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Subject: Guidelines for posting stories and comments

Miss Justice Truth 1-09-15 TRUTH  Rainbow Shower 9-09-14

Like Justice, real Truth is blind. Which means Miss Truth does not differentiate between races, religions, creeds or cultures.

Since its inception over 25 years ago, the Truth in Media (TiM) has been dedicated to uncovering and publishing the real Truth. Which means we do not differentiate between races, religions, creeds or cultures.

The two images you see below are actually photographs of two objects from the Truth in Media founder’s home in Maui, Hawaii. They serve as constant reminders of the need for vigilance and self-discipline in pursuit of real Truth.

Lately, certain TiM members have been posting on this FB page some stories and comments that may be offensive to certain races, religions creeds or cultures. That’s not real Truth. That’s the flip side of the New World Order’s media lies and deceptions. And with the same effect – to divide people and set them against each other.

That’s not acceptable on this FB page. We are all ONE… Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Christians. So we should act like it. That’s the message we should be sending to those who seek to divide us. Like the New World Order elite.

So I must ask all of you to think long and hard before posting any stories that may be offensive to certain races, religions or cultures and thus to Miss Justice/Truth you see below.

For example, if you feel you have sufficient evidence to back up your view that a certain INDIVIDUAL or PERSONS committed a crime or an offense you disapprove of, by all means, post away. But generalizing, such as stating that the Jews or Muslims or Hindus or Christians or whatever group did this or that, is hate-mongering propaganda. Which is unacceptable by the Truth in Media and Miss Justice/Truth standards.

If you feel some of your posts violate this principle, please take them down. Otherwise, Miss Justice/Truth will.

Thank you. In the spirit of Aloha.

Truth in Media Editor and Founder






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