I don’t know that it is, but there seems to be a definite attraction between the police and donuts. At least that’s the impression one could get after seeing all those cop shows with coffee and donuts scenes.

Well, today such an attraction was taken to an extreme in Berlin, New Jersey. Take a look at what happened at a Dunkin Donut store…

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 5.24.13 PM

A police SUV crashed into a Dunkin Donuts store Friday morning in Berlin, New Jersey, NBC Philadelphia reported today.

What actually happened was that the police SUV crashed into the building after colliding with another car.

The unidentified Winslow Township Police officer suffered minor injuries, according to investigators. The other driver refused treatment. No customers or employees inside the store reported any injuries, according to police.

The next staff meeting of the Winslow Police department ought to be fun. I hear they will be replacing the customary coffee and donuts on the with a roast. The “unidentified police officer” will be on the menu, ready to be roasted. 🙂

Happy face

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