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Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it (and regret it)nato-map 2014

Which is why it is imperative for the PEOPLE of Ukraine not to fall into the same NWO trap as the PEOPLE of former Yugoslavia did 22 years ago. Various Yugoslav ethnic and religious factions started shooting at each other after the US scuttled the Lisbon peace agreement. Just as they killed the Kiev truce last month.  In the end, all Yugoslavs were LOSERS. There was only one winner – the globalist NWO mob. The Wall Street neo-colonials and their war machine – NATO – are now occupying and controlling all of the Balkans (see our 1995 map – right). The NATO Iron Curtain has moved farther east. And now, they are trying the same in Ukraine.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 1.23.05 AM

“Any time you hear a politician scream, you know someone has just told the truth” (an old adage)

slide_339643_3482723_free My oh my… There’s been an awful lot of screaming and hollering over Ukraine these days. And name-calling. Like children in a “pin a tail on a donkey game,” both sides in the conflict manufactured by Perfidious Washington are dusting off Hitler and the Nazi symbols, and are trying to pin them on their opponents.

Except the game these alleged adults are playing is a deadly power play. Because they are opening up old wounds by using swastikas for donkey tails and nuclear weapons to reinforce the pins.

These are dangerous times. Dangerous games are being played by sinister people. Just like 100 years ago. Lest we forget, World War I started in 1914. Later, it was dubbed the Great War, the war that was supposed to end all wars.

Huh! What a joke. There has been more blood shed in the last 100 years than in the previous several centuries that included the American and French revolutions.

If unchecked, the Ukraine conflict may put all of mankind in jeopardy again. Just like Kennedy and Khrushchev did in the early 1960s.

Name-calling and Bullying

Hillary Crimea Swastika Crimea billboard

Hillary Clinton, for example, has compared Putin to Hitler, before retracting the comment (left).  And in Crimea, whose population will vote on Sunday on whether or not to (re)join Russia, the pro-Russia billboards and posters are painting the Nazi swastika over this Black Sea peninsula (above), while some demonstrators are accusing the US of fostering fascism (right).

6ECDACC0-4964-4271-AD7F-C4C8B569F7EA_mw800_mh600 lviv-ukraine-map

Meanwhile, neo-Nazi groups, such as those shown above marching in Lviv, a city on Ukrainian border with Poland, are ominously reminiscent of Hitler’s Brown Shirts and later the SS troops. Recent media reports are implicating them as well as some British and American “black ops” for the sniper attacks that killed over 77 people in Kiev on Feb 20 and unleashed the mayhem that followed (see Ukraine: Secretive Neo-Nazi Military Organization Involved in Euromaidan Sniper Shootings and  and “Democratization” and Anti-Semitism in Ukraine: When Neo-Nazi Symbols become “The New Normal”.

Lviv was also one of the stopovers of Hillary Clinton’s Nov 1997 visit to Ukraine. Hillary President seal “I have come here in the spirit of the 1 million Ukrainian Americans who, even when it was hard, always had faith that one day freedom would triumph in their homeland,” she said in a public speech. During that visit, Hillary demonstrated an amazing lack of empathy for the people whom she had allegedly come to help and encourage (see “Hillary’s Runway“). Here’s an excerpt from that Truth in Media story published in May 1998:

“The petulant First Lady was so upset about the delay that she demanded that she leave IMMEDIATELY. So the entire Lvov runway was sprayed with the jet de-icing fluid – per alternative 3. Her Majesty, the First Lady, took off in a huff.

But the spraying the ‘Hillary runway’ used up the ENTIRE YEAR’S SUPPLY OF LVOV AIRPORT’S DE-ICING FLUID.  “As a result, the Ukrainian planes now have to be de-iced by using vodka, instead of the de-icing fluid!,” joked the Ukrainian pilot (our source).”

Recent events in Ukraine have shown what “freedom” really means to the New World Order apostles.  It comes on the barrel of a gun and with a noose attached to one’s bank account. Neo-Nazi activities have also been reported recently in the predominantly Russian-populated eastern Ukraine (East Ukraine ‘Lawlessness’ Condemned By Russian Foreign Ministry).

So while the world ponders who the real Nazis are in this media mud-slinging match, one thing is certain: A propaganda war between the West and Russia is already full on.  Which is usually a prelude to real wars. And creating mistrust and religious antagonisms is the fuel the New World Order troublemakers use to foment wars.

