Obama should give Putin his (undeserved) 2009 Nobel Peace Prize in gratitude for lesson on statesmanship

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[Mark this day, 9-11-13, for it signals the lifting of the veil; this is the first time ever that this writer’s geopolitical and spiritual commentaries have intersected]

Playing for peace against war, Putin has just won the global Syria chess game against Obama.  Just like JFK 61 did years ago.

I have said before that the Syria Crises looked like a reverse Cuban Missile Crises, with the American government this time playing the role of a global bully. Just like the Soviet warmonger of the 1960s, Nikita Khrushchev, Obama blinked. And world breathed a sigh of relief.

With all parties embracing the plan put forth three days ago by the Russian president Putin, it looks like Obama’s Syria was is now over even before it got started.  Putin has emerged as the world’s premier peacemaker, after giving Obama a lesson in statesmanship. Maybe the US president should give his Russian counterpart that 2009 Nobel Peace Prize he never earned (see O TEMPORA, O MORES – If Obama were a leader with grace and dignity, he should have refused the undeserved prize).


But the story behind the story is the masterful way the Spirit realm has managed this crisis away from war and to a peaceful ending. How do I know that? Because they told us they would. And now they did. Check out first the timeline of Obama’s unrequited Syrian war. And then compare it to the monologue and dialogues we have been having with our Spirit guides and teachers in the same time frame.

* * *


  • Aug 21, 2013: Chemical weapons are used against civilian population in Damascus suburbs. The Obama administration blamed the Syrian government for it. The Syrian government blamed the rebels whom Obama administration is supporting. Obama announced the US would attack Syria.
  • Three weeks ago, American president Obama was dead set on going to war with Syria. Never mind that only Congress has war-making powers. That never stopped the two Bush wars in the Middle East, nor Bill Clinton bombings of Somalia, Bosnia and Serbia, he must have reasoned. “I want a war of my own.”  So Obama went about trying to assemble his “coalition.”
  • US Russia power chess game flagsAnd then the British parliament planted a large egg on the face of its leader when it refused to join the Obama war party [Strike 1 for Spirit realm pitchers]. Nothing of the kind has ever happened in recent memory. Even Russian president Putin admitted he was “completely surprised” (PUTIN CALLS OBAMA ASSERTION ON SYRIA “ABSOLUTE NONSENSE”, Aug 31). 
  • Nevertheless. Putin had already sent three warships to the Mediterranean close to Syria, with a fourth one on its way. Planning your moves in advance. Just in case Obama pressed his luck. The Russians have always been the world chess champions.
  • Obama hit the pause button. He suddenly remembered the US Constitution which gives Congress war-making powers [Strike 2 for Spirit realm pitchers]. Obama sent secretary of state Kerry to explain his war plans to Congress. Which gave Putin a chance to call Kerry a liar. Publicly and unapologetically and embarrassingly for Obama, in advance of their meeting at the G20 summit in Russia (see  PUTIN CALLS SPADE A SPADE AND KERRY A LIAR).
  • Then as Obama was preparing his prime time TV address on Tuesday night in which he was planning to sell the Syria war to a reluctant nation which disapproved of it by a 2-to-1 margin, Putin pulled the rug from under him. Russia proposed that all Syrian chemical weapons be put under international supervision. Syria agreed. Suddenly, Obama’s excuse for going to war was deflated like a punctured balloon [Strike 3 for Spirit realm pitchers].

And that was that… strikes one, two and three and Obama’s time was up. He is out of the game. Outmaneuvered by his Russian opponent.  Checkmate.

“We must stop using the language of force and return to the path of civilized diplomatic and political settlement,” Putin lectured Obama in a In a New York Times OpEd piece (Sep 11, 2013).

* * *

— Here’s what the New York Times said today:

As Obama Pauses Action, Putin Takes Center Stage (New York Times, Sep 12, 2013)

“…Suddenly Mr. Putin has eclipsed Mr. Obama as the world leader driving the agenda in the Syria crisis. Putin who gave an American president whom he clearly distrusts a way out of a political and diplomatic crisis of his own making. Aleksei K. Pushkov, the chairman of the lower house of Parliament’s foreign affairs committee, wrote on Twitter that Mr. Obama should gratefully grab Russia’s proposal with “both hands.” “It gives him a chance not to start another war, not to lose in the Congress and not to become the second Bush,” Mr. Pushkov said.

Actually the third. But who is counting… 🙂

— Also in today’s New York Times…

Rare View of Policy Pivots by Obama in Syria Confrontation (New York Times, Sep 12, 2013):

“Over the last three weeks, the nation has witnessed a highly unusual series of pivots as a president changed course virtually in real time and on live television. Mr. Obama’s handling of his confrontation with Syria over a chemical weapons attack on civilians has been the rare instance of a commander in chief seemingly thinking out loud and changing his mind on the fly.

To aides and allies, Mr. Obama’s willingness to hit the pause button twice on his decision to launch airstrikes to punish Syria for using chemical weapons on its own people reflects a refreshing open-mindedness and a reluctance to use force that they considered all too missing under his predecessor with the Texas swagger. In this view, Mr. Obama is a nimble leader more concerned with getting the answer right than with satisfying a political class all too eager to second-guess every move.

But to Mr. Obama’s detractors, including many in his own party, he has shown a certain fecklessness with his decisions first to outsource the decision to lawmakers in the face of bipartisan opposition and then to embrace a Russian diplomatic alternative that even his own advisers consider dubious. Instead of displaying decisive leadership, Mr. Obama, to these critics, has appeared reactive, defensive and profoundly challenged in standing up to a dangerous world.”

O TEMPORA, O MORES – Truth in Media editorial comment on Obama’s winning the Nobel Peace Prize If Obama were a leader with grace and dignity, he should have refused the undeserved prize

“…if this American President were a true leader with grace and dignity, someone who leads by example not just empty rhetoric, he should have refused the undeserved award.  As it were, he accepted it.  Which not only cheapens the Nobel Prize itself, but it opens Obama to widespread ridicule, both at home and abroad.  In turn, this will make his job more difficult in the future.

After the first nine months in office, this Nobel Prize “Peacenik” is still fighting two overseas wars he said he would end, not to mention allowing scores of “black ops” around the world to continue.  And he seems on the verge of escalating our troop deployment in Afghanistan. No surprise there, of course.  It took less than three months for President Obama to reverse himself on more of his campaign promises than you can shake a stick at.  And it took only six months for the awake among the American public to see that the U.S. presidential elections are no more than a very expensive “Demo Farce,” as I wrote in a Washington Times column in Nov 1996 (see “Demo Farce and the American Century,” Nov 1996).”

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  1. Tout à fait d’accord pour qu’obama donne sa décoration à Poutine ………….. et qu’il prenne du temps pour repenser à son vrai role de chef d’état ……………..

  2. Google translation from French: “Completely of agreement so that obama gives its decoration to Putin ………….. and that it takes time to reconsider with its true role of Head of State “

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