Google hiring 1,000 journalists… why?


The darkest days of the American media may still lie ahead

You thought that, with all the lying and deceptions the American lamestream media engaged in during the 2016 election campaign, that its darkest days are behind?

Wrong. The media’s darkest hours are yet to come. Courtesy of Google.

Since the lamestream media failed to elect Hillary despite all their lying and conniving during the 2016 election, it looks like Google has decided to take matters into its own hands.

Forget, “don’t be evil.” “If you can’t beat them, buy them,” seems to be Google’s latest motto.

The $647 billion-company, the second most valuable enterprise on this planet according to stock market caps, has decided to enter the news reporting arena.

On Monday (Sep 18), a new project was announced at the Google News Lab Summit that aims to place 1,000 journalists in local newsrooms in the next five years in partnership with Report for America (RFA).

RFA takes ideas from several existing organizations, including the Peace Corps, Americorps, Teach for America and public media… all NWO globalist creations.

Here’s how RFA will work: Young journalists will apply to be part of RFA. Then the newsrooms will apply for a journalist. So think of RFA as a bought journalist repository.

RFA will pay 50 percent of that journalist’s salary, with the newsroom paying 25 percent and local donors paying the other 25 percent. That reporter will work in the local newsroom for a year, with the opportunity to renew.

And who is behind RFA?

The usual New World Order suspects – Hillary Clinton supporters, including Carlos Slim, the New York Times majority owner. Take a look at the makeup of the RFA board.

No surprises there. In March 2016, at the height of the 2016 election primaries, the Truth in Media published the story…THE DARK SIDE OF GOOGLE: NSA & GOOGLE ARE AS THICK AS THIEVES –

And so are Hillary and Eric Schmidt, Google CEO. So now Google is trying to rekindle a dead “marriage.” By buying the “independent” media.

If this project is successful, the darkest days of the American media may still lie ahead, not behind us.


Toward American Corporatocracy: The World’s Most Valuable Company Has Become an Open Peephole for Government Spooks 

A Cozy Relationship Between Hillary Clinton and Google CEO Eric Schmidt



What follows below are excerpts from Julian Assange’s new book When Google Met Wikileaks, as well as some of his interviews with the BBC and Sky News. Assange, whom the Google CEO Eric Schmidt sought out for a personal interview in 2011, and traveled to his Norfolk, England home to do so, describes the special relationship between Google, Hillary Clinton and the State Department — and what that means for the future of the internet. And of the planet.

DJURDJEVIC: “Google is not what it seems?”

Google 666 Chrome


Julian Assange was being too kind. Want to know how the world’s most valuable company made its fortune?  It did so by snooping and snitching on gazillions of people around the glona, and then selling its scoops to government and corporate buyers as “advertising.”

Mind you, Google did nothing illegal. At least not as far as this writer can see. It used a clever algorithm, convinced the unsuspecting public to play along, and then harvested the information it had gathered, and turned them into valuable market intelligence.

That’s brilliant, right?

Wall Street thought so. The investors gave this company the highest market value of any corporate enterprise in the world – currently at $738 billion, about five times that the company was worth in May 2008, when this writer first met the Google CEO Eric Schmidt at an IBM conference in Los Angeles (see IBM and Google on Cloud Nine, May 1, 2008).

IBM vs Google chart.jpg

But what’s sinister about Google’s “success story” was that the company less than honest with the people from whom it was collecting this personal information.

Had you known, for example, that Google and NSA and the FBI etc. were as thick as thieves, would you allow Google access to your personal information?

Probably not, right? Regardless of whether or not you had anything to hide. It’s a matter of principle and our legal rights. It is just not right that companies and government should gain access to our personal information like that without a court order. Which they could only legally get if we were suspects. And we are not, of course.

So most people had no idea what Google and the NSA were up to. This writer certainly did not. At least not about the full extent of Google’s deception. Not until reading today this Julian Assange story about the meeting he had in 2011 with the Google CEO Eric Schmidt. It is quite an eye-opener.

