As the eye of the tropical storm Cristobal raged on some 600 miles west of us, bands of rain stretched out all the way to Fernandino Beach, Florida, where we sought shelter after escaping on June 6 from Orange Beach, Alabama.

It was a warm rain that was dripping from the sky as if the clouds were weeping. Humidity almost 100%.

It was time for dinner. Yet the restaurants at our Omni resort were strangely closed. Sunday, we were told. So sporting an umbrella, we decided to walk to one that was about 5 minutes away on foot.

After a burger and french fries dinner, we headed back. By now, the night had fallen and we had lost our sense of direction in the thick jungle growth. Suddenly, out of the blue, we heard a child’s voice from behind us.

“Wanna ride?”

“Excuse me?” I said turning around.

“Do you want a ride?” a boy repeated sitting behind the wheel of a golf cart. He looked like a young teen. Or maybe even younger.

“Well, okay, but we need to go to the hotel.”

“No problem,” he said, sounding like a professional driver. “I’ll take yuo there.”

“Just be careful,” he added. “The seat may be wet.”

“How considerate of him!” I thought as we climbed in behind him.

When we got to the guard house, the guard seem to recognize him. He just waved us on.

Once we got out of the cart at the hotel, I asked our young driver, “how old are you?”


“Do you do this often? Give people rides?”

“No. This was the first time.”

“So what made you pick us up?”

“I felt sorry you were walking in the rain.”

“How considerate,” I thought again. “And unusual for such a young boy/man.”

“He was like an angel,” my wife said as we were talking about him on our way to our room.

She thought I should have given him a tip.

“I don’t think so,” I said. “I think he might have been offended by it. What he did was a simple act of human kindness.”

Besides, we did not have any cash on us anyway.

“Not everything is about money,” I added.

PS: The boy in the picture was not THE ONE who saved us although he looks like our nightly angel. I got his image from a stock photo and the photoshopped it in.

A day later… view from our balcony






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