US Russia power chess game flags 3 rings around russia 1995


“A Country Too Far” for NATO? Will “Perfidious Washington” Choke on Ukraine?

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Divide and Conquer: Age-old Imperial Strategy at Work Again in Ukraine

USA vs. Russia: New Global Chess Game Under Way

This morning, I received a letter from a reader and friend in the Netherlands. He was commenting about our first piece on the Ukraine crises, published three days ago (see Ukraine: NATO’s Latest ‘Drang Nach Osten’ Target, Feb 28). Here’s my reply to my Dutch friend. By the time I was finished, I realized I had written another editorial. So here it is…

“This is yet another Washington-made crisis. Just as was the case with Kosovo in 1999 (see WASHINGTON’S CRISIS FACTORY – I wrote this piece BEFORE the actual war had started).
Similarly, the Ukraine crises has been in the making a long time. Like Georgia in 2008, this has a strategic purpose of destabilizing the region and weakening and isolating Russia. Take another look at those three rings around Russia’s neck which I drew in 1995 and you will understand what the current Ukraine situation is about.
And then check out what Secretary of State Kerry said today. Yes, the man whom Putin publicly called a liar back in September. It’s like reading from the same 1995 script. The wide range of sanctions against Russia leaves no doubt that they had been planned and ready to deploy for a long time. They just waited to bait Russia into the Ukraine conflict before pulling the trigger. Which is what Obama and Kerry did today:

Kerry condemns Russia’s ‘incredible act of aggression’ in Ukraine

Reuters, Mar 2, 2014 (an excerpt)Finland Russia
“Kerry said G8 nations and some other countries are “prepared to go to the hilt to isolate Russia” with a “broad array of options” available.

“They’re prepared to put sanctions in place, they’re prepared to isolate Russia economically, the ruble is already going down. Russia has major economic challenges.”

Kerry mentioned visa bans, asset freezes, trade isolation, investment changes as possible steps, adding: “American businesses may well want to start thinking twice about whether they want to do business with a country that behaves like this.”

“There are very serious repercussions that can flow out of this. There are a broad array of options that are available, not just to the United States but to our allies,” Kerry added.

Kerry also called on the U.S. Congress to work with the Obama administration on an economic package to assist Ukraine.”
It is really amusing to see the Washington bullies use similar tactics and language now vis-a-vis Russia as they did with Serbia 15 years ago over Kosovo. In March 1999, Bill Clinton and his war hawks were ready to take NATO to war over the region that was and still legally is Serbia’s sovereign territory. They had been working for several years to manufacture and excuse for such a military action (see WASHINGTON’S CRISIS FACTORY, Mar 1999). Just like a thief is the first one to point fingers to another person and scream “catch the thief,” they accused Serbia of aggression (on its own territory!?) and imposed all sorts of sanctions against it before bombing the country to smithereens.

Putin Is No Milosevic

Alas, Russia is not Serbia. And Putin is not Milosevic. I am sure that the New World Order mobsters are hoping that Putin would want to remain a member of the club and would not escalated the conflict beyond taking back Crimea. But unless they know for sure that they have Putin in their pockets as they did with Yeltsin when they attacked Serbia, I think they may be in for a heap of trouble.
And I don’t think they have Putin in their pockets. In fact, Putin has many reasons to distrust them. They have betrayed him (Russia) several times before doing it again over Ukraine. He has experienced Perfidious Washington firsthand. Check out this OpEd piece by a British journalist who actually met Putin while the Moscow bureau chief for the Telegraph.

‘Betrayed’ Putin will not back down

I know the Russian mentality. Nothing pulls them together stronger than a foreigner threatening “Mother Russia.” Even the much-hated dictator like Stalin was able to do it when Hitler launched his “Drang Nach Osten.” By contrast to Stalin, Putin is a model of popularity at home. After all, he was legally elected president three times. And he is far more popular than Obama. Look at how the Republicans are already using this opportunity to attack Obama and Kerry and their foreign policy – as “weak!” 🙂
Now that has focused his nation on Crimea, which another Ukrainian frivolously gave away 60 years ago, Putin is basically free to act as he pleases. And everybody will follow.
Just look at how the Ukrainian military in Crimea have already switched their allegiance and joined the Russians under the guise of serving under the local authorities.


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