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It took 20 years and 4B’s – two Bushes, one Bill and a Barrack – to destroy what had taken 200 years and 40 presidents to build: PUBLIC TRUST in the Oval Office

As top Obama health care officials are lining up to fall on their swords so the President wouldn’t have to, Obama intelligence officials are doing what they do best – valiantly lying on his behalf.  The President himself has been strangely silent in public on the murky Merkel affair – accusations that the NSA has spied on Obama’s good friend, the German chancellor Angela Merkel (pictured above), along with millions of other Europeans in countries which consider America their ally.

Today, for example, Germany’s national security adviser, Christoph Heusgen, and the German chancellery intelligence coordinator, Guenter Heiss, are to meet White House national security adviser Susan Rice and Obama’s homeland security adviser Lisa Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 6.05.22 PMMonaco. U.S. national intelligence director James Clapper (see Clapper’s Claptrap) and the deputy director of the National Security Agency, Chris Inglis will also participate.

In an earlier private phone conversation, Obama had reportedly told Merkel that the US “is not now and will not in the future monitor her mobile phone.”  Which, of course, does not mean that it has not done it in the past.

Double talk like that, broken election promises, and even outright lies and deceptions have become the trademarks of what was once considered the highest office in the land.  It took 20 years and 4B’s – two Bushes, one Bill and a Barrack – to destroy what had taken 200 years and 40 presidents to build: PUBLIC TRUST in the Oval Office (see “Impeach Obama” and “Obama vs. Obama Flip-flops“).



To say that the current White House occupant must be feeling the heat radiating back from own lies, deceptions and just sheer incompetence (health care, for example) would be to understate the State of the Obama Presidency.  Even the notoriously biased establishment pollsters are reporting his approval ratings slipping to 37% this month.  Why? Lack of trust.

Most American presidents enter the “lame duck” period in the last three months of their presidency – between the November elections and the January inauguration.  Obama has already started his “lame duck” presidency with three years and three months to go before the next scheduled presidential inauguration.  So it is a mystery how any politician with so little trust and support as Obama currently has could survive in office, much less “govern” a free and democratic country, for that length of time. Except, of course, if the country in question is no longer a free and democratic.

Enter today’s America…


When the former NSA contractor Ed Snowden turned whistleblower last June and publicly exposed the depth this agency’s spying activities on Americans and our allies Obama’s mask started to drop exposing a dangerous cancer growing on the American presidency and our society as a whole. How can a country call itself “the leader of the free world” and yet allow its government to carry out the kinds of surveillance activities associated in the past with communist or fascist totalitarian regimes? What the NSA is doing today would have made Stalin or Hitler green with envy.

To see how much power the NSA has amassed, especially in the last decade or so, take a look at this Timeline of NSA Domestic Spying published by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Like a runaway train, this 61-year old agency formed by President Truman in the early years of the Cold War, is clearly out of control.  Even the courts cannot seem to stop its relentless abuses of power (see Chief Judge of FISA Court Says Court is Unable to Oversee Spying, Aug 15).

Also, check out this story, for example, just published by the Washington Post…

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 9.44.24 AM


NSA infiltrates links to Yahoo, Google data centers worldwide, Snowden documents say (By Barton Gellman)

The National Security Agency has secretly broken into the main communications links that connect Yahoo and Google data centers around the world, according to documents obtained from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden and interviews with knowledgeable officials…


So what are we, the citizens of “the land of the (once) free and the home of the brave,” to do to protect our rights and liberties?  Well, some of us have already hit the streets.  Such as the thousands who demonstrated against the NSA in Washington this past weekend (right).  That’s a good start.  But it’s not enough to stop the runaway train.Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 6.20.36 PM

What else? Remove the source of cancer. That’s the only permanent cure.  And to stop the NSA from further eroding our liberties, we must remove from office those who are responsible for its oversight.  Since “the buck stops here,” meaning at the White House, to quote the former president Truman, that means impeach the sitting president who has failed to stop the runaway train.

But Obama is by no means the only one responsible for violations of our Constitution and our rights.  Congress was also asleep at the wheel.  It was their job to serve as checks and balances of both executive and judicial powers. And they have failed miserably in both. Secret courts, such as FISA, must be disbanded, for example.  They should have never allowed the White House to set up a parallel court system that operates in secret by contrast to our public judicial system provided by the Constitution.

Which means that we can all start reclaiming our power by tossing out of office ALL (Dem. and Rep.) INCUMBENTS in next year’s midterm elections, regardless of their party affiliations. Or maybe because of their party affiliations. It is the political corruption resulting from our (only) two-party system that has created this kind of a crisis.

Instead, we should support only the candidates who commit to impeach the president, stop the NSA spying, and disband the FISA court system.  And in international relations extend an olive branch to ALL nations in the world, without exception. We are all here on this planet to support each other, not to fight one another.  And those of us who are fortunate enough to have more have a DUTY to help those who are struggling. And that goes both at home and abroad.

Anyone who has a problem with such policies has no place even in a local public office, and especially not in the highest office in the land from which we have the right to expect the highest good for all.

No more spying


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