The inspiration for this “Rock and Baroque” piece first came to me in early May. It was on the eve of VE Day – the end of World War II in Europe. So I designated this recording which combines Bach, Pachelbel and Beatles as a prayer for peace.

This evening, July 18, I sat down to play this Rock and Baroque creation for the first time in quite a few weeks. When I finished, I was so moved by the music that my eyes watered. Then I realized why. This music is also to be my Requiem for the MH17 victims and their families.

And so, I am not re-dedicating this piece as both a musical peace prayer and a requiem. May their souls rest in peace now.



* * *


Earlier this afternoon (July 18), I did a shamanic ceremony at the Anahata-Huaca-Ahu (sacred place at the Rainbow Shower) for the MH17 victims and their families. I asked the Spirit to let Peace and Love prevail over the Dark Forces that are bent on creating havoc on this planet. I also asked that their power and influence be either neutralized, or that they be removed from the Blue Star Earth altogether. If it please the Spirit, of course.

When I finished, I realized I was all choked up. That surprised me. Tears were rolling down my cheeks – tears of Love for my Fellow Man/Woman. And my heart was aching so intensely that I am certain the Spirit felt it and received the prayer directly from the heart, the words notwithstanding.

Please join me in this Prayer for Peace if it resonates with your heart.  And put your whole heart into it in order for the Spirit to receive it as such.

It is also important not to feel any anger or hatred, not even for the perpetrators of this heinous crime. Because what we send up to the heavens, comes back to us, too. It is not for us to be the judge and jury. That’s the Creator’s job.






  1. FROM: Rita Redmond, Phoenix, Arizona
    8:27 AM (5 hours ago)

    Dear friend and brother,

    Thank you for pouring your heart out in prayer as you have just described. It has touched my heart.

    Certainly, if even one person is being harmed or is suffering, it prevents all of us from living in a world we deeply long for.

    I too pray that darkness and harmful energies be removed from any place where they create fear and suffering. Too many innocent (or even not so innocent) people suffer and it simply isn’t something we should ignore.

    A friend of mine says, “there has always been war in the world and there will always be”… Well, I refuse to accept that. I know it doesn’t have to be so. Our minds and spirits need to be healed… We are evolving… though not as quickly as I would wish. More of those who were once self-serving have begun to see that every action has a cause-and-effect and that we are intertwined with the wind and seas of this great world. I pray that the next generations learn from us and take the future to higher dimensions.

    There is much love and goodness in the world. We must include “good” and “love” as variables in the investing and “business” formulas/models that we give so much focus, time and attention to.

    Each time I pray for this world/universe, I cry… and insist (with sadness and an quantum joy) as I physically push my hands and arms forward to push and move the darkness, hate and fear away from where it serves no purpose.

    I pray the hearts and minds of those who inflict harm will be healed and that those of us who ignorantly stand by and watch would understand the need to intelligently love and heal.

    Thank you so very much for your prayers.
    Love to you today and always,

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