Trump’s Foreign Policy Team: A Band of Unknowns Offers Hope for a More Peaceful World

Donald Trump on North Korea and Japan going to war: “We can’t be the policeman of the world” 

The more acrimonious the Republican and Democratic establishment attacks on Donald Trump are getting, the more he is sounding like an independent candidate. Better still, his actions are also backing up his words.

At a CNN town hall event on Tuesday night (March 30), Trump told the CNN moderator Anderson Cooper he no longer respects the so-called loyalty pledge a stage he and other Republican candidates made on the very first GOP debate in Cleveland last August.

This week, Trump also announced his foreign policy team. For those unfamiliar with who runs this country and how, foreign policy is the sacred cow of the New World Order “elite.”

Republican insiders were scratching their heads Monday at names Trump offered as sources of regular advice on national security. Several of those Trump cited during a visit to The Washington Post’s editorial board are complete unknowns; others have mixed reputations among GOP national security pros.

Trump’s foreign policy team baffles GOP experts

All Presidents Since Kennedy Have Been Globalists’ Stooges in Terms of Foreign Policy

All of the presidents in the last 50 years have been members of this exclusive “club.” All of them have toed the globalist and one-worlders line in which the U.S. plays the role of this planet’s emperor and ruler.

Except one. The only exception since the murder of JFK was Ronald Reagan. After the disastrous Nixon-Ford-Carter presidencies, the powers that be accepted an outsider as the only change-agent the American public would accept.  But then, they surrounded Reagan with a slew of globalists and one-worlders in all important foreign policy positions. Which ensured that he also toed their line in the end.


Not so with Trump. At least not so far.

“We can’t be the policeman of the world,” Trump told the Wisconsin rally yesterday (Apr 2, 2016)

“What do we get out of it?” he asked rhetorically. “It’s time that other people stopped looking at us as stupid, stupid people.”

He pledged, if elected, “we are going to get these countries to pay but not only to pay all the money they owe us for many years … we’ve been carrying these countries.”

Trump lamented that the US had 28,000 troops on the armistice line between North Korea and South Korea“to stop a maniac” (North Korea).

Trump lamented that the United States received no benefit from deploying troops around the world to help other countries which did not reimburse American taxpayers.

At a campaign event in Wisconsin earlier on Saturday (Apr 2), Trump also echoed previous utterances when he said “it’d be fine” if NATO were to break up.

Donald Trump on North Korea and Japan going to war – “We can’t be the policeman of the world” (see

All of which should be music to any independent American’s ears. For years, we have been bled dry by the globalist elite. For years, American soldiers’ blood has been shed to protect their private interests. For years, we have been meddling in other countries affairs, often killing innocent civilians in the process.

Is there any wonder, therefore, that so many countries around the world hate us. The fact that Trump wants to reverse that and disengage us from unwinnable conflicts, often caused by deliberate warmongering policies of Washington, actually sounds like a breath of fresh air.

It remains to be seen if Trump gets to implement his independent ideas.  Or will he also get muzzled and smothered in the end, as Ronald Reagan was?

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April 2, 2016

The Guardian today published this OpEd piece by its Washington, DC-based correspondent –

I thought it was hogwash. And so did many other readers.

Here are two replies out of 785 comments submitted so far at the Guardian website:


“The rise of Donald Trump is a battle for the soul of the Republican party?” What nonsense! The rise of Donald Trump is a sign of the American people finally pushing back against the usurpation of power by BOTH the Democrats and Republicans who use taxpayers money to serve the interests of big banks and big business. Let us not forget that Trump is the ONLY candidate using his own money to get elected. So he will have to answer to no one but the American people when he is elected.


Chef Wampum (another Guardian reader:

Obama is against Trump
The Media is against Trump
The establishment Democrats are against Trump
The establishment Republicans are against Trump
The Pope is against Trump
The UN is against Trump
The EU is against Trump
China is against Trump
Mexico is against Trump
Soros is against Trump
Black Lives Matter is against Trump
MoveOn.Org is against Trump
Koch Bro’s are against Trump
Hateful, racist, violent Liberals are against Trump
Bonus points
Cher says she will leave the country
Mylie Cyrus says she will leave the country
Whoopi says she will leave the country
Rosie says she will leave the country
Al Sharpton says he will leave the country
Gov. Brown says California will build a wall
Sounds like the kinda president the US needs!–Ted Nugent
(Hahaaa… I love it)

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 8.58.42 AM.png

Here’s the original article…

THE GUARDIAN – By Ben Jacobs. a political reporter for Guardian US based in Washington DC.

The rise of Donald Trump is a battle for the soul of the Republican party
2 Apr 2016

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Also see…


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