Because Google figured out a way around such “legalities” and rights which most Americans take for granted. And the government drove its NSA Mack Truck right through the opening Google created.


Google was founded 18 years ago by two 20-something students of Stanford University in California who devised a clever internet search engine.  Their goal was to become a sort of a global storehouse and encyclopedia of all human knowledge. But once Google’s success reached into the Wall Street stratosphere for public companies, its corporate morals plummeted to rock bottom as its stock soared.

It all started with the hiring of Eric Schmidt as the Google CEO in 2001.

So here are now these excerpts from Julian Assange book:

I began to think of Schmidt as a brilliant but politically hapless Californian tech billionaire who had been exploited by the very US foreign-policy types he had collected to act as translators between himself and official Washington—a West Coast–East Coast illustration of the principal-agent dilemma.

        I was wrong.


There was nothing politically hapless about Eric Schmidt. I had been too eager to see a politically unambitious Silicon Valley engineer, a relic of the good old days of computer science graduate culture on the West Coast. But that is not the sort of person who attends the Bilderberg conference four years running, who pays regular visits to the White House, or who delivers “fireside chats” at the World Economic Forum in Davos. 

Schmidt’s emergence as Google’s “foreign minister”—making pomp and ceremony state visits across geopolitical fault lines—had not come out of nowhere; it had been presaged by years of assimilation within US establishment networks of reputation and influence.  



Nobody wants to acknowledge that Google has grown big and bad. But it has. Schmidt’s tenure as CEO saw Google integrate with the shadiest of US power structures as it expanded into a geographically invasive megacorporation. But Google has always been comfortable with this proximity. 

Long before company founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin hired Schmidt in 2001, their initial research upon which Google was based had been partly funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). And even as Schmidt’s Google developed an image as the overly friendly giant of global tech, it was building a close relationship with the intelligence community.


In 2003 the US National Security Agency (NSA) had already started systematically violating the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) under its director General Michael Hayden. These were the days of the “Total Information Awareness” program. Before PRISM was ever dreamed of, under orders from the Bush White House the NSA was already aiming to “collect it all, sniff it all, know it all, process it all, exploit it all.  

During the same period, Google—whose publicly declared corporate mission is to collect and “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”—was accepting NSA money to the tune of $2 million to provide the agency with search tools for its rapidly accreting hoard of stolen knowledge.

In 2004, after taking over Keyhole, a mapping tech startup cofunded by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and the CIA, Google developed the technology into Google Maps, an enterprise version of which it has since shopped to the Pentagon and associated federal and state agencies on multimillion-dollar contracts.

In 2008, Google helped launch an NGA spy satellite, the GeoEye-1, into space. Google shares the photographs from the satellite with the US military and intelligence communities.

In 2010, NGA awarded Google a $27 million contract for “geospatial visualization services.”

Also in 2010, after the Chinese government was accused of hacking Google, the company entered into a “formal information-sharing” relationship with the NSA, which was said to allow NSA analysts to “evaluate vulnerabilities” in Google’s hardware and software. Although the exact contours of the deal have never been disclosed, the NSA brought in other government agencies to help, including the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. (by Julian Assange)

From a Julian Assange interview with BBC and Sky News, Sept 2014:

‘Google deeply involved in US foreign policy’

“Google’s business model is the spy. It makes more than 80 percent of its money by collecting information about people, pooling it together, storing it, indexing it, building profiles of people to predict their interests and behavior, and then selling those profiles principally to advertisers, but also others,” Assange told BBC.

“So the result is that Google, in terms of how it works, its actual practice, is almost identical to the National Security Agency or GCHQ,” the whistleblower argued.

Google has been working with the NSA “in terms of contracts since at least 2002,” Assange told Sky News.

“They are formally listed as part of the defense industrial base since 2009. They have been engaged with the Prism system, where nearly all information collected by Google is available to the NSA,” Assange said. “At the institutional level, Google is deeply involved in US foreign policy.”

