Truth in Media: Taking Down New World Order Icons

Worship of the Golden Calf. NB: Scan of small illustration.


Mother Theresa is about to become a saint. So says the Vatican after the Pope recognized her “second miracle.”

So up goes one more icon of the New World Order: The “saint” who took money from the rich and the crooks… and then what? Where did all that money go? Certainly not Worship of the Golden Calfto the poor, according to some Mother Teresa detractors.

You see, some very well informed people think she was anything but a saint. More like a servant of the rich and worshiper of the Golden Calf. For which, in turn, she is now being posthumously awarded with “sainthood.”

“Hell’s Angel” is what a respected journalist and TV personality Christopher Hitchens called her. He said the “profane marriage between tawdry media hype and medieval superstition” created the myth of Mother Teresa, a media superstar who was in the end “a fanatic, a fundamentalist, and a fraud.”

The video that follows was part of the story Mother Teresa: Sadistic Religious Fanatic

I opened it reluctantly. Because the title smacked of anti-Catholic propaganda. But as I started watching and listening to the late Christopher Hitchens video, produced in 1994, I was captivated by the actual testimonies by people from all over the world.

Christopher Hitchens – Mother Teresa: Hell’s Angel –

 * * *

The 23-min film is well worth seeing. I had no idea some “saints” can be so morally corrupt…

I was especially surprised to learn that Teresa was actually a secret “Keating Six” member, who took money from this crook, along with the five publically discredited members of this infamous club – senators John McCain, Dennis DeConcini, Alan Cranston, John Glenn and Donald Riegle. –

 * * *


“I have always wondered why Mother Teresa got and is still getting so many credits?”

Walter WI don’t see much difference between her and what the Catholic Church is doing in South America to help the poor and needed. In fact they do nothing at all and say that it is the will of God that they are poor.

Hi Bob,

I recall having seen a similar documentary about Mother Teresa many years ago on the TV, but anyway thanks for sharing this video.

1450552792_motherteresa1I always wondered why Mother Teresa got and is still getting so many credits. And that she even has become a saint. I don’t see much difference between her and what the Catholic Church is doing in South America to help the poor and needed.

In fact they do nothing at all and say that it is the will of God that they are poor.

Poor people in all the 3rd world countries, are living a life with no future at

all, nobody seems to care about the circumstances they have to live in, have to survive each day, what they are going through or if they die under terrible circumstances. Mother Teresa is no exception as the video shows. She was a propaganda billboard for the wealthy western countries and of course the Vatican. She never took a moral high ground. Kind of same actions as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are doing as modern Mother Teresa’s.

As I came to Colombia at about age 6th at the end of the 50-ties, I remember that I asked my father why I wasn’t a catholic or even baptized same as all the boys from my class. He -my father was a protestant and my mother catholic-explained to me that it was better to wait until I would be an adolescent and could think for myself which religion to choose from. So far I haven’t found any religion that suits me as most religions have a past and present full of bloodshed and killing in the name of a God. Anyway, not my ‘God’.

That’s why I prefer Buddhism as a way of living. Religions are just a tool to spread fear and keep people from thinking. On the other hand these are corrupt institutions with enormous power and richness, children abuse and so on. I prefer to speak of a Holy Energy or Christ/Buddha ….way of going about things. It is all about having compassion, respect to creation, all living creatures and all that grows and lives on Mother Earth.

My Norwegian uncle and oldest brother of my grandmother came in the early 1900 to Bogotá. He became a very wealthy and well known man in the Colombian High Society of that time. He opened the first hardware/tool shop in Bogotá, had a lot of Real Estate and was the consul of Norway. He always said that poor people are in those circumstances, because they don’t want to work. That’s also the general tendency. Shame on them! Maybe it never occurs to them, that one have to create the circumstances to help people out of their misery, same as now is happening in Spain with about 50% of the youth looking for a job. They need desperately new politicians that are not corrupt.

Sadly enough the rich want to keep their richness and are afraid to loose what they have archived or stolen from the poor. They just don’t want to share! That’s why the problems prevail in all those countries of the so called 3rd World. Politicians who want to make the difference are simply killed or get rid of. They are considered communists, from the left wing, a danger to the established order …you name it.

The Colombian government killed Pablo Escobar because he was a gangster and the wealthiest drug traficant’s in the world at that time in history, but the very same government behaves much the same and there is no difference between both, except that the guys in charge are ‘democratically’ elected by their own families and rotten and corrupt system.

The same families elect their presidents over and over again. There is no place for good guys. A bunch of corrupt leaders, that no one can trust in the so called Colombian democracy. As I was in high school a boy of my class invited me to the ‘finca’ (ranch) of his parents. From a hill at his father property he told me that as far as I could see to the horizon, all the land was of his father. I have never forgotten his words.

Candidates for the presidency, mayors, good politicians etc. who wanted changes for the better, were shot dead or did not made a chance at all as the same powers keep ruling the country. The poor Colombian agrarian farmers, Indians are killed or can only work for the large landowners almos without a decent salary; there also are the ‘guerilleros’ from the ELN (Ejército de Liberación Nacional), the FARC (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia) and other groups, who not only fight each other –drugs and arms related- but also the Colombian Army and the groups of paramilitaries. The biggest problem however is the corruption. The archbishops in the country are family from the rich and wealthy or otherwise have connections with each other.

