Good morning, America! Time to wake up and smell the stench spreading from Washington

“Those who play with fire get burned by fire” – and Washington is playing with fire right now

Putin Cited What Happened in Yugoslavia as Example of Washington’s Duplicity and Bullying

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“If you press a spring too hard, it will recoil,” Russia’s president Vladimir Putin said yesterday in Moscow in a speech welcoming Crimea back into Russia’s fold.

Which exactly what we predicted would happen last month when we said Ukraine may be “A country too far” for NATO and Perfidious Washington. Here’s our headline from that Feb 28 story:

How Will Russia Respond to US Threats? “A Country Too Far” for NATO? Will “Perfidious Washington” Choke on Ukraine?

So if Russia’s likely response was so crystal clear, surely it had to have been predictable also by the powers that be in Washington and NATO. Which means that they must have DELIBERATELY provoked and drawn Russia into a conflict with the West.

Why? What are they trying to achieve by sticking a finger in Russia’s eye, a country they have been courting for the last quarter century under the “Partnership for Peace” banner? Start a World War III? Commit a mass suicide? Destroy the entire planet?

We cannot think of any rational answer to the Why-question except to cite the New World Order’s motto once again – “Perpetual war for perpetual commerce.” That’s what we concluded in 1995 at the end of the Bosnian war. Here’s what this writer also wrote about it in a 1998 column published by the CHRONICLES magazine of Chicago:


k95-47  NWO_humaniratian_mission

“Talk is cheap,” skeptics say. “Put your money where your mouth is.” “Money talks louder than words,” is another folk wisdom. If these ancient sayings still apply today, the wallets of the New World Order’s elite have spoken loudly and clearly:

Russia is still the main bogey! Forget the cheap talk about a “Partnership for Peace.” Conniving “friendships” like that are made in hell. They tend to lead to war, not peace, as the Hitler-Stalin pact of the 1930s proved.

Also, forget the cheap talk about “nation building” and “exporting democracy” whenever our government sends money or American troops abroad. Follow the money to see into which mouth it is being put. Investment decisions of the “Princes of the 20th Century” – the multinational companies – show where they are putting their money. They also prove that democracy is for suckers. And that “free trade” and “globalization” are mankind’s latest “black plague.

What Washington has been doing to Russia may appear to be sheer madness and utter stupidity. Napoleon tried it and look where it got him. So did Hitler. Same outcome. So now Obama & Co. think they can out-bluff the Russians?

Guess they do. Their strategy appears to be to box Russia in, to isolate her from the global trading opportunities. Why? So that the American-Anglo energy giants can step in and sell their oil and gas to Europe.

O tempora, o mores… (Oh what times! Oh what customs!) – Cicero).


Because nearly a third of Europe’s gas imports come from Russia. The U.S. is not even on the map of European Union’s import sources (left chart).  Which means that the U.S. companies have a snowball’s chance in hell in replacing it in the foreseeable future.  The only way Europe can hurt Russia on Washington’s behest is by cutting its nose off to spite itself. Which is utter nonsense.

If Washington persists in pushing the EU toward that, this may split the NATO alliance before the hurt reaches Russia. For, alternative is destroying Europe economically.  And if that’s Washington’s goal, then its duplicity and treachery have truly no bounds.

What if Russia refuses to be boxed in, starts a new block?

Furthermore, what if Russia refuses to be boxed in? (which is pretty much inevitable). What if Russia begins to build her own block of nations once again? What if Russia decides to help Iran or Syria and many other regimes around the world who would love to sock it to the Perfidious Washington?nuclear-weapons-asia2en

Cold War II? At a minimum. But what if the Obama & Co.’s fiery bark and bluster escalates into a shooting war between Moscow and Washington?  This would not be a War of Mass Destruction. It would be a War of Self-Destruction for both sides.  And maybe for our planet, too.

Russia is still the most powerful nuclear country in the world. Any further disarmament in the near future will be out of the question after Washington has now pulled the rug under Moscow with the Kiev coup and Ukraine land grab.