Google has tricked people into believing that it is “a playful, humane organization” and not a “big, bad US corporation,”Assange told BBC. “But in fact it has become just that…it is now arguably the most influential commercial organization.”

“Google has now spread to every country, every single person, who has access to the internet,” he reminded.


Bob behind bars guilty.PNG

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, or more specifically our Eagle’s Nest home in Scottsdale, the penny dropped this morning with a big clang.

Remember the troubles I had with my Google accounts a couple of weeks ago?

First, I was locked out of my business account because of alleged “suspicious activities.” Yet I had not even been online during the 12-hour period prior to this incident.

Then a few days later, the same thing happened with my personal Gmail account.

My access to both accounts has now been restored by Google without any further explanations. But what if the reason my accounts were taken down was so that Google a.k.a. NSA could install some spying software?

Which, in and of itself, would not bother me in the least. I have nothing to hide and never have. But it’s the principle of things that irks me. The audacity of a corporate entity to which I am paying good money as a customer to do something like that, or to allow the government to do so.

I have no proof of it, of course. But as I said up until now, I have been giving Google the benefit of the doubt. No more. Over the next few days, I plan to fully transition away from Google with both my business and personal accounts.

Not because I have anything to hide. But because I do not want to be a patsy and allow such unlawful intrusions into my private life.

And because, “silence is acquiescence.” If we do not protect our rights, they will go away.



Besides shmoozing and boozing with the powers that be, such as Hillary Clinton, the Google chairman shares something else in common with this infamous family. He is a philanderer bar none.

Few people might suspect that by looking at this bespectacled man.  Schmidt looks like a typical Silicon Valley engineer. But he is far from it, as you saw from the Assange commentaries.  i certainly had no idea about it when I met him back in 2008, although I must admit I was baffled why a chairman of the oldest American computer company (IBM) was so deferential to an upstart like Google.

Anyway, back in 2013, the London Daily Mail published an expose of Schmidt’s philandering affairs, and his wife’s alleged acquiescence to an “open marriage” (see The £5.4billion Google love rat: How boss, 58, of internet giant resisting online porn crackdown …

It seems that the Google chairman fits the New World Order profile perfectly – speaking out of both sides of this mouth simultaneously. Just like his pal,  Hillary Clinton.

See The £5.4billion Google love rat: How boss, 58, of internet giant resisting online porn crackdown … via @MailOnline

Eric Schmidt wife and harem

 * * *


Sure. You can trust the world’s most valuable company as much as you trust Hillary Clinton and her pal Eric Schmidt, Google CEO.

Or as much as you trust the world’s most powerful government that gave us the NSA, CIA, FBI, TSA, Homeland Security…

If you trust them all, then go ahead and chat online. For, “where ignorance is bliss, ‘tis folly to be wise” (Thomas Gray, 18th-century English poet).

What brought this on?

Google released today its new online chat app – “that records every message you ever sent and sends to police upon request,” according to an Edward Snowden tweet I got this morning.

“When Allo was announced at Google’s I/O conference earlier this year, the messaging app was presented as a step forward for privacy. Alongside the end-to-end-encrypted Incognito Mode, the Allo team talked about bold new message retention practices, storing messages only transiently rather than indefinitely.

But with the release of the app today, Google is backing off on some of those features.

The version of Allo rolling out today will store all non-incognito messages by default — a clear change from Google’s earlier statements that the app would only store messages transiently and in non-identifiable form.”

For more, read…

 * * *

UPDATE NOV 18, 2016


Take a look at this picture which Wikileaks posted today. Eric Schmidt, Google CEO, is wearing a badge that suggests he is on Hillary’s staff.
No kidding. Eight months ago, I published a story about that. It may be worth another look now, in hindsight of the Nov 8 election results.
And then, let’s dump Google just like we dumped Hillary.
Toward American Corporatocracy: The World’s Most Valuable Company Has Become an Open Peephole for Government Spooks
A Cozy Relationship Between Hillary Clinton and Google CEO Eric Schmidt


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