I have many friends in the Netherlands. One is particularly close. Walter and I were roommates once in England, and have stayed in close touch ever since.

Yesterday, I sent Walter a letter of sympathy and condolences for what happened to flight MH17. Nearly 200 Dutch citizens were among the 298 innocent civilians who were killed in this act of war.

This morning, he replied and said that all of Holland was in mourning. This is what I wrote back:

Dear Walter, Thank you for your heartfelt letter. We are all sorry for your country’s loss and mourn it as our own. Ditto re. all the poor and forgotten around the world. The way I see it, the MH17 is worse than 9/11. Back on that day, the US government was complicit in the murder of over 3,000 of its citizens by NOT doing anything to prevent it. Except if the theory of implosion of the WTC towers to bring them down holds water. Then perhaps they would be also guilty of the actual act of terrorism. Both are terrible acts of inhumanity. But to me the shooting of MH17 is worse. Because those NWO monsters in Washington and NY appear to have masterminded it.
MH17: Premeditated Mass Murder

In the MH17 case, all signs so far point to the actual planned and premeditated act of terrorism against a specific flight carrying the passengers whose deaths would serve a specific political purpose.

I cannot think of any more tolerant and peace-loving nation than the Dutch. So killing nearly 200 of them and then pinning the blame on Putin would make him the new No. 1 Villain of the World. Take a look at today’s New York Times story, for example. They are almost gloating about how they have managed to make Ukraine war go global – With Jet’s Fall, War in Ukraine Becomes Global, July 19).

New World Order Leaders Need Villains to Justify Their Murders

You see, the New World Order feeds on villains. They pinned the Soviet Union as such during the Cold War (with good cause, by the way). But the USSR died in 1991. So they invented Milosevic. Then Saddam. Then Bin Laden. Then Qaddafi. Then Assad…US Russia power chess game flags

Except for Assad, they are all dead now. In fact, it was Putin who deprived them of the war on Syria (and Assad) by outmaneuvering Obama and Kerry diplomatically last summer (see Putin Wins Syria Chess Game for Planet Earth, Sep 2013).

So NWO were right out of villains. They had to invent some new ones. But first, they needed to also manufacture another “global” crisis. Enter Ukraine (see WASHINGTON’S CRISIS FACTORY – written BEFORE the Kosovo war started).

You have no reason to know this, Walter, so I will share something with you about how I FEEL (or intuit) the Truth in the events around the globe. I discovered this gift (or curse) when I was covering the Bosnian war. As soon as some tragic event took place, my heart would tell me who did it and why. Almost always, that was NOT what the establishment media would report. Sometimes it would take days; sometimes weeks; sometimes months for the Truth to emerge. And every time it would eventually confirm my initial intuition. That’s actually why I founded the Truth in Media and became a war correspondent. To find out firsthand what the real Truth was the mainstream media were hiding.

“They Need Putin Alive” (re. NWO plan)

Anyway, back to MH17, when I first learned of this tragedy on July 17 less than 3 hours after it had happened, I thought of various initial theories were that were being bandied about on the Internet at that point. The leading one was that it was a failed attempt to shoot down Putin’s plane. He was on his way back home from the BRICS summit in Brazil.

“The NWO need villains. Russia_Putin-07eddThey want to make Putin their new Enemy No. 1. Just like Milosevic, Saddam, Bin Laden… before him. In other words, shooting down Putin’s plane would not be in their interest. They need Putin alive.”

So what do you think happened? Who shot down that plane and why?


“Okay. I will tell you what I think. Just keep in mind that this is not just “one man’s opinion.” This comes from following and analyzing the moves of the New World Order leaders for the last 25 years. And from being a war correspondent for 10 of those years. So what I am about to tell you is a CUMULATIVE “educated guess” based on thousands of individual opinions and NWO moves for over a quarter of a century.

All through the last month of June, there has been a lot of fighting in Ukraine. But you’d never know it based on the establishment media reports. Everybody was focused on the World Cup in Brazil.

It was just like back in February when the world attention was focused on the Sochi Olympics in Russia. And then, as soon it was over, BAM! The NWO launched a coup d’etat in Kiev. Scores of people killed. World in shock. President ousted, flees to Russia. Russia masses troops on its border with Ukraine. The NWO talking heads go on TV to paint Putin a villain.

Start of a new crisis production. Beginning of a new villain portrait.

Same thing with the World Cup. Lull before a storm. And then BAM! MH17 down over Ukraine.

