Omar Obama


In reversal, Obama now says he lived with uncle who was facing deportation to Kenya

“I think I will call the White House,” President Obama’s uncle told the police when arrested for drunk driving in 2011.

Omar Obama, the uncle, had lived in the United States illegally since the 1970s, and had ignored several deportation orders at the time of the arrest. The arrest revealed several outstanding deportation orders and his relationship to the president.

Two years ago, White House officials told The Boston Globe that the president had never met Onyango Obama, known as Omar, Mr. Obama’s uncle. But Jay Carney, the White House press secretary, said Thursday that the 2011 statement was false. In fact, the two men lived together briefly while the president was a student at Harvard Law, Mr. Carney said.

He is the second relative of the president’s father to face deportation to Kenya since he took office. Zeituni Onyango, Obama’s sister, won asylum in 2010 after a federal official disclosed days before the president’s election in 2008 that she was living illegally in the United States, in Boston public housing.

Mr. Carney repeated that assertion on Thursday, saying that there had been “absolutely zero interference” by the White House in Omar Obama’s case. The (Boston) Globe reported Tuesday that a judge had ruled that Omar Obama could stay in the United States and apply for a green card and eventual citizenship.


For more, read Boston Globe and this story in the New York Times.

Omar Obama police arrest photo Omar Obama – Framingham police arrest photo

EDITORIAL COMMENT: The president’s relatives flaunt the US law for decades. The President knows it. He even lives with the illegal immigrant for a while. Finally, Obama’s uncle gets caught. But only because he broke the law again in a new way – drunk driving. In the end, the uncle gets off the deportation hook and goes scot free. And we are supposed to believe that there has been no interference? Hm… If you believe that, I hear Obama’s also got a bridge to sell you. In Kenya. 🙂

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