Creating Religious and Regional Disparities – New World Order’s Way of Starting Wars

Ukrainian Troika Mar 2014

Take a look at the current “interim” leader whom the NWO has installed in Ukraine following the Feb 21 coup d’etat that deposed the elected president.  The new Rice_-_Yatsenyuk_2007_09_23_ukraine_600prime minister Yatsenyuk is supposedly a Catholic with Jewish roots. Whatever his religious adherence, he evidently prays at the New World Order altar. Yatsenyuk’s true allegiance is clearly to Perfidious Washington. He has been obviously groomed for a long time to take over the Ukraine government and to become New World Order’s latest altar boy.obama yatsenyuk

Here he is, for example, in 2007 with the then US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (right). He was a mere 32-year old back then! She was the top diplomat for the world’s most powerful country.

And look who was in Washington just today (March 13), meeting with the US president (left). Yes, that same now 39-year old! He’s moving up on the New World Order ladder.

And then consider the new interim president Turchynov. He is allegedly a Baptist pastor. The only religious group the Eastern Orthodox distrust more than the Catholics are protestant-converts like he. Of course, the neo-Nazi leader in the above photo is a Catholic. At the present time, he has no official government post. Yet he did appear in public with the leading US officials who came to visit Ukraine.

Ukraine religion govt

In short, there are no Eastern Orthodox among the new Ukrainian top leaders. And that in a country where the Eastern Orthodox account for 84% of the population!

Remember “taxation without representation?” We know what that kind of a situation led to in 1776, don’t we?

See? That’s how the New World Order sows division and distrust. Which then serve as fuel for religions wars.  They pick a vassal, put him/her in power, and stick a finger into the majority’s eyes.  And then they blame the disenfranchised citizens for starting a war. Just like what they did in Yugoslavia, for example.

NOTE: In 2004, the Ukrainian Day newspaper published the results of a poll conducted by the All-Ukraine Sociological Service. Of the respondents who identified themselves as believers, 50.44 percent said they belonged to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC)-Kiev Patriarchate, 26.13 percent to the UOC-Moscow Patriarchate, and 7.21 percent to the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church

“The first casualty of any war is the truth” (another adage)

So the purpose of this article is to try to separate the wheat from the chaff, the truth from the lies. Which is what the Truth in Media has been about through the 22 years of its existence as a non-profit endeavor. The who-what-when-where-how and why principle has been the cornerstone of both good journalism and solid sleuth work for ages.

The Truth in Media will bring you this story in two parts. In part one, you will have a chance to learn the who-what-when-where-how. of the Ukraine crisis. In part two, the why. And also where to.  Quo vadis, Ukraine? What can we expect to see in the future?

Who What Where When How

For those who have neither the time nor the inclination delve deeply into the why’s and wherefore’s of the Ukrainian crisis, the Canadian GlobalResearchTV has created an excellent Video Primer (our term for it). If you are willing to invest 12.5 mins in your own education about the events that may threaten the world peace, we recommend that you click on this link and watch this video in its entirety. But for a more powerful impact, we have prepared this Video Primer Digest.  It is a shorter version of the GlobalResearchTV message which delivers the punchlines without the extraneous footage.

Learn all you need to know about the Ukrainian crisis to-date in just 7 minutes…

* * *


And now, here’s the Why? And Where To? Quo Vadis, Ukraine? In just 4 minutes…

* * *

Analysis & Historical Background


It took me a while to realize this, but as I was doing historical research for this video/story the penny suddenly dropped. History of this region in Eastern Europe, bounded today by Poland on the west and Russia on the east, has always been a battleground of empires.  The borders kept shifting from east to west and back to east like some sort of a geopolitical pendulum. As in the Balkans (see Ukraine: NATO’s latest “Drang Nach Osten” Target). 

The space west of Poland and west of Russia is mostly populated by a mixture of Catholic and Orthodox Christians. Which the chieftains of the “divide and conquer” strategies have been exploiting for centuries. Today’s New World Order leaders are following the same path. Ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union, they have been slowly rekindling old divisions and hatreds.

366px-Rzeczpospolita2nar 765px-Rzeczpospolita_voivodships

Take a good look at the above map (left). The pink and lavender is what the territory of the Kingdom of Poland looked like in 1612. It has been superimposed over the cream-colored map of today’s states.  You can see that more than half of the Ukraine and all of Lithuania and Belarus were a part of that “Greater Poland.” The map on the right shows the same area later in the 17th century.

That’s what the New World Order leaders are striving to recreate – a new Greater Poland. And they have gone to great lengths over several decades toward that goal.  It’s a new crusade. Only this time, it is aimed mainly against the Orthodox Christians. So much for the brotherhood among the Christians, let alone among men.

