Nearly a quarter century ago, the Truth in Media editor published the editorial THE END GAME IS NEAR. The Dayton Agreement had just ended the Bosnian war, opening the gates for NATO to move into the Balkans. Many people in southeastern Europe sighed with relief, believing this was the end of wars in the Balkans. It was not. It was just the end of a beginning.

The “Green Interstate,” as we dubbed it (see the map) – a confluence of NATO and Muslim interests in the Balkans – was still in the early days of construction. Bosnia was done. Kosovo was the next stage. Then Northern Macedonia. Then Montenegro. And when that’s done, NATO would connect its most eastern member – Turkey – with its European nations (see the map SERBIA IN THE JAWS OF NATO – below)..

Net result? Serbia, once a rebellious and fiercely independent country, will be encircled and neutered by NATO. Like a lamb. Serbia would become a small land-locked country without any strategic backers and protectors, Russia and China “friendships” notwithstanding.

Which is why we concluded back in May 1996:

Political Amputations

Similarly (as in Bosnia), the Kosovo Albanians’ job is to eat away at Serbia from within, like a tumor.

What do the doctors recommend when a tumor spreads?

Amputation, of course. Their reasoning: it’s better to lose a limb than a life.

The same pragmatism should apply to political life of a nation. In order to survive, Serbia must give up Kosovo. But only provided that this concession is conditioned by its (gradual) admission to the European Union.

As long as Milosevic is in power, however, the Serbs don’t need any foreign tumors to eat away at them. Which means that several amputations may be needed if this little nation is to survive.

THE END GAME IS NEAR, Truth in Media, May 1996


On Aug 30, 2020, NATO’s newest and smallest member – Montenegro – held parliamentary elections. According to the State Electoral Commission, the opposition parties won a slender majority of 41 of the 81 seats in parliament in Sunday’s general elections.

The three opposition party winners – Zdravko Krivokapic, the leader of For the Future of Montenegro alliance, Black on White coalition leader Dritan Abazovic and Peace is Our Nation coalition leader Aleksa Becic – said that new ruling majority will implement all its international commitments responsibly.

Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic’s Democratic Party of Socialists, which has been in power for decades, won 35.12 per cent of the votes and 30 of the 81 seats in parliament.

Djukanovic’s party has 40 seats with the support of its small traditional allies – but not enough for a majority. 

Still, questions is, will this turncoat communist, who has been in power through thick and thin for 30 years, yield power to the united Montenegrin opposition?

The jury is out on that. Until now, Djukanovic has been both the darling and the pawn of Washington’s power brokers.

You can see him below, for example, with the former State Dept chief, Madeleine Albright, in an intimate setting of a Berlin hotel room in December 1999. This was only six months after NATO had bombed Montenegro which was then part of the rump Yugoslavia. Thus the title of our contemporaneous piece was “CAVORTING WITH THE ENEMY.

Djukanovic perhaps bit off more than he can chew when he took on the Serbian Orthodox Church about a year ago, trying to confiscate some of their properties. This outraged not just the power church officials, like Metropolitan Amfilohije, but the electorate, most of whom are Orthodox Christians (depicted in blue on the map below).

And the result was Djukanovic’s first political loss. Will this be the end of his 30-year reign? Time will tell.






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