 1996). 

After over 200 years of being in the 80% to 90% majority position in the U.S., the whites may end up on reservations by the end of the 21st century, if the current trends continue.  The ones who survive the racial strife, that is, if not outright civil wars, such as those the Balkans or the Middle East during the last decade.

And what are the “democratically elected” American presidents doing to protect the white Americans who still happen to represent a vast majority of this country’s population?  Protect? On the contrary. They are leading the globalist New World Order assault.  Starting with Lyndon Johnson, during whose administration the infamous 1965 Immigration Act was passed which opened the flood gates to immigration from third world countries, each and every U.S. President, no matter what establishment party had fielded him, has contributed to the demise of white Americans. 

These are not opinions.  These are facts.  They are available for all to see at the Census web site.  Except for the American ostriches who can’t read because their heads are buried in the sand.  Except for the cowards who can’t hear because they have covered their ears in fear.  Except for the politician-appeasers who are betraying their electorate, because they are hoping the NWO crocodile would eat them last (paraphrasing a Winston Churchill quote from the 1930s Nazi era). 

As for the rest of Americans, we invite you to read this article and look at all the charts carefully.  You may see why we think the white Americans belong on the world’s endangered species list, and who the predators are.


And now, here’s the latest data from the US Census 2020 and Pew Research (on immigration). Take a look first at how our 1995 map of the eventual US disintegration eerily resembles the shape of the white “enclaves” already forming according to the latest Census 2020.

us-2050.gif (19881 bytes)
Source: Bob Djurdjevic, Truth in Media, 1995

Whites are expected to fall below 50% nationally by 2045, Frey said. For now, there are 204.3 million of them, or 57.8% of the total – a decline of 8.6% since 2010. Another 31.1 million people identified as white in combination with another group.

Population that identifies as black or African American went up from 38.9 million in 2010 to 46.9 million now, but its share of the total went down from 13% to 12.1%. It was actually outnumbered by the Some Other Race category, alone or in combination, which stood at 49.9 million and increased by 129%.

Multiracial population has increased by 276%, going from 9 million to 33.8 million. There were also 24 million Asians, 9.7 million American Indian and Alaska Natives, and 1.6 million Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islanders, whether alone or in combination with another group.

Hispanic or Latino population, which can be of any race, grew to 62.1 million or 18.6% of the total US population, which stands at 331.4 million.



The regions of origin for immigrant populations residing in the U.S. have dramatically shifted since the passage of the 1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act. In 1960, 84% of immigrants living in the U.S. were born in Europe, Canada or other North American countries, while only 6% were from Mexico, 4% from Asia, 3% from the rest of Latin America and 3% from other areas. Immigrant origins now differ drastically, with European, Canadian and other North American immigrants making up only a small share of the foreign-born population (13%) in 2018. Asians (28%), Mexicans (25%) and other Latin Americans (25%) each make up about a quarter of the U.S. immigrant population, followed by 9% who were born in another region.


In short, when Lyndon Johnson signed the immigration bill with much fanfare on Liberty Island in New York on Oct 3, 1965, that was effectively a life sentence in a globalist prison for future generations of white Americans. It took 55 years for that to become apparent to most people. But only the blind or the stupid can ignore that now, after the Census 2020 data has become public.


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