Of course, they will never call it Greater Poland. Nor admit that it is a crusade. This writer has never heard the NWO leaders openly speak of their conquest of the Balkans, for example, and the destruction of Yugoslavia in that vein. But that was the bottom line nevertheless. The mostly Orthodox Serbs have been oppressed and suppressed, while the Catholics and the Muslims gained ground and received economic air from the West.  Divide and conquer. If the western leaders have their way, that’s what the future also holds for Ukraine.

6ECDACC0-4964-4271-AD7F-C4C8B569F7EA_mw800_mh600 Who is behind Ukraine crisis

Of course, religious wars are only for the peons. The so-called NWO elite have no religion. Except perhaps for their devotion to the Almighty Dollar (or thePonary_memorial_jpg_600x472_q85 Euro, Yen, Pound, Peso or Dinar – see my 1996 Washington Times column “The Nothing Philosophy“).  The NWO leaders use religion the way arsonists use gasoline – to start a fire. Which they can then use later as an excuse to move in as “peacemakers” and “white knights” who come to put out ethnic fires.

In truth, they are expanding the reach and range of the NWO Empire just as surely as the Red Coats did for the British or Conquistadors for the Spanish crown.  For them, it’s all about money and power. But to the grunts who kill and die, the war is a religious crusade, a defense of their way of life.

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it (and regret it)nato-map 2014

Which is why it is imperative for the PEOPLE of Ukraine not to fall into the same NWO trap as the PEOPLE of former Yugoslavia did 22 years ago. Various Yugoslav ethnic and religious factions started shooting at each other after the US scuttled the Lisbon peace agreement. Just as they killed the Kiev truce last month.  In the end, all Yugoslavs were LOSERS. There was only one winner – the globalist NWO mob. The Wall Street neo-colonials and their war machine – NATO – are now occupying and controlling all of the Balkans (see our 1995 map – right). The NATO Iron Curtain has moved farther east. And now, they are trying the same in Ukraine.

It is utterly reprehensible that at this day and age, in the year 2014, the second year of Earth’s ascension, we still have political leaders on this planet who use these Roman Empire tactics and want to take us back to the way Eastern Europe looked 400 years ago.  Let us hope that “Greater Poland” remains but an NWO dream, an illusion, rather than mankind’s nightmare.

Long-term Plans for Takeover of Ukraine

800px-Meeting_ClintonTake Hillary Clinton. Long  before she became Secretary of State in the first Obama administration, she seems to have been given Ukraine by the New World Order bosses as her pet foreign project.  She visited the country twice (1995 and 1997) when she had no official function whatsoever except as the wife of the President. What business did she have there?  The New World Order business, of course. Recruitment and agitation.  Hillary may not have had any official function in the US government. But she was (and is) a member of the Council for Foreign Relations – the penultimate NWO Club. So she was probably laying the foundation for the eventual takeover of the Ukrainian government by the pro-western loyalists.

426px-GeorgeBush-Juliia_Tymoshenko_(2008)-UkraineHillary went back in 2005 as US Senator for New York when she no longer had an official ties to the White House. What business could a senator for the State of New York have in Kiev? Again, none, except to help advance the NWO agenda – the new “Drang Nach Osten.” She finally got to make an official visit in July 2010 when she hailed Yulia Tymoshenko, a western stooge who temporarily held power in Kiev (left).

Nor was Hillary the only high ranking US official to do so. Take a look at that 2008 shot of the then President Bush embracing Tymoshenko.

The pace of the US interference quickened in the last few months, then took a turn for the worse. In December, Senator John McCain, former presidential candidate, and loyal water boy for the NWO bosses, went to Kiev and publicly met with and endorsed the leader of the neo-Nazi “Svoboda” party (see John McCain Went To Ukraine And Stood On Stage With A Man Accused Of Being An Anti-Semitic Neo-Nazi).

McCain Oleh

Later, that party and some other ultra rightwing organizations were responsible for the violence on Feb 20 in Kiev, in which over 77 people lost their lives and hundreds were injured (see Confirmed: Snipers Hired by Western Mob).


McCain was only one of the many prominent politicians and diplomats who have meddled in Ukrainian affairs in recent months, sowing divisions between the country’s leadership. They both financed and incited the ultimate riots, rampage and killings that led to a coup d’etat on Feb 20. Take a look at some of these New World Order mercenaries meeting with and posing with neo-Nazi and other NWO instruments of insurrection…

ed7e6563-41c0-4308-8880-155fd086248e-460x309 GTY_kerry_ukraine_leaders_jtm_140304_16x9_608 Oleh AshtonScreen Shot 2014-03-10 at 10.38.07 AM 130703113906-07-jp2-horizontal-gallery catherine-ashton-tyahnybok1 nuland-and-her-ukraine-friends  mccain-tyahnybok Ponary_memorial_jpg_600x472_q85 Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 10.37.29 AM

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