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Divide and Conquer: Age-old Imperial Strategy at Work Again in Ukraine

How Will Russia Respond to US Threats? “A Country Too Far” for NATO? Will “Perfidious Washington” Choke on Ukraine?

If you followed the current western media headlines, you might have gotten the impression that what is happening in Ukraine is some sort of a spontaneous rebellion against a corrupt government. Truth is just the opposite. The ousted president (Viktor Yanukovich) was legally elected.  And the riots and killings in Kiev were part of a carefully orchestrated long-term Washington geopolitical strategy. Which was launched at the end of the Cold War. Ukraine is just the latest Eastern European nation about to fall into NATO’s lap like domino.

No surprise there. This writer predicted NATO’s further eastward expansion two decades ago. At the time, the former Yugoslavia was the NATO first target and  focus of western aggression. As in Ukraine, the aggression was masked by local squabbles which escalated into a civil war. Which gave NATO a pretense to act as “peacemaker” and occupy the country.

Yet it was evident to this writer well before that happened that this westernmost of the Eastern European countries (Yugoslavia) would be only the first of many minions to come under the NATO dominion (see above and below maps and from “NATO Partnership for Peace: New “Drang Nach Osten“, Truth in Media, Apr 1995]. Since the shooting war in Bosnia ended, NATO has added a slew of other countries to its roster (see the blue countries below on the updated 1995 map).

nato-map 1995 nato-map 2014

You can see from these maps how the western military alliances has tightened its grip on the iron noose around 20140227_140227-sg-or-nuc_rdax_276x160Russia’s European neck over the last two decades. After the western-sponsored mobsters rampaged and killed innocent people in the Ukrainian capital last week, the NATO and the Ukrainian military brass were engaged in another “partnership for peace” farce (NATO-Ukraine Commission stresses continued engagement – left photo, Feb 27, 2014).

That is why the riots in Ukraine, a country roughly the size of Texas, were carefully orchestrated to coincide with the Sochi Olympics. The Perfidious Washington was hoping to catch the Russian Bear napping and distracted by the Olympics it was hosting. The move would have made the Perfidious Albion proud (British Empire).

Take a look at the faces of these “Ukrainian revolutionaries” (below left).  Makes you wonder what prison wards they had come from, doesn’t it?

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 10.53.06 AM Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 10.52.36 AM

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 9.19.20 AMAnd then compare these mobsters to the faces of the disenfranchised Ukrainian people whose voting choice the West took away (above right). You can also see the mobsters who now rule the Ukrainian capital joyriding in an army vehicle through Kiev (above right). In a televised speech released today (Feb 28), the ousted President Yanukovich claimed he never issued order for the police to fire on demonstrators (right).

Indeed, why would he have? After all, he and the (civilian) leaders of the opposition had just signed an agreement to end the Kiev protests peacefully. 

How Perfidious Washington Scuttled Yugoslav Peace Deal in 1992

Once again, this is all reminiscent of the Perfidious Washington’s actions that fueled the war in Yugoslavia in the early 1990s.  At its height of power in the 19th century, the British Empire had earned a derisory label “Perfidious Albion.”  Medieval chivalry be damned. The Brits pursued their global power goals by hook or by crook. They made lying and cheating an art form.

The US was a good pupil. Even as America threw off the British yoke in the 18th century, by the middle of 20th century, the US it acquired the same taste for power as the imperial Britain. And developed its own bag of tricks and treachery. Enter Perfidious Washington. I first encountered it 25 years ago.

Here’s an excerpt from my wartime diary notes. This conversation with the Bosnian Serb president Radovan Karadzic took place in May 1994 at his office in Pale, near Sarajevo:

PALE, May 27, 1994 

Zimmermann, American Policy, Jim Baker in BG 

rsd-rk94We talked for a while about Warren Zimmermann’s turning his coat inside out after leaving the State Department, and becoming one of the vocal hawks who were urging the bombing of the Serbs. 

Karadzic pointed out that Zimmermann sabotaged the talks in Lisbon in March 1992 by encouraging Alija Izetbegovic, thus igniting the war in Bosnia. 

I said that while that may be true, the U.S. policy was against the break up of YU all the way through late 1991. 

Karadzic replied that even that’s questionable. He said that the YU intelligence people had installed some eavesdropping devices at a Belgrade reception in June 1991, during which they taped Jim Baker telling Izetbegovic that the U.S. would support him. 

“That’s interesting,” I said. “Because at the same time, Baker had publicly chastised Tudjman and Kucan (the Croatian and Slovenian leaders), and warned them not to dare secede from YU.” 

