It took 10 British judges to start a process of liberation of Americans and Britons from their own government


It took 10 Britons to start a process of liberation of Americans and Britons Obama-Cameron cartoonfrom their own government. In a landmark decision, the British Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT), an independent judicial body that investigates complaints about the British government security issue, ruled today that the GCHQ and NSA mass surveillance during the last seven years was unlawful and a violation of human rights.

Here’s an excerpt from the text of the ruling posted today the IPT website:

The regime governing the soliciting, receiving, storing and transmitting by UK authorities of private communications of individuals located in the UK, which have been obtained by US authorities … contravened Articles 8 or 10 of the European convention on human rights. (IPT court ruling, Feb 6, 2015)

The ruling exonerates and vindicates Edward Snowden’s claims of illegal activities by the NSA (see SNOWDEN WINS “ALTERNATIVE NOBEL” PRIZE).

“In years to come we will look back on today as an essential victory against the surveillance state,” Carly Nyst wrote in the London Guardian, one of the papers that originally published Snowden’s claims (see Today is a great victory against GCHQ, the NSA and the surveillance state, Feb 6).Michelangelo Obama Cameron

And what the reaction of the US media to this landmark ruling?

Nada. Utter silence. Not a single mainstream media organization carried a story about it. But this story did make the national headlines: “Mila Kunis Reveals Only Person Both She and Ashton Have Kissed.

O tempora, o mores(“Oh, what times, oh, what manners!” – Cicero).10556470_864967480213455_5100730829840727896_n

And here’s why the media silence…

The message on the right by MintPress News inspired me to create the following image. It’s not just the news media that’s owned and controlled by the New world Order mafia. They have also warped and usurped our political system.


Guess America is still a “surveillance state” even if Britain is now lighting the way out of the prison cave our New World Order leaders have put us in.

A Truth in Media reader commented about this article by saying that when the UK spies on the US, that’s like a parent reading his/her kid’s private diary. To which I replied:

“They don’t actually spy on each other. They spy FOR each other – NSA on the British, GCHQ on the Americans. And then share the intelligence.

That’s how NSA thought it could get around the law that prohibits domestic spying. Guess no longer will they be even able to pretend that they are not breaking the law.

Will that stop them from doing it? Probably not. Criminals don’t care about laws. And our country has been taken over by a criminal gang.”

Cameron Obama Lawbreakers


  1. No, 5 Judges…their names are listed on the decision they handed down, which you have read of course…and the IPT examines only cases pertaining to the security services, not the whole remit of government.

      1. Np…by the way…I’m only one Brit of course…but I don’t see any fuss being made about this over here. We generally don’t talk about the security services…too busy complaining about the weather for a start…

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