Yet Trump calls for increase in military spending

There has never been an empire like this in history. Other empires occupied foreign countries to get at their resources. The United States empire does it, too. But its main goal is to keep the world in a perpetual state of war.

Which is fodder for the power- and profit-hungry American “death merchants” and their other corporate cohorts.

Just look at where the greatest number of American troops are based. Not in Afghanistan. Not in Iraq. Not in Yemen. Not in Syria.

Japan hosts the most U.S. troops with 39,000 in total, while Germany comes second with 34,800. South Korea has the third-highest number of U.S. service members overseas with 23,468.

It’s like World War II or Korean War never ended. And we – American taxpayers – are paying for this military extravaganza. Whether we like it or not. Nobody asked us. They just took.

And what is our new president doing about it? In late February, Donald Trump sought to increase the US military budget by $54 billion while cutting back non-military programs by the same amount.

O tempora, o mores… (Cicero, “oh, the times we live in”)

“PERPETUAL WAR FOR PERPETUAL COMMERCE” – that’s the true New World Order motto, as this writer discerned 25 years ago, not “world peace through world trade,” as they officially espouse.

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