Obama Tried to Steal Limelight from BRICS Summit with New Sanctions Just Before MH17 Downing

Meanwhile, the heels of the World Cup the BRICS summit in Brazil was scheduled to take place. BRICS is all about anti-NWO. BRICS seeks to undermine the world domination the NWO leaders seek.  BRICS is a brick up the the uppity and arrogant NWO noses.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was in Brazil for the World Cup final in which Germany was playing Argentina. Germany had just caught CIA red-handed spying on them (again!), and had sent their CIA section chief packing back to America. Merkel, who Edward Snowden revealed last year had been personally spied on (her cell phone), was naturally furious with Obama and his lies and empty promises.

Russian President Putin meets with German Chancellor Merkel in Rio de JaneiroPutin was also in Brazil during the World Cup final. He met with Merkel on Sunday (July 13) before the Germany-Argentina game. The two called for greater efforts by the Contact Group to bring about a peaceful solution in Ukraine. Then Putin went on to Fortaleza (Brazil) for the first leg of a two-day BRICS summit. It was now Obama’s turn to get furious. There is no way that NWO could allow Germany and Russia to steal the Ukraine show from Washington.

So on July 15, the first day of the BRICS meeting, Obama attempted to upstage the summit and steal the world news headlines. He announced new and tougher US sanctions against Russia. Naturally, the obedient NWO “lamestream” media obliged. Obama’s new sanctions was the lead headline in English speaking media.

But what was really newsworthy in that story is that the US had to act virtually alone. Europe would have none of it. That’s why Obama had to act unilaterally.

By now, most of the EU countries have realized that Washington warmongers are using them – the alleged “partners” – as mere pawns. Obama et. all want Europe to suffer and pay for the crisis Washington manufactured in Ukraine. Because Europe has a lot more to lose than the US in case NATO went to war with Russia (see EUROPE: ALL PAIN, NO GAIN, Apr 26).

So economically speaking, the Ukraine crisis is about crippling Europe and forcing it to source its natural gas from the US or US-controlled countries.

(Hillary Clinton confirmed that in her cold-hearted TV interview given before the bodies of the MH17 victims had even been identified).

And then bang! At 4:15AM Hawaiian time, the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 carrying 298 passengers and crew crashes in East Ukraine.

And suddenly, Ukraine is back in the news big time. Suddenly all NWO talking heads (Obama, Biden, Hillary Clinton) go on TV to spin the MH17 crash, and point the fingers to Russia or to pro-Russian rebels in East Ukraine. They even named the missile that could have been used to bring down this plane.

That takes homework. That takes planning. That takes practicing the media message so that everyone “stays on message.”


So back to “whodunnit.” there are three possibilities:

  1. Ukraine NWO puppet-government shot down the plane on orders from Washington
  2. Pro-Russian rebels in East Ukraine brought it down with a missile
  3. Russia shot down the plane with a long-range missile.

The pro-Russian rebels could not have done it. They have no weapons that can shoot down a jet flying at 33,000 feet.

Which leaves scenarios 1. and 3. Russia had no reason to do anything like this. Putin has been trying to de-escalate the Ukraine crisis and seek a peaceful solution in partnership with Merkel and other European leaders (Contact Group).  Strike the number 3.

So my money is on the first scenario – the Ukraine NWO puppet-government shooting down the place on Washington’s orders.

The reason? To bring the Europeans to heel. To make them toe the Washington line. When they realize what kind of monstrous acts the US government is capable of engineering, coldly murdering nearly 300 innocent people, not to mention the hundreds who have already died in the Ukraine civil war, they will give up their opposition to US Ukraine strategy. And just say, ‘yes, master’.”

And that’s it. That’s what I thought in late morning on July 17 before I saw ANY of the news reports about what happened to flight MH17. Since that time, a number of facts have emerged which indeed point the finger at Washington (see Hillary Tells Europe How to React to MH17).

And now, once again, here’s the Requiem for the MH 17 Victims, along with a Prayer for Peace.

Some Eyewitness Accounts of MH17 Crash

Here are some eyewitness accounts of the MH17 crash on July 17, as reported by RT, a Russian news agency:

Aleksandr, another local who witnessed the plane falling from the sky, was watching TV but when he heard “a roar and two explosions.” He went out to see what was going on.

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 6.52.09 PM“[I] saw a spinning plane without a wing with something falling out of it. The plane was shot down,” he told RT. “There were explosions in the sky. And apart from the loud sounds of the plane itself, I heard the buzz which fighter jets make.”   [Aleksandr is pictured – right]

Falling dead bodies were also a shock for the family of Marina, another village resident.

“I just stepped out of my house and heard thunder. My husband came out after me and saw the body of the woman fall. He thought it was me. He nearly turned grey,” she told Ruptly.

The comment about hearing the noise which fighter jets make seems to fit with the tweets of the Kiev air traffic controller about the two Ukrainian military jets following the plane.

Here’s the RT video report which includes these eyewitness accounts…

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 7.00.47 PM








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