“I know,” Karadzic nodded in agreement. 

I then explained to Karadzic that I had in my possession a copy of a July 1991 letter to Baker from Tudjman in which Tudjman was alluding to the earlier support which he had received from Baker (i.e., the U.S. government), and was hoping that they could reestablish such a relationship. 

In other words, it is entirely possible that, while taking a public stance against the Yugoslav breakup, the American diplomacy was secretly encouraging it. Our unwavering support to the Albanian separatists in Kosovo, for example, also points in the same direction. It may be, therefore, that Zimmermann did not lie to me (in June 1989) about his belief that YU would hold together, and that he was a Serbs’ friend just because he was stupid or malicious. He may have done it while merely carrying out a duplicitous American policy. 

When this writer first met with the American ambassador to Yugoslavia in June 1989 at the US Embassy in Belgrade, Warren Zimmermann assured him that the United States has no interest in fomenting unrest or splitting up the former Yugoslavia (see 1990 Diary Notes).

Zimmerman repeated that assurance to me in January 1990, whereupon this writer helped arrange for the first ever meeting between the US ambassador and the President of Serbia. Up until then, Slobodan Milosevic had at first refused to receive the American ambassador. Yet at the same time as issuing public declarations supporting the Yugoslav federation, Washington was secretly working to undermine it.

In July 1991, Croatia and Slovenia declared independence, kicking off the civil war that broke up Yugoslavia in six pieces. The war lasted nearly four years and killed hundreds of thousands of people. Western media made the world believe it was all about ethnic strife. They painted the Serbs as the villains and instigators. Just like now the Russians are being cast as such vis-a-vis Ukraine. But it was actually Perfidious Washington that lit the match of war in the Balkans. The Serbs were merely stupid enough to play right into its trap.

How Perfidious Washington Scuttled Peace Agreement in Ukraine, Too
Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 10.55.29 AM

Just as with Yugoslavia 23 years ago, a peaceful compromise solution was reached in Kiev last week. That’s when the West sent in its mercenary thugs (right photo). They tried to storm the parliament and started killing people in the streets of Kiev, including many policemen. At least 77 people died and 570 were injured.


They also staged a coup in the parliament forcing the legally elected president (Viktor Yanukovych) and his family to flee for their lives.

In today’s televised statement Yanukovych said that the car they were in had been fired upon.  He and his family were able to eventually reach the safety in Russia.

We now know how Perfidious Albion managed to fuel the fires of war in Yugoslavia a quarter century ago. Is that for the future holds for Ukraine?

Maybe not. After all, they now have the history of Yugoslavia to learn from. They say that “fools who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” The Russians are no fools.  And Putin has proven that when the push comes to shove, he can run circles around Obama.

Ukraine: A Country Too Far? Will NATO Choke on Crimea Grab?

So Ukraine may be “a country too far” (borrowing from “A Bridge Too Far” World War II tale and film).  NATO and Perfidious Washington may have overreached in this power grab.

With a population of about 48 million living on a territory about the size of Texas, Ukraine is the most important of the former Soviet republics after Russia. The country has been the breadbasket of the Soviet Union and of Imperial Russia. Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, has been once the capital of Russia. It is the cradle of the Slavic culture.  The two countries have a long land border. And both have access to the Black Sea, a vital strategic and geographic place.

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 11.33.47 AM

Ukraine is the second most important former Soviet republic because of its access to the Black Sea. In fact, even today, Russia’s only ap600923010_wide-ffc0908b93827f2ce4bcdc0c429a0ea0a7514b3f-s40-c85warm water port is in Sebastopol, the home of Russian Navy on the Crimean peninsula which Russia is leasing from Ukraine till 2042. But even that “lease” is a farce. Crimea is not only populated by the ethnic Russians. It was a part of Russia until 1954. That’s when Nikita Khrushchev, the Soviet leader who succeeded Stalin, presented Crimea as a gift to Ukraine. No kidding. It was a gift.

No wonder the Supreme Council of Russia ruled in 1992 that “the Crimean region had been presented to Ukraine illegitimately” (Pravda, Feb 2009).

Now consider today’s headlines, such as “In Ukraine’s Crimea, Armed Men Seize Two Airports” or “Obama warns Russia to stay out of Ukraine or face ‘costs’ for military …” (Feb 28, 2014).

Oopsy-daisy…”A country too far?” (borrowing from “A Bridge Too Far” World War II).  Might NATO/Washington choke on Crimea grab? Students of history will note that the chances of that are actually pretty good.

