How do we bridge the chasm between so-called “liberals” and the rest of us?

Three days ago, I got a letter from an esteemed friend of mine.

How esteemed?

PhD’s and books galore. National and worldwide recognition. Plus longtime personal friendship and admiration by this writer. And many common points of interest between us, especially in the spiritual realm.

But there was also one big difference. As I sang praises to the NEW DAWN RISING OVER AMERICA the morning of November 9, my friend thought the world was collapsing around her. Here’s what she wrote about it on Nov 17:

Dear Friends,

I was so eager to be in the US Capitol on November 8. Perhaps my assumption was the same as yours: We’re going to elect our VERY first woman (and a highly qualified woman) to be the next President of the US. Excitement was leaking from my pores.

You know, all too well, what actually happened this past Tuesday. As the “Brits” would say, I was entirely gobsmacked!! After 3 short hours of sleep I awakened on Wednesday morning feeling “ill” in the pit of my stomach. How could it be possible that someone who has denigrated nearly anyone who isn’t in his category of moneyed, white, male, etc. etc. take charge of the largest democracy on Earth? This new Prez truly signals: DEMO-CRAZY!!!

I’m the type of person who can’t hang out for long in a state of confusion, depression, and “how in the world can I cope for the next 4 years?”

My thinking and analyzing ran wild for most of Wednesday. By evening the compelling belief, I hold dear was in my face. “Nothing happens without purpose.”

Purpose, I said to myself—-how so? Here’s a key issue that, at first, I didn’t recognize: The perspective that I hold dear—isn’t the perspective of the majority. I hazard to say that a sizable number of American voters can be swayed by rhetoric, grandstanding, and falsehoods, ignoring the need for equal opportunity.

Think about a time/times in your life when you “hit the wall” of necessary experience—in order to evolve. Did you enjoy “tripping and fall” with that truly tough, painful life experience? I surely haven’t enjoyed many of my most life-altering experiences. Yet, in the end I grew.

The result of our upcoming Presidential Administration has yet to be seen—-but, I’d hazard a bet that the biased, angry perspective we’ve already seen will continue. You may not need to experience any more denigrating moments—but many will have to see this “up close and personal”–maybe over and over to KNOW what we’ve gotten ourselves into.

Here’s what I suggest: Hold your center. Know that you agreed to be in body at this time. Know that you are a teacher of truth, transparency, and love your neighbor. Above all else, do your best to stay out of fear.

I’ll be writing more to you in the days, weeks, and months to come. Please don’t despair—our goal is to take action to speak our truth!!

As you can see, my friend is one of those “liberal” Hillary Clinton supporters. She and nearly 60 million other Americans, and not just Americans – millions of other people around the world, brainwashed the same way – had had their in the clouds the entire time during the election.

They believed their own BS. They believed the lamestream media lies and distortions. Like Washington Post, for example, which had anointed Hillary president three weeks before the voting had begun. They believe that they were truly “liberal,” meaning progressive, despite the fact they were trying to shove their agendas down everyone else’s throats.

No wonder their fictional world finally came crashing down like a ton of bricks on Nov 9 as reality finally set in: They have lost. America has rejected their ideas. And Donald Trump will be our next president.

No wonder millions, like my esteemed friend, “woke up feeling ill with a pit in her stomach.” To which I say:

birds-7Pearls of Wisdom
Antithesis: NEVER SAY NEVER 
So let’s try again…

So in that spirit, I wrote back to my friend two days ago and said the following:

I read your election lament this morning. I wanted to wait a full day before responding to it. To be sure I did not do it in haste and on a spur of the moment.

First, let me say – I love you both (her husband, too). And I am grateful for your help in the past on my ascension path. So even if my comments may come across as disagreeable, they are being sent in love and with a hope that they may help you open up your hearts to the truth. And if not, that’s okay, too. There will be other lifetimes when you’ll get a chance to do so.

You wrote, “I was so eager to be in the US Capitol on November 8. Perhaps my assumption was the same as yours: We’re going to elect our VERY first woman (and a highly qualified woman) to be the next President of the US. Excitement was leaking from my pores.”

Your assumption was NOT the same as mine. On the contrary. I was praying that our fellow-citizens would have enough smarts to vote against the most corrupt candidate in history of presidential elections.

So what I found absolutely stunning in your note was that you – a smart and I thought enlightened human being – were so emotionally invested in a proven criminal who belongs in jail not on campaign trail. And God willing, that’s where Hillary and her cohorts in crimes will end up, if Trump keeps his word and appoints a special prosecutor.

What happened on Nov 8 is that the American public has finally started to awaken from decades-long period of “dumbing down of America,” as I put it in my Washington Times column in Aug 1997. Trump is far from a perfect candidate. But he was the lesser of the two bad choices. At least he is not corrupt and beholden to foreign powers, such as the Saudis etc.

By the way, I am not writing this to start a debate or try to change your mind. I know that’s impossible, based on what I read in your comment. I am writing because if you take the time to read my editorial LET US REJOICE: NEW DAWN RISES OVER AMERICA AND THE WORLD, written on the same morning you had a “pit in your stomach”, you can see how two intelligent people, both enlightened souls, and each acting from a position of love and compassion for our fellow-citizens, can have vastly opposing views.

As I said in this piece, the universe is unfolding as it should. Trump could NOT have won without Divine help. I am sure that if Earl were to consult his three light beings, he would get an affirmative answer to that question.

So don’t worry, Linda. All is good. The only trouble could ensue would be if Trump were to try to mollify rather than dismantle the Republican Party establishment – most of whom were in Hillary’s corner, working for the same New World Order bosses.

For what it’s worth… probably not much, given your state of mind. But at least I’ve tried (to uplift you).

My friend never replied to this letter. Par for the course for so-called “liberals.”

Because these “liberals” have been the most INTOLERANT part of our society for decades. And now that their rule over the roost is over, they are wallowing in silence, as my friend is doing, or creaming like stuck pigs, as bought and paid for anti-Trump demonstrators are doing.


On November 9, the morning after the election, I also wrote:


This election demonstrates the success of New World Order’s Dumbing Down of America,” and the need to start re-educating our fellow citizens

Back in 1997, I published a column in the Washington Times titled  DANCING ‘ROUND THE GOLDEN CALF. My original title for that piece was “Dumbing Down of America.” The fact that two decade later, nearly 60 million of our fellow citizens voted for the most corrupt candidate in the history of U.S. presidential races, attests to the success of New World Order plutocrats’ dumbing down process. And that is a true American Tragedy.

Well, neutralize and eliminate the plutocrats. Drive the New World Order snakes from our shores or put them behind bars. That’s the first order of business as I said earlier.

Then we must start to repair the damage they have done to several generations of our fellow-citizens with their quasi “liberal” ideas, with their greed-driven  materialistic morality, with their our education system which denigrates America’s traditional culture and values, with their Hollywood and pro sports-driven agendas.

It has taken several decades to dumb down our nation. It will take us as long or longer to steer America back on its righteous path of liberty and justice for all.  But as Confucius said, “a thousand mile journey begins with the first step.” We took that step today.

Let us continue and persevere in making America great again.  With God’s help, we will bridge that chasm that divides America and bring our wayward “liberals” back into the fold of just normal, everyday Americans who don’t want any gay, lesbian, Muslim, Jewish or any other divisive agendas shoved down their throats. Who just want to live and get along. Like Rodney King. or like the true LIBERALS.


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