Story of Camilo Torres Restrepo, a Colombian Priest

Camilo Torres Restrepo, a Colombian priest, became the hero of the poor. He was a predecessor of liberation theology and a member of the National Liberation Army (ELN) guerrilla organization. During his life, he tried to reconcile revolutionary Marxism and Catholicism. Due to the growing pressure to back down from his radical politics, Camilo Torres was persecuted and went into hiding by joining the guerrillas in Colombia. Here he served as a low-ranking member of the ELN to whom he also provided spiritual assistance and inspiration from a Marxist-Christian point of view.

He was killed in 1966 at his first combat experience, when the ELN ambushed a Colombian Military patrol. After his death, Camilo Torres was made an official martyr of the ELN. He is perhaps best known for the quote: “If Jesus were alive today, He would be a ‘guerrillero’”. Priest Camilo Torres Restrepo, see
first 6 min.

So far things haven’t change in Colombia and the still 10% very rich -the
oligarchy- or happy few so called ‘Alta Sociedad’ (High Society) rule that
country. The other part of the population consists in a very hard working middle class and farmers and the very poor and forgotten ones without any future.

All this fake ‘Mother Teresa’s’ in the world and organizations that seem to be so concerned about the wellbeing of the poor in the world and other similar institutions, are just a fake or a drop in the ocean, because with all the collected money from spending’s they could make this world a better place for all humanity. Instead the money is used to fill their bank accounts, pockets, keep on going their criminal organizations, build more huge concrete buildings and pay their out of the ordinary salaries.

The “Trash People” of Bogota Bronx

In this video a district in the center of Bogotá named The Bronx after the American district in NYC. This is what happens with people who are considered as ‘trash’ instead as human beings. The Colombian government has enough money as they are part of the very wealthy families and oligarchy, but they simply don’t care! Of course same is happening in the US and a lot of other countries. The ‘trash’ people of The BOGOTA Bronx

Do Saints Really Exist?

Do SAINTS still exist? Yes, they are a lot of good people who care about others, the poor, the ill, the hungry….. but they never make the news as Mother Theresa.

Archbishop Romero of El Salvador was well known, but a danger for the ruling powers, decided to murder him to declare him a saint after his death.

One of the real SAINTS I Know is Alveiro Vargas from Bucaramanga, Colombia. He began helping elderly people at a very young age (9) from dying of hunger, poverty and loneliness because nobody cared about them. This little ANGEL, now a grown up man is a candidate for the Peace Nobel Price, but has the church undertaken any actions to do so?

Little Angel Of Colombia Part 1 of 4 (English)

Did they never hear about him and what he has accomplished in his own being a poor boy too? Where is the Colombian government? They should be proud of this boy, instead Alveiro has to watch his back every day due too assassination threats.

Vargas is a true ‘Mother Teresa’ and saint in the fullest sense of the word! What would the world be without such HUMAN BEINGS and SAINTS as Alveiro Vargas?



DJURDJEVIC: The writer of this article is a high school teacher in the Netherlands.  Although Dutch by both birth parents, he spent most of his childhood and youth in Colombia where his father was employed. He still speaks Spanish fluently, and has many friends in that Latin American country with whom he keeps in touch. 

 * * *



The people who believe in something other than the Almighty Dollar are used and then discarded like trash. They never really belong to the New World Order “club”. Because only blind subservience will get you in.

An excellent essay, Walter. My personal knowledge of Colombia is limited. So am glad that you contributed much more to it.

The only comment I wish to offer about your piece is that Mother Teresa is one of many saints of the New World Order. Almost 20 years ago, I wrote a column for the Washington Times THE NOTHING PHILOSOPHY (Dec 29, 1996).

zoran-djindjic-9The character who inspired this spoof “Levi Desnic” (Lefty-Righty) – Zoran Djindjic – became the prime minister of Serbia after he successfully overthrew Milosevic, with ample American help, of course. Djindjic then had Milosevic delivered to the Hague.

Just FYI – I have met and actually dined and socialized in Belgrade with both Djindjic, Milosevic and other former leaders of Yugoslavia during my work as war correspondent in the 1990s. So I wrote this piece with firsthand knowledge, not just as an observer.

Well, like some of your Colombian characters, Djindjic was assassinated in 2003. It appears again with ample American help. Why? Because he had actually started to believe in something (see Who Really Killed Zoran Djindjic? –​)​.

You see, the people who believe in something other than the Almighty Dollar are used and then discarded like trash. They never really belong to the New World Order “club”. Worship of the Golden CalfBecause only blind subservience will get you in.

The same thing happened to Milosevic. I had even warned him about it when we met in 1990 and again in 1992. He just smiled and shrugged it off.

So that’s why there is such a shortage of real saints, at least as far as the public is concerned. The media whores only glorify the Golden Calf the New World Order leaders ask them to worship (see “DANCING ‘ROUND THE GOLDEN CALF, Aug 1997).

Merry Christmas! Your Maastricht Christmas photo was breathtaking. Will share it, too.
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