New “Drang Nach Osten” Effort

Here’s in part what this writer said about the western push to the east in an April 1995 Truth in Media article:

“Napoleon tried it. It didn’t work. Bismarck eventually also gave up on the idea. The German Kaiser and the Hapsburg emperor, as well as later Adolf Hitler, provoked two world wars in this century pursuing the “Drang Nach Osten” (“Eastward Push”) goal. Having caused the suffering by millions of people, including their own, they also failed.

Yet, kicking Russia out of Europe is still the objective of the current U.S. developed, and Washington-Berlin executed strategy, thinly veiled under the “Partnership for Peace” slogan. It’s just that the modern version of the “Drang Nach Osten” power play isn’t a frontal assault – a mistake most of Russia’s k95-47adversaries had made in the past. It’s more akin to an “end around play,” to borrow a football jargon. The “world’s only superpower” and its junior partner are using dollars and marks respectively, instead of bullets and bombs, to achieve the same goal – projecting their power deep into the soft underbelly of the former Russian empire. Already, no less than 18 former Russian dominions, have turned into American/German minions (see the map).” [An excerpt from “NATO Partnership for Peace: New “Drang Nach Osten“, Truth in Media, Apr 1995].

Four years later, we added this comment:

“Of course, you never hear the New World Order (NWO) politicians, or the establishment media, tell us what NATO’s expansion to Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary really means. Or NATO’s de facto encroachment in the Balkans. That they are both reincarnations of Napoleon’s and Hitler’s “Drang Nach Osten” (Eastward Push) aggressions. That both are examples of the NWO globalists’ basic strategy – perpetual war for perpetual commerce, perfidiously sold to the world’s masses as “world peace through world trade.”  [An excerpt from “New Iron Curtain over Europe“, 1999, New Dawn magazine).

How Will Putin Respond to Obama’s Threats?

How will Russia respond to US threats? When Washington declared its intention to go to war with Syria last summer, Russia responded both with military maneuvers and diplomatic action.  In the end, Obama blinked. The war was averted and Russia brokered peace negotiations which are still going on.Bullies Obama Nikita

Syria was important but only as a geopolitical pawn.  This time around, Washington is messing with some of Russia’s crown jewels. Its effort to destabilize Ukraine and cause a rift with Russia is tantamount to a “check” in a chess mate (attack on the King). It is bound to sound alarms in Moscow. Perhaps the only reason we have not seen more action so far is that the Russian leaders were indeed distracted – by their own Olympics. So one can credit the western coup plotters at least that point.

But that could be all they will get. One cheap point. Because now, Washington has got Moscow’s attention. And I am not sure that’s such a great thing for Obama and his warmongers.

Based on everything we have seen so far from Putin, this writer has a feeling that the Russian president will let his actions do the talking while letting Obama and his cronies shoot their mouths off in public. The takeover of the airports in Crimea is a case in point. It is a pretty safe prediction that Russia will not remain a passive bystander while Washington and NATO try to steal some its crown jewels.

Earlier in the day, armoured vehicles and helicopters were seen in and around Simferopol and Sevastopol (in Crimea), where Russia’s Black Sea Fleet are based. Armed men in unidentified military uniforms have also moved in on Crimea’s parliament, state television building and telecommunication centres, according to today’s media reports.  Flights from and to the Crimean capital, Simferopol, were cancelled with airlines saying airspace over the peninsula had been closed.

Senior Ukrainian official Sergiy Kunitsyn told local media 13 Russian aircraft carrying nearly 2,000 suspected troops had landed at a military air base near Simferopol. This remains unconfirmed.

Russia’s ambassador to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, said that any Russian military movements in Crimea were within Moscow’s long-standing arrangement with Ukraine on the deployment of military assets.

“We are acting within the framework of that agreement,” he said, after a closed-door meeting of the UN Security Council.

In other words, the situation is at best murky. But based on Russia’s resolute intervention in 2008 to protect its minorities in Georgia (Abkhazia and South Ossetia regions), chances are the western stooges in Ukraine are about to get a taste of their own medicine. And learn that violence does not pay. Perhaps something the Perfidious Washington needs to learn too?

NEWS UPDATE (Mar 1, 2014):

Russian upper house approves use of force in Ukraine

* * *

APPENDIX: Religious and political maps

Ukraine religions  Ukraine political map

Ukraine elections  Ukraine 2010 map


  1. Interesting America re-armed Germany under cover of the 1936 olympics which was a turn around of the jews declaring war on the German people in 1932 when Hitler (that nasty tyrant according to wall street) started printing his own money. Unfortunately the same banksters failed to regain their foothold under the Winter Olympics in Russia. Putin obviously studies HISTORY, Obama does not even know what the word means.

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