So it is sheer lunacy for Washington to provoke and enrage a country that can pulverize much of America. Is there really any consolation, Mr Obama, that you can do the same to Russia? Can there be any victors in a nuclear war?  Only an idiot would say “yes” to that question.

Yet that’s what the Madmen of Washington are leading us toward. So wake up America and smell the stench from Washington that’s permeating this country and spreading overseas, too. It’s the scent of death.

Putin Cited What Happened in Yugoslavia as Example of Washington’s Duplicity and Bullying

Back to Moscow’s Grand Kremlin Palace, Putin lashed out at Washington’s treachery. He did everything but use the adjective Perfidious Washington. He didn’t need to. His description of Washington’s lies and deceits  left no room for doubt. Here are some excerpts from today’s New York Times’ story about his 47-minute oration to Russia’s political elite:

“In an emotional address steeped in years of resentment and bitterness at perceived slights from the West, Mr. Putin made it clear that Russia’s patience for post-Cold War accommodation, much diminished of late, had finally been exhausted… he vowed to protect Russia’s interests there from what he described as Western actions that had left Russia feeling cornered…

His remarks, which lasted 47 minutes, were interrupted repeatedly by thunderous applause, standing ovations and at the end chants of “Russia, Russia.” Some in the audience wiped tears from their eyes.A theme coursing throughout his remarks was the restoration of Russia after a period of humiliation following the Soviet collapse, which he has famously called “the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century.”

He denounced what he called the global domination of one superpower and its allies that emerged. “They cheated us again and again, made decisions behind our back, presenting us with completed facts,” he said. “That’s the way it was with the expansion of NATO in the East, with the deployment of military infrastructure at our borders. They always told us the same thing: ‘Well, this doesn’t involve you.’ ” greenint

[such as in former Yugoslavia, where the former Russian president Yeltsin looked the other way as NATO bombed first Bosnian Serbs, than Serbia itself]

He recited a list of grievances — from the Soviet Union’s transfer of Crimea to the Ukrainian republic in 1954, to NATO’s expansion to Russia’s borders, to its war in Kosovo in 1999, when he was a little-known aide to President Boris N. Yeltsin, to the conflict in Libya that toppled Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi in 2011 on what he called the false pretense of a humanitarian intervention.

In the grandeur of the Kremlin’s walls on Tuesday, Mr. Putin sounded utterly confident and defiant…

He cited the 10th-century baptism of Prince Vladimir, whose conversion to Orthodox Christianity transformed the kingdom then known as Rus into the foundation of the empire that became Russia. He called Kiev “the mother of Russian cities,” making clear that he considered Ukraine, along with Belarus, to be countries where Russia’s own interests would remain at stake regardless of the fallout from Crimea’s annexation.

[again, just as we said in  “A country too far“, Feb 28, 2014]

He said that the United States and Europe had crossed “a red line” on Ukraine by throwing support to the new government that quickly emerged after Mr. Yanukovych fled the capital following months of protests and two violent days of clashes that left scores dead. 

Mr. Putin, as he has before, denounced the uprising as a coup carried out by “Russophobes and neo-Nazis” and abetted by foreigners, saying it justified Russia’s efforts to protect Crimea’s population…

He justified the annexation using the same arguments that the United States and Europe cited to justify the independence of Kosovo from Serbia, and even quoted from the American submission to the United Nations International Court when it reviewed the matter in 2009.

And now, here are some still shots from a video excerpt of Putin’s speech:

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 8.55.42 AM Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 8.56.07 AM Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 8.56.19 AM Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 8.56.28 AM Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 8.55.59 AM Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 8.55.50 AM

What goes around comes around…

NATO grabbed Kosovo by force from Serbia in 1999, Russia reclaimed Crimea by ballot box in 2014

yu-map big







  1. Nikolas Avatar

    There have been no nuclear weapons since the 80’s and with the Alliance of Russia, China and South America we are going into a world of light and the war mongers and banksters will disappear as there will be no war. Russia prints its own money without usury and China controls America through debt owed to it and South America is supplying the truth of our ancient past. So the world is waking up except America and if it does not want to disappear then they too need to wake up and stop playing policeman and start fixing themselves instead of destroying others.


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